Sixteen (m/?)

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Sixteen (m/?)

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I sit up with a start, heart hammering in my chest. "The fuck?" Breathe in, breathe out. Calm. "Hey," quiet groan of springs, "you alright El?"

Blonde hair framing a pretty face, white school shirt hugging a braless flat chest, tie loosely knotted. No trousers, long pale legs with only a flash of black boyshorts showing end in bare feet. Her ankles are bound together.

"Sally? What's?"
"You don't remember?" A pout, even as a flash of white, a crash loud enough to shake the earth, fills my head. I grimace. Sally grins as my eyes refocus, shaking her semi bound body on my bed, showing me her pert butt and rope tied wrists. "Well, handsome man," a wink, "going to finish what you started?"

Picking the damp rope up, I smile back at Deborah, who gives her bound body another teasing wiggle, silently inviting me to continue.

My school, Deborah's too, has it's own pool. All the year eleven girls look amazing whenever swimming comes up in sports class, it's a wonder they allow boys and girls to mix for this.

But none wear the school regulation one piece better then Deborah.

Toned body lashed to the shiny metal shower pole at ankles, knees, and wrists. Her large D cups strain at the shiny dark blue swimsuit fabric, whilst erect nipples seem intent on burrowing through to freedom. Long black hair is plastered to her face, pinned by the black leather of a ballgags strap. I've always fantasised about tying her here.

Deborah. Sally. Morgan. Three girls in my year I'd give anything to tie.

Deborah moans, softly, as I wrap damp rope around her chest and the pole. Seeing her breasts like this, reaching out to touch them. Finally. Her gaze finds mine and she nods. I could die right now, and be happy.

I could....

Blinding white light. A crash.

"Wait." Stepping back. Wasn't I with Sally, in my room?

"What's wrong Elwood?" Morgan giggles. "My parent's will be home in an hour, stop daydreaming and finish me off already."

Somehow managing to look cute instead of silly, Morgan's dark skinned curvy frame is covered by a pink unicorn onesie. Around the hood, atop which sits a white horn, crazy black hair is escaping everywhere. Three of her four limbs are stretched and tied off to three corners of her single bed. I'm holding the rope to finish the job.

And after. I lick my lips. Morgan's zip is down just enough, to show off just enough, to prove she's topless beneath her unicorn skin. Is she completely naked? Once I tie this final rope I'll get to find out.

Except. I look around. Morgan's room is a blur, nothing in focus. "Because I've never been here before." I nod, seeing the truth. "I'm not here now."

"Am I?"
"Well." Sally, tightly hogtied, wriggles. "There was an accident."

Blinding white light. The oncoming car. A crash filling the world as car met bike. Met me.

"I'm dead." Looking up from my hands. Deborah, still gagged, can only nod.

"I'm scared."
"Don't be." Sally, standing now, we both are, in a field of lush grass. Only her wrists are bound.

"But." I feel the ache in my heart. It feels real. "I'm so young."
"We know." Morgan, wrists bound behind her, onesie still giving me a cheeky flash. "That's why we're here Elwood." Smiling, whilst behind her a door of pure white light appears. "Take all the time you need," half turning, gesturing, "before you cross over."
"So." A half smile. "I can play?"

"Yes." Smiling back, the field fading, becoming my bedroom as Morgan becomes Deborah. Hogtied. She's getting my bed wet. I don't mind.

"Well." Arched eyebrow, nodding to the ballgag in my hand. "Going to use that?"
"Definitely." I grin. The door can wait, there are things I want to do first.
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Love your elaborate writing Bunny :) x
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