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Woah... you continue to amaze me with your characters and story! Keep it up!

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Chapter 118 - Movie Night

Sunday, April 23 (4:30 PM)

As soon as Jeremy and I were alone again, I turned around to face my friend and threw a casual glance toward the patio door, wanting to make doubly certain that the two hunks were well out hearing range.

"Man, he really is a big guy, isn't he?" I mumbled, smirking mildly as I watched the two Alphas sitting across the patio door. "His arms are as big as Nick's!" I added, knowing full well the extent of my friend's attraction to muscular guys.

That was one interest he and I both shared.

My last comment must've caught Jeremy off guard a little, 'cause I saw him biting his lower lip in an attempt to stop a smile from taking shape on them.
He'd definitely taken notice of Zack's prominent arm muscles.
After all...they were pretty damn hard to miss.

Personally, one of the first things I noticed about Zack, besides his great musculature, was the size of his feet.
His sneakers looked huge! If I had to guess, I'd say they were as big as Nick's...which made sense considering the two of them were closely matched in size and height.

Jeremy and I spent a few minute chatting about Zack's manners and physical attributes.
The discussion got us both giggling like a pair of fourteen year old schoolgirls, and for a brief moment, I actually forgot this was the same battered boy we'd brought home with us last night.

I had to be really careful though.
I trusted Zack. But I had to remind myself that I didn't truly know him.
Jeremy was in a precarious state right now. The LAST thing he needed was to be toyed with by a guy who was just out looking for a quick fuck.

Zack was a smooth talker and all, but aside from that, he was still a stranger to me.

He seemed sincere enough, and his interest in Jeremy seemed pretty legitimate from where I was standing.
I could only hope that I wasn't filling my young friend's head with false hopes by talking to him about Zack like this.

The boi wouldn't be able to handle another major deception, not after what he'd just been through with Brad.

"Hey." I said, suddenly taking on a more serious expression. "I'm really glad you're here with me." I told him, trying to convey how I honestly felt without trying to be a total downer.

Jeremy's smile quickly faded and was replaced with a look that could only betray deep feelings of sadness and despair. He no longer had a home, didn't have any formal education, didn't have a job and didn't even have any close friends or relatives he could count on. His situation seemed pretty dire, to say the least.

"I can't imagine what you're going through right now. And I know that we don't really know each other that well, but I want you to know, I'm here for you if you need me." I continued.

Jeremy remained silent and just stared down at the floor, probably not knowing how to respond.

"I'm the one who made Nick interfere, last night." I explained, which wasn't entirely true.
I did have a part to play in that, but Nick wouldn't have acted if he didn't feel it was right thing to do.
"I know this must be hard for you to see right now, but bringing you here was for your own good. I just want you to know that, whatever're not alone. Nick and I are with you." I told him, adopting a serious expression to make him understand I wasn't just saying that to be nice.

I had no friends beside Jeremy, and I knew he didn't have anyone besides me as well.
We needed to stick together. Now more than ever.

"Thanks." he finally answered, accepting my words and responding in a sad, yet remarkably calm tone.

I decided to take that as good omen.

After about half an hour of watching TV, Nick and Zack finally came inside the house and set their empty beer cans on the kitchen counter.

Zack eventually walked into the living room and Nick followed suit, if only to remind me that it was past five and that he wanted the chicken wings in the oven ASAP.

I got up and followed my handsome lover back into the kitchen so that I could get the supper started.

The way Zack immediately took my spot on the couch didn't fail to escape my notice though.
The guy was a real flirt, that much was obvious.

Nick dialed the pizza shop with his phone and ordered two extra large all dressed pizzas.
I turned on the oven and took the chicken wings out of the freezer before spreading them on an aluminium baking sheet. I set the oven timer to fifteen minutes, after which I'd flip the wings over to ensure proper cooking on both sides, and quickly opened the oven door before putting the wings in.

Walking over to the sink, I quickly washed the spicy BBQ seasoning off my hands and closed the tap before drying my hands on the kitchen towel.

Just as I was about to leave the kitchen and head back to the living room, my boyfriend's large frame blocked my exit and I ended up accidentally backing up into him while attempting to turn around.

"Œuhghh!" I gasped, surprised by his close proximity and a little annoyed at the fact that he didn't warn me he was standing so close. " scared the crap out of me." I told him.

The blond hunk didn't even budge. He simply extended his arms on both sides of me and placed his hands on the counter before stepping even closer and grinding his nylon-clad erection against my ass.

The jock's massive arms kept me from leaving and his giant frame kept me pinned to the kitchen counter.

"Niiiick...come on, not now...." I complained, feeling a little unnerved at the fact that he was so aroused and horny while our two guest were sitting in the next room, less than a dozen meters away.

The blue eyed beast ignored my complains and growled like an animal before craning his neck down and running his tongue against the back of my left ear. The thin nylon wind pants he was wearing did little to conceal the huge piece of meat that insisted on sticking up from between his big thighs.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard tonight, babe." he growled, slowly pulling away and giving me a hard slap on the ass before walking out of the kitchen.

I gasped and turned around as the giant stud pulled away and joined our guests on the living room couch.

The way his t-shirt was stretched across his exceptionally wide torso and the way he strode around with his huge cock tenting his pants, practically made me drool in anticipation for what was to come later tonight.

Had Zack and Jeremy not been here with us, Nick would've probably snatched me up with those huge arms of his and carried me into the bedroom so that he could have his way with me and give my ass a proper fucking.

Either that, or he would've just plowed me...right here, in the kitchen.

Slowly walking over to the dining room, I sat myself by the kitchen table and took advantage of the clear line of sight that the open area dining and living rooms offered.

Even from the kitchen table, I could see the TV and the rest of the living room.

Nick and Zack were apparently busy going through Netflix's "recently added" list in an attempt to find something worth watching. But that's not what caught my attention.

Rather, it was the way in which Jeremy was caught in the middle of the two that sparked my fascination.

Poor kid. The couch would've been considered large and roomy by any standard, but Nick and Zack both took up a lot of space and in doing so, left very little for Jeremy.
The scrawny little 60-kilogram teen looked truly minuscule compared to the two giant body builders sitting on either side of him.

Knowing him the way I did, he must've felt very awkward and out of place right now.
To top that off, I knew he felt intimidated by Nick and I also knew he had somewhat of a crush on Zack.

Brad would've NEVER allowed him to sit on the couch like this. Yet here he was, sitting between two dominant Alpha-studs, neither of them having any reservations about sharing their space with a mere sub.

After months of being conditioned by Brad, being treated like a normal human being again must've felt a little weird and unsettling.

It actually made me happy to see him gain back some of the normal privileges he'd lost under Brad's reign of terror.

The look on his face last night, when he was being sealed up inside my boyfriend's very own, extremely thick mummy made my heart rejoice.
The kid was probably so used to sleeping on the floor by now, that he'd no doubt forgotten what it felt like to lay down in a bed and sleep like a normal person.

As much as I felt that he might need a bit of breathing room, it felt good to see the poor lad being taken care of like this. The last thing he needed was the be alone. The two jocks knew that, which is probably why they were doing their best to keep him surrounded and under close supervision.

The oven beeped, signaling me that it was time to take the wings out and turn them over.
Shortly after putting them back in, the doorbell rang and Nick got up to greet the pizza delivery guy.

After bringing the pizzas in the living room, he came in the kitchen and took four plates out from the dish cabinet before heading back to the living room.

I looked at the oven timer and still had a few minutes to kill before the wings were fully cooked.

Reminding myself of the fact that I needed to dry Jeremy's washed clothes, I quickly went down the stairs to put his stuff into the dryer.

After putting all his clothes in and adding a sheet of fabric softener, I set the timer and started the fifty minute cycle.

I ran back up the stairs and arrived in the kitchen just in time to stop the oven timer from beeping.

I took the baking pan out and turned the oven off before using tongs to pile the wings up inside a large bowl.
Quickly grabbing the roll of paper towels from the kitchen counter, I turned the lights off and made my way towards the living room so that I could join the others on the large leather couch.

Although I was secretly looking forward to spending another night in bed with my hunky lover, the evening with Zack and Jeremy promised to be quite fun and entertaining.
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Congratulations on reaching the 50 000 view mark! Your story really deserves this amount of attention, it is simply epic!

Steven has something to look forward to in the next chapter(s)! And that means that we, the readers of your story, also get to enjoy reading about Steven's ass getting put to good use by Nick. I'm glad Jeremy seems more relaxed now than I initially thought he was. He actually seemed to like talking with Steven about Zack - anything that takes his mind off Brad and the forceful way he was taken away from Brad's place.

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Congrats [mention]bondagefreak[/mention] !! What an impressive feat. This story is seriously just as appealing as the original chapters you started way back when that keep evolving.... This tale has been a significant draw for many on this site, and kind of how I found my way back to the relaunch of the new website. :D Cheers!

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If I ever had a dom do that to me...... I’d melt. Tgat would be the end of me.
Please sir... Not that again, I promise I’ll be good-

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Sounds like Steven is in for a good night!

Congrats on 50,000 views. That is insane, especially when you consider only 10,000 of the views were mine ;) .

As for the assumption that I would pick Zack and Nick, what can I say? I'd have a threesome or foursome with any of the doms :lol: I guess there's just something appealing about Shawn's boyishness. Zack and Nick are very similar and Shawn is something different. Some variety spices it up!

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Post by Scottstud94 »

Brad is so misunderstood. To start, Jeremy asked for it and he enjoyed being with Brad.

Nick had no right to tear Jeremy away. Even so, Jeremy still went back to Brad. Brad’s actions in part 1 weren’t evil either, in the contrary. Steven was completely disrespectful of Brad from the start and went so far as to destroy his camera. All Brad wanted was to be a part of the game.

Naturally I love a happy ending and I hope Brad gets his boy back, and if not Jeremy, maybe he kidnaps Steven. I’d love to see arrogant Steven in chains.
bondagefreak wrote:
1 year ago
@GoBucks Your comment is actually what spurred me to question the other guys about who they'd pick. I wrongly assumed your vote would be going to Nick and Zack, so I've corrected the charter to reflect your top picks.


Aside loyal fans like @Trainedsub and @TiedNW, it looks like Nick isn't nearly as popular as he'd like to believe.
Even his boyish younger cousin (who we know little about) is outpacing him in this race!
Still taking votes btw!

@LK3869 I wonder what @Scottstud94 thinks of your analysis.
For the sake of not revealing any spoilers, I can neither deny nor confirm what you've written. But I must say, this is the first time someone's tried to analyse Brad on a psychological level instead of merely condemning him for his actions. Don't get me wrong. Actions count, and I very much think he is in the wrong here. He needs to consult and/or at the very least find another medium to dish out his frustrations on. Looking inwards is often the first step towards healing and especially in Brad's case, rehabilitation.

On another note, a huge thanks for the 50,000 views!

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Scottstud94 wrote:
1 year ago
Brad is so misunderstood. To start, Jeremy asked for it and he enjoyed being with Brad.

Nick had no right to tear Jeremy away. Even so, Jeremy still went back to Brad. Brad’s actions in part 1 weren’t evil either, in the contrary. Steven was completely disrespectful of Brad from the start and went so far as to destroy his camera. All Brad wanted was to be a part of the game.

Naturally I love a happy ending and I hope Brad gets his boy back, and if not Jeremy, maybe he kidnaps Steven. I’d love to see arrogant Steven in chains.


I think I disagree. There comes a point where people stop making rational choices. Brad ABUSED jeremy. I’ve been in that situation. It doesn’t feel like they’re abusing you. It feels lime YOU keep fucking up and your dom is PUNISHING you. It doesn’t feel like your dom is misusing you, it feels like you’re letting your dom down. Jeremy doesn’t realize what being dominated should be. Porn and erotica just features the hardcore whipping and permanent marks, but not the loving caress across the lashes or the dom spreading anti-bacterial ointment across cuts. It shows yelling and slaps but not the firm but loving kiss after your dom gets home. Jeremy doesn’t know he’s entitled to that side of dominance, because he’s never experienced it.
Please sir... Not that again, I promise I’ll be good-

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Thanks for all the great comments, guys!
And a special welcome back to one of my best reviewers on the old board, [mention]sock_gagged[/mention]

Would love hearing from my slightly quieter reviewers soon ;)
[mention]Tickler1079[/mention], [mention]Mmmphh[/mention], [mention]blackbound[/mention], [mention]Ossassin[/mention], [mention]EJTied22[/mention], [mention]Phoenix[/mention], [mention]handovermouth[/mention], [mention]Msueta@2[/mention], [mention]sniffingyoursocks[/mention], [mention]ShadowHusky[/mention], [mention]hotgom[/mention], [mention]puffalover[/mention], [mention]lengban[/mention], [mention]Johnsnow[/mention]

Chapter 119 is coming right up.
These next scenes are going to [mention]Pup[/mention]
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Chapter 119 – Alpha and Omega

Sunday, April 23 (5:30 PM)

As soon as I put the chicken wings down on the coffee table, Nick motioned for me to sit down between him and Jeremy, but the hunky stud made no effort to scoot over or provide me with more space.

The couch was big enough for three people, but four was really pushing it.
To top it off, Nick and Zack were apparently intent on taking more space than necessary, cramming Jeremy and I between them.

I sat down next to Nick, forcing Jeremy to scoot closer to Zack, even though he was already very close to the jock.

The look on my friend's face could only be interpreted as discomfort. Not physical, but emotional.
He was clearly attracted to Zack, probably more so than he'd like to admit.

I couldn't really blame him either.
I mean, the guy had a face to die for and was built like a brick shithouse.
And if his hands and feet were any indication, then he was probably REALLY big down there.
What more could you ask for?

I could only smile when I noticed Zack stretching his right arm over the top of the couch, behind Jeremy's head, and then angling his body towards the much smaller boy.
Poor Jeremy really had nowhere to go.

"Cheers, man." Zack spoke, lifting his beer can up in the air a bit.

"Cheers." Nick answered, right before guzzling down a sip from his own can. "Alright, dig in." he finally said, inviting us to start eating.

Zack grabbed a plate and opened the first pizza box before grabbing two slices and licking the pizza sauce and melted cheese off his large fingers.
I have to admit, I was more than a little surprised when he handed the plate over to Jeremy and told the boy to start eating.

The brown-haired stud grabbed another plate and served himself two big slices as well.
"Man, this is the best pizza I've had in a while." he commented, shortly after taking his first bite.

Nick took a plate and grabbed three slices for himself before reclining his broad torso back on the couch.
Of course, he wasn't anywhere near as gallant or as chivalrous as Zack, so he wasn't about to serve me the way Zack had served my friend.
I'd have to make do with serving myself.

Before I could reach for the remaining plate however, the big, blue-eyed hunk spread his big, beefy thighs out and wrapped his left arm around me before pulling me up close.
At first I didn't know what he wanted and I was a little upset that he wasn't allowing me to eat.
But my feeble attempts to sit up were no match for the blond brute's size and strength.

The huge muscle-hunk forced me into a half-lying half-sitting position against his torso and closed his thick legs around mine to keep me in place. I wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon, that much was certain.

From the size and hardness of the giant rod throbbing against my lower back, I knew that the dominant King wanted nothing more than to flip me over, squash me down beneath him and thrust his angry boner inside my tight butthole.
Luckily for me, we weren't alone tonight. So the big blond bully had no choice but to show some level of least, for now.

With the lights turned off and the sun going down, it was getting pretty dark in the living room, which was perfect for the horror movie they'd selected.

I didn't know much about the movie other than the fact that it looked scary. It had something to do with a trapped caving expedition finding out that they're not alone in some deep, dark underground maze.
Pretty spooky stuff, but for some reason, it felt as though they'd chosen this movie on purpose.

Jeremy forced to sit really close to Zack, lights off and a scary movie on the screen...this was just too perfect a setting.

The movie started with some opening credits and although I would've normally been looking forward to watching it, I was more interested in the two love birds sitting next to us on the couch.

Nick wrapped his muscular left arm even tighter around me, pinning my arms to my sides and forcing me to rest the back of my head against his chest. His enormous thighs squashed my much smaller thighs together and I watched as he lifted his legs and crossed his giant sneakered feet up on the coffee table, right next to the pizza boxes.

The hunk had me in a very tight and very restrictive hold, but instead of struggling, I ended up practically moaning from how warm and safe I felt. I could've easily fallen asleep all trapped like this, inside my dominant boyfriend's massive arms.

I watched as the sexy jock put his plate down on the cushioned armrest and watched as he grabbed a slice of pizza with his free hand before bringing it up to his mouth.

It smelled so good and looked really warm too.
I was really hungry, but Nick just took a first bite, and then a second and a third, purposely ignoring me even as I looked up at him and licked my lips in an attempt to convey my hunger.

I knew this game.

In a wolf pack, the Alpha male ALWAYS ate first, the others would eat according to their rank and status in the group.
In my case, Nick was the Alpha and I was at the bottom of the hierarchy. A hierarchy of two.
I'd eat when he'd want me to eat.

The blue eyed muscle god glanced down at me a few times, smirking cockily at the puppy eyes I was giving him.
After his fifth mouthful, he finally brought the nearly-finished slice of pizza down to my face and allowed me a bite.

He held the pizza in front of me long enough for me to take a bite, and then brought it back up to his mouth before finishing it off completely.

I attempted to gain a bit of freedom by squirming around a little, but found myself unable to move at all with those big, muscular arms and legs holding me down. So I just gave up and gave my Alpha a pleading look, waiting for him to give me another bite of pizza.

Instead of feeding me though, the handsome stud grabbed a second slice from off his plate and started eating, this time not even bothering to glance down at me. I had to sit there and quietly wait my turn like a polite, well-behaved boy. It was a little humiliating actually.

And so, I turned my attention to Jeremy and quickly found myself unable to do anything else but smile at the sight of him and Zack sitting side by side, quietly eating and watching the movie.

Zack would throw Jeremy the occasional glance every now and then, probably just for the sake of checking up on him. The scrawny teen probably wasn't oblivious to the attention he was garnering, but he did a fair job at pretending not to notice Zack's advances and managed to keep his eyes glued to the TV.

Zack reached for the pizza box closest to him and took two slices out before putting one on Jeremy's plate and ordering him to eat.

Jeremy must've been over the moon right now, I thought to myself.
I know I sure would, were I in his shoes.

I did had my doubts about Zack.
For one, he seemed almost too good to be true.
But I have to admit, he and Jeremy really made a cute couple.

With Jeremy being a tad shorter than me, the size difference between him and Zack was even more pronounced than it was between Nick and myself. I'm not sure why, but for some reason I found that pretty hot.

As cute as the two of them were together, my attention was quickly drawn back to my own knight in shinning armour.

Nick had already taken a few bites of his second pizza slice before bringing it down to my lips.
Not wasting the opportunity to get more food into my empty stomach, I took small bite, chewed, swallowed and was allowed to take another bite right afterwards.

Nick finished the remainder of the slice, but wasn't interested in using the paper towels I'd brought from the kitchen. He lowered his hand down to my face and I knew right away what he wanted me to do.

I opened my mouth and licked his fingers, using my lips and tongue to clean the tomato sauce and melted cheese off his hand. He was a little rough and didn't seem to care about the fact that his fingers were pretty large for my mouth. Still, I actually enjoyed performing this degrading task for him.

I'd been hand-fed by Nick in the past, but this was...different.
This wasn't anything like what I'd experienced before.

I felt safe, warm and secure in his arms and I genuinely enjoyed the attention he was giving me.
This was just perfect.

I closed my eyes, licked his hand and sucked his fingers as though my life depended on it.

He was the Alpha.
He was MY Alpha.

Had Jeremy and Zack not been there with us, I would've probably been begging the blond stud to let me worship his muscles and suck on his huge cock by that point.

Nick took another sip of his beer before bringing the almost-empty can down to my lips and granting me a sip.
The can wasn't quite as empty as I suspected and I clumsily ended up taking too big a mouthful, causing a bit of beer to seep down from the corners of my lips.

With the back of my head resting against my lover's broad, powerful chest, I wasn't in a good position to guzzle down large amounts of liquid. At least, not without making a mess.
But Nick didn't seem to take that into account.

The huge, dominant hunk rewarded my fruitless efforts with a light tap on the cheek.
"Bad boy." he quietly scolded, frowning down at me as though I was misbehaving on purpose.

I let out a submissive whimper before angling my head down and focusing my attention back to the TV.

The movie continued playing and Nick ignored me for a while.
He grabbed the remaining slice of pizza from his plate and ate it without offering me any.

I tried getting his attention by whimpering and moaning softly, but the handsome brute just gave me a light smack on the face and told me to be quiet. He then reached for another slice of pizza and ate that one as well before bringing his hand down to my face and making me clean his fingers with my tongue once more.

Nick was really strict and dominant with me, yet I simply found myself enjoying it more and more as time went by. I knew it deep down in my heart; I was meant to be his.
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Post by Trainedsub »

Okay... wow... that was the hottest thing i’ve seen in days. Having a big muscle god wrapped around you, hand feeding you bites from his pizza, licking his big hands clean, and feeling his manhood pressed up against your helpless ass.... eep
Please sir... Not that again, I promise I’ll be good-

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Post by Ossassin »

It's a mite telling that Steven's description of Zack (in the context of why he would be desirable to Jeremy) has no mention of Zack in any other aspect other than physical appearance and characteristics. Nothing to do with his personality or behaviour only the physical. Just pointing that out ;)

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Post by boundluis »

this is by far the best pizza-movienight ever!
love how the dynamic between everybody is changing for the better...

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Post by GoBucks »

Wow that pizza scene was very hot. Think Nick could have offered Steven a bit more to eat, but I love how he forced Steven to clean his saucy fingers! Mmm, better than the pizza :P

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Post by socjuc »

ummm now i need pizza extra sugo please lol

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Chapter 120 – Bliss

Sunday, April 23 (5:50 PM)

Nick was a bit of a sloppy eater, and it didn't help that the chicken wings I'd prepared were coated in BBQ-flavoured seasoning.

I thought licking the pizza sauce off his fingers was humiliating, but that was nothing compared to what he made me do next. The beefy armed blond hunk made short work of the first chicken wing and then brought it down to my face so that I could eat what little meat remained on the bones.

Damn him!
He knew I was hungry, yet he was feeding me his scraps and forcing me to scrounge for his leftovers.
As humiliating as this was, disobeying was not an option.
Nick was in a really dominant mood right now, and I recognised his display as being a way showing off how much control he had over me.

This was his way of parading me around.
The only thing I had to do was keep my mouth shut and do what I was told.

Contrary to Brad and a lot of other self-proclaimed doms out there, Nick wasn't the type to get off on punishing me for no reason. If I obeyed and made him proud, I knew he'd treat me right.

And so I ate the scraps that he gave me and sucked his fingers clean without making any sort of protest.
I was his and he owned me. There could be no doubt about it.

Nick continued eating the spicy BBQ wings, forcing me to gnaw the bones clean and occasionally shoving his big fingers into my mouth so that I could clean them up for him.

He allowed me another sip of his beer before finally feeding me a full slice of pizza.
I didn't really like the beer, but I didn't wanna risk angering him by refusing to drink it.
Nick was a tad bit unpredictable when his friends were around...

As soon as the hunk chugged down the remainder of his beer, he put the can down on the small table next to the couch and wrapped his second arm around my already restrained torso.
I let out a slight moan of discomfort as the two massive arms wrapped themselves around me, but my hunky Dom took no notice and made no effort to loosen his grip.
For a minute there, it felt like I was being squashed into a pulp.
Nick's arms were the size of my thighs and his thighs were twice as thick as mine.
To say that we were a poor matchup, would've been a severe understatement to say the least.

The movie scenes unfolded in the same way that most Hollywood horror movies progressed, and although I should've been feeling a certain level of apprehension and angst at this point, it was hard to appreciate the danger these movie-characters were in, especially with Nick's giant pair of legs and arms keeping me warm and safe.

These movies were so predictable, I thought to myself.
Still, it wasn't all bad.
At about half-way in, the tension between the characters became quite palpable and things started escalating real fast once they realized that the caves they were in weren't quite as empty as they initially thought.

Naturally, one of the girls strayed off from the group and got lost...
I had to hold my breath when her flashlight batteries started "conveniently" failing and the sound of raspy alien-like breathing echoed through the pitch-black tunnels.

I knew the next scene would make me jump. It was only a matter of when.

For some reason, Nick saw fit to wrap his huge arms even tighter around me.
Whether or not it was a subconscious gesture provoked by the movie, I had no idea.

The girl's flashlight lost power, just as a distorted face appeared from the darkness and jumped her, filling the underground network of mazes and tunnels with a series of high-pitched screams.

Nick and Zack both chuckled, enjoying the freaky sensation the movie was giving off and laughing at it's predictability. Jeremy, on the other hand, seemed pretty absorbed and horrified by all of it.

I jumped a bit when the alien creature appeared, but with Nick's two massive arms wrapped around me and with my head resting against his powerful pecs, I wasn't nearly as frightened as I would've been had I been watching this alone.

I was genuinely surprised when Zack extended his right arm around Jeremy's shoulders and pulled him in close.
To my surprise, Jeremy offered no resistance and seemed quite content to snuggle up against the handsome, well-mannered stud.

The movie continued and proved to be fairly decent as far as horror movies went.

The alien-thing was hunting down the expedition team and feeding off them one at a time.
At one point, the surviving characters had to remain absolutely still and quiet to avoid being detected.

Nick was apparently so immersed in the scene that he lifted a hand up and quickly clamped it down over my face to stop me from making any noise.

I was a little annoyed at first, especially considering how quiet and compliant I'd been so far.
But thinking back on that night, I should've been flattered and relieved by what he was doing.

His actions were quite revealing of the way his mind worked, and I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was acting purely on instinct. His subconscious was telling him to protect me.

Had we been in a situation of life and death like the characters in the movie, would he try to save his own skin or would he protect me? THAT was the real question.
If I was to take a guess based on his subconscious reactions during the movie, then I'd say with quite a bit of certainty that he'd try to protect me and keep me safe.
Knowing that, made me smile for some reason...

At the time though, I wasn't too pleased about the giant hand that ended up blocking my view of the television.

"Ugghmph!" I immediately grunted, trying to angle my head upwards so that I could look up into my captor's eyes.

Nick glanced down and met my gaze, but instead of removing his hand from my face, he just furrowed his brow and wrapped his massive arms even tighter around my puny frame.

"Shhhh." he growled, before quickly fixing his eyes back to the TV screen.

With his clear size advantage and him not taking into account the size of his hands relative to my face, the muscular blond stallion ended up covering everything from my chin, right up to the bridge of my nose.

I attempted to shake my head out of his grasp, but found myself unable to break away or even move more than a micron. Instead, the only thing I could do was grunt and roll my eyes in frustration.

With my head resting back against the brutish man's broad chest and his index and thumb fingers clamped down over the bridge of my nose, I couldn't even see the TV properly! "Mmmph!"

Even when the movie characters were no longer in immediate danger, Nick kept his huge hand clamped pretty tight over my face, forcing me to be quiet and forcing me to take in deep, laboured sniffs of his hand.

I was a little pissed off at first, but after of few minutes of strict handgagging, I eventually gave up and allowed myself to just close my eyes and enjoy my predicament.

I didn't really care about the movie anyway.

Truth be known, I really loved being held and handgagged like this.
I felt safe inside Nick's powerful arms, even more so now that I had his big, strong hand over my face to keep me quiet.

I closed my eyes and breathed in and out through my nostrils, relishing the scent of my lover's warm skin.
The movie continued playing, but by that point I couldn't care less about what happened to the surviving couple.

My flaring nostrils made audible sniffing noises each time I breathed in or out.
Still, Nick didn't appear to take notice of the fact that his large hand was covering my nose, and he just kept his big, fleshy palm in place while keeping his gaze fixed on the screen.

This was the BEST movie-night ever, I quietly thought to myself.

It was real fun having Zack and Jeremy here, and I felt a sense of peace knowing that my poor friend was being looked after by the other big jock in the room.

Zack was just so...different from Brad!

He was kinda like Nick, just a bit gentler and more attentive. Probably a little less grumpy as well.

While I didn't know Zack nearly enough to have a solid opinion about him, his charm and good looks had definitely won me over. I could only hope that he was serious and that he wasn't just flirting around with Jeremy in the hopes of getting in one some "action".

Besides, I'm sure Nick wouldn't let the two of them mingle if he didn't believe they were somewhat compatible for one another.

I knew he and Zack been discussing Jeremy's future, a bit earlier.
Why else would they have needed to talk in private and why would Nick have included his friend in those discussions if he didn't intend for him to play a role in the boy's future wellbeing?

Something was going on.

Zack's arrival. The slightly romantic evening among friends. The horror movie...
All of it was too well orchestrated to be mere coincidence.

Nick was up to something.
He was always up to something.
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Post by Trainedsub »

Being wrapped in a big strong alpha... his hand covering my mouth, licking sauce off of his thick..... OH THE STORY! I reallllly can’t wait for my favorite scene to come!!! I’ve been waiting for it since the last board went down. Zach is such a sweetheart and I wish there were more doms like him in the world
Please sir... Not that again, I promise I’ll be good-

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Post by Pup »

Awesome as always. Certainly wouldn't complain at being Steven or Jeremy there. Been in that same situation where trying to watch TV but can barely see it due to a handgag, all the whole not caring in the slightest.

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Chapter 121 – The Beauty and The Beast

Sunday, April 23 (7:45 PM)

I must've ended up dosing off at some point, 'cause when I opened my eyes, Nick was no longer gagging me and the movie was over.

It wasn't very late and apparently Zack was gonna stay to watch something else with us before heading back home.

The stud got up for a quick bathroom break while Nick stretched his limbs and started going through the list of shows and movies on Netflix. His grip on me loosened considerably and I was eventually allowed to sit on the couch, between him and my young friend.

"You okay?" I asked Jeremy, to which he nodded before smiling shyly and lowering his gaze down.

"You boys feel like watching this?" Nick asked, suddenly bringing our attention to a newly featured documentary about reef sharks and marine life.

"Yeah!" immediately came my cheerful reply.
I was actually looking forward to watching something a little calmer than the movie we'd just watched and I'm fairly certain Jeremy was as well.

Nick wasn't a huge fan of wildlife documentaries, but he probably decided his newest protégé needed something like this to help him sleep tonight.

"Alright. But after that it's gonna be bed time for both of you." Nick told us, selecting the documentary but pausing it so that Zack could join us.

By "bed time" I knew the blond muscle-hunk had something very different in mind for me.
I'd be in bed alright, but I probably wouldn't be getting any sleep for quite a while.
I was apparently gonna get the life fucked out of me later...or so Nick promised.

The heavy, muscular blue-eyed hunk slowly got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen.

"Wanna help me bring this stuff in the sink?" I asked Jeremy, inviting him to help me clear away the plates and empty pizza boxes from the coffee table.
I was more than capable of doing so alone, but with Zack in the washroom and Nick in the kitchen, I didn't wanna leave my friend alone and unattended.
The more he was around people, the better off he'd be.

Jeremy quickly agreed and helped me bring the plates in the kitchen.
He rinsed everything out in the sink and I loaded the dishwasher.

"You boys want some 7-up?" Nick asked, to which we both responded, yes.

We didn't usually have soft drinks in the fridge, but the two cans of soda came as freebies with the pizza we'd ordered.

Nick handed us our two cans and Jeremy and I quickly set sail for the living room, where we could sit down and wait for the two jocks to join us.

By the time Zack came out of the washroom, Nick was already back on the couch, with a big bag of nachos, some salsa and two large plastic bowls.

Upon his return, the super handsome, brown-haired stud made a quick joke and warned us not to go in the washroom. Presumably because he'd stunk up the place...
I don't know why, but I sorta found that funny and hot at the same time.

Jeremy and I were once again forced to sit real close to each other as Zack joined us and sat his big butt down on the couch. The two jocks were effectively sandwiching us together.

Nick opened the bag of nachos up and started pouring them into the two large bowls he'd brought.
He handed one of them to Zack, then grabbed the second one and sat back on the leathery couch before grabbing the remote and pressing "play".

The documentary was set in motion, and it didn't take long for the giant hunk to wrap his left arm around me and pull me in close. I cuddled up against his warm t-shirt-clad torso and affectionately nuzzled his broad chest before settling my gaze back to the TV screen.

The narrator's soothing voice, combined with Nick's warmth and the beautiful footage displayed on the screen, quickly ended up setting the stage for a very relaxing evening.

The events of last night seemed almost distant right now, and although I wasn't naïve to the point of believing Jeremy was already over Brad, I was growing more and more hopeful about this budding relationship between him and Zack.

I felt a sense of peace that I hadn't felt in a long time, sitting here, lying in Nick's arms.
Everything just felt so right.

For the first time since being here, I knew I was finally home.

Nick shared his nachos with me and continued holding me in his arms for the entire duration of the movie.
Zack and Jeremy also shared their bowl of nachos, and Zack even went so far as to taking a sip of his young protégé's soft drink.

The poor boy must've been exhausted, 'cause when I turned my head around to look at him, he was already fast asleep. Not only that...he was fast asleep on Zack, no less!

Nick's handsome friend had been trying to get Jeremy close since the first movie, but the lad had seemed unmistakably uncomfortable by their close proximity.
Zack's persistence had obviously paid off though.
Little Jeremy was out like a baby and was curled up like a puppy in his Master's lap.

The jock looked down at the boi in his arms before raising his head up and flashing Nick and I a cocky smirk.
His expression could only mean one thing; success!

I couldn't see my lover's face without craning my head up, but he was probably giving his buddy a look of approval by now.

Zack was quite obviously pleased with himself.
I mean, he'd only spent a few hours with the boi, and in a record time he managed not only to form a connection with the lad, but also create a certain bond of trust.

Just a few hours ago, he was a total stranger to Jeremy. And now the kid was literally sleeping in his arms.
As sceptical as I was about this new union of theirs, I couldn't help but smile as I laid eyes on the pair.
They were just perfect for each other.

If Zack was the type of guy I was hoping he'd be, Jeremy would be cherished and well cared for...which is more than he would ever get if we'd let him go back to Brad.

The documentary eventually came to an end, inciting Nick to turn the TV and sound system off.

It was a bit past 9:00 and I knew Zack would be heading home soon.
Being a construction worker like Nick, he was probably used to going to bed early and getting up early as well.

I slowly sat up and stretched my limbs out before gathering the empty nacho bowls and bringing everything into the kitchen. Even as I left the room, I had to smile at the sight of Zack gently stirring Jeremy out of his slumber.

When I got back and sat myself on the La-Z-Boy chair next to the couch, I watched as the green eyed lad opened his eyes and slowly regained some of his bearings.

The poor boi seemed both dazed and confused at the fact that he was curled up in Zack's lap.
He gasped and tried to sit up abruptly, but the big stud anticipated his reaction and quickly hushed him before putting a hand behind his head.

"Shhhh...calm down. It's okay," he told the boi, letting his deep, soothing voice work it's magic.

Jeremy looked nervous at first, but he quickly relaxed and gave in to his new protector's demands.

"Don't worry, I'll keep you safe. That's it...shhhh." Zack continued, holding the scrawny little teen inside those huge arms of his.

Jeremy offered minimal resistance as Zack locked his powerful arms around him and pushed his face down against his broad, muscle shirt-clad chest.

The handsome construction worker continued holding onto the boi and cradling him until Nick came back in the living room with a glass of water in one hand and two pills in the other.

That could only mean one thing.
It was bedtime for the little guy.

As Nick approached, Zack loosened his grip of Jeremy a little and allowed the boy to sit on the couch, between his legs.

"Alright, I want you to take this." Nick ordered, extending the glass of water and opening his other hand in front of the apprehensive teen.

The boi frowned disapprovingly and shook his head before mumbling in protest.
"No...I don't want any pills." he complained, averting his eyes and looking away in defiance.

I couldn't see Nick's expression from where I was sitting, but I knew he wasn't happy with that response.

"Jeremy, don't make this more difficult than it has to be. They're just sleeping pills. I want you to have a good night's sleep." the blond hunk calmly explained.

Still, my friend didn't seem convinced.
He just stared at the pills in Nick's hand and frowned before turning his head away.
This wasn't gonna finish well for Jeremy, I knew.

Nick produced a loud sigh before raising his head to meet Zack's gaze.
"Alright, hold him down."

Jeremy's eyes widened in panic, but his protests were immediately drowned out when Zack sprang into action.
The hunk's truly massive arms and legs wrapped themselves around the thin nineteen-year-old's diminutive frame, instantly subduing his defences and putting an end to any resistance.

Jeremy's predicament was hopeless and he knew it.
Zack was way, WAY too big and muscular for him to have any hopes of breaking free.

"Nooommpph..." he managed to protest, right before being silenced by the hunk's huge hand.

"Shhhh. Quiet down." Zack hushed, clamping his right hand over the frightened boy's lower face. "Shhhh..."

Jeremy moaned inside the powerful Alpha's huge hand, but the lack of air caused his protests to die out real fast.
In a matter of seconds, he was back to being his usual calm and compliant self.

"That's it. Calm down. Caaalm down..." Zack purred, slowly loosening his grip over Jeremy's face so as to allow the boy to breathe again.

Jeremy did quiet down, but his expression changed from one of panic to one of sadness.

"'s okay." Zack whispered, speaking to his restrained prisoner. "No one’s gonna hurt you." he added, using his hold to cradle the boi real tight against him.

I have to admit, I was a little stressed out and annoyed at the fact that the two guys were using brute force to subdue my confused and visibly frightened friend. But my desire to defend Jeremy died out when Nick slowly crouched down in front of the couch and joined his friend in trying to diffuse the tense situation.

"These are just Melatonin pills, Jeremy. They're just made to help you sleep." Nick explained. "Steven used them too when he first moved here. You've got nothing to be afraid of. It's just like drinking a hot cup of milk." he continued, before slowly rising back up.

"Now I want you to be a good boi and I want you to open up." he ordered, quickly inciting his friend to remove his hand from Jeremy's face.

Jeremy's nostrils flared open, but the two muscle-bound Alphas allowed him little respite.
Zack clamped his hand under the kid's jaw and pressed his fingers into his prisoner's cheeks.

Poor Jeremy coughed and protested, but his mouth was forced open and the pills were forcefully slipped into his yapper. I watched as Nick handed his buddy the tall glass of water, and watched as Zack tilted the glass over Jeremy's lips and poured the liquid down the teenager's throat.

"There we go. That's it...that's a good boy." he mumbled, quickly handing the water back to Nick and relaxing his grip of Jeremy's face.

My poor friend was hopelessly outgunned.
The two massive studs were both twice as broad and twice as heavy as he was.
Either of them could EASILY crush him to a pulp or snap him in half like a twig.
Jeremy knew that, which sort of explained the look of hopelessness he had about him.

The pills were forced down his throat without his consent, and there was nothing he could do about it.
I could only hope that one day he'd understand the wisdom behind Nick's decision force him into a drug-induced sleep.

Nick needed some rest. I needed some rest. And most importantly, Jeremy needed some rest.

With my friend in such a fragile emotional state, the worst thing we could've done, would've been to restrain him and then leave him alone and awake for the night.
I wouldn't have been able to sleep knowing that he was awake and crying in his restraints, and I knew Nick wouldn't have been able to sleep either.

At least this way, the kid would get some rest and so would we.

Zack continued holding Jeremy in his arms, even as Nick walked out of the living room and into the kitchen.

"Close your eyes." Zack gently whispered to his ward. "I'll stay here with you until you fall asleep." he added, eliciting a soft moan of approval from his subdued prisoner.

I couldn't help but smile at how sweet Zack's offer to stand guard over Jeremy was.

It wouldn't take long for the pills to kick in.
It was strong stuff, and although I didn't enjoy seeing my friend being forcefully drugged to sleep, I understood why Nick felt it was necessary.

Jeremy couldn't be entrusted with his own safety.
At least, not in his current state of mind.

We couldn't risk leaving him to his own devices and couldn't run the chance of him to harming himself or running away while we were asleep.

It didn't take long for Jeremy to fall asleep inside Zack's strong arms.

Nick dimmed all the lights down and instructed his friend to bring the boy into the spare bedroom, which was probably where Jeremy would end up spending the night.

The brown haired hunk waited a few minutes, then slowly stood up and effortlessly carried his protégé out of the living room and into the spare bedroom, much like a groom carrying off his newly-wedded bride.
Jeremy was fast asleep.

I followed, but simply stood by the bedroom doorway as Nick and Zack started stripping the scrawny teen down to his undies and getting him ready for bed.
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Post by Pup »

Dunno why but this has always been the one bit of the story that I never quite understood.
Why bother with sleeping pills when he could just be left in a cozy sleeping bag all night.

Regardless great chapter as always.

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Post by bondagefreak »

Fairly self-explanatory, but you're a sub, so it's normal for you to have a different take on this.
Subs and Doms seldom think the same way. And even then, we all have different opinions and ideas.

Steven would've also preferred his friend be left alone. Then again, you and some of the other second-time readers might remember how his naivety comes back to slap him in the face later.

I for one, definitely agree with Nick's (and now Zack's) decision.

The kid is traumatised and shouldn't be restrained more than necessary.
The worst thing they could do would be to restrain him and then leave him alone and awake all night, which is basically what you're proposing if you don't endorse Nick's use of the pills.
The BEST thing they could do IMO, would be to get him to sleep and then get him zipped up nice and cosy.

For the sake of mental sanity and eventual recovery, Jeremy NEEDS the sleep and so does Nick and Steven.

Having that protective, fatherly instinct myself, the only way I could sleep if I was Nick, would be if I was certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jeremy was okay and sound asleep. Putting myself in Steven's shoes, I would also be unable to sleep knowing that my friend was alone, restrained, and possibly awake and crying in another room.
I would, on the other hand, be much more prone to sleeping better if I knew my friend was safe and fast asleep for the next 7-8 hours.

On a side note, Melatonin is great for fighting jet lag or for getting your sleep cycle back in order.
It's only made for short term use, but when used, will induce rapid and good quality sleep for about 7-8 hours.
For those who aren't well versed in pharmaceutical products and vitamin supplements, this has NOTHING to do with rape drugs and it DOESN'T knock you out. It just makes you drowsy and sleepy, like most nighttime cold and flu relief syrups and pills. It's not a prescription drug. You can find it with vitamin and dietary supplements at almost every supermarket or drugstore.
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Post by Ossassin »

Needing the sleep is quite likely the case, having no choice in the matter of medication (only sleeping pills but still) is, in my eyes at least, a step too far. Pills require consent, and for something as simple as sleeping pills they should never be forced it seems like picking a minor battle to expend all of your reputation/friendliness on.

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Post by bondagefreak »

Chapter 122 – Guest Accommodations

Sunday, April 23 (9:30 PM)

Jeremy stirred awake a little as the two hunky guys stripped him down to his undies, but Zack was quick to hush him down and run his warm hands over the boy's pale, smooth skin.

I watched as Nick picked his incredibly fat sleeping bag up and tossed it over the bed, right next to the puny nineteen-year-old kid. The sound of the heavy duty zipper being unzipped echoed across the room, and our handsome guest made a quick comment denoting surprise at how thick the smelly old expedition bag was.


My boyfriend's sleeping bag was indeed monstrously fat, but that's not what caught my attention.
Rather, it was his state of extreme arousal that caught my eye.

For the first time, I actually had concrete proof that my lover and ex best friend had some sort of fetish for sleeping bags.

It all made sense.

And while it's true that he was often horny, he was always particularly hard whenever his sleeping bag was involved. No wonder he enjoyed camping out on cold nights so much!
That would explain why he had so many thick sleeping bags stored away inside his bedroom closet, and it would also explain why he'd gotten his old mummy bag so ridiculously overstuffed!

Yeah, he definitely had a fetish for this sorta stuff.
Why else would he be THIS erect at the prospect of zipping little Jeremy inside his crazy thick bag?

The two jocks lifted the puny boi up and gently laid him down inside the heavy duty mummy sleeping bag.
Jeremy was pushed all the way in and was slowly zipped up, all the way up to his neck.

I watched as Zack bent down over my sleeping friend's head and watched as the handsome, two meter tall hunk placed a kiss on the boy's forehead before wishing him goodnight.

Nick immediately got to work securing the sleeping bag's inner collar around our hostage's neck and triple-knotted the cords together in his usual, overly-protective fashion.
If the kid woke up before we did, he wouldn't be able to unzip himself and wouldn't be able to get out of my boyfriend's mummy.

Jeremy's cute little face disappeared completely when Nick grabbed the zipper and zipped his crazy fat expedition bag all the way up, not caring about the fact that it was musky as hell in there.


The hood was pulled shut and the drawstrings were knotted up real tight, giving the trapped boy a one-inch-wide breathing hole way up there, above his forehead.

Jeremy's fully cocooned form was left of the large bed and the bedroom lights were shut off, instantly bathing the room in sleep-inducing darkness.

Nick reassured his friend and promised to check up on Jeremy during the night, and with that, Zack called it a night and got ready to leave.

Feeling a little more comfortable about my relationship with Nick now that I knew Zack was either gay or bi, I stepped up to my boyfriend and loosely cradled my hands around his thick upper left arm while our guest slowly got dressed.

Zack put his jacket on and I couldn't help but admire how the leather creaked and strained to accommodate his huge arms and buff torso. Next came his gloves, and they too creaked loudly as the stud's large hands and fingers forced their way inside. Zack grabbed his gym bag and slowly his way towards the front door, where Nick and I accompanied him.

The two jocks spoke a bit and from what I was able to gather, Zack would come back tomorrow during the day.

The two buddies exchanged a firm handshake before stepping closer together for a quick bro-hug and a mutual pat on the back. Zack didn't give me the same treatment though.
There was no handshake and no bro-hug.

The jock simply walked up to me and extended both his arms around me before pulling me in towards his broad chest. After about two seconds, he let me go, but not before placing his gloved hand on top of my head and ruffling my hair up. "You be good." he told me, before turning towards the door and stepping out.

Nick closed the door and locked it before shutting the entranceway light off and guiding me towards the hallway.

"Alright, go get ready for bed." he ordered, giving me a slap on the ass before parting ways with me and walking into the kitchen.

His nylon wind pants swooshed noisily each time he moved, and the thin, shiny fabric did little to conceal the huge boner that was angrily trying to stand erect between his massive thighs.

My feeling of arousal quickly returned when I recalled Nick's promise for a hard fucking tonight.
I was frightened AND turned on beyond belief right now.

He also did promise we'd talk one on one tonight, something which I desperately wanted.
I wanted to know what the hell was going on between him, Zack and Jeremy, and I was growing a little weary of being left in the dark all the time.

Truth be known, all I could think about right now though, was being tied up and manhandled by my big, horny boyfriend. Mmmmmm...

I anxiously bit my lower lip and quickly made my way into the bedroom.

The next few hours promised to be quite fun.
After all, it was only a few minutes past 10PM and the night was still young.
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Post by bondagefreak »

Chapter 123 – Ruminations

Sunday, April 23 (10:00 PM)

As soon as I entered the bedroom, I rushed to fish out a clean jockstrap and a pair of shorts, and quickly made my way to the washroom before closing the door behind me. Turning the shower on, I stripped down, threw my worn clothes to the floor, walked up to the sink and grabbed my toothbrush.

Ignoring the handsome young lad in the mirror, I covered my toothbrush with a generous amount of mint-flavoured paste and quickly put it in my mouth before tossing the shower curtain aside and stepping under the water.

Ahhh...the warm water felt so good against my skin.
I wasn't usually in the habit of brushing my teeth in the shower, but I only had a few minutes to get ready for the night and I had to make the most of them. In other words, this was like killing two birds with one stone.

Honestly, I didn't really need a shower and would've been fine the way I was before.
But I really wanted to be clean and presentable for Nick...which was kinda stupid considering he probably wouldn't even notice how good I smelled or how white my teeth were.

I frantically scrubbed the mint-flavoured toothpaste all over my teeth, while at the same time grabbing the bottle of shampoo and squeezing some of its contents into my wet hair.

With the toothbrush still in my mouth, I quickly used both my hands to rub the gel into my hair, simultaneously allowing the powerful showerhead to rinse the thick foam off my scalp.

I stood there for a few seconds, enjoying the hot streams of water as the scented foam made it's way down my wet body and into the drain.

Removing my toothbrush from my mouth, I took in a bit of water from the showerhead and rinsed my mouth out before spitting the strong, mint-flavoured paste out. I repeated the process a few times until my mouth was clean and carefully placed my toothbrush onto the shampoo rack, where we kept all the soap bottles.

With no time to waste, I grabbed the scented shower gel and quickly started lathering up my whole body with my bare hands. I paid special attention to my face, my crotch and my ass, running my foam-covered fingers all over my body, trying to ignore the raging hard-on that was painfully standing guard at a 45-degree angle.
The hot streams of water constantly hitting my hard shaft did little to discourage my state of arousal.

I allowed the showerhead to rinse my naked body for only a few seconds before turning the water off, grabbing my toothbrush and stepping out onto the soft bath rug.

Reaching out for my towel, I had to smile when I looked at the towel support Nick had installed for me last week.
The matching, modern-looking supports were drilled into the wall, side by side, the only difference being that mine was several inches lower than his.

Grabbing my towel and wrapping it around my slender torso like a cape, I couldn't help but shiver as I scampered over to the sink and allowed my feet to come in contact with the cold, charcoal-coloured ceramic floor.
After putting my toothbrush back on the counter, I quickly started drying myself and rubbed the towel over my short hair.

I put my deodorant on, rubbed a bit of cologne over my neck and cheeks and quickly put a dab of molding clay on my index fingers before fixing my brown hair up.

Satisfied with the way my hair looked, I rinsed the remaining clay off my fingers and stepped back to admire myself for a second.

My reflection.png

I wasn't nearly as rugged or as handsome as Nick or Zack, but from the way people looked at me, I knew that a lot of girls and even some guys thought I was cute. After all, I wouldn't be sharing Nick's bed if he didn't find me attractive on some degree. And let's face it, Nick was a stud.
If HE was into me, then I was definitely doing something right.

Although the blond hunk had never told me this, I knew he found me kind of hot.

During our years of growing up together and hanging out, he'd often joke about turning me into his bitch, even while openly professing to never let a guy touch his manhood.
The thought of having sex with another dude apparently grossed him out, but for some reason I was an exception to that rule.

As far as I knew, Nick had never been with another guy before, and although Zack and Brad were both really hot, Nick had never shown any interest in having "fun" with either of them.

Maybe Nick didn't see me the same way he saw other guys...

He'd been with many girls in the past, but I knew that none of them where as submissive as he'd wanted them to be, which led to break up after break up, with the girls usually leaving because of his overbearing nature. Probably that combined with the stench of his feet...haha!

I on the other hand, had never given Nick any trouble. Well...apart from Friday when I was pissed off at him for flirting around with that chick at the grocery store.

Ever since moving into the same neighborhood and meeting him, I knew he was in charge and I always followed him around and did what he wanted without question. It just seemed natural. It still does.

I also knew he really enjoyed it, having a smaller, younger guy to boss around all the time.
In exchange for my loyalty, he'd protect me, let me hang out with him and his buddies, and watch out for me to make sure I wasn't getting picked on by anyone...anyone other than himself, that is.

The fact that I was younger and a LOT smaller than all his buddies, probably also made me look less masculine in his eyes. Maybe that, combined with the fact that I was so submissive, caused Nick look at me a little differently than he did other guys.

It would explain a great deal of things, such as why he used to slap me on the ass, tell me I was his little bitch and make jokes about making me suck his cock.

Back in high school, I would NEVER have imagined ending up here, living with Nick and actually DOING the things he used to joke about all the time.

My thoughts suddenly drifted back to my junior high school years...back to when I was thirteen and dealing with puberty. I didn't make friends easily and used to eat my lunches in the school gym where Nick and his buddies played basketball from noon to 1PM. I was just starting high school and Nick was already in his final year. But I can still remember how awkward I felt that day when I realised I had a crush on my older friend.

I felt strange and disturbed by the way my body responded, but didn't wanna admit my feelings and simply brushed them aside and blamed my hormones instead. I knew I was attracted to girls as well, but from time to time, a guy caught my eye, and Nick was definitely among them.
Spending so much time with him and having him treat me like a little brother was a blessing, but sometimes felt like a curse.

The jokes about turning my into his personal bitch didn't help in the slightest.
I still remember how weird and tingly I felt sometimes, sitting on the spectator bench and watching him on the basketball court, running around, wearing his red satin shorts and basketball jersey. He looked like a total stud.

Sometimes he'd wear his nylon track pants, but then he'd end up sweating so much he'd just pull his shirt off mid-game and continue playing with only his nylon pants and Reebok hightops on...the SAME Reeboks he was wearing today.
I got all tingly whenever that happened. And although I was very careful about not letting anyone see me stare, I always had trouble pulling my eyes off him when he was shirtless.

Ten years ago, he wasn't nearly as buff as he was today, but he was still one of biggest guys in school and was quite a bit heavier and more muscular than most of the other jocks.
In fact, some of his teammates used to make fun of his feet, which were HUGE even at that time. And others would call him "fat ass" 'cause of the size of his butt. Nick really DID have a big butt!

The fact that he was so handsome and so popular with the girls, also made him more attractive in my eyes.
During each game, he'd run to the bench where I was sitting, would chug down half his water bottle and would pat himself dry with his gym towel before putting the sweaty thing over my head and making a fool out of me.

Living with Nick wasn't all moonlight and roses. Sometimes he did piss me off and frustrate me.
But a year ago, if you would've told me I'd be living with him and sharing his bed, I would've laughed in your face and called you delusional.

The sound of pacing outside the washroom quickly reminded that I needed to hurry.
The huge stud I'd spent my teen years fawning over was waiting for me. And if there's one thing I knew Nick didn't enjoy, it was to be kept waiting.

I quickly put my clean jockstrap on, enjoying the way it lifted up my butt, and pulled my red satin shorts on before putting my worn clothes into the hamper and stepping out of the washroom.

The instant I arrived in the bedroom, I was confronted with Nick's hulking, shirtless figure.
"I thought I told you to get ready for bed." he growled, his glare and facial expression betraying a sense of frustration at the fact that I wasn't under the sheets yet.

Damn! He hadn't changed much since high school, I thought to myself.
Aside from the additional weight and muscle mass he'd put on, he was still the same hot stud I'd developed feelings for back in my teen years. Only now, his torso was a lot broader and his arms and legs were a lot thicker.

I quickly cast my eyes downwards, disappointed at the fact that he didn't seem to approve of my initiative to freshen up before bed.

The giant hunk took a step forward. I took a step back.
He took another step forward, but my back was already flat against the bedroom door.
I was trapped.

Nick planted his left hand on the bedroom door, blocking my exit, and then grabbed my throat with his right hand and shoved me hard against the door.

"Nii...huuuukk!" I tried calling out.
The hulking stud's large hand squeezed my throat, causing me to choke and struggle for air.
But before I could cry out and come up with some sort of defence, my muscular, shirtless Alpha closed the distance between us and locked his lips over mine.

I tried fighting him and telling him his grip was too tight, but the blond giant muffled my protests by forcing his tongue inside my mouth and locking his lips even tighter over mine.

Just when I thought I was gonna pass out from lack of air, the beefy stud broke the kiss and relaxed his grip around my throat. A pair of massive arms wrapped themselves around me, and the next thing I know, I'm being lifted up off the ground like some rag doll and forcefully carried towards my dominant muscle-King's huge bed.

Ten years later, and he was finally gonna turn those high school jokes of his into reality.
Who would've known I would actually end up being his bitch after all?
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Finally making the time to read this grand epic and just finished chapter one. When you made a point of saying what type of sleeping bag it was, I decided to google it to get a better idea of what Steven was experiencing and... holy crap, I didn't even realise they made sleeping bags that tight. Steven completely restrained was certainly an... erotic image to have in mind while reading.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes in the future.

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