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[mention]bondagefreak[/mention] Without a doubt Nick and Zack ;)

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Post by Lily »

For sure Nick and Zack

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Post by GoBucks »

I do think as an adult, Jeremy deserves to know the truth and make his own decision. I also see why that's concerning. Jeremy's head is so warped when it comes to Brad that he probably feels like everything Brad did to him he deserved. I don't think he realizes that he can be a sub and receive better/safer treatment. Zack is so wonderful that he'd be a fool to leave him, but more Zack for Steven I guess if that happened :lol:

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Chapter 129 – Early Bird

Monday, April 24 (12:30 AM)

Sleep came pretty quickly once Nick had finished bringing me up to speed on the details of his plan.
We were both a little out of it, and I just felt so incredibly warm and safe with my big hunky dom on top of me like this.

I couldn't move, but the beauty of it was that I didn't wanna move.

And so, after exchanging a few more words, Nick cradled his head on top of mine and I fell asleep with my face cosily nestled between his lofty pillow and the underside of his muscular left arm.
If I could've made the moment last forever, I would have.

Unfortunately for me, Monday morning came all too soon.

The next thing I remember was waking up to the annoying glare of sunlight filtering in through the bedroom window. Nick wasn't in bed with me, but was in fact putting his underwear on and getting dressed.

It's only when I raised myself up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes that I saw him facing away from me and looking out the window.


Aside from wondering why he was bent down and peering out the curtains like that, I was a little annoyed at the strong smell of feet that permeated the air around me.
It really smelled BAD and I had Nick to thank for that.

Eyeing the hunky stud's muscular back, I couldn't help but lower my gaze down to his big bubble butt and notice that he was wearing a pair of tight-fitting, white Calvin Klein briefs. The SAME smelly white briefs Zack had caught me sniffing just yesterday.

Damn! The briefs were already musky as fuck.
Why couldn't he just throw them into the hamper and wear new ones?!

Now he was gonna wear them another day and get them even smellier.

Apparently satisfied that everything was in order out on the quiet suburban street, the blond muscle-King turned around to continue getting dressed, and then saw me sitting up on the bed and looking at him.

"Go back to sleep, babe. It's not even seven o'clock yet." he scolded, fully aware that I wasn't accustomed to getting up as early as he was.

I rubbed the sleep from my tired eyes again and obediently sank back down into bed.
Feigning sleep, but keeping my eyes partially open, I watched as the beautiful stud slowly finished getting dressed.

The huge briefs he was wearing, strained to accommodate his large butt and massive thighs.
The sizeable bulge filling up that roomy front pouch of is, protruded a few inches out from between his beefy legs and left very little to the imagination.

I watched my hunky lover as he pulled his noisy nylon trackies on and watched as he grabbed his big rotten socks from off the floor and slipped them onto his feet.



The shirtless muscle-god sat himself down on the edge of the bed and picked his raunchy ass trainers up before putting those on as well.

At least now his shoes and socks would stop smelling the room up, I thought to myself.

"Turn around. On your stomach." the muscle-King immediately commanded, quickly getting up off the bed and walking over to my curled up form.

I eyed my lover's shapely form and quickly admired his super broad, muscular torso before slowly turning around and lying on my stomach.

Nick said nothing. He just fluffed his very lofty pillow up and then pressed my face down inside it.
His very thick comforter was pulled up so that it covered my whole body, right up to the top of my head, and was tucked in real tight around me.

I tried to squirm around a bit, but my overprotective blond muscle-daddy wasn't giving me any slack.
He tucked me in real snug and bundled me up as though my life depended on it.

"Back to sleep, kiddo." he ordered, giving me a light smack on my comforter-clad ass and then placing a quick kiss on the top of my head.

Still tired and sleepy from having slept less than six hours, I had no trouble obeying his orders and promptly allowed myself to slip back into the dream world.

By the time I woke up again, it was a bit past eight o'clock and the sun was up and shining real bright outside.

I spent a good half hour dozing on and off before finally finding the strength to get up and get on with my day.

It's only when I sat on the bed and looked down to see a big bundle of duct tape on the floor that I remembered all the fun we'd had last night.

What a crazy night we'd had!

I was almost scared to admit this to myself, but if I could, I think I'd go back and experience it all over again.

I was a bit angry and annoyed at the fact that Nick had jerked himself off while sitting on my face.
But I still can't remember ever feeling as horny as I felt last night.

Thinking back on it now, everything he did to me really turned me on...even the facesitting.

After stretching my limbs one last time, I got up, put my shorts and t-shirt on, and started heading towards the washroom so that I could freshen up.

That's when the smell hit me.

It smelled bacon!

I walked to the kitchen and sure enough, Nick was there, making breakfast.

"Hey!" the shirtless stud greeted me as I entered the kitchen. "Glad you're up. I was just about to come and get you."

"Nick. What are you doing?!" I asked, both alarmed and puzzled at the fact that he was preparing what appeared to be a morning feast.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" he chuckled, clearly not understanding why I was a bit shocked and panicked at seeing him work in the kitchen like this.
To his credit, he had everything under control.
Nothing was burning and as far as I could tell, he looked like he was having a blast.

"What?" Nick asked, smiling at the look of disbelief I had on my face. "I'm not allowed using my own kitchen anymore!?"

"No. It's just that...I've never seen you doing stuff like this." I answered, clumsily stumbling over my words and putting on a facial expression that betrayed great sadness and disappointment.

"Well, now you have." he replied, giving me a smirk before turning his attention back to the stovetop where he was scrambling some eggs.

Although I had to admit, the sight of my shirtless lover cooking breakfast for me was very enchanting, I couldn't help but feel as though I'd neglected my responsibilities somehow.

Nick provided for me and worked his ass off during the week.
The LEAST I could've done was get up earlier than usual, make him his morning coffee and cook him a nice breakfast on his day off.

But no...stupid me.
I decided to stay in bed and let him prepare breakfast for the three of us.

Even as I stood there, watching him from the kitchen entrance, I felt totally useless and pathetic.

I was disappointed.
Disappointed with myself.

I hung my head down and slowly started heading for the washroom.
But just as I was walking away, Nick called out for me.

I stopped in my tracks and turned around to look back at him.
I wasn't doing it on purpose, but I think he saw how sad I looked and realised how crappy I must've been feeling.

"Come here." he repeated, motioning for me to approach.

I walked up to him, still holding my head down a little and feeling sorry for myself.

Nick once again surprised me by doing the most unexpected thing.

As soon as I came close enough, he reached out to me with his free arm and pulled me up against his bare torso, still holding the whisk in his other hand.

The blond hunk pulled me in close and cupped his free hand behind my neck before lowering his face down and planting a kiss on the top of my head.

Still holding me tight, he allowed his hand to slide down the back of my neck and onto my lower back once again.

He just held me there, apparently for no reason other than to comfort me.
His gesture was sweet and the attention he was giving me was deeply touching, but I still felt miserable about seeing him do something that I thought I should be doing.

He didn't need me to cook for him. He was clearly good at it.
What the hell was I doing being a house-boi to a guy who could cook as well as I could and who'd been able to keep his place neat and tidy years before I moved in?

You have no idea how Nick cooking breakfast for us made me feel absolutely useless.

"You didn't have to do all this." I said in a subdued, submissive voice. "You could've just woken me up and I would've..."

"Shhh...stop your whining." Nick suddenly ordered, interrupting me mid-sentence.
"If I wanted you to make breakfast, I would've told you so. Besides, if I wanna get up early and cook breakfast for my boi and his friend, there isn't much you can do about it." he added.

"I know. It's just work hard every day and pay for everything...and I just live here and do nothing." I whimpered, lifting a hand up to my face and sniffling back a few tears.

"*Sigh*...Steven." Nick said, and I knew from his tone that he was about to scold me.
He was probably absorbing what I was saying and was attempting to formulate some sort of response.

"Babe..." he said, finally turning his attention away from the stove and looking down into my tear-filled eyes. "Calm down." he scolded. "You're overreacting. I already told you that I was proud of you, and that hasn't changed." he said, pausing to let his words sink in a bit. "Now, if I wanna make breakfast or do something else I don't usually do, so what!?"

He was right about one thing. I WAS overreacting.
I couldn't understand how he could possibly be proud of me, but then why would he be talking about me at work and telling Zack about me if he wasn't happy about me living with him.

Maybe he WAS telling the truth.
Maybe Zack was right and maybe Nick really DID care about me.

The proof was right there, in front of my eyes on that stovetop, but I was too engulfed in self-pity to realize it.

Nick's hand reached up for the back of my neck and I felt him press his lips against the top of my head once again.
"Besides..." he continued, letting go of me and focusing his attention back to the scrambled eggs. "...after all the fun I had with you last night, I figured you could use a bit of sleep." he added, flashing me a wink and a cocky smirk.

Even though my composure remained subdued, I couldn't help but smile a bit at his remark.
It was true. Last night had been pretty wild.

"Nick." I called out in a low voice, raising my eyes up to meet his. "Thanks...for everything."

Once again, my words probably caught him a bit off guard, 'cause he didn't say anything for a few seconds.

"Alright, this'll be ready in a bit." he mumbled, using the whisk to move the scrambled eggs around, simultaneously brushing aside my excessive gratitude along with it. "Jeremy just got up a few minutes before you did. I told him he could take his shower after breakfast."

"Okay...I guess I'll shower after he's done. I'll just use the bathroom to freshen up a bit before we eat." I mentioned, turning away and slowly making my way out of the kitchen.

I started heading towards the washroom, but then spun around and walked right up to my hunky lover before standing up as high as I could on my tip toes and planting a shy kiss on his stubble-lined right cheek.

Nick smirked triumphantly but kept his eyes on the frying pan even as I cast my gaze back down and scampered out of the kitchen.

It only took me a few minutes to wash my face, brush my teeth and fix my hair back up.
I was out just in time to greet Jeremy and help him set the table for the three of us.

Nick told Jeremy to sit down and told me to bring the plates over to him so he could serve from the kitchen.
I did, and quickly brought Jeremy's plate and my own back to the dinner table.

My shirtless boyfriend brought his own and as soon as he sat down, we started eating.

At first, it was pretty quiet, which made perfect sense since it wasn't even 9 AM yet.
Nick was literally DIGGING in his plate and Jeremy and I were still pretty sleepy...him from the lasting effects of the sleeping pills and me from the ordeal Nick had put me through last night.

My throat was still a little sore from dealing with my boyfriend's monster-cock, and my jaw actually ached quite a bit.

As usual, Jeremy was a little too quiet for comfort. But when Nick mentioned that Zack would be coming over a bit later, I noticed an unmistakable glimmer in the boy's eyes.

Frankly though, I was probably just as excited as he was at the prospect of seeing Zack again.

"D'you know when he'll be arriving?" I asked, more for Jeremy's sake than my own, since I knew he wouldn't ask Nick himself.

"He should be coming over at around ten or eleven." Nick answered, helping himself to more orange juice and pouring some in both our glasses even though we hadn't asked for more.
I knew better than to argue with my Alpha, so I kept quiet and drank the orange juice.
Jeremy did the same.

"It's gonna be nice outside today..." he explained between mouthfuls. "...So Zack and I thought we'd bring you guys out on a little trip. There's a really cool spot up on the river. It's only about an hour away from here. We'll grab a bite on the way...and then we'll spend the afternoon outside." he told us.

I was anxious to get out the house and put the terrible weekend events behind us.
And I knew Jeremy could use a bit of sunshine as well...
If this weekend had been terrible for me, I can't even BEGIN to imagine how traumatic it must've been for him.

After thanking Nick profusely for the hearty breakfast he'd prepared for us, I started gathering the dishes up from off the table and brought them to the kitchen counter so that I could take care of them later.

"Now don't do the dishes, Sir." I scolded, warning the blue eyed muscle-King to stay away from them before he went ahead and decided to do THAT as well.

"Alright, alright...I won't!" he laughed, raising his hands up so as to signal his surrender.

Jeremy offered Nick his thanks for the meal, to which Nick responded by allowing him to get up and use the shower.

As I finished clearing up the dinner table, my shirtless lover got up to escort Jeremy to the washroom.
"C'mon." he said, gently inviting the submissive boi to get up and follow him.

Even from where I was in the kitchen, I could hear Nick tell Jeremy where to find the towels and everything else he needed.

Strangely enough, my boyfriend's voice got louder until I realised that the two of them were actually arguing!

"No, you keep it open..." I heard Nick say.

Jeremy responded, but I couldn't quite make out what he was saying. From his tone, it kinda sounded like he was complaining about something.

"Jeremy. I'm not gonna say it again. The door stays open." came Nick's stern, fatherly reply.

As it turns out, Nick didn't want Jeremy closing the washroom door and locking it.
He didn't trust the boi, and refused to leave him unattended behind a locked door.

Jeremy had no choice but to shower with the door partially opened.
Nick wouldn't take "no" for an answer, and for once, I couldn't blame him.

The argument died out as quickly as it started and Jeremy quickly resigned to showering with less privacy then what he was used to.

Not wanting to do the dishes while my friend was in the shower, I decided to make the bed and tidy up our bedroom, as well as the guest bedroom where Jeremy had spent the night.

I was anxious to get in the shower and was anxious to fix myself up for a day with Nick and Zack.

I knew this double-date thing they'd organised was more for Jeremy's benefit than mine, but for some reason, I felt incredibly nervous about Zack coming over and wanted to look my absolute BEST for the occasion.

I quickly went about doing my chores and got to work tidying up the Master bedroom.
Meanwhile, my mind secretly conjured up wild fantasies about serving both Nick and Zack and becoming a full-time house boi to both of them at the same time.

Dream on, Steven.
Dream on.
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I would have to agree with Steven's fantasy, honestly would be great. Also great to see a certain rear once again and I'm surprised I didn't comment on the facesitting scene. Probably one of my favourite kinks, so good. It's great to see a new chapter. Loved it. :D :D :D

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Post by lengban »

That bent over booty picture would be suuuuch a wonderful sight to wake up to, even if it's musky as hell contained inside those undies. One of those moments to especially be jealous of a fictional character about. <3 Looove how swiftly Nick worked to break him out of a funk too. Quick to reassure and scold for silliness to help get his point across, with enough cocky flirting to make me swoon. <3 Just too great!

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Yes Steven, dream on! Looks like he has the same type of dream that I do ;) . Really excited to see Zack return. I missed his pretty face ;)

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Seeing Steven and Nick's morning routine was really nice. And I couldn't appreciate the picture and description of Nick's brief clad butt, Steven is one lucky boy to wake up to this view. And he even makes breakfast!

Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that Steven's wild fantasies might not be so impossible... ;)
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[mention]bondagefreak[/mention] congratulations, I just read that you've been appointed honorary member of this board and I totally agree: you deserved it!

Chapter 129 was lovely to read. Nick is really sweet, I'm glad Steven is realising that Nick loves him. Yes, Nick is perfectly capable of doing the housework and yet he lets Steven normally do it so he can feel useful. It's nice to see that Steven gets some time off as Nick cooks breakfast.

I hope the guys will enjoy their trip to the riverside.

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Great new chapter... Can't wait to see what will come of their trip!

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Caught up with the last chapters, still nothing to complain about :D (just one thing during Nick and Steve's wild night, but I'm trying to appear less crude, so I'll keep it to myself and let you imagine :lol: )
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Chapter 130 – A Dangerous Infatuation

Monday, April 24 (9:30 AM)

When Jeremy stepped out of the washroom, I showed him all the clothes I had and told him he could wear whatever he wanted. Luckily for him, we were both almost the same size. So my clothes ended up fitting him perfectly.

It's a good thing I had some nice clothes too, 'cause Jeremy would probably wanna look his best knowing that Zack would be joining us.

Wanting to give my friend I bit of privacy while he searched my clothes for something to wear, I headed out the room and made my way into the washroom so that I could get cleaned up and ready for the double date Nick had organised.

Anxious to get on with the day, I showered relatively fast.
I'll admit, I spent more time fixing myself up in front the mirror than usual though.
I knew this whole double date thing was more for Jeremy's benefit than mine, but for some reason, I wanted to look my best for Zack as well.

After fixing my hair up and brushing my teeth, I quickly made for the bedroom and started getting dressed.
I knew it was gonna be nice outside, but since we were still a only a few weeks into spring, I decided to put on a pair of denim jeans and wear a black and grey zip-on hoodie over my long sleeve t-shirt.

By the time I was done with my business, Nick had assembled a few things we were gonna be bringing along and Jeremy was all dressed up and helping my shirtless boyfriend pack some stuff in the cooler.

I was immediately taken aback by handsome nineteen year old's appearance.
He looked really good in my clothes!

He'd chosen to wear my black and gold Umbro tracksuit with the matching black sweatpants.
It looked REALLY sleek on him, not to mention everything fit him like a glove.
Even our shoe size was the same, so his feet easily fit into the black converse high-tops I'd lent him.
Although Jeremy wasn't my type, he definitely did look quite yummy.
The kid was a very easy sight on the eyes.

"Is it okay if I wear this?" he asked, uncertain about the astonished look that had momentarily taken over my face.

"Yeah...yeah, it's fine!" I answered, looking him up and down before smiling. "Man, you look really good in my clothes."

Jeremy chuckled and blushed slightly at my comment. "Thanks." he offered, quickly lowering his gaze down.
He obviously wasn't comfortable receiving compliments. He probably wasn't used to them either.
If my guess was correct, he'd have to get used to receiving a lot more of those now that Zack was in the picture.

"Zack texted me a few minutes ago. He's on his way." Nick announced, walking into the kitchen, still shirtless and wearing nothing but his nylon trackies and his beat up hightops.

The muscular, bare-chested hunk added two icepacks into the cooler before zipping it shut and ordering Jeremy and I to sit on the couch and watch TV until Zack arrived.

I wanted to get the dishes out of the way now that nobody was using the shower, but seeing how nervous Jeremy looked, I decided to obey Nick and keep the boi company.

Nick finally left the kitchen and headed for the Master bedroom, leaving Jeremy and I alone for a while.

"You okay?" I asked, finally pulling my eyes away from the TV screen to look at my friend.

Jeremy nodded, but I could tell from the expression on his face that he was preoccupied. About what I couldn't be certain. But I knew it probably had something to do with Brad and the events that had transpired on Saturday night.

Either that or he was just really nervous about spending a day with Zack.

We spent the next ten minutes watching TV in silence, him feeling nervous and me hating myself for not knowing what to do or say.
So much for being supportive in time of need, I thought to myself.

It didn't take too long for Zack to arrive, and I was the first to greet him at the door when he rang the doorbell.

"Hey Stevie!" The handsome hunk teased, giving me a warm smile and putting his hand on my shoulder as he walked in.

I returned his smile, but was a little taken aback by the tingling sensation I felt when he put his strong hand on me. My god...he looked amazing!

I remember my knees feeling a little weak, and still remember the way I just stood there and stuttered while he looked down at me and stepped into the house.
I must've looked so stupid just standing there, looking up at him like that.

I couldn't help it.
He was an absolute GIANT compared to me, and he looked incredibly sexy wearing that thick, low-collar motorcycle jacket with a pair of matching leather gloves over his hands.
Had Nick not been in my life, I would've been on my hands and knees for this guy.

The brown haired hunk's leather jacket creaked loudly each time he moved, and I couldn't help but admire how tight it looked around his arms and chest.

I mean, he was seriously built up and buff. The tight fitting muscle shirt he wore underneath his unzipped leather jacket showed off his buff pectorals quite well, and you have NO idea how strong the urge to step up to him and burry my face inside his pecs was.

I was honestly a bit relieved when Nick emerged out of the bedroom to greet his friend.
The less time I'd spend alone with Zack, the better.
I was starting to get the hots for this guy and it was getting harder and harder to hide the way I felt.

I kept telling myself that he wasn't here to see me. Kept reminding myself that he was only here to see Jeremy.

Besides, I already had a boyfriend, which I absolutely loved and adored!
I didn't wanna have these feelings for Zack, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't shake them.

I wanted him.
I wanted Nick.
*Sigh* I wanted both of them.
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Post by Lily »

Poor Steven he wants both Nick and Zach It sounds like to me he wants the best of both worlds.

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Post by socjuc »

[mention]bondagefreak[/mention] Well I never saw that coming (or like I don't recall Steven wanting both like this from the first version of this tale). Perhaps he will get his wish at some point :lol: Looking forward to the dynamics of the upcoming outing.

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Post by Ossassin »

Ok colour me surprised, this is a new direction and gives a new depth to your poll :D

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Post by erômenos »

“He agreed to give me his stuff if I promised to try and get Jeremy to talk to him. He told me he wants to apologize and make it up to him. He even admitted he went overboard last night, and agreed we did the right thing by taking Jeremy away from himˮ
Brad said that huh :| though im skeptical, im gonna give this man a chance cause he can change right? RIGHT?, i still have hopes for him also is he gonna be back soon?

ok im excited about this trip they're gonna be into :D . anyways so Zack is there to make Jeremy “forgetˮ about Brad huh :| i guess he's a smooth operator cause he's doing a very good job at making Jeremy fall for him

whew just finished reading chapter 129 can't wait for more

cheers to you sir [mention]bondagefreak[/mention] for becoming an honorary member of this board

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Post by GoBucks »

[mention]bondagefreak[/mention] I feel like this new direction in the story may have been inspired a bit by my comments about being jealous of Jeremy when Zack was with him and not Steven? I love that you're having Steven want both because that's exactly how I feel!! You captured the selfish sub that is me so perfectly :lol:

Just goes to show that commenting may inspire you to switch up the story. Stop lurking people!

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Post by bondagefreak »

Note from the author: A quick nod to my good friend [mention]puffalover[/mention]

Chapter 131 – Secrets Uncovered

Monday, April 24 (10: 30 AM)

Nick walked in looking as radiant as ever, wearing a plain white t-shirt and a thick black hoodie over his large torso.

The two Alphas gave each other a pat on the back, after which Zack immediately headed towards the living room where Jeremy waited quietly.

Nick and I watched from a distance as the broad-chested leather-clad hunk approached the couch.
I have to admit, I was a little jealous when Zack sat down next to the boy and kissed the lad's head before wrapping an arm around him and cupping his chin up affectionately.

In a matter of seconds Jeremy's face was nuzzled up against the hunk's muscular chest, and my heart was filling up with jealousy.

For some reason, I really wanted to stick around and watch the two lovebirds mingle, but Nick had other ideas.
The blond muscle-jock took hold of my upper arm and led me into his bedroom, giving Zack and his young protégé a bit of privacy.

Once in the bedroom, Nick shut the door and spun me around before pushing me up against the wall and stepping closer.

He was every bit as big as Zack, but the lack of a smile on his handsome face made him look quite a bit more imposing.

"Those two are gonna get to know each other today. They're gonna have a lot of stuff to work out, and they're gonna need as much privacy as possible." he explained. "So for the rest of the day, you're gonna stick close to me and you're gonna let Zack handle Jeremy on his own. Do I make myself clear?" he asked, raising my chin up so that I was looking straight up into his sparkling blue eyes.

I knew from his low tone that he was serious and in no mood to play right now.
So I lost no time is complying and giving him the response he wanted to hear.

"Yes, Sir." I answered, quickly dropping my gaze down to let him know I knew my place.

Strong fingers pulled my chin back up, and before I knew it, my 6'4 boyfriend had me pinned against the wall and was aggressively locking his lips over mine and forcing his tongue inside my mouth.

Nick slowly let go of my jaw and expertly slipped his large hand behind the back of my head before wrapping his other arm around my waist and pulling me up, real tight against him.

I moaned and tried pulling away from his kiss, but the hunk wasn't interested in letting me go.
He simply clamped his lips tighter over mine and silenced my mouth with his own.

His large tongue plunged deep inside my oral cavity, stopping me from protesting or forming words.
I could do nothing but follow his lead and try to keep up with his aggressive advances.

The huge boner tenting up his thin nylon track pants, gave little doubt as to my boyfriend's motives.
I'm fairly positive that if Zack and Jeremy hadn't been there, I would've been bent down over the bed, the couch or the kitchen table and getting the LIFE fucked out of my ass by now.

As much as I adored Nick, I have to admit, his sex drive was a bit too much for me.

Whereas I would've been happy with just cuddling and kissing, Nick was pretty much ALWAYS hard and ready to bone me with that freakishly large cock of his.
The threat of being spontaneously fucked by the muscle-King became a constant weight on my mind.
Yes, it was kinda hot having a super hunky boyfriend who was always hard and horny. But at the same time, just knowing that he could very easily take me by force if I refused him, kinda freaked me out at times.

We kissed for almost a whole minute before he finally decided to stop and let me go.

"Alright, we have to get going. I just need to brush my teeth, and then we can leave." he said, grabbing his sports cap from off the computer desk and putting it on over his head before making his way out the bedroom.
"Pick a jacket for me to wear. I'll be back in two minutes." he added before stepping out the door and leaving me alone.

A smile suddenly lit my face as he left, and I cheerfully opened up my boyfriend's wardrobe in search of something for him to wear on our date.

He had about a dozen jackets in there, but I already knew which one I wanted him to wear.

Nick owned a motorcycle, which he liked to ride during the summer. He also had a full leather suit to match his race bike, which consisted of a jacket, pants and gloves.
The jacket looked almost exactly like Zack's, and it'd been almost a whole year since I'd seen him wear it.
Trust me, with that tight white t-shirt he was wearing today and those blue trackies and white hightops, he would've looked absolutely STUNNING with that thick, low-collared racing jacket of his.

Surprisingly though, that's not the jacket that caught my attention when I opened up his closet and started going through his stuff.

Rather, it was his military Alpha Industries bomber jacket that caught my eye.

I really liked bomber jackets on handsome guys. I always thought they looked really masculine.

Satisfied with my latest find, I decided to leave the leather jacket in the closet for another day, and pulled out Nick's big bomber jacket before laying it out, flat over the bed.

It was pretty thick, and the bright orange lining contrasted rather nicely with the black nylon shell.
All in all, a very sexy jacket for a muscular guy with short, blond hair.

I quickly walked back to the closet so that I could shut the door, but then my eyes caught sight of something else.
Curiosity got the best of me, and before I knew it, I was pulling out a second jacket out of Nick's closet, this one; a big, black North Face puffer jacket.

I could hardly believe my eyes.

The jacket was really, REALLY fat and thick.
It was even thicker than the blue parka Nick usually wore during the winter, only this one was made like a bomber and didn't have a hood.

The nylon shell was smooth and shiny, just like those noisy track pants he was always wearing.
Nick would look DAMN sexy wearing that beefy ass puffer jacket, I thought to myself.


By the time the blue eyed hunk arrived back in the bedroom, I had his bomber jacket sprawled out over the bed, with his MUCH fatter North Face puffer lying on top of it.

I gave Nick a shy smile, but he just eyed me in disbelief when he saw the jacket I wanted him to wear.
He probably expected me to fish out his leather jacket...or something lighter.

I watched as he walked up to the bed and picked his shiny, extra beefy puffer up before huffing loudly.
The crisp April chill didn't warrant this sorta jacket, but I didn't care.
"You sure this is what you want me to wear, babe?" he asked, raising an eyebrow and giving me a questioning glance.

I bit my lower lip and nodded my head yes.
The hunk narrowed his eyes and curled his lips up into a sly smile, almost as though he thought it very strange of me to chose that particular jacket for him to wear today.

I watched as he took his hoodie off, revealing those massive arms of his, and watched as he slowly pulled on the super fat down puffer I'd taken out of his closet for him.

Oh. My. GOD.
He looked positively HUGE now!

My eyes went wide as the dominant Alpha approached my position, his huge, puffer-clad arms and torso now practically twice as broad as mine. I felt absolutely PUNY in front of him.

Wait...I WAS puny in front of him.

Nick probably enjoyed the thick puffiness that engulfed his upper body. Either that, or he really enjoyed wearing stuff that made him look even bigger than he already was, 'cause the giant boner between his thighs was causing his trackies to tent up a lot, and it didn't wanna seem to go away.

His jacket and trackies swooshed noisily each time he moved, and I couldn't get over how incredibly hot and masculine he looked right now. I just wanted to sink down to my knees in front of him and suck on his big, fat cock for an hour or two...

The sexy hunk loomed over me and relished the fact that I was so small compared to his now-even-buffer frame.
I could tell by his laboured breathing and the feral look in his eyes that he wanted to fuck me right then and there.

I wanted him to fuck me as well.
Forget Zack. Nick was an absolute GOD.
Zack was hot, but Nick was hotter.

I watched as he grabbed his keys, his wallet and his cool aviator style sunglasses before making his way towards the bedroom door.

I was disappointed. He'd forgotten something important!
"Wait!" I called out, 'causing the hunk to turn around and shoot me a questioning glance. "Aren't you gonna bring your gloves?" I asked, unable to dress my question up in a way that wouldn't reveal my near-desperate infatuation with leather-clad hands.

Nick narrowed his eyes a second time and the look on his face pretty much confirmed what I suspected.

He was onto me.

He knew I had a thing for being tied up. He also knew I had a thing for his shoes, even though I absolutely HATED the smell of his socks and feet. My sudden outburst was too uncharacteristic to be a mere coincidence though.

I really got turned on when I saw a guy wearing leather gloves, and the desire to see my boyfriend wearing his hot police gloves was just so strong that I'd practically panicked at the thought of him leaving them at home today.

Nick said nothing as he walked over to his closet and fished his leather gloves out.
My face tingled and my cheeks blushed when he put his sunglasses on and started slipping his large hands into those thick police gloves of his.

The super sexy, puffer-clad giant flexed his fingers and curled his hands up a few times, making sure the gloves were on tight and causing the audible creaking of leather to fill my ears.
I was in heaven and Nick was my god.

"Alright, babe. Let's go." he ordered, motioning for me to exit the bedroom and giving me a light smack on the ass as I walked past him.

By the time we walked out of the bedroom, Zack and Jeremy were already standing by the doorway and were both ready to get going.

Nick grabbed the lunch cooler and shut the lights off before activating the home security system.
And finally, we were on our way.
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[mention]bondagefreak[/mention] I have to say I am enjoying Steven's infatuation with Zack/Nick. I hope he finds himself in a situation with the both of them :lol:

And I like how Steven is exposing his fetishes/fixations over time. I am sure Nick is taking the cues and will unleash on Steven when the time is right! :P

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Just holy shit, Nick and Steven's dynamic is the perfect mix of fantasy and realism. You have no idea how much I adore that, this chapter was a great way for Nick to reel Steven back, cause he is human and sometimes those insticts cause you to persue multiple mates. And dating multiple is great, as long as it is consensual and a polyamorous relationship.

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Oh man, that puffy jacket and the cop lether glvoes are incredible together... Steven is so lucky to have such a hot hunk his boyfriend. I really hope the kid gets seriously tied up soon, he's been free for to long in my honest opinion :)

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Note from the author: This one goes to [mention]hotgom[/mention] and [mention]handovermouth[/mention]. Enjoy, guys!

Chapter 132 – Indiscretion

Monday, April 24 (10: 45 AM)

After stepping onto the front porch and allowing Nick to lock the door behind us, Zack led us towards his sports utility vehicle; a black Honda CR-V which was parked a dozen or so meters away from the house.

I'm actually glad I didn't find the need to make any comment about Zack owning two big vehicles, 'cause as Nick later explained to me, the CR-V was inherited from his dad, who'd sadly passed away less than a year ago.

As we approached the parked SUV, Jeremy immediately moved towards one of the back passenger side doors so that he could sit with me. Truth be known, I was looking forward to spending the trip in the back with him while the two big guys sat up front.
But apparently, our two Alpha-hunks had other plans for us.

"No, boi. Come here." Zack ordered, wrapping his big leather-clad hand around Jeremy's upper right arm. "You're riding up front with me." he said, opening the front passenger side door and guiding the lad in.
"I wanna keep an eye on you." he added, quickly flashing my own Alpha a discreet smirk.

Jeremy didn't say anything and kept his gaze cast downwards, even as Zack led him up front.

"Alright princess, get in." Nick spoke, opening the back door and smacking me on the ass as I stepped up into the vehicle.

For some reason, being called "princess" didn't bother me one bit.
I actually kind of enjoyed the attention I was being given, and couldn't help but giggle in excitement at my boyfriend's hands-on, no-nonsense approach.

I stepped in and sat down on the leather seat, but even as Nick moved in behind me, my attention was almost solely focused on Zack's overbearing manner.

I watched as he sat the boi down and watched as pulled the seatbelt up and buckled his little protégé into his seat.
"There...nice and tight." he said, pulling the security belt out and allowing the reeling mechanism to reel it back in and lock down.

"Dude. You sure he's old enough to sit up front?" Nick teased, 'causing his buddy to snicker as he secured the cute nineteen year old kid to his seat.

I couldn't see Jeremy's face from my view in the backseat.
But I'm fairly certain he must've been blushing like crazy by now.

"Yeah. I just don't want this cute little munchkin goin' anywhere." Zack retorted, pinching Jeremy's left cheek between his strong, leather-clad fingers before letting out a quick snicker.

Jeremy was blushing all right.
He was being treated like a child!

Nick got in and closed the door before unstrapping the lunchbox from his shoulders and putting it on the floor behind the driver's seat, next to a big pair of work boots, which I assumed were Zack's.

Even though the SUV was quite large, it actually felt pretty cramped in the back.
The trunk was apparently full, which meant Nick and I would have to share the back seat with Zack's massive hockey bag.

For those of you who don't play hockey; a hockey bag is basically the same as a gym bag, only three times bigger!
Naturally I was sitting in the middle, squashed between Zack's sports bag and my giant boyfriend, who didn't go out of his way to make sure I had enough space.

The leather seats were real comfy though, and the SUV smelled rather nice.
Besides...I could think of FAR worse things than spending an hour or two trapped in the back of a cluttered vehicle with my sexy boyfriend.

Zack got in the driver seat, turned the heat on and then buckled up. He reached for the front compartment over Jeremy's knees and pulled out a pair of dark sunglasses before putting them on.
I could see his face from the reflection in the rear view mirror, and I have to admit, he looked drop-dead gorgeous with his shades on.

In a matter of minutes, we were on the highway and heading north, out of the city.

It didn't take long for Nick to wrap his arm wrapped around me, quite literally crushing me against his buff frame.

I put my head on his chest, enjoying the sensation of his super puffy jacket rubbing against my right cheek and gazing upwards in an attempt to contemplate his incredibly handsome face.

Nick glanced down at me and flashed me an approving smirk before tightening his left arm around my seated form and pulling me in even closer.

If it hadn't been for the fact that I was so nervous and excited about this little double-date of ours, I would've probably been able to fall asleep like that.

The strong smell of leather permeated the air around us, and the sound of Zack's tight jacket creaking against the leather seat contrasted nicely with the swooshing noise Nick's incredibly fat puffer made every time he moved.

Zack eventually turned the radio on to listen to some music.
It wasn't loud, but combined with the sound of the heated air rushing out of the vents all around us, it was hard to make out what he and Jeremy were chatting about up front.

"Dude, turn the heat down. I'm fuckin' dying back here." Nick eventually cried out, opening his window up a crack.

After a minute or two of letting some cool air spill inside the SUV, my Alpha pulled his window back up and resumed browsing on his phone while I dozed off against his very warm, very puffy torso.

I was a bit surprised at the fact that he was able to use his phone even with his gloves on. But the creaking leather skin molding his digits didn't seem to hinder him in the slightest, nor did it interfere with any of the touchscreen functions on his phone.

A few uneventful minutes went by, until our handsome driver suddenly decided to turn the music down and liven things up a bit.

" guys had fun last night?" Zack asked, quickly readjusting his mirror so that he could glance back at the two of us.

At first, I didn't know what he was talking about.
But Nick's guilty smile and the ensuing exchange of laughter quickly alerted me to the fact that our sex life wasn't as intimate as I thought.

Nick smirked cockily and then turned his phone towards me so that I could see the photo on his screen.

It took me a full second to realise that I was looking at myself, or at least, part of myself!
The cocky blond hunk chuckled in triumph as his fingers swiped through an entire COLLECTION of of him sitting on me and photos of his giant cock and balls resting over my trapped face.

"Niiiiick!" I cried out, furrowing my brow up and opening my mouth wide in disbelief.
I couldn't believe it.
Taking photos was bad enough. Sending them to Zack was even worse!

I gave the jock a series of light punches and tried to sit up and distance myself from him to let him know I was pissed off. But the stupid jerk apparently thought it was really funny, 'cause he just laughed and wrapped his arm around me even tighter.

"Yeah, he had a lotttt of fun last night." Nick answered, laughing at my demise and at the fact that Zack apparently LOVED the photos he'd taken.

Poor Jeremy had no idea of what we were talking about.

"They didn't keep you up, did they?" I heard Zack ask the boi, speaking in a low, gentle tone.

Jeremy shook his head no.

Those sleeping pills must've knocked him out cold, 'cause he apparently had no recollection of strange noises coming from our bedroom last night.

Come to think of it, even if he had been awake, I'm not sure he would've heard anything from within my boyfriend's crazy thick expedition bag.

I'd only been in Nick's bag twice, but on both occasions I couldn't hear a THING except for the noisy swooshing of nylon rubbing against my skin every time I moved a muscle.

In any case, as far as I was concerned, the less Jeremy knew about last night, the better.
Unfortunately for me though, Nick didn't seem to share that philosophy.

"D'you wanna see what Steven was up to last night?" Nick laughed, putting his hand on Jeremy's seat and scooting forward so that he could show my friend some of those compromising pics he'd taken.

Jeremy was obviously interested.
But I was furious.

"No! Niiiick!" I cried out, desperately trying to wrestle the phone out of my boyfriend's hand.

My attempts to do so failed rather miserably.
And before I knew it, a HUGE leather-clad hand clamped itself over my protesting face and pinned me back against my brutish Alpha's broad torso.

"Nnnmmmphhhh..." I cried out, suddenly finding myself unable to open my mouth or formulate any kinda protest from inside my boyfriend's giant, gloved hand.

My big, blond oafish lover seemed intent on showing off those photos of him jerking off over my face.
And buckled up, held down and muffled up like I was...I couldn't do a THING to stop him.

"Shhhh. Quiet." Nick ordered, ignoring my muffled pleas and scooting forward in his seat to give young Jeremy a better view of his phone.

I cried out again, before finally surrendering myself to the overpowering smell of leather that filled my nostrils whenever I attempted to breathe in. Nick's thick police gloves creaked furiously as he tightened his grasp over my face, but he had absolutely no trouble keeping me muzzled up and quiet.
His hands were huge and easily covered two thirds of my face; from my chin, right up to the bridge of my nose.

I can't tell you how surprised I was when Zack decided to step in and shield Jeremy's eyes from the photo's Nick wanted to share.

"Don't look. You're too young for those photos." he chuckled, extending his arm and temporarily clamping his gloved hand over Jeremy's upper face to stop him from looking.

"Get outta here!" Nick laughed, scooting forward and moving his phone up between the two front seats so that Jeremy could look at the photos he'd taken.

Zack shook his head and snickered before removing his hand from Jeremy's face and focusing back on the road ahead.

I cried out, but it was already too late.

Jeremy was real quiet at first.

It probably took him a few seconds to realize what he was looking at.
But once he did, his face turned beet red and he couldn't stop a disbelieving smile from curling up his lips.

Zack too managed to throw a quick glance at Nick's phone.
But contrary to the young, green eyed teen, he was very vocal about it.

Artwork by local Deviant Art star "LK3869"

"Awww dude! Hahaha! That's fucking NASTY!" he laughed, grinning like crazy as he pulled his eyes off the screen and forced his focus back onto the road.

With all three of them laughing at my expense, I couldn't help but roll my eyes and furrow my brow in disapproval.
This was all Nick's fault.

"Mmmpphh...uugghnnmmpphh...mmppphh!" I tried telling him, glaring upwards as he casually settled back into his seat and put his phone away in one of his pockets.

I wasn't really angry. Just a little...annoyed, I guess.
I still had a lot of pride, and my boyfriend's indiscretion was incredibly humiliating. Especially for a private guy like myself.

My muffled protests didn't fail to provoke some more chuckles from up front.
At least everyone ELSE was having fun.

"Awww, I think Stevie-boi's upset." Zack teased, flashing me a toothy grin and readjusting his mirror so that he could see my gagged face even better.

I grunted angrily in my big boyfriend's hand, but that only made Zack chuckle even more.

Things calmed down considerably after that.

Nick kept his left arm wrapped around me, while using his right hand to keep me quiet and properly handgagged.
His grip over my face wasn't uncomfortably tight, but it was still tight enough to stop me from being able to speak or make too much noise.

Breathing was the difficult part.
I knew he wasn't doing it on purpose, but with hands to match his size, getting enough air in my nostrils was always an issue when Nick was in the process of handgagging me.

I spent the next ten or fifteen minutes fighting for air, and had to work furiously hard just to get a few sniffs from inside my boyfriend's large hand.

The smell of his gloves was making me dizzy, and the fact that he was apparently oblivious to the difficulties I was experiencing, caused my dick to grow hard.

I sniffed and glared at the sizeable hand covering my face.
Still, the two-meter-tall, puffer-clad hunk took no notice of me and continued looking out the window as though handgagging me was the most natural thing in the world.

I knew that if I screamed real loud, I could probably alert him to the fact that he was smothering me.
But I didn't want to.
As messed up as it sounds, I actually wanted to be held down and smothered.
His gloved hand was giving me such a hard time. But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Half an hour into our little road trip, we took the exit that led to a small town and pulled up in front of the local supermarket.

Nick and Zack both thought it was a good idea to get our lunches here and stock up on snacks for our afternoon picnic.

The SUV came to a halt and Zack parked in an empty corner of the parking lot.

"Wanna come with me?" he asked Jeremy, taking his sunglasses off and putting his gloved hand on the boy's lap.

"Okay." came the green eye lad's soft reply.

I thought we'd all be going, but when Nick handed Zack some cash, I understood we'd stay in the car and let the two love birds go grocery shopping together.

I didn't quite realize it at first, but looking back on this day, it kinda made sense.
Nick and Zack were smart. Probably smarter than I gave them credit for.

In a town and in a grocery store where Jeremy had never been, Zack would be the only thing he knew.
Subconsciously, the boy would quickly learn to associate Zack with safety, since Zack was the only thing he'd be familiar with in this new setting.

That would only serve to reinforce the growing bond that was forming between them.
Or at least, that was part of the plan.

Nick finally released me from his iron grip and allowed me to sit up a bit.
I have to admit, I was a bit amazed when I saw Zack step out of the SUV, walk over to Jeremy's side of the vehicle and open the door for him.

Nick was many things. But being gallant and chivalrous was definitely not on top of his list.

The best I could hope for was a slap on the ass.
Not that I didn't enjoy it. Quite the opposite, in fact.
I actually really enjoyed my lover's rough touch and his no-nonsense, hands-on style.

Even so, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit envious of the way Jeremy was being courted right now.
Nick was a total stud, but Zack was definitely the knight in shining armour.

Jeremy unbuckled himself and stepped out of the Honda, allowing his muscular mentor to close the door behind him.

Zack made eye contact with Nick and threw us a wink before draping his arm around the small lad's shoulders and setting course for the supermarket, leaving Nick and I alone in the back seat.

Nick and I didn't speak at first.
I just pressed myself against him and remained quiet while he sat there and browsed on his phone.

I was incredibly turned on by the fact that he still had his tight gloves and extremely fat North Face puffer on.
He looked positively GODLY wearing his sports cap and sunglasses.

I closed my eyes and tried dosing off for a bit, but my big blond Alpha suddenly took interest in the contents of his friend's hockey bag and decided to do a bit of investigating.

"Let's check his gear out." he said, reaching across the SUV to grab the huge bag that took up the entire left portion of the back seat.

Big gloved hands scrambled to find opening, and in less than a second, the sound of a heavy duty zipper being unzipped filled my ears.

Suffice it to say, we were NOT ready for the stench that spilled out of Zack's hockey bag.
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[mention]bondagefreak[/mention] Amazing descriptive chapter! Hand gagging and for the length Steven was held was great. I do recall this part of the story I remember it well. Am looking forward to the next chapter :lol:

Oh forgot to mention before, congrats on your honorary status! More than well deserved considering your promotion, mentor ship to contributors and readers, and story writing for this site!

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I just love the way you expose those cop leather gloves... Steven is so fucking lucky to have Nick wear them a lot

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Poor Steven ... :lol:

But I love this story, I wish I was in place of Nick.
I knew what to do with Steven. :twisted: :twisted:

Tnx buddy...

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