Story request (author: Janus408989)

If you are having trouble finding an old story and remember the title, author, and/or a description someone might be able to help track it down!

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Story request (author: Janus408989)

Post by ravemuraix »

Hi, deeply appreciate if anyone could help with finding a lost story (most likely) by the author @Janus408989 .

I have been enjoying his content since a while back, and there was one story that stuck with me till today, but was lost sadly with the "reboot" of the site. It was a FM/F with adult themes. The dominant female solicited a newbie sub (F) into a session involving sexual games between her and her male partner.. The session involved the fetish of forced pantyhoods and strict bondage to a bed, and later the introduction of the dominant female's male partner, who inserted a vibrator plug affixed to a pole that is affixed to the bed. The story ends just as the male partner turned on the vibrator at the sub's sexual high...

The story stands out for two reasons; firstly for how realistic and probable it was (to me), secondly for how a newbie is unexpected reduced to a sexual sub and used in a kinky couple's tie up games. It was a well packaged story that was paced just as would an evening session might turn out with a newcomer IRL.

Hope that I can be given the pleasure of reading this story again :) Many thanks to both the author and the community.