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Post by Sockbound1234 »

Very nice story I wish they was more dirty gags and strict hogties

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Post by Lily »

I love how Zack's and Jeremy's seem to be getting closer and how Nick's and Steven's relationship seems to be getting stronger

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Post by tugfan »

Loved the indexing.... eager to hear more from u

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Post by Sniffmyfeet »

Thank you a lot for the bonus chapter! I feel pity for Brad and I think he deserves a second chance (but not with Jeremy). Steven's opinion about Brad has strongly influenced my opinion about him. Now I realise that I was prejudiced and that I, because of that, haven't given Brad a fair chance. Brad can be nice. He needs a sub that is more like Steven: Brad feels more powerful if he has to fight in order to remain on top.

I like the romantic chapters! Your vivid description of the nature at the riverside made me feel and imagine that I was there with Nick, Steven, Zack and Jeremy for a little while. It's sad that Steven thinks he can't speak about his worries. If he'd just told Nick all the things he's thinking about while he was so emotional, it would have been alright.

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Post by squirrel »

wow, the relationship between Steven and Nick is developing really nicely. I just love how strict, and yet careful the huge alpha is. Steven is so damn lucky to have a guy like that around him... Hope he will be in some serious, strict, nasty bondage soon. Let's not have the boy free for too long :)

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Post by socjuc »

Well I concur with [mention]squirrel[/mention] :D Would be even better to have Steven in dire straits with Shawn and Zack at the same time :lol:

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Post by bondagefreak »

Thanks for the comments, guys.
Glad you're enjoying these soft moments between Nick and Steven.

[mention]tugfan[/mention] Welcome to the group! It's nice to see you taking a more active role on the forum recently. I hope you keep it up and hope you decide to join this special group of reviewers we have here!
As you progress into the story, I look forward to hearing your thoughts regarding the characters and events, who your favourites are, what you particularly enjoy, etc.
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Chapter 137 – The Restaurant

Monday, April 24 (5:30 PM)

When we reached the SUV, Zack used his remote key to unlock the doors and gallantly opened the front passenger side door before guiding his young pupil inside.

Nick opened the back door and allowed me to get in first, but not before giving me a hard slap on the ass and flashing me a cocky smirk. By the time he got in beside me, Zack had Jeremy buckled down and was heading for his own seat, behind the wheel.

"You guys want some music back there?" he asked, using his rear-view mirror to check up his backseat passengers.

"Yeah, sure!" Nick immediately answered, not bothering to check with me even though his friend's question had been directed towards me as well. Nick was in charge and I knew my place well enough to know that he spoke for both of us.

He was the Alpha.
He was the boss.

The sound of rock music came back to life, the SUV started moving, and in a matter of minutes we were back on the highway.

I watched as our incredibly handsome driver took a gloved hand off the wheel and placed it over Jeremy's left thigh. And for a moment there, I have to admit, I actually felt a little jealous and envious of my young friend.

I was being selfish and I knew it.

I was still happy though. Very happy!
Jeremy had sacrificed everything to be with Brad and all he had to show for it were scars and bruises.
And the ones you couldn't see were even worse.

Unlike the scars he had on his face, the psychological ones would follow him for rest of his life.

Yes. I was happy.
Jeremy deserved a break and he needed a guy like Zack. Now more than ever.

I was overjoyed and frankly, a little teary eyed at seeing the young lad FINALLY receiving attention from a guy who wasn't intent on humiliating or abusing him.
What a difference that was from Brad!

Jeremy's relative unresponsiveness to Zack's advances would normally have been interpreted as a lack of interest, but this wasn't the case here. The boi hadn't come out of a "normal" relationship. He was young and as far as I was aware, the only thing he knew about coupling, he'd learned from Brad. A very cold and steely mentor, to say the least.

He didn't know how to act. He didn't know how to respond and didn't know what to do.
He was DEFINITELY attracted to Zack, but he didn't really know how to demonstrate it. No doubt another Brad-inflicted mental barrier he'd slowly have to learn to overcome.

Zack didn't seem too phased though and probably knew how to interpret the lad's well-concealed signals and body language. He was proving to be a really great guy, and so far I couldn't think of anyone better suited to show my friend what it meant to be in a healthy relationship.

The drive went pretty smoothly and it didn't take long for Nick to wrap his powerful left arm around me and pull me in close.

As soon as he did, I went all limp and curled up like a kitten before nestling myself a place in his arms and enjoying the heat spilling out of his unzipped puffer jacket.

I didn't fall asleep, but the hour-long drive actually went by pretty fast.
I'd spent nearly all afternoon locked away inside my lover's huge arms, and still, I longed to be held hostage by them in bed tonight as well.

I swear, you'd fuckin' melt if you saw how big his pipes were.

I was no stranger to the jock-type and at seen a lot or relatively small guys my age bulk up with muscle over the years. While their biceps got larger, their hands and their forearms would stay relatively small.

With Nick though, that wasn't the case.
Having always been a big guy, his hands and forearms didn't appear disproportionately small even though his biceps had thickened to an incredible level.

The hard construction work was doing wonders for his body and his hands and forearms had become especially large and rugged.

I actually got a huge thrill out of seeing him put his gloves back on, a bit earlier.
His thick, size L cop gloves had been worn a lot over the years, but I could tell from the of strain and effort it took for him to put them on that his hands and fingers had gotten quite a bit thicker and more muscular than they were back then.

He could definitely use a new pair of gloves for his birthday.
They'd have to be XL.
But then again, I kinda liked how incredibly tight the thick leather looked over his hands and digits.

It was the same with his boxers.
A few years ago, size L might've been suitable, but now his butt and thighs were just too big and were stretching out all his boxer-briefs and weakening them at the seams.

Yeah, I just couldn't wait to get home and spend the night squashed down and trapped underneath that amazing body of his. I just loved the feeling of having those massive arms wrapped around me and holding me tight.

Even though Nick's feet were ridiculously smelly and quite frankly a bit revolting a times, his strikingly handsome face and drop-dead gorgeous body easily compensated for that and transformed him into a dream-worthy catch for most guys and girls...myself included.

We finally arrived at a well-known sports bar, just outside of town and pulled up in the parking lot before stepping out of the vehicle and stretching our arms and legs out.

On weekends this place would've been super busy at this time of the evening. But today was Monday and although there were quite a few cars in the lot, we'd probably have no trouble getting a table right away.

Nick looked a bit overdressed with his Everest-style puffer on, but still looked like a total badass wearing his tight gloves and cool shades.

As soon as we walked into the air-conditioned establishment, we were greeted by a pretty hostess wearing a low-cut top and a short skirt.

For some reason I felt threatened by her, almost as though I was afraid she'd steal Nick away from me.
I'd be lying if I said the thought didn't cross by mind every time a good-looking girl came into view.

I knew Nick was mostly into girls, but I was a bit surprised to see Zack eye the chick almost as hungrily as Nick normally would. Apparently, both of them were a quite flexible when it came physical attraction.

The idea of Nick and Zack being more straight than gay actually excited me a lot. But it was frankly a little unsettling as well, especially considering the number of hot gals out there who could potentially interest Nick.

I had to keep calm though.

Finding others attractive was completely normal. I knew there was nothing wrong with that, even if the thought of Nick eyeing others made me jealous beyond reason.

As long as it was only eye candy for him, I'd be okay.
After all, I hadn't been too faithful in that regard either.

I'd been eyeing Zack rather lustfully for the past few days.
And even though I already had an incredibly sexy boyfriend, my mind seemed desperately attracted to what I couldn't have.

I was in Eden...and Zack was the forbidden fruit.

The one thing that puzzled me though, is that none of my fantasies involved cheating on Nick and being alone with Zack. Quite the opposite. I wanted both of them at the same time, and very much wanted Nick to be a part of it.

I know this might sound a little dumb, but the fact that Nick was part of my fantasies actually made me feel less guilty for lusting after Zack. In a way, it didn't feel like I was betraying my lover. Or at least, that's what I tried telling myself...

Our hunky leaders were quick to request window-side booth seating and our scantily-dressed hostess led us to a quiet section of the restaurant before setting our four menus down on our table and departing.

Jeremy and I were moving to sit down side by side, but as soon as the guys figured out what we were doing, we were promptly pulled apart and split up. Jeremy was taken to Zack's side of the booth and I was taken to Nick's, quickly splitting our group up into two distinct couples once again.

Our two Alphas took their jackets off and quickly sat down, securing Jeremy and I inside the secluded the booth and keeping us safely tucked away. Jeremy and I had no way to get up or leave without our respective guardians allowing us to. All in all, a quaint little arrangement.

Being closest to the window also meant that Jeremy and I had a nice view to enjoy if ever we got tired of staring at the large screen TVs adorning the walls around us.

One TV was showing an American football game while the one on the adjacent wall featured a gold tournament.

I stared down at the open menu in front of me, but for some reason I couldn't focus on the food.

I was far too entranced by Zack's apparent need to point different things out in Jeremy's menu, even though he had a perfectly valid copy of the menu right in front of him.

The handsome, brown haired hunk had taken his jacket and gloves off, and had a hand resting on Jeremy's back while giving the lad some pointers on what he should choose.
He was such a sweetheart.

Jeremy had probably never been taken out like, at least not in a long time.
I also knew for a fact that he wasn't used to this level of care and attention.

Zack was being a real gentleman, and I absolutely adored him for that.

I have to admit, I was pretty apprehensive at first.
This whole plan to push Jeremy into another relationship so soon after his ordeal with Brad, it just seemed like a really bad idea.

But the more I watched Zack, the more I was starting to feel like this was the right thing for Jeremy.
I wanted this to work out. It HAD to work out.

Jeremy had nothing else going for him at the moment.

True, he was young and could've easily entered the active work force. With some luck, he might've found something decent. But that was easier said than done, especially given the traumatic relationship he'd been forced to endure. He was messed up and I understood that better than most.

My thoughts were suddenly disturbed when a waiter, an attractive man in his thirties, came along to offer us some drinks and see how we were doing.

Nick and Zack each ordered a pint of beer and Zack followed up by ordering a glass of root beer for his young protégé.

"He'll have the same." Nick told the waiter, motioning his head towards me.

The man brought us our drinks and told us he'd be back to check on us in five minutes to see if we were ready to order. He must've been wondering why Jeremy and I, two young men of legal age, were apparently not speaking up and ordering on our own. To his credit, the waiter did a good job at keeping quizzical expressions off his face and remained professional. Something I very much appreciated.

Sometimes I felt as though the world would be a better place if everyone just minded their own business.

As promised, the waiter returned shortly to take our orders.

I waited for everyone to order before ordering the shrimp linguine with the side of garlic bread.
Jeremy on the other hand, had deemed it better to let Zack order for him.

I could see a mixture of emotion in the young lad's eyes.
He'd probably gotten so used to Brad's cruel treatment that he didn't know how to react to any of this.

He looked completely innocent and out of place sitting here, surrounded by people who cared for him.
To tell you the truth, it was pretty heartbreaking.

He was like someone who'd just been released outside after being imprisoned in a dark dungeon for several years.
Brad had probably never treated him like a normal human being, much less taken him out to eat like this or rubbed his back when he wasn't feeling good.

Our two Doms chatted and drank while we waited for our food.

Jeremy seemed lost in his thoughts, but Zack was right next to him and kept a hand on his back the entire time, no doubt as a means to remind him that he wasn't alone.

Jeremy needed to feel that we were here for him and that people around him cared for his wellbeing.
He needed to feel that he wasn't alone.
He needed to feel like a human being again.

I wanted to chat with him and make small talk, but I didn't really know what to talk about.

Truth be known, I considered him a friend, but I actually didn't know him all that well.
All I knew is that he was a fellow sub in a bad situation and that we'd both been victims of Brad's villainy.

That was enough of a reason for me to wanna ally myself with him and call him my friend.

After a few minutes of listening to Zack and Nick chat about sports and American football teams, Jeremy seemed to ease up a little bit and get used to Zack's closeness.

I was watching the TV above our table and listening to Nick and Zack laugh and chuckle about stuff, but during those twenty minutes of waiting for our food, I noticed Jeremy lifting his green eyes up and looking at Zack's face.

I saw him nervously sip his soft drink and saw him glancing up at Zack's muscular arms and body a few times.

He had the hots for Zack.
Who wouldn't!?

Zack must've noticed the stares, 'cause at one point he actually turned his head down towards Jeremy and met the young boy's admiring gaze.

Their eyes met for only a brief moment before Jeremy quickly lowered his gaze back to the utensils on the table.

Zack flashed Nick and I a cocky smirk before pulling the boi in and forcing him to sit even closer to him than he already was.

Jeremy blushed almost instantly, and I found myself a little aroused at the fact that Zack's incredibly buff, muscle-shirt clad torso dwarfed the nineteen-year-old kid's scrawny frame so completely.

Size wise, the two of them were even more of a mismatch than Nick and myself!

Jeremy must've been a little relieved when the waiter finally arrived and presented us with our plates.

The food was nice and warm, and my linguine was perfect.
The noodles were al dente and a surprising amount of sautéed shrimps and grilled vegetables adorned the pasta.
Nick was even surprised by the size of my serving and helped himself out to some of my shrimps without even asking me.

"You're never gonna eat all that." he teased, stealing stuff from off my plate and putting it on his.

"Yes I am. I'm starving." I replied, hungrily digging into my plate while still keeping in line with social etiquette.

"I'll give you twenty bucks if you finish all of it." he laughed, ruffling my hair up before fixing his attention back on his own sizeable dish.

Meanwhile Jeremy was busy tackling a rack of pork ribs while Zack was cutting into his large steak and keeping a close watch of the boi.

This was a perfect moment.
The restaurant was lively and animated. The music was upbeat. People were laughing and talking.
Zack and Nick were cheerful, and Jeremy was safe and sound with us.

He just sat there, right next to Zack, quietly enjoying his warm meal and his first time out since God knows how long!

I stepped away from everything for a brief moment and decided to try and create a mental image of this memory in my head. I didn't wanna forget.
I wanted to remember this moment and cherish the memory of it for a long time.

Things were finally starting to go right.
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Post by Tsuhaya »

Wow! It seems like I have a lot to read here, I have to update myself, apparently a lot of things happened while I was away
Yes, it's me in the picture. What are you waiting for to tie me up and gag me?

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Post by Lily »

I think that Zack is great for Jermey because Jermey needs someone to be in a relationship that could be like Nick and Steven's

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Chapter 138 – The Rise Before The Fall

Monday, April 24 (7:30 PM)

About half an hour after we'd been served our meals, everyone was done eating except for me.

I looked around and was a little embarrassed at the fact that my plate was the only one with food left on it.
Even Jeremy had finished his and he was a small guy, even smaller than me.

"Um, Nick? I'm full." I told the blond jock, suddenly feeling kinda dumb about my earlier boast.

"Told you that was a big plate." he said, chuckling as he sipped his beer.

"Sorry..." I answered, lowering my head a little and putting on a sad expression over my face.
The fact that Nick was paying for my plate and that I wasn't able to eat it all made me feel kind of ungrateful.

"Alright then, no desert for you." he scolded, quickly grabbing my plate and hungrily scooping some of my leftover pasta into his mouth.

"Haha, yeah. No stopping for ice cream on the way home." Zack laughed, keeping up with the cheery mood.

God, what was it about him and that sexy smile of his that got me so turned on?
Sitting across the table from Zack was almost like torture!

From what I remember of him in school and from what Nick had told me, he used to screw around A LOT.
I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be taken and used by Zack.

He was a real macho guy, with a deep sexy, voice and an incredibly buff body.
I had trouble taking my eyes off him, imagining how heavy he was and imagining myself crushed underneath him as he boned me hard in the ass.

I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't help but feel a little jealous of Jeremy.
I'd never been courted before, at least, not in the manner I'd witnessed today.

I tried to tear my eyes away, but I instead found myself focusing on his hands.
Some girls were apparently convinced that the size of a guy's hands and fingers revealed much about the size and shape of his cock.

If that theory held any truth, then Zack must've had a really BIG cock, I thought to myself.
Maybe even as big as Nick's!

In my daydreaming, I ended up wondering what he looked like down there...contemplating whether or not his crotch was clean shaven or hairy.

I already knew he could work up a real sweat.
Of course, his feet probably didn't smell half as bad as Nick's, but still...that big, funky jockstrap and those smelly as fuck socks Nick had pulled out of his hockey bag earlier today left little doubt as to Zack's manliness.

Sure, he was good guy. But he certainly DID musk up his gear when he worked out or played sports!

It didn't take long for us to leave the restaurant after that.
It was dark outside and since both Nick and Zack were working the next day, we needed to be home early enough.

Our table was split into two separate bills, one for Zack and Jeremy and the other one for Nick and myself.
As soon as the two Alphas were done paying, we walked out the door and headed for the SUV.

The remainder of the trip went by rather smoothly and proved uneventful.
We were pretty close to home after all and everyone was a little tired from the long day under the sun.

We arrived at our place and quickly got out of the SUV.
I was going to thank Zack for the ride, but was a little surprised to see him coming in with us.
He and Nick worked pretty early in the morning, so I figured the stud would wanna get home by now and get to bed in a bit, especially since he'd been the one driving us around all day.

But then it only made sense for him to escort his date inside and maybe even see him to bed for the night.

As soon as we walked in, Nick handed me the lunch cooler so that I could take care of cleaning it up.

I took my shoes off and walked into the kitchen before dumping my boyfriend's lunch box onto the kitchen counter, next to the sink.
I'd get to it early in the morning, before Nick left for work, I told myself.

Nick and Zack sat on the living room couch with Jeremy in the middle, neither jocks bothering to remove their shoes or jackets off. I though Zack was gonna stay for a bit, since it wasn't even 9PM yet. So I quickly scampered into the Master bedroom, anxious to undress and get into my pajamas, which was actually just a pair of shorts and a light t-shirt.
The clothes I'd been wearing today were clean, so I just folded them up and placed them neatly with my other clothes, inside Nick's closet.

By the time I walked out of the bedroom and started making my way towards the living room though, Zack was already saying his goodbyes and was busy giving his new love-interest a bit of attention.

"Did you have fun today?" he asked, crouching down in front of the young lad and extending his hand to touch the boy's cheek.

Jeremy nodded without hesitation, but managed to keep his usual calm demeanor.

Zack smiled.

"Good. You gonna be okay spending the day alone with your little friend Steven, tomorrow?" he asked, slowly rising up and putting one of his leather-clad hands over his young protégé's head.

Jeremy looked at me and nodded.
It was my turn to smile.

"Yeah, you boys better behave while I'm gone." Nick warned from a distance, slowly making his way towards the dining area and taking his thick jacket and gloves off.

"I'll be coming over to check up on you tomorrow night." Zack purred, using his fingers to cup the boy's chin and force his gaze back up onto him.

A hopeful smile made it's way over Jeremy's face and the giant hockey player slowly bent down to plant a kiss on the lad's head and wish him goodnight.

After saying his goodbyes to Nick and I, the hunk departed and left Jeremy alone with Nick and myself.

After allowing Jeremy to shower and change into something lighter, Nick ended up cleaning his own lunch box out and started getting his stuff ready for tomorrow while my friend and I sat on the couch and watched a short wildlife program on Netflix.

I caught Jeremy eyeing my handsome lover a few times as he went about his things and paced around the house with only his trackies and shoes on. Nick, walking around without a shirt on was a pretty impressive sight to say the least.

As soon as our half-hour show ended, I was ordered to bed and Nick escorted our guest into the bathroom so he could brush his teeth.

I sat on the bed, took my socks off and sank under the thick winter duvet before wrapping my arms around my boyfriend's giant pillow and allowing my head to sink down inside it.

I heard some talking coming from the guest room, heard Jeremy's voice in what sounded like a series of pleas and complaints, and then heard the familiar low growl of a zipper being pulled open.

Confident that Nick was more than capable to preparing Jeremy for bed, I simply closed my eyes and left my friend's fate in my lover's capable hands.

The kitchen lights were shut off and so were the living room's, quickly bathing the house in darkness.
Nick left the guest bedroom door open and left our bedroom door open as well, no doubt for the sake of letting Jeremy know we were close by in the next room.

By the time my hunky 240-pound lover came to bed, I was already starting to dose off and fall asleep.

I remember an enormous weight settling on top of me, and still remember purring like a kitten when I felt a pair of massive arms wrap themselves around the lofty pillow I was resting on.

Nick was hard like a rock that night, but he didn't fuck me.
He just planted his lips over the top of my head and kissed me without saying a word.

I smiled, kissed his left bicep and nuzzled my face deeper inside his pillow.
Everything went silent after that and I ended up falling asleep like a baby.
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Post by ShadowHusky »

Sorry, I haven't been commenting recently. I've been reading these chapters late at night when you upload them, so I forget. Been loving them so far, the symbolistic titles and the brilliant execution of the writing style will always be something I'll geek over.

Super looking forward to more! <3 <3 <3

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Post by Sniffmyfeet »

The title of chapter 138 makes me a little afraid of what's coming next. I'm glad the boys enjoyed their meal at the restaurant and I understand why Steven is sometimes a bit jealous of Jeremy. It's good to see he realises that after everything Jeremy has gone through, he now deserves some attention by that hot hockey player Zack.

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Post by Johnsnow »

Sniffmyfeet wrote:
11 months ago
The title of chapter 138 makes me a little afraid of what's coming next.
I didn't even pay attention to the title but you're right now I'm a little on edge I have a few guesses though...

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Post by bondagefreak »

Yes, I'm usually very specific when I chose the title for each chapter.
Sometimes the title will be very upfront (ex: Nick's Feet, The Restaurant, The Hockey Bag), other times it'll hint at a more discreet, symbolistic meaning. Those of you who pay attention to that are generally gonna be one step ahead of the rest of the audience.

The only thing I'll say about the next chapter is that I'm sure it'll resonate real well with a lot of you.

[mention]Tsuhaya[/mention] Welcome back, boi! Looking forward to hearing from you as you catch up.
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Post by Pup »

bondagefreak wrote:
11 months ago
Yes, I'm usually very specific when I chose the title for each chapter.
Sometimes the title will be very upfront (ex: Nick's Feet, The Restaurant, The Hockey Bag), other times it'll hint at a more discreet, symbolistic meaning. Those of you who pay attention to that are generally gonna be one step ahead of the rest of the audience.
Yeah the way you mix and match with the "type" of chapter titles you use is awesome, gives it some variation IMO.

I love the "break" these past couple of chapters provide in the general scheme of things, it's just a nice bit of contrast to some of the more, intense, chapters.

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Post by bondagefreak »

Note from the author: A quick nod to my friends [mention]Gagfan[/mention], [mention]observer1[/mention], [mention]puffalover[/mention] and [mention]The WinterShuffle[/mention]

Chapter 139 – First Time For Everything

Tuesday, April 25 (7:30 AM)

I woke up feeling really well rested on the following morning, but was disappointed to find Nick had already left for work.

I looked at the time and was surprised to note how early it was.
I usually got up quite a bit later, but then waking up at seven thirty made sense considering how early we'd gone to bed last night.

After rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and stretching my arms up towards the ceiling, I sat up on the mattress and grabbed my ankle socks from off the floor before slipping them onto my feet.
The semi-erect hard-on tenting up my shorts reminded me of the fact that I wasn't wearing any underwear under there. It felt good to sleep commando-style every now and then.

I slowly made my way into the kitchen, poured some water in the kettle and set it to boil so that I could start the day with a hot chocolate.

While waiting for the water to boil, I walked up to the big patio door overlooking the backyard and just stared outside for a while. For some reason, it felt almost as though I was forgetting something...though I couldn't quite remember what.

That's when it suddenly hit me.


I ran to the guest bedroom and slowly opened the partially closed door so that I could peek inside and see whether or not my friend was awake.

He was awake all right.
Very much so.

I have to admit, I was a bit thrilled when I opened the door and found him lying on the guest bed, wiggling around inside my boyfriend's incredibly fat, ridiculously overstuffed monster sleeping bag.


I had no idea how long he'd been awake for, but he hadn't made any progress whatsoever in working his way out of the mummy-shaped down cocoon.

Nick's stinky old expedition bag was still completely zipped up, which no doubt meant that the internal collar was cinched up real tight around the kid's neck, stopping him from raising his arms up and stopping him from reaching the heavy duty zipper.

There was no way out for little Jeremy.
He was zipped up in there and trapped.

In other words, snug as a bug in a rug.

The poor boi obviously had no idea I was standing there, watching him by the doorway.
He kept moaning and struggling, but his complaints were severely muffled and his struggling amounted to nothing.

He couldn't leave the bag, and the MASSIVE, ten-inch thick layer of loft smothering his face and surrounding his head did a fair job at keeping his moans to a minimum.

The heavy duty expedition bag only had a small breathing hole above the overstuffed hood. The opening was, at it's widest, just wide enough to fit a small hand through. But even though my boyfriend hadn't deemed fit to close the hood opening up at all, I couldn't even see my friend's face from where I was standing.
The hood was just too thick, too deep and too overstuffed!

Poor Jeremy.

Too turned on to simply walk away, I couldn't help but tip-toe inside the room and start jerking off to scene that was unfolding before my eyes.

I knew he couldn't hear a thing in there.
The loft around his head was just too thick, and the soft nylon hugging his body filled his ears with loud swooshing noises each time he moved a muscle.

Still, I was careful not to make too much noise and was careful to stay clear of the hood opening.
I didn't want him seeing me and I didn't want him asking me to let him go. So even as I made my way towards the top of the bed, I made sure to stay quiet and out of sight.


I couldn't believe it...
With the enormous amount of loft surrounding his face and only a small opening above his forehead, Jeremy had literally NO idea that I was standing there, just a few meters away, jerking off to the sight of him struggling to get out of my boyfriend's musky bag.

This was SO hot!

The sound of his heavily muffled, frustrated moans and grunts, and the sound of the nylon swooshing each time he was making me hard beyond belief!

Call me evil, but after a good five minutes of jerking off to the point of nearly creaming my shorts, I tip-toed out of the room and left my friend inside his escape-proof sleeping bag trap.

I'd come back later to free him, but right now I just relished the control I had, or rather, enjoyed the thought of me being his only hope for release.

I'd never felt this way before.
I knew it was wrong and that Jeremy probably wasn't in a frame of mind to play bondage games right now. But he didn't have to know that I was awake and unwilling to free him. As far as he knew, I was still sound asleep in another room.

Besides, I kinda liked the idea of him being trapped in there and having to endure the musk Nick had worked up inside his bag over the years.

I spent the next two hours, quietly doing chores and regularly stopping by for quick visits to the the guest bedroom.

Jeremy was growing restless.
His grunts were getting more frequent, and I heard him coughing a few times in there, probably as a result of him inhaling a feather or something.

Poor kid. He'd been awake for hours now, and he wasn't any closer to getting out of bed than he'd been when I first woke up.

It was a bit past 9:30 AM when I finally decided to finally let him go.

I walked into the bedroom, and made more noise than usual before sitting myself down on the queen sized mattress.

I peered down inside the small sleeping bag hood opening and immediately saw Jeremy's distressed eyes looking back up at me.

"Morning buddy! You okay in there?" I cheerfully asked, doing my best not to laugh or chuckle at the fact that his entire face appeared to be smothered up and trapped under those fat down-filled baffles.

His complaints immediately hit my ears, but I had a bit of fun pretending his speech was too muffled to comprehend.

Honestly, I would've been happy staying there and watching him struggle all day...but I quickly decided to stop thinking with my cock and start thinking with my head. He'd spent the last twelve hours zipped up inside my boyfriend's expedition bag and now he needed out.

"Alright, hold on. I'm letting you out." I told him, quickly unzipping the bag down to his neck and getting to work on undoing the cinched up internal collar.

It took me a good three minutes to get knot undone, but Jeremy was getting more impatient by the second.
You'd think he was on the verge of suffering from a heatstroke or something.

"Okay. Calm down." I told him, before finally unzipping the thick bag down and allowing him to leave the Antarctic-worthy, mummy-shaped cocoon.

Jeremy looked like a tired mess, but I was a bit surprised at the fact that his shorts and t-shirt were both relatively dry. He must've been dying of heat in there, but he definitely hadn't been sweating a lot.

I didn't lose any time in running to the kitchen and fetching my friend a tall glass of cold water...which he drank in less than five seconds.

"Have you been awake for long?" I asked, feigning ignorance and doing my best to keep that guilty smile for forming on my lips.

"Yeah...but I couldn't get out." came his honest answer.

I was VERY tempted to let him in on my little secret, but for the sake of our friendship, I decided not to tell him I'd been jerking off to the sight of his struggling for the past two hours.
Somehow I got the feeling that it wouldn't sit too well with him.

After giving Jeremy a pair of socks, clean boxer briefs, a pair of my gym shorts and clean a t-shirt, I invited him to take a shower and use the washroom to do his business.

He did, and once he was done, we both settled down at the kitchen table and ate breakfast.

We spent the rest of the morning watching TV, chatting about the weekend and enjoying our time alone together.
In truth, he seemed to be doing a bit better now than he was two days ago.

We spoke about Zack quite a bit and it's didn't take much prodding for him to admit that he was heavily attracted to the muscular hunk.

I did end up warning him about "Prince Charming's" hockey gear...and how absolutely horrible it smelled.
But the handsome green eyed lad apparently thought little of it.

It was a little past noon when Nick called to check up on us.
He didn't have much to say and just wanted to make sure we were both home, safe and sound.

I spoke to him for a bit before hanging up and joining my friend back on the living room couch.

There was nothing interesting playing on TV and my dick was still twitching from all the attention I'd given it this morning.

"So?" I asked, lazily plopping myself down on the big leather couch. "What d'you feel like doing this afternoon?"

Jeremy contemplated the various possibilities for a moment, but simply ended up shrugging. "Mmm...I dunno." he merely answered.

A long and rather awkward silence ensued before either of us spoke again.

"D'you feel like...maybe watching some videos or something?" I asked, finally breaking the eerie silence that had settled between the two of us.

The nineteen-year-old's freckle-lined face almost instantly lit up.
"Yeah!" he exclaimed, apparently unable to contain his enthusiasm at the prospect of watching the same bondage porn we'd started watching the last time he came over.

"Okay, cool." I answered, barely managing to hide my excitement as I ran into the Master bedroom and fetched out my laptop.

We spent the next half hour or so, browsing ThisVid, Pornhub and GayForIt and eventually started talking about our favourite positions and ways of being tied up.

One thing led to another, and pretty soon we ended up taking turns tying each other up and turning our fantasies into realities.
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[mention]bondagefreak[/mention] Like how a calm cool depiction rapidly goes into watching bondage videos for ideas I hope :D Can't wait to see how the mischievous pups get themselves into trouble....

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Chapter 140 – The Initiation

Tuesday, April 25 (12:30 PM)

"Come here. I wanna show you something." I told Jeremy, quickly getting up off the couch and inviting my friend to follow me as I made my way into the Master bedroom.

Jeremy got up and followed me in, looking quite intrigued as I rummaged through Nick's closet and pulled out two pairs of heavy duty steel handcuffs.

I handed him the black steel cuffs and he was immediately taken aback by the weight and sturdiness of them.

"Woah. They're heavy!" he gasped, looking down at the police-grade restraints with a look of poorly-concealed admiration written all over his face.

"Yeah. They're the real deal. Look." I said, pointing at the carefully inscribed Peerless brand insignia and showing him the official registry number labelled on each cuff.

Jeremy was VERY impressed.

"Wow! Is Nick a cop or something?" he asked, looking up at my with big eyes and genuinely believing that my boyfriend was a law enforcement officer.

"Don't I wish! Haha, nah. He's a construction worker, just like Zack."

" come he has cuffs like these?" Jeremy pressed, visibly impressed by the fact that my lover owned these legit, heavy-duty steel restraints.

"I dunno." I chuckled, shrugging my shoulders. "Maybe you should ask him."

The cute nineteen-year-old scoffed and rolled his eyes before grabbing the second pair of cuffs and inspecting them as carefully as he'd inspected the first.

"Man, these are sooo cool. I can't believe your Master owns real police cuffs!" came the impressionable green eyed lad's words as he handed the steel restraints back to me.

I kinda paused for a moment and couldn't help but snicker at his remark.
Him referring to Nick as my Master sorta made me laugh, but then he was right...Nick WAS my Master.
I guess it was just funny hearing someone else say it so bluntly.

"Tsk. You think that's cool? Come see this." I told him, throwing the cuffs down on the bed and leading the slightly smaller teen downstairs, into Nick's workshop.

As soon as we entered the dusty garage, my friend's mouth dropped open and his eyes went wide in disbelief.

" FUCK!" he cried out, jaw wide open as he picked up what appeared to be the biggest and widest roll of army green gorilla tape he'd ever seen. In his defense, the thing was MASSIVE.

I'd eyed that thing MANY times and always got an instant boner whenever I saw it.
Sometimes I'd even run downstairs and enter the workshop, JUST for the sake looking at it.

The roll was a stunning eight inches in diameter and the tape itself was four inches wide. FOUR INCHES!
TWICE the size of those jumbo rolls of duct tape and gaffer tape that lined the rest of the workshop wall.

We spent a few minutes looking at all of Nick's stuff, lusting over all those huge rolls of industrial grade tape.
The heavy duty tie wraps also didn't fail to get Jeremy's attention.

I swear, this was like bondage paradise for us.
And the best part of it was, none of it was intended for bondage use!

Nick fixed car engines, tinkered with spare parts and did a lot of workshop stuff in his spare time.
He had a lot of tools and equipment down here and I knew these giant rolls of tape were strictly for work.
And for some strange reason, knowing that made it all the hotter.

When I asked Jeremy which tape he wanted us to play with, his face immediately lit up into a devilish smile and his hands reached for the enormous roll of extra sticky dark green tape.

Good choice, I thought to myself.

We ran back upstairs to the main floor and quickly returned to the Master bedroom with our prized bounty in hand.
Jeremy found the idea of tying each other up pretty hot. But even though he'd spent all night zipped up and trapped inside my boyfriend's old expedition bag, he was very intent on being the one who got tied up first.

We were both subs, but since he was a little younger and a tiny bit smaller than I was, I guess it was natural for him to defer to me and allow me to tie him up first.

I quickly instructed him to take his t-shirt off and used the opportunity to remind him that I had virtually zero experience in tying others up.

"It's fine. Seriously...we're just messing around." he told me, quickly brushing my concerns aside and reassuring me about his lack of expectations. He was right of course. I didn't have to worry about anything.
He knew I wasn't a Dom and he knew I couldn't provide him with the same amount of pleasure someone like Zack could provide him with.

I didn't have the musculature to easily overpower him, and even if I did, it just wouldn't feel natural for me to assert myself over him like that. No real sub wants to be placed in a position where he has to dominate another.
Or at least that's what I thought.

Turns out, things aren't always as black and white as some internet guides and BDSM experts would lead you to believe.

Oh don't get me wrong.
I was very much a sub in my own right.

It's just that...well let's just say, the colour spectrum contained quite a few more shades of grey than my young mind was originally intent on believing.

"Alright, lie down." I ordered, quickly yanking the massive comforter off the mattress and motioning for Jeremy to position himself on the huge, king-sized bed.

The lad complied and when he lied down on his back, I couldn't help but notice the sizeable tent poking up inside those gym shorts I'd lent him.

To be fair, I had a full blown erection inside my satin shorts as well.
The fact that I wasn't wearing any underwear made my afternoon wood even more obvious than Jeremy's.

Horny and anxious to get the show started, I lost no time in climbing next to my would-be prisoner and slapping the pair of black steel handcuffs over his left wrist. A smile hit the young man's face as soon as he felt the hard embrace of cold steel against his bare skin.

I pulled his left arm all the way up to the central headrest support, passed the cuffs around the sturdy bedframe pole and then pulled the kid's right arm up before slapping the other cuff onto his wrist.


A series of deep clicks echoed across the large bedroom as I tightened the heavy duty police cuffs around my younger friend's puny wrists.

He squirmed around a bit, but the uselessness of his struggles caused a smile to form over our faces.
He was enjoying this.

"Tight enough?" I asked, wanting to make sure he couldn't just slip his hands out of the steel restraints.


"Good. 'Cause you're under arrest." I smirked, using the same words Nick would sometimes use when he was tying me up and securing me down.

Jeremy smiled at my remark.
"What for?" he asked, tugging at his escape-proof shackles in a feigned attempt at getting away.

"For being too cute, silly."

The freckled face, green eyed lad giggled heartily as I pinched his cheeks, and I actually ended up smiling at the cleverness of my own response.

He was having a lot of fun.
We both were.

"Man, I can't believe these are real police cuffs!" the kid enthusiastically cheered.

"Believe it. 'Cause you're not going anywhere." I laughed, putting on a cocky smirk and slowly making my way towards the foot of the bed.

Even as I made crawled over to his legs and ankles, the boy kept tugging at his restraints and pretending to wanna escape. Of course, it was all an act.
We both knew he wanted me to make it tighter.

"Sorry. These are coming off." I told him, suddenly pulling his shorts down and exposing the tight-fitting, green Calvin Klein boxers he was wearing underneath.

"Aww...come on, man." Jeremy protested, obviously a little embarrassed at the fact that he was sporting a huge erection inside the boxer-briefs I'd lent him.

I just ignored his protests.

Instead, I grabbed his feet and pulled his body down as far as it would go without tearing his arms out of their sockets. The kid just laughed and bid me to continue.

I was only too happy to oblige.

I grabbed his right ankle, slapped the silver cuffs around it, brought the short cuff chain around the lower-left bedpost and slapped the matching cuff around his other ankle, securing his socked feet down to the sturdy bed frame and sealing his demise.

A series of loud clicks ensued and in a matter of seconds I had both his ankles cuffed up tight.

The result was even better than what I'd imagined.

Jeremy's puny wrists and feet were cuffed and hopelessly restrained.
His scrawny 5'5 frame was stretched out extremely tight across the entire length of the bed.
A non-negligible amount of precum was starting to seep out from the tip of his surprisingly large, underwear-clad tent. And much to my delight, his nipples, ribs, stomach and carefully trimmed armpits were now fully exposed and at my complete disposal.


There'd be no escape for the little guy.
No running away or breaking loose.

I had him all to myself and there was nothing he could do about it.
This was almost too perfect.
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[mention]bondagefreak[/mention] Hmmmm this is too perfect lol. I smell trouble coming :)

Jeremy could end up regretting what he asked for or ? Brilliant descriptions!

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Wow, I didn;t expect Steven to have a dominant side.... That is a very intresting development, man :)

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It's really cute how Steve gets all commanding over little Jeremy, mirroring Nick. He's like a little cat imitating a lion.

Also very hot descriptions for duct tape, can't wait for it to be used generously. I have a feeling that this will turn out to be a bit more than a simple TUG between boys.
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Yay! Finally more bondage action!

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This is really enjoyable. The childlike manner in which they enter Nick's workshop and look around for cool stuff to use, is really cute. I'm not sure whether Nick will like it. The way they start tying each other up is very familiar, it's what I would call having fun. But I hope Steven will be able to free Jeremy (does he have the keys to those cuffs?), so that Jeremy can take revenge.

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This was already a nice part in the old version. You include much more details and a bit extension now. That makes it even better. Feels to me we are almost at the point where the old forum crashed.

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