Trying To Find A Real M/M Motel Bondage Story

If you are having trouble finding an old story and remember the title, author, and/or a description someone might be able to help track it down!

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Trying To Find A Real M/M Motel Bondage Story

Post by WrappedUp »

Hello, I've been hoping to find a story from the old site that a member wrote about a true experience. I'm hoping the story is archived, or the author is still active, as it was an very exciting bondage story that makes my cheeks red just remembering.

I don't remember when I found it. It could of been around 2016-18.

There were a few chapters, starting with the author setting up a staged kidnapping. He is taken into a van by the captor and bound. Then he is led into a motel room where the captor ties and teases him. It is a very sexual story and I remember one part where the author is locked in a closet, and another where he is fed pizza I believe. He is left in his underwear, tied up, and punished if he makes a mess.

I have not been able to find this story again, and I have no idea how to even look for it since I don't remember the name of it, or the author. I searched "Motel" and couldn't find it. If anyone can help me out I would be very happy! :D

Thank you.