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Chapter 108 – The Babysitter

Sunday, April 23 (1:00 PM)

"Hey! Long time no see." Zack exclaimed, extending his hand and flashing me a cheerful smile as I opened the front door to let him in.

"Hi Zack." I greeted, accepting the two meter tall stud's firm handshake and smiling back at his unexpected friendliness. His large, leather-clad hand dwarfed my own and caused a familiar tingling sensation to quickly creep under my skin.

Zack was a stunningly handsome guy and his pearly white smile was enough to make me melt a little.

By the time he let go of my hand, I'm pretty certain I was blushing.
There could be no doubt about it. From the way he was dressed, right down to his firm handshake and confident manner, I knew he was an Alpha, just like my own muscle-King-of-a-boyfriend.

"Is Nick there?" he asked, stepping inside the house and allowing me to close the front door behind him.

I was about to answer, but Nick was just coming up the stairs an was already on route to greet his friend.

The blond hunk went for a handshake, but Zack took his hand and pulled him in close before patting him on the back. "Hey bro." he said in a low tone.
It was a sympathetic gesture, probably his way of offering Nick his support after being briefed about the altercation with Brad.

"Thanks for coming, bud. It means a lot." Nick responded, after quickly breaking the bro hug.

Zack said something about it not being a problem, but my thoughts were pretty much solely focussed on his physical presence rather than his words.
His stature was TRULY impressive.

He was the same height as Nick, and probably weighed close to the same thing as well.
Probably around 240 pounds, if I had to take a guess...

Even with his thick leather jacket on, the bulk of his torso was quite striking.

The black leather skin looked real tight around his arms, and even though the jacket was unzipped, it looked like it could barely contain his broad chest and wide shoulders. I mean, even without the blue gym bag strapped across his chest, it would've been obvious to anyone that this guy worked out a lot.

All in all, he looked positively stunning!
And the way he just casually strode in left no doubt about his self-confidence and brazen personality.
He was an Alpha, through and through.

I was about to allow the two jocks to catch up with each other, and quickly started heading back for the living room so that they could have some privacy, but that's when Zack did something completely unexpected.

I only managed to take a single step towards the living room before a very large, very strong hand wrapped itself around my upper left arm and pulled me back. The suddenness and strength of my captor's grasp caught me completely off guard, and before I knew it, I was pulled right in front of my tall babysitter's imposing form.

"Come here, kiddo. I haven't seen you in a long time. Lemme take a look at you." he smirked, pulling me in closer so that I was facing his chest.

I looked up and smiled nervously, feeling oh so small with Zack's powerful frame looming in front of me and Nick towering behind me. My cheeks burned and my face tingled under their combined attention.
Nick stood behind me but said nothing as his friend lifted my chin up with his gloved fingers and scrutinised me.
"Yeah, he's a keeper this one..." Zack finally commented, drawing a subdued chuckle from his friend and causing more blood to rush up into my face.

Zack had never been mean to me, but he'd never really paid me any attention either.
I was actually surprised he remembered me at all, since he'd graduated just a year after I started high school.

"How old are you now?" he asked, using his thumb and index finger to raise my chin up once again.

"I'm twenty three." I replied, resisting the instinct to add the word "Sir" at the end of my answer.
Zack smiled down at me, almost as if reading my mind, and planted both of his leather-clad hands on top of my shoulders.

"D'you still practice your swimming?" he asked, his big, strong hands working wonders at easing the tension between my shoulders and the base of my neck.

", not that much." I answered, trying to act as normal as I could, even though my legs felt like they were about to let go. Why was he so interested in me? And why the hell was he massaging my shoulders like that!?

"That's too bad, kiddo! You used to be pretty good at it." he scolded, loosening his grip on me a little but keeping his hands firmly planted over my shoulders.
I was a little stunned that he actually remembered anything about me.
I mean, we hadn't seen each other in about ten years, and back then we never really spoke to each other.

"Zack's right. You should take that up again." Nick chimed in, looking pleased at the way his co-worker and long-time friend was treating me. Shawn was chill and all, but I'm pretty sure Nick didn't fail to notice how unmoved and detached his younger cousin was from all this...drama.
Zack, at least, gave the impression that he cared.

The handsome brown-haired stud had only been in the house for three minutes, but I was already far less nervous about him being here than I was just a few minutes ago.

"Alright, I'm gonna be heading out. You can help yourself to anything you want in the fridge..." Nick told his friend, both jock's speaking to each other as though I wasn't even there.

They weren't doing anything to make me feel this way, but they didn't need to.
I just felt so small and insignificant, standing there between these two giants.
I tried stepping away at one point, but Zack's large hands kept me in place even though his focus was entirely on Nick. He didn't want me going anywhere.

Eventually, the stud did let me go of me, but not before ruffling my hair and giving me a friendly wink.
He was way nicer than I thought he'd be, and I couldn't help but smile a bit as I walked towards the couch and sat next to Jeremy.

I looked at the TV, but my attention was divided as I heard Nick and Zack speak my name and even Jeremy's a few times.

Nick was telling his buddy that he'd given me instructions about stuff he wanted done by the time he got back.
I was supposed to pack the camping gear away, get our clothes washed and tidy up the bedroom before Nick got back. For some reason, the blond hunk saw fit to relay my list of chores to Zack.
This was almost like a real babysitting!

From my position on the living room couch, I watched my boyfriend put on his super thick down parka and watched him grab his wallet, keys, gloves and sports cap.
I thought he was gonna leave, but when he led Zack into the living room, I figured he wanted to introduce his friend to Jeremy before leaving.

The boy's reaction to Zack was almost immediate.
As soon as the jock followed Nick inside the room, Jeremy turned his head away and looked down, almost as if he didn't wanna be seen in his present state.
"You boys gonna be okay?" Nick asked, walking up to the couch and putting a hand on Jeremy's shoulder.

Jeremy didn't respond, so I nodded my head for the both of us.
"I expect both of you to behave." he told us. "Zack's in charge while I'm gone." he added, before quickly taking his eyes off me and making his way towards the front door.

Zack gave Nick a final handshake, wished him luck, and followed him to the doorway before closing the door behind him and locking it shut.

Jeremy and I were now alone with our babysitter, and Nick was heading out to do god knows what!

From the solemn expression on my lover's face, I knew it had to be something serious.
He told me not worry and assured me that everything would be fine, but part of me was upset that he was keeping me in the dark and hiding stuff from me.
Maybe Zack could provide me with some much needed answers, I figured.

Our babysitter made his way back towards the living room couch where Jeremy and I were sitting, and quickly put his gym bag down next to the coffee table.

I tried keeping my eyes glued to the TV screen, but wasn't able to focus on the program for more than a few seconds. Instead, I watched as the tall, hunky brown-haired man slowly pulled his tight leather gloves off, and then watched as he started taking off the thick leather jacket that molded his buff torso.

The leather skin creaked loudly as it's wearer struggled to get his huge arms out of the sleeves.
The jacket came off and was tossed onto the coffee table, right next to the pair of gloves he'd taken off.

My body tingled as I sat there and hungrily scanned Zack's exposed torso with my eyes.
His black muscle-shirt left little to the imagination.
This guy was a BEAST, I thought to myself. And a very sexy one at that!


The thought of Brad showing up while Nick was away, not longer scared me or seemed to carry much weight.
Not with Zack in charge of keeping us safe.

Maybe his being here wasn't such a bad thing, I thought to myself.
Maybe he'd shed some light on the situation and give me the answers I couldn't get out of Nick.

I'd let him settle in. I'd do a few of my chores.
And then I'd put my skills to the test and try to get him to spill his beans.

I wanted to know where the hell Nick was going, and wanted to know why I was being kept in the dark.

Zack had the answers I was looking for.
All I had to do was get him to talk.
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Post by DeeperThanRed »

aka "Zack is a hunk the chapter". I'm surprisingly okay with this.
College dude. Likes cute guys, underwear and bondage, preferably together.

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Detective Steven's on the case :lol:

Maneuvering alpha blokes is a delicate skill, curious to see that. Even if Zack seems really 'open'...
First time reader's opinion: he's an intersesting addition so far, filling a gap in the 'characters types gallery' you got here. (OK, he didn't do or say much, but I share Steven's excitation...)
don't run ! I'm friendly ...

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Chapter 109 - A Different Reward

Sunday, April 23 (1:15 PM)

Zack walked in front of the couch and sat himself on the coffee table, drawing my undivided attention and completely blocking Jeremy's view of the television.

"So..." he finally spoke. "Are you gonna introduce me to this little guy, or am I gonna have to do it myself?" he asked, throwing me a friendly glance.

I swallowed a lump in my throat as I watched Jeremy's reaction, uncertain about the way he'd react once faced with our babysitter's overbearing personality. Zack was charming and charismatic, but he was also the "hands on" type of guy. He had the potential to unwittingly push Jeremy even further into a repressed emotional state.

Nick had already briefed his friend about Jeremy, but I guess the hunk expected me to introduce him properly.

"Jeremy, this is Zack. Zack, Jeremy." I spoke, completing the formal introductions before eyeing the pair, wearily.
I had no idea how my friend would react, nor did I expect our strapping babysitter to impose himself like he ended up doing.

"Nice to meet you, Jeremy." Zack spoke, extending a hand towards the boy's bruised face and attempting to lift his chin up.

I felt uncomfortable with Zack's approach.
He was too brash, too sure of himself.

Jeremy immediately recoiled from the muscular man's touch.
As soon as Zack's hand reached out for his face, Jeremy tried sinking back against the couch and turning his head away.

A brief struggle ensued, but Zack quickly brought it to an end by wrapping his hand around the back of Jeremy's head and using his other hand to hold the kid's face still.
"Shhhh...calm down, kiddo. Calm down." he purred, quietly scrutinising the boy's face much like he had my own just a short while ago. I watched as Zack slowly released the battered teen's chin and used his fingers to gently brush Jeremy's hair to the side, no doubt wanting to look into the frightened boy's beautiful green eyes.

Jeremy averted the hunk's gaze, but remained surprisingly calm, even as Zack held his face and probed him.
As I sat there and watched the scene, I couldn't help but notice how my friend's face looked tiny inside the jock's large hands.

Zack was good. Really good.
In a matter of seconds, he'd managed to calm and subdue the frightened, nineteen year old lad.

"How long have you two known each other for?" Zack asked, gently letting go of Jeremy's face before placing a hand on the boy's right thigh.

"Only about a week." I answered, suddenly realizing that I barely knew the teenager sitting next to me.
I knew a bit about his past and how he came to meet Brad, but apart from that, I didn't know much about him.
He was discreet, but that didn't stop us from having a special connection with one another.
We were both subs, and we'd both been through a lot in the past few months.
Besides, I was the closest thing he had to a friend, and that was good enough for me.
It didn't matter if we didn't know each other that well yet.
We were there for him, and that's all that mattered.

Zack's lips formed a thin line as he took my words in, and his eyes narrowed a little as he watched the silent boy sitting in front of him. He definitely had something in mind, that much I could tell.
"And you boys get along well?" he questioned, further pressing me for answers.

"Um-hum." I answered, nodding my head and resisting the urge to answer him with the "Yes, Sir" I knew he deserved.

Zack threw me a quick glance before focusing his attention back on Jeremy.
He eyed the boi hard, almost as though he was trying to evaluate the kid's mental and emotional state simply by looking at him.

"Alright. I got a bit of work to do, so I'll let you boys get back to watching TV." he said, before finally getting up from the coffee table and fishing out a laptop from his blue gym bag.

He walked into the dining room and pulled up a chair before sitting himself at the table and opening his laptop up.
The two rooms shared the same open space, meaning that he could see the TV, the back of the couch, and the rest of the living room from his position at the dining room table.
In essence, he would be supervising us from several meters away.

I tried focusing on the TV, but with Zack working in the dining room, it felt like I was being watched from behind.
I also couldn't really talk to Jeremy in private, 'cause anything I said would've reached Zack's ear as well.
So instead of just sitting there watching TV, I decided I'd get my chores done early on so that everything would be done by the time Nick got back.

I immediately started off by going downstairs to where Nick had left the camping gear, and started sorting stuff out and putting some of our worn clothes inside the washing machine. I'm not sure what Nick wanted me to wash, 'cause his dirty laundry hamper was literally full. So I just took the clothes we'd been wearing over the weekend and threw them into the washer while it was filling up.

I was about to head back upstairs and let the washing machine do it's thing, but then I remember Nick mentioning something back when Jeremy and I had been mummified on Friday afternoon. I clearly recall him saying something about having packed a bunch of worn socks with which to torment us with.
Luckily, he didn't perform too well in the video game tournament, and thus ended up getting only two of his socks into that stupid Russian Roulette game they'd forced us to play.
Jeremy and I had been lucky as FUCK not end up with Nick's incredibly putrid socks in our mouths.
That would've been living hell!

Well...Jeremy wasn't that lucky, I'll admit. But at least I certainly had!
I mean, chewing on Brad's big old, cheesy, jizzed-up sock REALLY wasn't so bad considering the alternatives.
Poor Jeremy had much worse. Much, much worse.

So where the hell were all those socks Nick had packed, I wondered.

I rummaged through the various bags and looked through my boyfriend's stuff, but still couldn't find his collection of stinkin' socks anywhere. This would've been a GOLDEN opportunity to get rid of them! I'd have thrown the entire lot in the washer had I found them in his pack...

I looked through all the clothes in his bags, but couldn't even find the pair of socks he'd been wearing during the weekend and all of last week. He'd peeled them off and placed them on Brad's living room table during the Roulette game, but when it became clear that his socks wouldn't be our gags, he just put the putrid fuckers back on his feet and slipped them inside his old basketball shoes.

Damn! He was probably still wearing those same socks right now, I realised.

Nick's day-old socks did turn me on a lot.
But the hunk didn't usually wear his socks just for a day.
He usually wore them for days and even WEEKS before throwing them in his hamper.
It was gross and it needed to stop.

After giving up on my quest to find Nick's collection of worn-out socks, I decided to head back upstairs to tidy up the bedroom and make the bed.

Nick had been gone for half an hour now, and I kept wondering where he was and what he was doing.
It really bothered me that he had decided to keep me in the dark like this.
It's almost as though he knew I wouldn't approve, and that just furthered my belief that he was out alone on some
dangerous quest.

After fixing up the bed and tidying up the room a little, I made my way back to the open area dining space and offered my handsome babysitter a cold beer.

The sexy stud looked up from his laptop screen and gave me a cheerful smile as I offered him a drink.
And so, after pouring him a glass of Stella Artois and setting it in front of him, I decided to try my luck at getting him to spill out some information on Nick's whereabouts.

He saw me coming from a mile away...

"Zack?" I asked, sitting myself down on the dining room chair across from him.

The jock once again stopped what he was doing and took his eyes of the screen to look up at me.

"I'm...I'm worried. Did Nick tell you were he was going?" I asked, allowing a look of genuine concern to paint itself over my pale face.

Zack looked at me and frowned a bit before taking a sip of his beer and putting his glass down.
"Yeah, he did. And if he wanted you to know, he would've told you." he said, immediately confirming what I suspected. Zack knew more than I did.

I gave the jock a discouraged sigh, hoping to earn his sympathy and convey just how unsatisfied I was with his answer.

"Are you really that worried?" Zack asked, quickly taking control of the interrogation.

I nodded my head.
The answer was pretty obvious.

"Then don't be." he stated, right before giving me a cheerful wink. "Nick's a big boy. He can take care of himself."

That was NOT the answer I was hoping for.
But Zack was right. Nick was more than capable of taking care of himself.
He definitely didn't need me looking over his shoulder. Quite the opposite.
It's just that...I loved him. And I didn't know where he was and had no way of knowing whether or not he was in danger.

This whole keeping-me-in-the-dark really wasn't fair, and Zack knew it.
I could tell from his face that he wanted to put my mind at ease, but he couldn't give me the answers I needed without breaking his promise to Nick.

I cast my watery eyes down and got up to leave the table, but Zack immediately reached out and grabbed me by the forearm as I was trudging away.

"Steven. Steven, come here. Listen..." he said, speaking in a calm, controlled manner. "Nick's just looking out for you. We speak to each other a lot during the our lunch breaks. He cares about you...a lot." the jock stated.

I brought my right hand up to my face as Zack spoke, and wiped my eyes to stop the tears that were welling up in them from streaming down my cheeks. I didn't wanna cry, and felt embarrassed.
I was so weak.

"Shhh...hey. Calm down." Zack hushed, closing his laptop screen and pulling me closer to his chair before forcing me to sit on his lap.
"If he's not telling you stuff, it's 'cause he's trying to protect you. He's a smart guy, and you've known him for a long time. Maybe it's time you gave him some credit and started trusting in him, hmm?" he calmly suggested.
"Just give him some slack. If he wants to tell you, he will. Right now, you need to stop worrying about it." he finished, emphasizing the last sentence.

Zack spoke as though he truly knew what he was saying, and for some reason everything he said rang true.

I couldn't help but feel a sense of peace when Zack told me that Nick cared about me a great deal and that he was keeping me in the dark to protect me.

I knew Nick cared about me, but hearing someone else say it just felt really good.
If what Zack said was true, Nick spoke about me regularly at work.
That really touched me for some reason.

I wiped the tears from my face, took a deep breath to calm my sobs and stood up before turning around to face the seated hunk. "You're right." I told him. "I guess I'm just making a big thing out of nothing."

The stud gave me a sympathetic look and nodded his head, indicating that I was indeed blowing things a little out of proportion. I needed to calm down.

"Why don't you focus on getting your chores done for now, hmm? You'll see, Nick'll be back before you know it." he spoke, causing me to nod my head and slowly make my way out of the dining room area.

Feeling a bit better after my discussion with Zack, I resumed my work and went down to the basement to finish putting away the rest of the camping equipment Nick had unloaded from his pickup truck.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, something special was about to happen between Zack and Jeremy, upstairs.


STOP! Are you enjoying Steven's adventure so far?
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Carry on. And good reading!
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Post by GoBucks »

Zack is a natural alpha and so, so hot. Jeremy is a lucky guy! Can't wait to see what those 2 are up to.

I too am frustrated, Steven. I want to know what Nick is doing, but none of these alphas are telling me! I think we could trust Steven not to overreact, right? Nah, probably not.

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Johnsnow wrote:
1 year ago
Can you identify with one of the characters, and if so, in what way?
-Steven; He is literally me in all of my fantasies

If this was gonna take the form of a TV show, which character would you audition to play?
After reading your answer on the "favourite mouth stuffing" poll, I've gotta say, you sure are a brave guy to wanna take on Steven's role in this little fiasco 8-)
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Post by MaxRoper »

I don't comment here very often but I'm definitely staying up to date on this. While a lot of the action isn't necessarily my cup of tea, the writing and character development are outstanding and the amount of work involved is staggering. Thank you [mention]bondagefreak[/mention] for sharing your art with us.

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Chapter 110 – Caught In The Act

Sunday, April 23 (2:00 PM)

It must've been around half an hour since I'd last checked on Jeremy.
I was just about done putting away all the camping stuff Nick had loaded out of his truck.
As soon as the washing machine had completed it's cycle, I started unloading the wet clothes out and putting them into the dryer.

I set the dryer to moderate heat and set the timer to fifty minutes before shutting off the basement lights and heading back upstairs. But something unexpected caused me to stop dead in my tracks before I even reached the top of the staircase. What I saw was just too precious to disturb, so I opted to remain quiet and discreet while the scene unfolded less than a dozen meters away.

It was Jeremy. And for the first time in what seemed like forever, he was talking!
Even stranger, he was talking to Zack!

I watched in silent awe as the two of them conversed in a low tone.

Both of them were sitting on the couch and Zack even had his arm slung on the headrest, behind Jeremy's head.

They weren't physically touching or anything, but the handsome stud WAS sitting real close to the boy.
Close enough for Jeremy to probably feel his heat.

I didn't know Zack all that well, but I knew that his seating himself so close to Jeremy was intentional.
The jock was either trying to impress or seduce the boi. Quite possibly both.

To his credit and against all expectations, Zack's boldness and charm did seem to have a certain...effect on Jeremy.

Neither Nick nor myself had had any luck in getting Jeremy to open up since last night.
Yet here he was, actually talking and conversing with a guy he didn't even know.

To be fair, I couldn't tell exactly what they were saying, but I figured it probably had something to do with the events of last night. I mean, what else could they have been talking about?

Zack must've been doing something right, I thought to myself.
He was obviously having more success with Jeremy than I was.

It's really hard to explain, but his presence really was a positive one.

True, I found him a little overbearing, but at least he gave me the sincere impression that his intentions were noble. And as strange as it may sound, considering the fact that I barely knew him, I actually trusted the guy.

And no, I know what you're thinking, but physical attraction did NOT have anything to do with it.
Just sayin'.

Zack didn't touch Jeremy in any way, but he remained seated real close to the boi, even as the two stopped talking and fixed their eyes on the TV.

From my concealed vantage point in the stairway, I continued observing the pair from a distance.
A sudden feeling of anger washed over me when I came to realise just how jealous I felt at the attention Jeremy was getting.

My friend had been beaten, abused and taken away without his consent. And yet here I was, feeling all jealous at the sight of our hot babysitter giving the poor boi a bit of attention.

I remember having felt the same way last night, when Nick was washing Jeremy's wounds in the tub.
Part of me felt jealous about the attention my friend was receiving, and I honestly hated myself for it.
I didn't wanna become an attention whore. But the feeling of jealousy remained even though I knew it was wrong.

I must've inadvertently made a small noise while rummaging through my thoughts, 'cause Zack turned his head towards the staircase and looked straight at me. Damn these wooden stairs!

He must've wondered what the hell I was doing, standing there, trying to conceal myself being the wooden railing.
The questioning glance he threw me confirmed my suspicions.

Casting my gaze away, I immediately resumed my way up to the main floor and quickly made for the privacy of the Master bedroom.

Even as I entered the bedroom and pushed the door half closed behind me, I could hear a subdued exchange between my friend and our hunky babysitter.

They actually seemed to be hitting it off rather well together. Which was very strange, given the circumstances.
In any case, I was just glad to see the poor boi talking again.
Even though I had no formal education in psychology, I just knew that getting him to talk and open up about the way he felt, was a definite step in the right direction. With a bit of luck and some minor prodding, we might even be able to get him to see the error of his ways, and get him to dump Brad altogether.
I knew it was a longshot, but after everything we'd put him through last night, we did have a certain obligation towards his wellbeing.

Unable to make heads or tails of the discussion they were having, I decided to quit stalking and start focusing on what I could do to make myself useful.

I didn't really have anything left to tidy up in the bedroom, and since I'd basically just moved in with Nick, I didn't feel it would've been right for me to go around, reorganising his stuff and moving his things around.

I looked around for something do to, but nothing came to mind.
I could always sit down at the office desk and play on Nick's computer, but I honestly didn't feel like it.

I could've gone back to the living room and joined my friend and his bodyguard, but somehow, I would've just felt awkward and unneeded. Like a third leg of some sort.
The both of them were getting along fine. And besides, I would've probably made everyone feel uncomfortable just sitting there, barging in on what seemed like an intimate moment.

Producing a loud sigh and walking over towards the large bedroom window overlooking the quaint suburban street, my foot brushed against something soft as I attempted to circle around the foot of the large bed.

I looked down.
It was a pair of Nick's undies.

Nick's Undies.png

I rolled my eyes and smiled a bit.
My boyfriend had this annoying habit of peeling his dirty boxers and socks off and just letting them fall to the floor. Usually he would just take his briefs off before getting in the shower and he would leave them on the bathroom floor for me to pick up later. But some mornings, he just peeled them off in the bedroom and walked around the house with his huge ass and giant dong fully exposed.

It didn't really bother me much, but it did annoy me a little...especially when he'd leave his briefs on the washroom floor, RIGHT next to the dirty laundry basket. I mean, COME ON! Just a few centimeters more and they would've been IN the basket where they belonged. How hard could that be!?

I picked up Nick's discarded Calvin Klein boxers from off the floor and eyed them with a look of disdain.
I immediately recognised them as the same boxers he'd worn all day yesterday and the day before that as well.

Unsurprisingly, they smelled pretty bad too.

I'm not really sure why, but acting on impulse, I suddenly bunched my boyfriend's musky boxers-briefs up and pressed them up against my nose before flaring my nostrils open and taking a deep whiff.

"Ugh..." I instantly complained, pulling the briefs away and crinkling my nose up.
The unmistakable scent of his crotch overwhelmed my senses, and even though I was grossed out, I couldn't ignore the fact that it had taken my manhood only a few seconds to reach a state of full erection.

Nick's boxer-briefs definitely looked like they'd seen better days.

The legs slots were stretched out, like pretty much all the other underwear he owned. A pair of small holes were beginning to form right under the back of the elastic waistband, no doubt as a result of the material constantly straining to contain the wearer's very large buttocks.
Upon closer examination, the front of his briefs appeared to be stained and felt a little crusty, and the inside of his pouch area was lined with a few too many pubic hairs for my liking.

The big blond stud had obviously worked up quite a sweat down there over the course of the weekend.
But that didn't stop me from bringing the crumpled up material back over my nose, and it didn't stop me taking a few more whiffs of my muscular boyfriend's musk either.

GOD, it smelled strong!

Still holding the smelly briefs up to my face, I slipped a hand inside my sweatpants and slowly started stroking my aroused manhood.

"Hmm...Nick." I mumbled beneath my breath, closing my eyes and jerking myself off with an inexplicable sense of urgency.

So entranced I was by the potent scent coming out of my lover's giant boxers, that I didn't even notice Zack's imposing figure, standing there by the doorway.

By the time I sensed his presence and stopped what I was doing, it was already too late.
He had seen me.


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Post by socjuc »

[mention]bondagefreak[/mention] Wow so many chapters in such a short period of time. Thanks! Your descriptions are so vivid and detailed it really takes you to a point of experiencing it. I love how he is now busted. And can't wait to see how Zack deals with what he sees :mrgreen:

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Post by GoBucks »

Really enjoying the sudden burst in chapters!

I can definitely relate to Steven's feelings of jealousy. When I read this story, I imagine myself as Steven so when Jeremy is getting the attention instead, it makes me kind of jealous. I want Zack's attention :P!

Looks like Steven has Zack's attention now. Maybe Zack will give him something else to smell.

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Post by bondagefreak »

[mention]DeeperThanRed[/mention], [mention]LK3869[/mention], [mention]GoBucks[/mention], [mention]MaxRoper[/mention], [mention]socjuc[/mention]

Many thanks for all the comments, guys. Much appreciated.
It's always a pleasure hearing from you and hearing about your different motivations for following this tale, even if the content is not always on par with your personal tastes.

It always makes my day when you guys point out that you enjoy the vivid descriptions.
As confident as I am, I sometimes wonder whether or not I'm going a little overboard with it.
Glad you guys are enjoying this 8-)


[mention]squirrel[/mention], [mention]EJTied22[/mention], [mention]Ossassin[/mention], [mention]ShadowHusky[/mention], [mention]Tickler1079[/mention], [mention][/mention], [mention]hotgom[/mention], [mention]lengban[/mention], [mention]handovermouth[/mention], [mention]atilaus[/mention], [mention]Scottstud94[/mention], [mention]Manlyducttape[/mention], [mention]jamieti684[/mention],

Guys! I haven't heard from you in a while. Still following?
Drop us a line or two when you have the chance. Your input is sorely missed.
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Post by LK3869 »

bondagefreak wrote:
1 year ago
It always makes my day when you guys point out that you enjoy the vivid descriptions.
As confident as I am, I sometimes wonder whether or not I'm going a little overboard with it.
Where else would we read tens of lines about the sorry state of one's boxers or socks, and the effect it can have :lol:
If that story was ONLY that, or only Steven's drama or only sub/dom action; most of us would have left months ago. The mix of it all is what makes it special.
don't run ! I'm friendly ...

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Post by Ossassin »

This section where Zack is introduced feels fairly similar to the first draft in which Zack was introduced. Not saying that that's a bad thing, just that it's similar and thus not quite so many surprises right now, hence a large part of the silence on my behalf. Though I'm not sure if Zack being so forward with Jeremy is wise or not for Jeremy's sake but well the argument could be made that Jeremy might respond better to such a forward approach.

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Post by Msueta@2 »

I loved the last chapter the picture of the underwear and the description of the underwear

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Post by Johnsnow »

Hey [mention]bondagefreak[/mention] just wanted to let you know I'm still around too and have really been enjoying the last few chapters. Keep up the good work!

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Post by bondagefreak »

Chapter 111 - Zack's Surprising Offer

Sunday, April 23 (2:10 PM)

My heart froze and my eyes went wide when I realised I was being watched.
Pulling the briefs down and muttering a silent curse under my breath, I slowly turned my head around to look at the intruder.

Zack's amused smirk confirmed what I already knew.
He'd caught me red handed.

Technically, I had done nothing wrong.
But the hard boner I was sporting in my pants did little to ease my shame, neither did Zack's condescending smile.

"So, is that what you do with your free time?" the jock teased, blocking the bedroom exit by leaning against the doorframe.

"I uh...I was just checking to see if they were clean or not." I lied, scrambling to come up with some sort of excuse for what I'd been doing. I didn't want him thinking I was a freak or something.

The brown haired goliath just laughed. I mean, obviously he wasn't buying it.
"You're a bad liar Steven." he chuckled, walking over to me and quickly closing the gap between us.

I took a step back, but suddenly found myself trapped between him and the bed.

By the time I sat down on the mattress, Zack was already towering over me and sporting a devilish smirk on his face.

"Give me that." he ordered, holding his hand out so that I could hand over my bounty.
I begrudgingly complied, but not before exhaling loudly and producing an audible sigh.
The handsome stud kept his pale blue eyes fixed on me, and brought the smelly boxers up to his face before giving them a whiff.

His reaction was immediate.
"Ughh!" he cried out. "They fuckin' STINK!" he complained, throwing his friend's soiled briefs down on the bed, right next to where I was sitting.

I just hung my head down in shame, not knowing what to say.

"So..." the jock continued. "You like sniffing Nick's dirty underwear, eh?" he asked, his big smile revealing an impeccable set of pearly white teeth.

I didn't answer, still feeling uneasy about the whole "getting caught" thing.

This was all still really new to me. I wasn't used to talking about this sorta stuff with others, or even with Nick for that matter. He didn't know I sniffed his underwear every morning after he left for work, at least I hope he didn't.

"Man...I bet he was really surprised to find you all tied up with a pair of his briefs in your mouth when he got home from work last week." Zack smirked, chuckling cockily.

The look on my face changed from one of shame to one of pure horror as the words came out of his mouth.
I felt my face tingle, and I just knew my cheeks were red by now.

"Yeah, Nick told me ALL about you." he continued, before slowly sitting himself down next to me and draping his left arm around my shoulders.

I felt really humiliated, but I knew Zack's intentions weren't bad. He was just making fun of me.
If I hadn't been so unsure about myself, I might have even laughed at his remarks.

I can't imagine what Nick must've thought when he found me on the floor, all tied up, half-unconscious, and gagged with his worn underwear. He must've thought I was a freak!

Zack certainly seemed to find it amusing, at least.

"He told you about that?" I asked, looking up at the stud's handsome face in disbelief.

"Yeah." he answered, visibly amused and unable to stop himself from chuckling at my dismay.

I immediately hung my head low and brought a hand up to my face, unable to understand why Nick decided to share that particular event with one of his co-workers.

"Don't worry." Zack said, this time in a more comforting tone.
His grip tightened around my diminutive torso, then he released me from his hug and used his hand to start rubbing my upper back. "Your secret's safe with me."

"Why did he tell you about that?" I whimpered, keeping my head low but truly wanting to know why Nick felt the need to disclose sensitive information to others.

"Nick's my buddy. We talk about a lot of stuff." Zack answered, chuckling as though my question didn't make any sense. "Besides, you're his boyfriend. Why wouldn't he talk about you?" he added, before quickly flashing me another one of his characteristic smiles.

I don't know whether it was his intent, but Zack had just made my day.
I was Nick's boyfriend!

His words kept ringing in my head.
He wouldn't have said that unless Nick had led him to believe it.

I definitely thought of Nick as my boyfriend...or rather, WANTED to think of him as my boyfriend.
But the my dominant mentor had never really openly professed his affection for me. At least, not in the way of spoken words.

I would've really loved for him to tell me himself, but hearing it out of the mouth of one of his closest friends, DID have an effect on me. Zack's words instilled in me a sense of peace that I hadn't felt in a long time.

Nick cared for me.
The fact that he was talking about me...about us, proved it.

"He really likes you, you know that?" Zack spoke, almost as if reading my mind. "And you scared him shitless with your little tying up thing the other day. I don't want you trying a stunt like that again, understood?" he continued, scolding me like a father scolding his upstart kid.

"Yes, Sir." I answered, keeping my gaze down but nodding my head to let him know I understood.

I stayed silent for a moment, while Zack continued rubbing my back.
He really had a way with words, and his touch was very soothing.

"Jeremy seems really nice, don't you think?" Zack suddenly asked, speaking in a low tone.

I looked up at him, not immediately responding to his question.
He was changing the subject, but my mind was still busy thinking about Nick and how much he meant to me.

"Yeah..." I finally responded, forcing myself to focus on Zack's latest question. "Yeah, he's a sweet guy."

"He's not talking much, but I have a feeling that that Brad fellow did quite a number on him." he continued, this time adopting a more solemn expression.

My memory was a little fuzzy, but if I remember from back in school, Zack and Brad would never hang around each other. In fact, I'd never seen Nick hang out with both of them at the same time.
The way Zack spoke of Brad now, pretty much confirmed what I though.
The two jocks didn't like each other much...which made sense, considering what I knew about Zack so far.

From what I could tell, the two of them were nothing alike!
True, they were both hot jocks, both dominant "Alpha stock" so-to-speak, but apart from that, I could find no similarities.

For one, Brad would've never lowered himself to speaking to me like this. Not only that, I'd never even seen him show concern for the wellbeing of Jeremy. And somehow, I couldn't imagine Zack laying a hand on the boi, let alone beating him cold like Brad had been in the habit of doing.

"Brad was really abusive with him." I responded, unable to find a better word to describe his relationship with Jeremy. "Abusive" did indeed resume much of it, but somehow the word seemed a bit of an understatement.

Zack said nothing for a while, and continued slowly rubbing my back in a comforting fashion.
He must've been absorbed in his own thoughts, I reasoned. No doubt absorbing what little information he had gathered about the kid.

"Nick should be back in about an hour." he finally told me, before slowly getting up from his seated position on the bed. "I'll be keeping Jeremy company until then. What about you? What are you gonna do?" he asked, looking down at me with an amused expression his face.

I scanned the room, looking for something to do. But quickly found myself having no choice but to answer with a simple shrug.

"Well..." Zack started, a devious smile gradually forming over his lips. "I know you like to tie yourself up...but I also know Nick doesn't want you fooling around while there's no one here to supervise."

I immediately tried to suppress the sensation building inside me, but Zack must've noticed the sudden glimmer in my eyes.

"I could tie you up and keep you that way until Nick gets back." he offered. "I'm sure it'll help take your mind off things." he added, offering me a wink.

My whole body tingled in excitement and I literally had to force myself not to show too much enthusiasm at the idea.

"Well...m'kay." I answered, doing my best not to sound TOO enthusiastic at the idea of being roped up by my incredibly hot babysitter.

Zack smiled, apparently pleased that I'd taken him up on his offer.
"Alright, just show me where you keep the rope and I'll see what I can do." he chuckled, gently putting a hand on my left shoulder as I stood up and led him to Nick's closet.
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Post by socjuc »

[mention]bondagefreak[/mention] Brilliant continuation! Intrigued at what Zack will do once Steven is trussed up lol :lol:

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Post by Sniffmyfeet »

I'm sure Zack will show Steven that he can certainly tie him up well. It's so nice that Zack is looking after Steven and Jeremy. He's handsome and I hope getting tied up by him will indeed help Steven to take his mind off from worrying, at least for a few moments.

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Post by GoBucks »

How could you leave it there?? I'm dying for Steven to get tied up by Zack!

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Post by bondagefreak »

[mention]Ossassin[/mention] So far, Steven shares your scepticism about Zack's upfront personality.
But yeah, only time will tell. One good thing about the forum crash back in early 2018, is that if left you and my other first-time readers with no resolution to Jeremy's crisis. At the moment, I still have over 50 chapters to publish before we reach the point we were at when the forum crashed, and although there'll be no significant plot edits from now on, I can tell you that the "Shawn factor" will end up scrambling the cards a little 8-)
The next chapters (even though fresh in your memory) may still surprise you yet ;)

*Btw, for those who are wondering why the chapter count is different from the draft version's; we were up to chapter 120 in the original version, but the chapters were MUCH longer. The events we are at now (chapter 111) coincide with those of chapter 82 in the original draft. So we still have a long way to go before finally being in uncharted territory. Damn, this tale is long!

[mention]Tickler1079[/mention] Have no idea if you're still reading, but the next chapter and the one after that will be a teaser for that request I promised I'd fulfill a while ago.

[mention]TiedNW[/mention] I haven't forgotten yours as well.
We're slowly but surely getting there ;)
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Post by Tickler1079 »

Hey!!! Sorry I havent been around much. Work and school have taken 98% of time! I have still been reading thanks so much for thinking of me :mrgreen: I'm curious to see where all this goes with zack. Should be quite interesting. Definitely looking forward to that promise!

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Chapter 112 – Getting Warmed Up

Sunday, April 23 (2:20 PM)

Nick's rather large and roomy closet appeared pretty normal on first glance.
Lots of jackets and hoodies. A few packsacks and rolled up sleeping bags on the floor...nothing out of the ordinary. The right side wall was an exception though. Nick kept a very large collection of rope, along with ratchet straps, zip ties, a gasmask and a few other kinky collectibles.

Zack's eyes roamed around for a minute, and I was a little taken aback by his apparent lack of surprise.
He DID see the gasmask and some of the other gear, but he didn't seem at all surprised or amused by it.

My muscular guardian started fiddling around with the various coils of rope, but it didn't take him long to find what he was looking for.

"Yeah, this should do nicely." he said, eyeing the large, red coils of medium-sized rope Nick kept amidst his other gear. Picking one of the coils up his in hands, the two meter tall stud quickly motioned for me to go wait for him on the bed. "Go sit on the bed." he ordered. "I'll be there in a second."

I was nervous. Even more so when Zack arrived near the bed and put five huge coils of red rope on the mattress, right next to where I was sitting.

"Alright, lie down." he told me.

I complied, but the jock wasn't completely satisfied with my position.
"Turn around." he ordered. "I want you on your stomach."

I quickly spun around and spread the front of my body flat against the mattress before putting my ankles together and bringing my arms down to my sides.

As soon as I did, I felt the frighteningly broad-shouldered jock climb on top of me, and suddenly felt a HUGE pair of thighs clamp down on both sides of me.

Oh my god!
This guy weighed a TON!
The incredibly sexy brown haired goliath had me completely pinned underneath his bodyweight and had me crushed between his massive legs and tights. I couldn't get away, even if I'd wanted to...which I didn't.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Nick to the deepest extent.
But having his big, handsome, strapping buddy sitting on top of my butt like this felt absolutely AMAZING.

Zack grabbed my wrists with his large, powerful hands and started pulling them towards my back.
But instead of tying them up, he suddenly let go and placed a hand on the back of my head.

"Steven." he said in a calm, low tone. "You're shaking. Calm down."

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.
He was right, I was shaking.
The excitement caused by the prospect of being trussed up by this powerful hunk made my heart beat faster.

Even as I breathed out, my throat felt dry and raspy.
My stomach felt like it was made out of lead.

"Take in deep breaths. That's right." he ordered, slowly using his warm hands to try and relax my tensed up body.

I could feel his big thighs clamping down on either side of me, and I knew that if he truly wanted to take advantage of me, he could easily do so.

His voice was deep and soothing, and I knew that he was very much in control of himself.
I hardly knew the man, but for some reason, I

I felt Zack's large hands on my back and couldn't help but close my eyes and purr like a kitten as he moved them up to my shoulders. The attentive jock started squeezing and massaging my diminutive muscles, releasing the tension that had steadily been building up there.

He did that for almost a whole minute.
Then I felt one his hands move further up and I couldn't help but release another soft moan as he gently squeezed and massaged the back of my neck.

"Sir...this feels really good." I managed to say, taking in another deep breath as he slowly worked his magic over my upper back.

"Shhhh. Relax. There's no way I'm tying you up while you're this tense." he told me, continuing his strong, yet gentle ministrations all over my neck and shoulder area.

Pretty soon, he started working on my arms, massaging and squeezing my small biceps and forearms.
They were truly puny inside those giant hands of his, but the blue eyed giant was being very careful and gentle with me.

It's only when he got to my hands that I started feeling truly relaxed though.

Zack took both my hands inside his own and then gently started kneading his fingers into my open palms.
I'd never felt anything this good before.
All the stress and tension I'd been feeling earlier started slipping away from my body, and I slowly felt myself being freed from the knot that had formed in my stomach.
My heart no longer felt like it was gonna beat its way out of my chest.

I felt relaxed.
I felt safe.

Zack was apparently satisfied with my appeased state, cause he reached for one of the pillows near the top of the bed and told me to lift my head up before pushing it underneath me.

The moment my head came in contact with the extra thick cushion, I knew it Nick's.
I closed my eyes and buried my face deep inside the loft, inhaling the scent of my Master's pillow.
I wasn't getting much air in, but that didn't matter.
I was so turned on right now that all I wanted to do was to fill my nostrils with my hunky Alpha's earthy scent.

Zack took both my wrists in one hand and used his other to start roping my arms behind my back.
I felt my wrists being lassoed together, then felt the sturdy rope being wrapped around them, again and again.
My 240 pound babysitter spun the rope around my trapped wrists almost a dozen times before looping it between my trapped limbs over and over, further restraining my already-hopelessly bound wrists.

I tried squirming my arms around, but the jock's ropework was tight and flawless.
Dextrous fingers began knotting the ends of the rope together, and although I couldn't see exactly what Zack was doing, I knew he was knotting my restraints down pretty well and putting a lot of muscle into it.

Fuck! This guy really knows what he's doing!

If it wasn't for the stud's rather gentle touch, I could've almost sworn it was Nick sitting on top of my ass, tying my wrists together behind my back. Both of them were really good with their knots, apparently.

I must've dozed off at that point, 'cause the next thing I remember is Zack rubbing the top of my head and telling me to wake up.

"Don't fall asleep on me, boi." he chuckled, giving me a light tap on the cheek before gently ruffling my hair up.

"Is that too tight?" he asked, touching my hands in an attempt to see how I felt about the rope.

I tried moving my arms around, but I couldn't
This was like wearing five pairs of handcuffs at the same time.
"No, Sir." I said, after a brief half-hearted struggle to test my bonds.
The ropework was real tight and secure, without being too uncomfortable.

"Good. Now I'm gonna tie you up nice and tight, alright?"

"Yes, Sir." I answered, nodding with my head a little before pressing my face back down inside my lover's extra thick pillow.

Blood suddenly started rushing up to my face when I realised I'd been calling Zack "Sir".

He probably thought it was cute and he certainly didn't say or do anything to make me believe he didn't like it. But I still felt really embarrassed at the fact that my instincts were forcing me to suck up to a man I hardly even knew.

In any case, calling Zack "Sir" just seemed natural.
After all, he was my Master's buddy, and was VERY much an Alpha-hunk in his own right.
Something about Zack's presence demanded respect, and using the proper "Sir" title was almost becoming second nature to me...a testament to Nick's effective training methods.
Whether I wanted to or not, I was well on my way to being a well trained pup by now.

Satisfied that my wrists were now comfortably secured, the hunky stud got off from the bed and told me to wait for him and not go anywhere. "I just need to check up on Jeremy. I'll be back in two minutes." he said, before slowly walking out of the bedroom and leaving me to my own thoughts.
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Post by puffalover »

Ah, We’re coming up to some of my favorite parts of this story. Great writing as always bro!

I know Steven’s a bit skeptical about Zack (which is completely understandable), but I really like Zack’s calm, laidback, reassuring demeanor around him and Jeremy. I know he’s still in the alpha category, but he’s definitely not Brad...So far at least.

If I were Steven, I’d probably be a little more upset that Nick told his good friend all about his love for soiled socks/underwear and his crazy bondage experiences, just because Steven barely knows Zack. At the same time it was probably gonna come out sooner or later anyways.

Just a Sidenote: I wish I could raid Nick’s giant closet lol! I wonder what other kinds of kinky gear he’s got stashed in there that Steven hasn’t discovered yet. Love that he’s got a heavy duty straightjacket.

Can’t wait to see what other surprises are coming up in the next chapters. :)

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Post by Ossassin »

Zack is treating this senario very well, or rather is treating Steven so far pretty well. I am liking how calm he is and how much he I swear keeping Stevens enjoyment/comfort as a priority.
Also Bondage Freak, gotta say I do love Shawn's involvement in the plot so far his addition has been my favourite part of this revamped edition :D

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Post by handovermouth »

I'm also happy about Zack's return 😋

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