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Post by bondagefreak »

LK3869 wrote:
1 year ago
Good tricky case @bondagefreak , I hope you're enjoying yourself ! ;)
Indeed I am!
Debating is good and healthy, and this definitely is a multi-faceted situation worth dissecting.
One with no quick, short-term solutions I'm afraid.

Jeremy is caught up in a far from ideal relationship, and the manner in which is he being taken away is also far from ideal. If I'm to gather anything from the voiced opinions so far, it's that most of you feel similar to the way Steven feels. The situation is shitty, but the end somewhat justifies the means.
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Post by Tsuhaya »

Interesting dialogue here.

Well, analyzing the point of view closest to reality, what Nick did was, in my opinion, the best solution in this case (without the need to tie Jeremy), when we are faced with a situation where someone is being beaten, it is natural to intervene in the situation, even if it is not the best thing to do, even if it means taking the beaten person out of the situation against her will. Jeremy clearly wouldn't agree to leave there by choice, but this was a situation he couldn't say no, Nick couldn't simply accept that Jeremy said no, and go back to his room as if nothing had happened. This was about his safety.

I agree that it wasn't the best thing to do, but we have to remember that our point of view is of a person who is sitting in front of a computer, thinking clearly, without pressure and any bad influence. Nick didn't have long time to think wisely, he had several thoughts in his head, pressure to act, to intervene in the situation, I don't blame Nick, he didn't have time to make the best decision for everyone, so he chose the best decision he could think of to end it all as quickly as possible
Yes, it's me in the picture. What are you waiting for to tie me up and gag me?

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Post by bondagefreak »

Feels good to take two weeks off from writing. The holiday season is a busy period for most of us, but things are calming down now and so is my schedule. I'm really looking forward to moving on to part IV of this saga with you guys, and hope to make this year just as productive as the last.

Many thanks for all the happy new year messages and "checking in" messages you guys have sent me.
Hope you guys will continue supporting me and hope to see new faces popping up this year.
You guys are the best.

Chapter 102 will be out shortly.
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Post by GoBucks »

Glad to see you're back and that everything is okay! Hope you had a great break and were able to rest that masterful mind of yours. Can't wait to see what you've got up your sock... err sleeve.

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Post by Trainedsub »

I have to say, I got a little too excited when I saw Bondagefreak was home!
Please sir... Not that again, I promise I’ll be good-

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Post by bondagefreak »

Chapter 102 - The Ride

Saturday, April 22 (11:20 PM)

Upon making my way for the front exit, I was a little relieved to catch a glimpse of Brad through the half-open door of his bedroom. He was sprawled face-up on his bed, apparently still dazed from his violent altercation with the two larger jocks.

Nick and I raced for the front door, quickly slipping our sneakers on while Shawn grabbed his stuff off the living room couch and the slung his cousin's super fat, smelly green mummy bag over his shoulders.
In a matter of seconds, the four of us had stepped out the front door, hastily making our way towards Nick's pickup truck.

Poor Jeremy was pretty much screaming by that point. If it hadn't been for the sizeable wad Shawn had jammed in his mouth, they boy's screams and yells would've been echoing for miles across the forest landscape.
Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to stop and calm him down.
His protests were being muffled out by the pillowcase gag, and his attempts to wiggle his trapped limbs out of the thick comforter proved completely futile.

My hunky lover's giant arms had no trouble keeping the puny prisoner in check.
Little Jeremy was coming with us, whether he wanted to or not.

Nick quickly reached for his keys and used his remote to unlock the doors.
I quickly opened driver side door and shoved everything behind Nick's seat while the blond stud set Jeremy's bundled up form down inside the truck.

The cup holder between the two front seats was actually a fold-up bench equipped with its own seatbelt.
Nick quickly sat our protesting prisoner on the narrow cushioned-seat and buckled him up while I finished packing the travel bags behind the three front seats.

Poor Jeremy was buckled down real tight in his seat, and with the seatbelt pulled taut over the his trapped arms and body, he wasn't going anywhere.
"Mmmgghh..." he protested, fighting his gag and wiggling around inside the thick comforter prison.

Shawn tossed the heavy down sleeping bag in the back, over the heavy travel bags. The narrow space behind the three front seats was pretty much crammed with stuff by that point.
But wait! We were four guys, but we only had three seats!
How the hell was this gonna work out?!

I turned around a gave Nick a worried look when I realised we were short on space, but the hunky jock didn't seem the least big concerned. He just furrowed his brown and pushed me up into the back compartment.
"Come on. Get in!" he scolded, putting his gloved hand on my back and forcing me up into the truck, behind the three front seats.

It was a tight fit.

I had no seat to sit on, no seatbelt to buckle myself with.
With the travel bags and the monstrously large sleeping bag taking up all the space, I barely had enough room to sit on the ground and hug my knees to my chest.
Nick didn't care though. He quickly shoved me in and slammed the door shut behind me.

The two hunks stepped in and sat in the respective seats, but they made no effort to scoot their seats forward.
I was crammed in the back and would have to make do with what little room I was awarded.
Normally I would've protested, but this really wasn't the time to moan and groan about creature comforts.

Nick settled in the driver seat to Jeremy's left, and Shawn sat on the passenger side, to Jeremy's right.
The ignition was turned on, but instead of getting underway, my handsome Alpha suddenly reached for the glove compartment over his cousin's knees and took out what appeared to be a pocket knife.

I looked on wide eyed as my handsome lover stepped out of the truck with the cruel-looking, double edged blade in his hand.

For second there, I actually thought he was planning on going back to the cottage.
But the thought quickly left my mind when I saw him stepping towards Brad's Jeep, which was parked only a few meters away.

With the pickup headlights illuminating the scene, I watched as my parka-clad boyfriend used the blade to slash and pierce through the Jeep's two left-side tires, severely hindering Brad's ability to come after us within a reasonable delay.

Nick was a quick thinker and I had to silently congratulate him for eliminating Brad's spare-tire-advantage by puncturing two of his tires instead of just one.
I would've never thought of doing something like that.

Brad would eventually reach the main road, but it would take him twice as long to get anywhere with a flat, giving us more than enough time to drive home without having him on our tail.

Still, knowing that did little to ease my mind.

Getting home safely was one thing, but what would stop Brad from eventually getting to our place and getting into another bloody brawl with my lover?
Even worse, what would stop him from breaking into our place and harming me while Nick was at work one day?
If Brad intended to repay Nick in kind, then I'd be the logical target for his next move.
An eye for an eye, a sub for a sub.

I knew Brad well enough to know he wouldn't attempt to take on the larger Alpha so soon after his defeat.
He was smarter than that. Striking at me was probably his safest bet, and it was also the best way to hurt Nick in the long run. My lover had to realise that...

If Jeremy's scars proved something, it was that Brad was capable of anything.

The consequences of Nick's actions weighed heavily on my mind, yet I knew better than to stress him out by voicing my fears at this time.
I had yet to find out whether he had a plan or not.
I was very much hoping he did, but my gut feeling told me otherwise.

This was bad. Very bad.

As soon as the blond hunk stepped back into the pickup, we immediately drove out of Brad's driveway and made for the dark, bumpy dirty trail leading back to the main road.

It was pitch black outside, but the truck's powerful headlights illuminated the rocky path in front of us.

A few minutes passed and still, nobody had said a word.
Jeremy must've realised that crying out was pointless.
He was no longer yelling and was no longer trying to wiggle out of the comforter he was trapped in.
His sobs and cries could still be heard, but the large mouth stuffing and the layers of insulating loft covering his face did an adequate job of keeping him muffled up.

I felt so bad for the kid. He obviously didn't have a clue as to what was happening, and his two brutish kidnapers were too stressed out to pay him any attention.

Nick was focused on driving through the steep, treacherous terrain and Shawn didn't seem to care about Jeremy's state at all.

I ended up taking it upon myself to scoot up behind my friend's seat and slowly draped my arms around him, crossing my hands over his cocooned torso.
"'s gonna be okay." I told him, gently rubbing my head against his and using my hands to try and comfort him through the thick blanket cocoon. I honestly didn't believe things were gonna turn out okay, but this was a time when I felt excessive honesty would prove detrimental. So I lied and tried to make myself as reassuring as I possibly could.

The boy sobbed in his gag, but as the minutes went me, he slowly began calming down.

Nick was quiet and driving a little faster than usual.
He was probably lost in his thoughts right now, planning his next move and figuring out a way of making everything work out.
If he had wanted to include me in his plans, he would've said something.
But right now he was keeping to himself, probably in a subconscious attempt to shield me from the repercussions of his actions.

I decided my best course of action was to stay quiet and allow him to work things out in his head.
Nick was smarter than what I usually gave him credit for. He knew Brad better than I did. So if there was an easy way out of this mess, he'd be the one to find it.

When he was ready, he'd share his plans with me...and possibly even Shawn and Jeremy.
We'd work things out together. Or so I hoped.

At this point, all I could do was try to comfort my friend and hope for the best.
The main road wasn't far ahead, and so far we'd made good time.

It was closing in on midnight, and if everything went as planned, we'd reach the highway and arrive home in less than two hours.

Getting home was the easy part though.
Our little adventure had only just begun.
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Post by Johnsnow »

It's official he's back! Now I've got to go read it.
I've now read it and this story is getting to what I think is my favorite part so far, I've always hated brad...

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Post by hb54 »

I've been waiting for this part, and I'm curious about my memory of this Jerremy section.
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Post by bondagefreak »

Chapter 103 – Through The Looking-Glass

Saturday, April 22 (11:50 PM)

As soon as the rocky dirt trail gave way to the paved, secondary highway, my heart started beating a little slower and I started breathing a little easier.
We were on route, and Brad was nowhere to be seen.

We were safe for the time being, but the tension in the truck was still running high.

Nick turned the radio on to some progressive rock, but quickly turned the volume down, just loud enough for it the be heard in the background.

After a good amount of prodding and complaining from me, Nick finally told his cousin to free Jeremy's head from the comforter trap and even instructed him to pull the pillowcase gag out of his mouth.
Shawn undid the kid's gag and pulled the oversized wad out of the young lad's mouth, but Jeremy was smart enough to stay quiet and keep his whimpering to a minimum.
Anything more and the gag was going straight back in.

Nick was focused on the road, but still managed to give the kid a quick glance every now and then.
At one point, he even wrapped his leather-clad right hand around the back of Jeremy's neck and pulled the sobbing boy's head close before planting a kiss on the top of his head.
"Shhhh...calm down. Everything's gonna be alright." he purred, quickly letting the boy go before putting his hand back on the wheel.

I thought the gesture was sweet, but deep down inside, I felt sorta jealous.

As time went by though, I became more and more worried about Jeremy.
He was being quiet. TOO quiet!

My attempts to reach out to him were yielding no results.
He was unresponsive, almost to the point of being lethargic.
It was also as though he was shutting down from the inside out.

How could his connection to Brad be SO strong, I wondered.
The guy was a tyrant! Why was my friend so anchored down to him? What could Brad possibly have to offer that made Jeremy love him so unconditionally?
Why couldn't he see that the man he loved held nothing but contempt for him?

Jeremy was Brad's punching bag. He was Brad's ego booster.
Yet the kid didn't realise it, or even worse...he didn't wanna believe it.

I wanted to just grab a hold of him and shake him 'till he came to his senses.
Wake up, Jeremy! Wake up.

Of course, I knew it was more complicated than that.
I understood how unsettling all this might seem to him, or at least I thought I did.
In his shoes, I would've been unsettled as well.
I mean, he'd just watched the guy he loved get beat up, and then he was forcibly restrained and taken away.

But he had to realise that he was among friends now! He had to realise we were out to protect him and only had his best interests at heart. Right?!

So why was he shutting me out so completely?
Surely he could see that we just wanted what was best for him!?

Sigh. What a mess...

Nick too was worried. I could tell by the permanent frown that adorned his handsome face.
But as usual, he was able to keep a more composed front. He had to appear in control, even when he wasn't.
I understood that. We both did.
He was the Alpha. His calmness, or lack thereof, would influence the rest of us.

The drive home was long and uneventful.
The roads were completely devoid of life. Even the highway was relatively empty.
Apart from the soft rock playing in the background, the silence was getting rather eerie.
No one was in the mood to talk.
I just couldn't wait to put this whole weekend trip behind us.

After a series of unsuccessful attempts at getting Jeremy to utter a single word, I eventually gave up and sat back on the floor of the truck.

I curled up into a ball, hugged my knees against my chest and simply allowed my head to rest against Nick's leather seat. A few minutes passed, and I ended up closing my eyes and started dozing off.

I woke up, but when I opened my eyes and looked out the window, I was astounded to find us back in the city and pulling up on our street. I'd been sleeping for almost an hour and a half!

The clock read 1:31 AM, which meant Nick had probably been driving a bit above the speed limit for most of the way.

We closed in on Nick's house, and I immediately rubbed my eyes and started scanning the area for any Jeep parked nearby.

To my continued relief, there was no sign of Brad...or his Jeep for that matter.

When we finally pulled into the driveway and into the safety of the garage, I had to close my eyes and rest my head back for a moment.
Finally. We were home.

I was still nervous about the future and uncertain about what Jeremy's kidnaping meant for our continued safety, but for the time being, I felt safe.
Nick was there and as long as he was close-by, I had nothing to worry about.
Shawn was also a really big plus right now. I knew he was just along for the ride and realised that he probably didn't get what this was all about, but the fact that he was present actually bolstered my confidence quite a bit.
Shawn may have been young and a little unfazed by all the drama he'd witnessed, but his 110 kilogram body was a formidable presence to say the least.

The pickup truck came to a halt and the ignition was turned off.
"Bring my sleeping bags and my backpack upstairs. We'll unload the rest tomorrow." Nick told me, right before unbuckling his seatbelt and stepping out of the vehicle.

I complied and slowly climbed out, still feeling a little dazed from the events that had transpired a few hours ago.
I still couldn't believe we'd snatched Jeremy from the cottage and taken him home with us.
The events of last night; the wild sex, me losing my all seemed so vague and distant right now.

Jeremy didn't complain or offer any form of resistance when the two burly hunks picked him up and carried him out of the garage.
The brutes weren't taking any chances.
They kept the diminutive teen tightly bundled up inside the thick comforter, even as they carried him up the stairs leading to the main floor.

Jeremy might've been puny and scrawnier than a twig. But he did have one major advantage. Speed.

Left unchecked, even for an instant, the twerp could easily dart for the nearest exit and leave the house before anyone even knew he was gone.
Nick couldn't risk that.

Jeremy was NOT a prisoner here. But for the time being, he'd have to be kept under close least, until we were certain he wouldn't run off or try to hurt himself.

Honestly, I'm not sure what worried me more; the threat of a vengeful Brad showing up at the front door, or Jeremy's continued silence and unwillingness to talk.
I wanted to consider Jeremy a friend. Well, actually, he was the closest thing I had to a friend.
But if I was being honest with myself, the lad was little more than a passing acquaintance.
We'd only met twice, and aside from the fact that we were both pretty small and submissive, we barely knew anything about each other.

We...we...*sigh*. Who was I kidding?
We weren't friends.

The kid hardly even knew me.
He didn't know any of us.

This was so wrong...

I grabbed Nick's stuff and quickly followed the jocks upstairs, not willing to spend more time alone than was necessary.

What an absolute mess this weekend was turning out to be.
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Post by blackbound »

I wonder why Brad didn't get tied up. Seems like that might have solved some problems...

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Post by GoBucks »

blackbound wrote:
1 year ago
I wonder why Brad didn't get tied up. Seems like that might have solved some problems...
They can't just leave Brad tied up alone in a cabin. They'd have to go back and untie him to make sure he doesn't die. I guess they could have tied him up and called the cops, but then they'd probably have to explain everything that happened and I doubt they want to get into all of that.

Glad you are officially back bondagefreak and with 2 new chapters, how nice :). Jeremy is definitely messed up in the head. I'm not going to pretend that I know much about abuse victims, but I do know a lot of times they don't want to leave their abuser and that seems to be what Jeremy is going through. Hopefully Steven can be some help to him to show him that Brad was poison and that he can find someone who can fulfill his desires and still treat him well at the same time.

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Post by squirrel »

The story is developing in a very intriguing way, I hope we get to know what Brad did to Jeremy and why the kid was so upset to be taken from his master. And I wonder what Brad would do to have his revenge, for I think it's obvious he'll be planning something nasty :)

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Post by blackbound »

GoBucks wrote:
1 year ago
blackbound wrote:
1 year ago
I wonder why Brad didn't get tied up. Seems like that might have solved some problems...
They can't just leave Brad tied up alone in a cabin. They'd have to go back and untie him to make sure he doesn't die.
Or bring him along.

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Post by sniffingyoursocks »

Finally some new chapters.
And great ones too...though I‘m pretty sad to see Jeremy like that. Was it the right thing to do, to snatch him out of the abuse from Brad? Honestly I don‘t know.

It probably wasn‘t the right decision, but the least wrong one...

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Post by bondagefreak »

[mention]hb54[/mention] Nice to see a familiar face! I'm glad you and [mention]Johnsnow[/mention] are enjoying this part. Come to think of it, I know a lot of readers have been patiently waiting for this particular sequence of events to unfold. Curiously, Part IV of this story seems to be a fan-favourite.

Hey [mention]blackbound[/mention]
It's always nice to see a new face popping up. I'm glad you decided to post. Had no idea you were following this! 8-)
Yeah, tying Brad up probably crossed Nick's mind for a second or two, but [mention]GoBucks[/mention] pretty much summed up his reasoning. And given how good and zealous Nick is with his knots, Brad was lucky as hell the cousins didn't decide to tie him up.

Now tying him up and bringing him along would've been another option, but as the story evolves, you'll come to realise how kidnapping both Brad and Jeremy together would've been completely counter-productive to what Nick is trying to do. I can't say more without ruining the plot line, but Nick's reasons for leaving Brad at the cottage will make themselves known fairly soon.

Too bad. Would've definitely made an interesting "what if" (alternate timeline/mirror universe) plot ;)
[mention]hb54[/mention] [mention]blackbound[/mention] Hope both of you guys decide to stick around and join my club of regular reviews. The feedback you guys give, is the fuel I use to produce more chapters.
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Post by puffalover »

Yo [mention]bondagefreak[/mention]! Hope you had a nice break. Glad you’re back to writing.

Just got caught up and I must say I really enjoyed how you worked Shawn’s character into these events. IMO, I feel it’s a better fit that Brad was double teamed by both these huge jocks. Not that Nick can’t take Brad one on one, but just one cheap shot and Brad could’ve gotten the upper edge. This way he had no chance. Forgot how emotional this part of the story is. Poor Jeremy.

Also enjoyed reading the sleeping bag scene in chapters 95-99. Normally not my thing but the amount of details and emotions you captured in these chapters is truly awesome! Your descriptions of Nick’s overfilled bag really turned me on and wishing I could just burry my face in that smelly bag of his! :D

Really looking forward to seeing how this all plays out in the coming chapters.

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Post by bondagefreak »

Chapter 104 – Broken Pieces

Sunday, April 23 (1:40 AM)

As soon as I walked up the stairs leading to the main floor, I quickly went about turning on all the lights.
I know this might seem silly, but somehow having all the lights on made me feel a little more secure.

After bringing my lover's backpack and heavy duty sleeping bags up from the garage, I walked past Shawn, who was sitting on the living room couch, watching TV, and immediately made for the bathroom, where Nick was
apparently tending to his newest protégé's wounds.

I pushed the partially closed door open a little, and saw my underwear-clad friend sitting on the toilet seat cover. His face was devoid of expression as Nick used a damp facecloth and some rubbing alcohol to clean up the various cuts and bruises that adorned the lad's boyish face and scrawny body.

"You'll need to lend him some clothes for the night." Nick told me, evidently having noticed me standing by the doorway.

"Yes, Sir." I answered, addressing my lover in a more submissive tone than usual.

"Fix him up a little something to eat." he instructed. "After that, we'll get a good night's sleep and I'll have a talk with Jeremy in the morning." he added, tentatively touching the red welts on my friend's back and speaking about the boy as though he wasn't even there.

"What about Brad? D'you think he'll try to break in?" I asked.
I was genuinely concerned about closing my eyes while the vengeful jock was on the loose and angry for revenge.

Nick remained silent for a moment before glancing my way.
"Let me worry about that." he said, visibly unnerved by the fact that I was bringing Brad's name up in front of Jeremy. "Now go get your friend some PJs and fix him up something to eat, like I told you." he ordered, giving me a "get to it" type of frown and sending me on my way.

Stepping out of the washroom, I silently scolded myself for my lack of self control.
Nick not only had to deal with Jeremy, but he also had to worry about my safety and his own as well.
He already had enough on his plate as it is. He didn't need me pestering him with my incessant questions and insecurities on top of that as well.

After hanging his thick parka in the entranceway closet and putting his gloves, sports cap and keys on the entrance stand, I made sure the front door was properly locked and slowly made my way to the bedroom where most of my clothes was located. I changed into some fresh clothes and set aside a pair of running shorts, with a white t-shirt and some ankle socks for Jeremy to wear tonight.
We hadn't had time to grab any of his personal effects or belonging before leaving the cottage...not even his toothbrush!

The kid didn't have ANYTHING.
No clothes, no wallet, no cellphone.
I felt absolutely terrible about the situation he was in and felt even worse at the fact that we'd taken him away against his will.
I had no idea where to begin as far as getting him started on his healing process.
But I had to trust Nick had a plan.
He HAD to have a plan...or at least, some vague idea of what to do next.

Slowly leaving the privacy of the bedroom, I walked up to the living room couch where the handsome twenty-year-old giant was sitting. "Shawn?" I asked. "D'you want something to drink?"

"Nah, I'm fine." he responded, throwing me a quick glance before focusing back on the TV.
I quickly averted my eyes away from the jock's imposing, t-shirt clad torso and made my way towards the kitchen.

"Alright, let me know if you change your mind." I told him, doing my best to try and sound normal even though the sight of his massive biceps and huge sneakers was giving me the hots.

I had no idea what Nick wanted me to prepare and had no idea what Jeremy liked to eat, so it took me a while to figure out what to do. It was late, so whatever he ate should be light and not too sweet.
I eventually settled for pouring the kid a big glass of milk and making him a peanut butter and banana sandwich, which I decided to cut up into quarters.

After pouring myself a glass of orange juice and putting a few of the dishes I'd used, in the dishwasher, I stopped by the bedroom and picked up the clothes I'd selected for my friend's sleepover.

The bath was running, and the lad's skinny and very much naked body greeted me as I entered the bathroom to hand over my clothes.

I could tell from the look of shame on my Jeremy's face, that Nick had probably stripped him down against his will.

"Calm down." Nick spoke, keeping a tight grip around the boy's upper right arm and forcing him into the tub.
Resisting the hunk was completely pointless. I'm sure Jeremy understood that.
I mean this wasn't just a case of being outgunned...
Nick was roughly twice as heavy as Jeremy was, and was well over a full head taller.
The teenaged kid's arms looked like puny twigs compared to my master's colossal biceps.

Jeremy seemed distressed at first, but I'm guessing the bath was pretty warm, 'cause his expression almost immediately eased up when his feet entered the water.
"That's it." Nick spoke softly, quickly glancing my way before turning back to his quarry.

"I'm gonna let you get some sleep, but first I need to get you cleaned up." he spoke, putting his hand on the boy's head and allowing him to sit in the tub and cover his privates.
Nick didn't seem to mind my being here, so I just sat myself on the toilet seat cover and watched as he settled on the edge of the tub and reached for a bottle of shampoo.

It was hard to believe that this was the same jerk who got a such a huge kick out of tormenting us with his socks and farts...
In a matter of minutes, the big blond muscle-King could go from bully, to daddy, and then back to bully again.

During those minutes he spent bathing Jeremy, he never let go of the kid, not even once.
Even while waiting for the bath to fill up, he just sat there and kept his hand on the boy's upper back.
He could've just given the sobbing lad some privacy and allowed him to clean himself up. But Nick had no intention of giving the dangerously lethargic sub any alone-time.

We were there for him.
It was absolutely crucial for Jeremy to understand that.
Whatever he was feeling right now, he had to know that he was not alone.

Nick was there for him.
I was there for him.

My heart really went out to the poor guy. But even as I sat there and watched my lover take care of him as though he were his own son, I couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy.
I knew I was being incredibly stupid and selfish, but I just couldn't help it. No matter how sympathetic I felt, a deeply buried part of me felt unnerved at the fact that my hunky lover was showing another sub some care and affection.

Jeremy had been savagely beaten, and then was abducted after watching his own Master getting beat up by two larger guys. He was probably lost and confused beyond reason right now. And yet here I was, feeling all miserable and sorry for myself for not being the constant center of Nick's attention.
Ugh. Grow up, Steven!

Nick started shampooing Jeremy's hair, carefully lathering up the scented liquid into the boy's scalp.
His fingers traced circles around the lad's temples and even went about massaging the back of the young, green-eyed teen's neck.
That probably felt really good, I thought to myself.

I watched as my Master quickly reached up for the showerhead and brought it down over the shivering kid's scalp, using it to warm his back and rinse the shampoo out of his hair.

I couldn't be certain, but from the look on my friend's face and the way his eyes were red and swollen, it looked like he was crying. With all the water dripping down his hair and face though, it was hard to tell.

He'd sacrificed his job, his schooling, his family, and most of his belongings to go live with Brad.
And now he was left with nothing...not even a shirt on his back.

It was at that point that I found myself questioning Nick's decision to intervene in the young man's precarious situation.

I felt torn.
I knew he'd done the right thing, but part of me felt as though Jeremy's case was a hopeless one.

The boi in the tub was nothing like the young man I'd met just a week ago.
This version of Jeremy was like an empty shell...soulless, lifeless.
He hadn't spoken a single word since we'd left the cottage over two hours ago.

Maybe a good night's sleep would help clear up his mind.
I had no idea.

Nick gently ran his hands over Jeremy's back, doing his best not to irritate the welts and bruises that marked the poor lad's skin.

When the hunk turned to me and asked me to hand him clean facecloth, I immediately did as I was told.
He let it soak in the warm bath water before using it to carefully clean out a cut Jeremy had on his upper lip, wiping away the dried blood he had missed during his initial attempt at cleaning the boy's face.
The frightened sub instinctively tried pulling back, no doubt feeling a bit of pain at the sensation of the cloth touching his wounded lip.
Little Jeremy wasn't going anywhere though.
His giant captor immediately clamped a hand behind his head and held him steady while he resumed his work and gently cleaned out the cut.
"Shhh...easy." Nick whispered, keeping his tone firm yet comforting at the same time.

The one thing I knew for certain, is that we were all pretty exhausted at that point.
We all needed some sleep...Jeremy most of all.

The boi offered no complaints as Nick hoisted him up out of the water and lifted him out of the tub.
I quickly handed Nick a clean towel, which he wrapped around Jeremy and carefully used it to pat the boy dry.

"Go get him something to drink." Nick told me, to which I responded by quickly running to the kitchen and fetching the glass of milk I'd poured a few minutes earlier.

When I came back with the glass, Nick was pulling out a bottle of Melatonin from the pharmacy cabinet.
I watched as he popped the lid open and took out two of the small white pills.

"Open." he told Jeremy, putting a hand behind the lad's head. To my surprise, Jeremy offered no defence.
He just opened his mouth and allowed Nick to feed him the sleeping pills. The blond stud was quick to take the glass of milk I was holding, and immediately brought it up to his youngest protégé's lips.
"There we go..." he mumbled, gently holding Jeremy's head as he poured the cold liquid down his throat. "You're gonna get a good night's sleep." he added, putting the tall glass down on the counter before taking hold of the clothes I'd brought.

"Steven's gonna lend you some PJ's for tonight." he told Jeremy, speaking to the boy as though he was speaking to his six-year-old son.

I watched as he helped my friend get dressed and watched as he sat the freshly-bathed boi down on the toilet seat-cover and crouched down to his eye level.

"Jeremy. Look at me." he ordered, lifting the boy's chin up in order to get his attention.
"Look at me." he repeated a second time.
Jeremy glanced upwards, a sign that he wasn't completely removed from what was happening around him.

"You're gonna spend a few days with Steven and I, alright? Brad needs to chill out for a bit. You'll be safe here." he continued, speaking slowly so that Jeremy could process each word.
The lad kept his gaze fixed on my lover's eyes, but gave no clue as to whether or not he understood any of what Nick was saying.
His face was just blank.

"Hey. I want you to trust me. Everything's gonna be okay. No one's gonna hurt you." Nick spoke, putting his large hands over the kid's much smaller hands.

His last statement did provoke a reaction, but it probably wasn't the one he was expecting.

As soon as Nick finished speaking, Jeremy broke down into tears and resigned to sobbing uncontrollably.
It proved he at least still had some presence of mind left.
He understood what was happening, and for the first time, I think he was forced to admit to himself that his relationship with Brad wasn't anything like what he originally expected it to be.

Poor Jeremy.

Nick slowly got up and wrapped his huge arms around the boy, pressing the kid's face to his abdomen and gently hushing him down.

"Shhhh...come here." Nick said, picking the puny boy up in his arms. "You're gonna eat a little something, and then I'm putting you to bed." he spoke, putting a hand behind the lad's head in an attempt to calm him down.

We slowly made our way towards the kitchen, where Nick ended up sitting the boy down in one of the dining room chairs.

Jeremy didn't wanna eat at first, but our resident daddy successfully coerced him into eating three quarters of the sandwich I'd prepared, and also got him to finish the tall glass of milk I'd poured him.
"There we go. That's a good boy." he commended, gently patting the back of my friend's head before ordering me to stay in the dining room so that I could keep an eye on him.

Considering the fact that he drove for almost two hours and had all this weight on his shoulder, I thought Nick's level of patience and restraint tonight was nothing short of remarkable.

Jeremy and I both remained sitting at the dining room table for a few minutes.
Neither of us said anything.

By the way his gaze was fixed to the table, I could tell he was quite literally lost in his thoughts.
I ended up reaching out to him and gently picked up one of his hands before cupping it inside mine.
Our eyes met, only for the briefest of moments. But it was long enough for me to see a reflection of the pain and sorrow I'd experienced just a few short weeks ago.
He was in pain. That much I could tell.

We held hands in silence, until Nick finally walked into the large, open area living room and tossed his old, ginormous sleeping bag on the couch, right next to where Shawn was sitting.

Jeremy wouldn't be sleeping on a cold floor tonight. Quite the opposite.
He'd be well taken care of from now on. Nick would make certain of that.


Comments, thoughts, opinions?
Can't wait to hear what you guys think of the latest development.
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Intuitive care, potential new developments that could prove to be huge 'fun' and Steven is still his usual confused self... Great! I like where it's going.
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Loved those last few chapters can't wait to see what you write next

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Chapter 105 – Safety First

Sunday, April 23 (2:00 AM)

Jeremy's face finally betrayed a hint of expression as he was led into the living room and allowed to lay eyes upon the sleeping arrangement Nick had set up for him.

The living room coffee table that was usually in front of the main couch, had been moved over and replaced with a narrow, two meter long camping cot. The comforter that had been used to secure Jeremy during the drive was now folded on top of the cot, giving the sturdy, military-style bed a comfortable, padded surface.
A large pillow was secured to the top part of the cot via a pair of velcro straps, and Nick's crazily overstuffed expedition bag had been placed on top of it all.

Jeremy had obviously never seen anything quite like it before.
That much I could tell by the expression of shock on his face.

The green eyed lad was accustomed to sleeping on the cold, hard floor next to his Master's bed.
But now he was about to experience the complete opposite, and I was genuinely looking forward to seeing his reaction.

I sat myself on the edge of the leather couch, and silently watched as Shawn got up and gave his older cousin a hand. In a matter of seconds, the puny teenager was lifted up off the floor and placed face up inside my handsome lover's incredibly thick down cocoon.

"Alright, now scoot in." Nick ordered, keeping his tone calm and slowly squatting down over the cot.
"Come on, Jeremy. Scoot in...all the way down." he repeated, placing his hands on the boy's shoulders until he was satisfied with young lad's position.
Jeremy did his best to remain calm and compliant, but he was unable to stop his facial features from betraying part of what he was feeling. He looked worried, and a little distressed even...
Nick was quick to ease him down though.

"You're gonna get a good night's sleep tonight." he told the boy, putting a hand of his frightened protégé's forehead. "My bag'll keep you extra warm and comfy. You'll see. You'll be real safe in there." he added, before gently running the back of his fingers along the young captive's left cheek.

Jeremy didn't move a muscle, and even when Nick reached for the heavy-duty zipper and started sealing him in, the terrified lad kept his arms tightly tucked to his sides.

I watched as my friend's scrawny little body was slowly swallowed up, and watched as the incredibly THICK layer of down began sandwiching his legs and trapping his feet and calves closer together.
As the zipper started making it's way up his body, the frightened young man began squirming around and getting a little nervous.

As he'd soon come to find out, the super fat expedition bag he was being zipped up in didn't allow for ANY wiggle space. It didn't matter how small or scrawny you were. The bulbous thing was quite literally PACKED with feathers and would just squash you down from all sides. That's what made it so warm and comfortable to be in.

I watched as my friend's legs and thighs disappeared from view, and pretty soon his arms and abdomen were being swallowed up as well. Poor Jeremy wasn't going anywhere tonight.

As much as I didn't want him feeling like a prisoner at our place, zipping him up inside Nick's big bag was the perfect of way of making sure he stayed warm and safe.

Shawn left the living room but came back just a few seconds later with his uncle's old, heavily-overfilled green bag slung over his shoulder.

A loud thud echoed across the room as the heavy duty vintage sack was tossed onto the big leather couch.

"Shawn'll be sleeping here to make sure you're okay." Nick explained, slowly zipping the prisoner up and stopping just below his neck. "Now put your head down. Get some rest." he gently instructed, placing his hand on the kid's forehead and easing him down into a relaxed state.
He held onto the lad for a few seconds before turning toward his cousin and calling him over.

"I'm gonna get a few straps to make sure he doesn't roll off the cot." he told Shawn. "Fix up the sleeping bag collar and keep an eye on him. I'll be back in a minute." he added, speaking in a low tone so that Jeremy wouldn't hear.

Nick left the room, leaving Shawn and I alone with the trapped teenager.

I watched as the burly twenty-year-old hunk crouched above the boy, and watched those HUGE arms of his bulge as he got to work securing the thick down collar up around the young sub's neck.

Poor Jeremy offered no resistance. He probably wasn't even aware that the bag's inner collar would stop him from raising his hands up above his neck and prevent him from reaching the zipper once it was tightened up.
In essence, we were trapping him in.

Shawn's fingers weren't as dextrous as Nick's, but he still did a more-than-adequate job at pulling the sturdy drawcords snug around the young lad's neck and knotting them up real nice and tight.
There'd be no escape for little Jeremy. That much was certain.

As soon as the imposing muscle-jock finished knotting the inner collar up, he grabbed the sleeping bag zipper and zipped it up a bit further, causing the thick loft to swallow up Jeremy's neck and to press up against the underside of his chin.

Shawn sat back on the couch and resumed watching TV, but I kept my eyes locked on the boy in the bag.
I'm not sure why, but for some reason, the young lad's next reaction caused a sizeable amount of blood to rush down into my crotch.

Jeremy's face suddenly contorted into a noticeable expression of displeasure...and I knew exactly why.
My big, hunky, handsome Alpha didn't seem to care or even realise it, but his crazy fat expedition bag smelled REALLY strong and musky.
And from the looks of it, the smell was bothering Jeremy...A LOT.

The kid was of course WAY too polite and nervous to say anything, but I could tell from the way he crinkled his nose up and kept trying to crane his head away, that he really wasn't enjoying the potent male odour coming out of those monstrously thick baffles.

I watched as he eyed the massive layer of loft that threatened to smother his face, and secretly enjoyed the sight of him crinkling his nose up in disapproval. The sight of him sniffing in my boyfriend's musk caused my crotch to tingle, and for a reason beyond my understanding, it was making me hard.

Nick eventually came back into the living room with a number of thick ratchet straps in both of his hands.
After tossing them down on the couch and crouching down over low-resting cot, the beefy, blue eyed stud quickly proceeded to grab one of the bright orange restraints and started securing the prisoner up, by strapping him down to his improvised bed.

The blond beast slowly made his way up towards the upper part of the cot, and made certain all the straps where properly fastened and locked in place.

Jeremy still had a poorly-concealed expression of disgust painted on his face when Nick reached his neck and started securing the final strap over it. But for some reason, the hunk didn't seem to notice it.
"There we go..." he simply mumbled, eyeing his protégé's bundled up, well-secured form.
"Alright, time to sleep." he announced, before quickly taking hold of the zipper and zipping his fat bag all the way up without even bothering to look at Jeremy's face.

A faint whimper escaped from the panicked lad's lips, but Nick was too tired to care about his prisoner's meager protests.

I watched as my friend's face was completely swallowed up and smothered down inside my lover's super fat, smelly old bag, and found myself wondering why on earth I had a fully grown erection tenting up inside my shorts.

"I'm out of it, man. If you need anything just come and wake me up. I'll be in my room. Make sure he stays zipped up." Nick told his cousin, before grabbing hold of the drawstrings that controlled the hood opening and pulling them tight, closing the super thick hood up almost completely.

The blond muscle-King got up and ordered his cousin to take over and knot the cords tight.
The lights were dimmed down and my hunky, blue-eyed Alpha motioned for me to follow him as he made his way towards Master bedroom.
He was exhausted.

I quickly got up and followed, anxious to get into my Master's warm bed and finally put the day behind us.

I turned to throw my cocooned friend a parting glance before entering the privacy of the bedroom.
Instead, I saw his muscular twenty-year old bodyguard tighten the hood opening even tighter than Nick had, and saw him knot the cords up together real good.

Little Jeremy wouldn't be squirming out of there any time soon.

The sleeping pills would force him down into a deep sleep, and the tightness and sheer thickness of my lover's big, blue sleeping bag would stop him from harming himself or escaping while we slept.

And with young Master Shawn in charge of standing watch tonight, Nick and I could sleep in relative peace, knowing that our heavily bruised and battered captive was safely stored away in a super warm, super comfy, escape-proof sack.

Now that Jeremy was finally sorted out for the night, we were left with only one more problem.
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Lucky Jeremy, always being left alone with Shawn! Looks like he was fortunate enough to dodge a sock bullet this time! Is that the same bag Nick boned Steven in? If so, it's not just Nick's musky smell in there!

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[mention]GoBucks[/mention] Luckily for him, it looks like Nick is mature enough to realise this is no time for play.
And yes, it's the same bag. Nick's one and only, trusty old winter mummy.
Spending one night in a sleeping bag won't create a scent in it. So trust me, Steven has NOTHING to do with the musky odour going on in there. That's all Nick's doing 8-)

I think a lot of folks will be happy to hear that my banner will be changing for Chapter 106 ;)
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Suspense! Who's mister question mark? I thought Brad would disappear from the banner but someone new appears...
About that: turning him into a serious threat getting Steven all anxious is a good idea IMO, no idea how you'll deal with his charcater but Steven's fears about what he could do to him were delightful.

Return of the blue sleeping bag was unexpected under those circumstances, I'm surprised Steven didn't grow jealous right on :lol: This item is becoming a character of its own... You know I love drawing bodies and faces so much, but I promise I'll make one with it so you 'mummified buffs' will get your kicks.
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Chapter 106 – Steven's Turn

Sunday, April 23 (2:30 AM)

Nick took his tight-fitting t-shirt off and threw it to the floor before sitting on the bed and rubbing the sides of his forehead. I stepped into the room, but before I had a chance to close the door behind us, I was told to leave it partially open. Even though the living room was at the other end of the house, Nick wanted keep an eye on things tonight.

As soon as we were both inside the bedroom, I lost no time in expressing my concerns about the whole Brad and Jeremy situation.

"What if Brad shows up tonight?" I asked. "What if he breaks in while we're asleep?"
I didn't wanna stress my lover out more than he already was, but my concerns were very legitimate.
Brad was a real danger. Not only to Jeremy, but to me as well.

"He won't show up." Nick finally responded, after apparently giving my question some amount of thought.

I was about to ask him how he could know that for certain, but the jock's expression quickly convinced me not to press the issue. "Stop worrying about Brad." he warned me. "You leave him to me. Understood?"

His answer did not satisfy me, but I had no choice but to tuck tail and drop the subject.
"Yes, Sir." I answered, quickly casting my gaze downwards in an unmistakeable display of submission.

"Now get your scrawny ass in bed." he ordered, grabbing the heavy down comforter and yanking it off the sheets. The 240-pound goliath kicked his huge basketball shoes off and peeled away his terribly putrid socks before swinging his legs up into bed and allowing his powerful torso to fall back against the mattress.

I stripped to my tight jockstrap and immediately got in bed, working a cozy position for myself under my lover's warm sheets.

Nick pulled his nylon trackies off and carelessly tossed them to the floor before extending his left arm towards the bedside lamp and shutting it off, instantly bathing the room in darkness.

Neither of us spoke for while, and from his lack of movement I was almost certain he'd fallen asleep.

But the hunk must've felt my gaze on him, 'cause after a few minutes of staring up at the ceiling, he turned his head sideways to look at me.
"You okay?" he asked, slowly rolling on his side so that we were both staring at each other.

I nodded my head, not wanting to admit how shaken up I was at the events of tonight.
In truth though, I wasn't feeling okay, and I'm sure Nick was smart enough to realise that.

"Nick..." I finally spoke, raising my head up a little, to better see his face.
It was too dark to see his expression, but thanks to the soft moonlight filtering through the thin curtains, I could still see the basic outlines of my lover's face and body.
"I'm sorry the weekend turned out like it did." I told him, talking about his violent altercation with Brad.
"I just want you to know....I think you did the right thing." I added, trying to make him believe I was in agreement with what he'd done, and trying to convince myself that we'd made the right choice.

I truth, I had no idea.
My own fears were telling me that Nick and I had severely miscalculated Jeremy's sense of belonging to Brad, and that Brad's hold over the boy was much stronger than either of us had originally thought.

Looking back on the night's events, leaving Jeremy there wouldn't have been right either...
So I guess Nick DID do the right thing after all.
It was just hard to see Jeremy's liberation under a positive light, especially given the way he was responding to it right now.

The damage we'd caused by separating Jeremy from his oppressive master, would probably prove insignificant compared to what a few more months under Brad would've done to him.
THAT'S what I had to keep telling myself. And I knew Nick was probably doing the same on his end.

Nick probably appreciated the support I was giving him, but he didn't say anything.
He just rolled over on his back and fixed his gaze back up towards the ceiling.

I knew he had a lot on his mind right now, and could tell that wasn't particularly in the mood to cuddle at this point. But that didn't stop me from crawling over to him and snuggling up to his side like a little puppy in need of affection.

I wanted to touch him. I wanted to help him relax. But ultimately, I wanted to feel his heat on my skin.
I couldn't stand seeing Nick stressed out like this, and although he did his best to keep a controlled front, I knew he was very unhappy with the events that had taken place tonight.

At first, I just nuzzled up against his side and put my hands on his right arm.
But then I watched his huge chest rise and fall with each breath, and couldn't help but crawl closer and pucker my lips around his right nipple.

My nostrils flared open and I used my tongue to start tracing circles around it.
His skin tasted so good.

Still, the beast remained impassive.

I continued kissing and licking my lover's broad, muscular chest, savouring his taste and enjoying his scent.

There was so much strength in his much power.
Being close to him made me feel weak, but wonderfully secure at the same time.
Seeing him just lying there, was like watching a dormant volcano. Calm yet fear-inspiring.

After worshiping his giant pecs for a whole minute, I quickly made my way down his abdomen and started sampling his abs, extending my tongue to taste the skin covering his tight abdominal muscles and using the opportunity to sniff in his warm, earthy scent.

When the blond hunk finally moaned and raised his arms up to cross his hands behind his head, I knew that he was enjoying my ministrations.
That was my cue.

I immediately moved my face towards his upper torso and got to work worshiping those enormous biceps of his.
I kissed, licked and kissed some more, using my mouth to explore every inch of his giant muscles.
His big armpit bush tickled my chin as I did so, but I didn't care.

Nick was a clean guy, and he always wore deodorant.
I wasn't a fan of his furry pits, but that wouldn't stop me from enjoying what his body had to offer.

I kissed and licked his right bicep some more, before finally focusing my attention back on those big, broad pecs of his. He was real proud of those, and I knew he enjoyed the attention I was giving them.

I was getting more aroused by the second. We both were.
Seconds eventually turned into minutes, and I couldn't help but brush past his collarbone and start kissing his neck.

I buried my nose under his jaw and took in my Alpha's scent before kissing his neck and angling my head upwards in an attempt to get closer to his face. I could feel his rough stubble under my lips, could feel his pulse and the warmth of his skin.

That was my first mistake.

The beast remained passive at first.
But as soon as I puckered my lips against the underside of his jaw, that changed.

Without any warning, I was lifted up off the mattress and roughly thrown back down.
In a flash, Nick was on top of me...big, pumped up muscles and all.

I knew this would happen, but the suddenness and sheer force of his reaction caught me totally off guard.

Touching his face was kind of off limits to me.
I wasn't allowed to kiss him on the lips unless he initiated it, and wasn't even allowed touching his face unless he told me to.

Brushing my lips against his jawline was provocation enough, but if I'm to be truly honest with you, I was kinda hoping for a strong reaction from him. I feel selfish for saying this, but after watching him care for Jeremy so well, I REALLY felt like it was my turn getting some attention right now.

I tried making myself small and submissive by curling up into a ball and lowering my head down.
I even moaned and whimpered a little, hoping to let the muscle-King know that I wasn't trying to defy his authority. He was the boss, there could be no doubt about it.

The stud grunted and towered over me, puffing his chest up and lifting a hand over my face as if to slap me.
I immediately brought my arms up to shield myself, but he just grabbed my puny wrists and yanked them away before giving me face not one, but TWO mild slaps.

I cried out and whimpered, but quickly found myself being manhandled again.

The hulking giant flipped me on my belly and shoved my face in his pillow before collapsing down on top of me and yanking his thick, musky comforter over our bodies.

The air was knocked right out of my lungs when the blond stallion came down on top of me.
But I quickly found myself enjoying the position once he started wrapping his huge limbs around my puny body.
I definitely wasn't going anywhere, not with all the weight and muscle keeping me in check.

I felt my Master's prominent bulge grind itself pretty deep inside my vulnerable butt crack, but was forced into silence when a large hand clamped itself over my entire lower face.

I moaned and drove my hips into the mattress, but Nick just growled and used his tongue to lick the back of my left ear.

I couldn't move. Couldn't make a sound or even call for help.
I was his little prisoner, just the way he liked it.

I moaned deeply, trying to let my big boyfriend know that I couldn't breathe inside his giant hand.
"Uhhmmphhh...uuummmphh!" I cried out, eventually managing to get my message across before it was too late.

Sometimes I felt like he failed to realise just how big he was compared to us "regular" people.

Nick loosened his handgag a little and allowed me to sniff in some air, but he still kept his hand over my face and continued using his huge arms and legs to squash me down like a bug.
I was going nowhere.

For the first time since leaving the cottage, I actually felt at peace, as though all my worries had flown out the window somehow.

Nick was SO big and heavy, and he made me feel so warm and safe. I could do nothing but moan inside his hand and sniff up the scent of his skin. I felt so good. So safe. I remember closing my eyes, and then...everything went fuzzy.

When I woke up, it was still dark in the room.
Nick was still on top of me, holding me protectively inside his super beefy arms and making sure my body was safely tucked underneath his much heavier, much larger body.

If my bladder hadn't been so full, I would've gladly slept through the rest of the night.
But the fact of the matter was, I really needed pee!

I tried wiggling out of my bodyguard's grasp and slipping out from underneath him, but he was just way too big and heavy. He weighed a hundred pounds more than I did, and was quite literally sleeping on top of me.
Add to that the fact that his biceps were the size of my thighs and that his thighs were twice as thick as my own, and might start to get an accurate picture.

Nick was also a heavy sleeper, so it usually took more than one attempt to wake him up.
Eventually though, I did manage to stir him out of his sleep and get him to let me go.

The beefy hunk huffed, probably feeling tired and a little annoyed at the fact that he had to move so I could get out of bed. He really liked being on top of me, knowing that he could pin me down just by resting his weight on me. I really enjoyed that too...but sometimes I found myself wishing he'd be just a little lighter and less buff.

Nick slowly got off from on top of me, and allowed me to crawl out of bed and make my way to the washroom, which is exactly what I did.

After emptying my bladder and washing my hands, I quickly stepped out the washroom and decided to tiptoe my way into the living room, where Shawn and Jeremy were sleeping. It was dark in the house, but I knew where everything was, and streetlights did filter in through the blinds and windows a bit.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the living room, was the really strong, cheesy scent that permeated the air.

Damn! It smelled like moldy cheese!
It smelled like...aww fuck! It smelled like Shawn's socks!

Mustering up the courage to brave the foul stench, I quietly tiptoed closer to where my friend was sleeping and was glad to see Jeremy's bundled up form, still snuggly strapped down to the cot and safely zipped up inside my lover's fat bag.

He was fast asleep under the effect of those melatonin pills by now, but he probably hadn't fallen asleep as soon as Nick and I had left the room to call it a night.

The thick ratchet straps securing down to the bed appeared to be fastened quite a bit tighter than how Nick had originally secured them, which led me to believe that Jeremy might've tried struggling out of my boyfriend's bag at some point. Either that, or Shawn had just taken it upon himself to make the restraints a lot stricter.

Given how tightly he'd closed the hood up and knotted those cords together though, I had to admit...the second option was a distinct possibility.

Still, this was all for Jeremy's safety.
He could not be allowed to escape, and could not be left without proper supervision. At least, not in his current state of mind.

Glad to see my friend safely strapped down inside my boyfriend's monstrously thick expedition bag, I quietly made my way back to the bedroom, and slowly attempted to climb back in bed.
To my surprise, Nick was still half-awake and fully intent on pulling me back underneath him.

And so, I was once again pulled under my dominant Alpha's embrace and kept prisoner under those great, big muscles of his. I closed my eyes and easily slipped back into the dream world.
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Chapter 107 - The Visitor

Sunday, April 23 (11:45 AM)

I woke up again, but this time the room was much brighter.
It took a moment for everything to come back, but as I caught my bearings, I found myself feeling a little surprised at the fact that we'd made it through the night without hearing so much as a peep from Brad.

I felt a little disoriented at first, but It's only when I looked at the bedside clock that I realised it was Sunday morning. Nick wasn't working today, and he wouldn't be working tomorrow either since this was his long weekend!

It was already closing in on noon, so I wasn't entirely surprised to find myself alone in bed.

I slowly got up, stretched my limbs out as much as I could and started getting dressed.

I put on a pair of grey sweatpants with some ankle socks, and put on one of my clean t-shirts before heading out of the room and walking into the kitchen.

When I arrived in the kitchen, I found my hunky lover leaning against the counter, shirtless and texting on his phone.

"Morning sleepyhead. Slept okay?" he asked, quickly glancing up at me as I made my way towards him.

"Um-hum." I responded, sheepishly nodding my head up and down, but still feeling a little too sleepy to talk.

I slowly walked over to the edge of the dining room and saw my friend, sitting alone on the living room couch, watching TV. Shawn, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found.

"Where's your cousin?" I asked Nick, before making my way to the fridge in search of something to wake my stomach with.

"He left earlier this morning. He'll probably be coming over on Wednesday or Thursday..." Nick told me, still keeping his gaze fixed on his phone as he typed away a series of text messages.

I was a little sad about Shawn having left without me getting to say goodbye. But then again, the Alpha-jock made me feel so weird and uneasy that I was kinda relieved to learn he'd departed.

I poured myself a glass of orange juice and quickly chugged it down before giving my own Alpha a meaningful look.
"Is he okay?" I asked, speaking about Jeremy in a subdued voice so that he wouldn't overhear us.

Nick stopped texting and took a moment to look up at me before answering.

"Yeah. He's still shaken up, but I think he'll be okay." he admitted, causing me to breathe a little easier.
The calm tone of his voice hinted at the fact that he at least had SOME level confidence in what he was saying.

I felt a little relieved at his words, but still felt apprehensive about spending time with my friend.
The situation was awkward to say the least, and I knew that sooner or later, I'd have to face him.
I genuinely hated funerals and other sad occasions. And somehow, this didn't feel any different.

Peeking out of the kitchen, I looked at Jeremy and tried to come up with something to say to try and ease the feeling of general discomfort that was in the air.
Luckily, Nick had something else in mind for me right now.

"Go take your shower. We're gonna have a talk when you're done." he instructed, putting his phone down on the counter before turning around to continue fixing up the protein drink he'd started.

I quickly went to the washroom and took a nice, long shower before drying myself off, brushing my teeth and fixing my hair up.

Something about the tone of Nick's voice told me that he needed to talk to me about something serious.
I knew it had to do with Jeremy and the events of last night. I mean, what else could it have been about?

When I finally stepped out of the washroom, I saw my handsome boyfriend crouched down in front of the couch, talking to Jeremy in low, serious tone. The kid kept his gaze down. He nodded a few times and then Nick got up and started heading my way.

I couldn't help but wonder what Nick had told him, but thankfully I didn't have to wait long in order to find out.

The hulking stud walked past me and signaled for me to follow him into the Master bedroom.
Once we were both inside, he closed the door a bit and slowly made his way over to where I was sitting, on the edge of the bed.

His solemn expression pretty much confirmed what I already knew.
This was gonna be a serious discussion.

"Alright, listen up. Zack's gonna be coming over to babysit you guys this afternoon." he spoke, talking to me in a low tone even though the bedroom door was partially closed.

I gave Nick a puzzled look, obviously not following his line of thought.
I knew Zack was one of his workmates, and knew that both of them were pretty good friends from back in high school. But that didn't explain why Nick planned on inviting him over to babysit us, unless...

"I need to go out. There's some stuff I need to do. But I'm not leaving you and Jeremy here alone." he said, giving no hint as to why he was going out.

"Where are you going?" I asked, immediately sensing that something was a little off.
My senses were pretty acute to this sorta stuff, and my gut feeling was telling me that he planned on doing something either reckless, or just plain dangerous.

"That's not important." he answered. "All you need to know is that I won't be gone long. A few hours at most.
I've explained everything to Zack, so you don't need to worry about him asking a bunch of questions." he added, before quickly walking to the large bedroom closet and fishing out a sleeveless t-shirt to wear.

"Jeremy doesn't know Zack, so I want you to stay here and keep him company. Can you do that for me while I'm gone?" he asked, quickly slipping the tight-fitting wife beater on over his muscular torso.

I knew that he was just trying to distract me by giving me something to do, but I found myself unable to do anything but sigh and nod my head in obedience. "Yes, Sir." I answered, allowing a defeated expression to make it's way over my face.

Nick worked fast, I had to give him that...

I was still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, but he was already done planning his day and working out the details over his phone.

I didn't know Zack very well and I had some serious reservations about having him over, today.
But Nick had made up his mind, and as usual, there was no talking him out of it by this point.

From what little I recall of my junior high school year, Zack used to be pretty buff and cocky back in the day.
Apart from occasionally acknowledging my existence, I don't remember him ever paying me any real attention...which wasn't all that surprising, considering he'd graduated from high school at the end of my first year.

I promised Nick I'd keep Jeremy company while he was gone, and promised to cooperate with Zack if he told me to do something.

Nick was clear though, Zack was ONLY there to make sure nothing happened to us.
He trusted his friend, and that actually went a long way into appeasing my doubts.

After exchanging a few more words with my lover, I finally worked up the courage to join my friend in the living room and sat myself next to him, on the big leather couch.

He wasn't talking much, but he was already a bit more responsive than he was last night.
That was definitely a good sign.

We continued watching the BBC wildlife documentary that was playing on TV, while Nick got ready to go out and waited for his friend to arrive.
The handsome hunk left me a few instructions about stuff he wanted done by the end of the afternoon, and then went down to the garage to unload all the weekend camping gear from out of his pickup.

The doorbell rang and I quickly jumped off the couch and sprinted out of the living room to see who it was.

I looked through the window before unlocking the front door, and then opened up to find a very handsome, very mature-looking Zack standing in front of me.
And man...what a sight that was!
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