Down the slopes (M/M)

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Down the slopes (M/M)

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„So when will you be back?”, I asked my boyfriend. “Around six. Want to use our last day here to the full extent. Got a surprise for you.”, he said and opened the door to our cabin. “Let’s hope it is better than the last one.”, I said and got a pout back from him, “You know that wasn’t my fault.” He grabbed his gym bag with all his gear and waited at the door for his goodbye kiss. “Yeah, yeah.”, I said and gave him a little smooch. “Later.”, he said and closed the door.

Time for me to prepare the Valentine’s dinner. Dylan and I were together for nearly five years and normally we don’t really care about these special events but this time he just surprised me with this trip to Aspen and said that we would spend Valentine’s Day here. His father owned the ski resort so he just asked his dad for one of the best cabins.

What he didn’t think about was that I absolutely hate skiing and snowboarding. It apparently never came up in conversation so instead we decided that I get to enjoy a somewhat relaxed ‘spa weekend’ while he would hit up the slopes. Although we did rent a sleigh for half a day and used it to make the slopes unsafe. Quite literally I might add.

And because he organised the whole trip, I thought it would only be fair if I made dinner for us. I also prepped the pool and made the bed. I wanted this evening to be just perfect.

Once it was six in the afternoon he came in, all sweaty and undoubtably tired from his workout session. “So how was it?”, I asked turning around and immediately getting grabbed. He pulled me into a hug and kissed me. Not a normal kiss, quite a hot and steamy one. After he gave me a second to breathe, I asked, “Must have been a good workout?” He just groaned and picked me up, carrying me to the bedroom, placing me rather roughly down. Dylan’s beast mode had been activated.

I already had a feeling where this was going, so I said, “Dylan come on. I got everything ready can’t we do the interesting part after dinner.” He clearly wasn’t in the mood for any intervention from me. He took of his sweatshirt and his sweatpants to reveal his sweaty Underarmour gear. He started to grind himself against me smiling as I let out a small moan. He knew my weaknesses. That’s when he took off my clothes only to leave me in my underwear. He swirled me around onto my stomach and placed his sweaty, smelly hand on my mouth. He wrapped his other arm around my stomach pressing me against him and making sure I wasn’t able to get away from him.

“You better be a good boy tonight. I’ve got a whole bag of surprises for you. Got them especially for tonight.”, he said and intensified the pressure on my mouth as I started to groan. The food was getting cold. Dylan’s arm moved further down around my waist, as his hand found a spot on me cotch.

“Careful babe or I might have to make sure you keep quiet.”, he warned, as I moaned again, but defiant as I am, I kept mumbling about the food into his hand. Suddenly I felt him grab both my hands and pull them behind my back as he quickly put a zip tie around them. The same was done with my legs and he tied them together with my wrists into a hogtie. I think it is clear that this got me quite agitated.

As he left me to struggle on the bed, Dylan left the room and re-entered shortly afterwards with a big duffel bag. And I mean big. It was one of these oversize-ones which were reinforced. They looked like those from the military just even bigger and sturdier. He often used it as his gym bag but I didn’t even know he had brought it.

“Since you are such a bad boy, I guess I have to punish you again.”, he said and I tried to plead, “Come on, Dylan please I put so much effort into making us dinner…” And as I protested, I heard him unzip the bag, pull something out and then I was greeted with one of his worn socks which he quickly put into my mouth. Then he produced a big gag which he expertly worked over my head and fastened the straps behind my head.

I was efficiently silenced and no noise other than quiet garbles of sound left my throat. He then continued to empty the bag out all over the floor, which granted me the ability to get a glimpse of all the stuff that was in it. This would be a long night. The food would most certainly get cold.

When he saw me peeking at the gear, he quickly grabbed something and pulled the blindfold over my eyes blinding me. I then felt his hand gently around my throat as he whispered into my ear, “Tonight you are all mine. At my mercy, little one.” He hasn’t used that nickname in quite a while.

He then undid the zip ties around my wrist and I felt him immediately playing with something leathery as he must have slipped the leather cuffs around them, tightening them to their full extent. He always liked to make things really tight for me. He must have done the same thing with my legs as I felt him playing with those too. He even started to tickle my soles a little, once he was done linking my wrists to my feet again.

Dylan picked me up again and set me down on the floor but not on my stomach but on my knees. “Now, you have been a bad boy tonight I guess you need a little special time out.”, he said as I felt him grab my head softly but firmly and pulled it towards his crotch. That always made me weak. He first pressed me against one of his legs but I knew what he wanted. I knew that he knew that he already gotten me in the mood too. So, I started to play into the scene just to please my hunky man, rubbing myself against his crotch to show how much I appreciated him.

He held me there for quite a bit before he continued by saying, “Now while I get to enjoy the food, you’re going to enjoy your punishment.” As I started to trash around, I felt his hand wrap itself tenderly around my throat again holding me still as he said, “Don’t want you to have any fun.” As he pushed something into my ears. After he was done, I could barely hear anything. He took away all my senses. Well, except my smell. I wish he would’ve taken that. That prick has chatted with some guys online again because he made a big improvement visible by my crotch, which he attacked again after this. But he didn’t let me get far as he moved away. While he was doing something, I started to taste the sweat and grime of his workout gear. It was disgusting but turned me on so much.

Every now and then I nearly toppled over from trying to free myself and while I thought he had gone into another room he protected me from falling each time. He was probably sitting on the bed and enjoying the view. I was wrong because all of a sudden, he picked me up and lifted me of the ground placing me down on a different kind of material. As he pushed my head down to the ground, I knew what he was doing. He was going to zip me up into the duffel bag. I started to fight but he was quick and put the walls of the bag around my body and made sure to hold me down so that I could barely move. Then I felt him stuff clothes around my body. From the smell that was building up it was all his workout gear he used on the trip and from the puffiness it had to be his skiing stuff too. I kept fighting him although with no success as he pulled parts of the bag up, to close the zipper once and for all.

Knowing him I wouldn’t get out of this predicament before the morning. I really would like to know what sparked this sudden urge of him. Especially after we both planned every second of this evening.

I felt him move the bag a little only to find that he used something to tighten the bag even more. Probably the baggage belts I saw laying with all the other stuff. If this really was it, he certainly packed more than he wanted to use. There are already way to many innuendos here.

Once these belts were in place, I felt him grab the duffel and pick it up. For him I wasn’t really a challenge. He was a wrestler and I only weighed around 60 kilo / 130 pounds. He is used to far more weight than me. Sometimes he uses me as weight.

What was going on outside of the bag had been of no knowledge to me. I was put down a few moments later and felt something heavy being put on top of me. That prick used me as a footstool. The smell of the bag was getting to me after a while. My hunky boyfriend works out everyday for nearly three hours and his stuff smells like it.
Time was passing with me pressed into this thing like meat into a sausage skin. I gave up struggling because it would only make him decide to keep me in this longer and at some point, I must have fallen asleep.

In the morning, or what I presumed as such, I woke up as the bag was shaken. After a few seconds it was shaken again and lifted off the ground. What the hell was he doing? Suddenly I felt a jolt of cold air around the bag and knew we had to be outside. Then there was the familiar beeping of the car. I started to struggle again and earned an immediate punishment. Being roughly let go and landing on the ground. That really hurt, but it could have been worse, thanks to all the clothes. He picked me up again and placed me inside the car. Presumably inside the trunk which was the only place I would fit because of the ski and sticks which had to be placed on the passenger’s seats. Also, I wouldn’t be able to disturb him from back here.

He would literally keep me like this until we got home. It was a three-hour drive. After I had been sat down, I gathered that he didn’t close the trunk because there was no sudden jolt of the car. I found out very soon that that was because he wanted to put the rest of our bags on top of me. Each bag put more weight on me and my bonds. Then he finally closed the trunk and I heard multiple of the car’s doors open and close. Then the motor was started and the car with me inside the trunk drove off.

I guess the wonderful Valentines Day vacation went down the slopes…

…into a snow wall.
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Thanks for entering the Sort Story Competition. We had a great standard this time and a lot of variety. I hope you will paticipate in the next contest as well.
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Wow, what a great story! I'd like to read more about these two hunks! 😊
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