skybird137 : 09 - The Headmistress - A Second What If Story (F/F)

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skybird137 : 09 - The Headmistress - A Second What If Story (F/F)

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09 - The Headmistress - A Second What If Story
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By @skybird137

Tue May 10, 2011 6:47 am

After Reading Headmistress’s story about finding Kathy in self-bondage, the The Headmistress FF, a story idea ran through my mind of something different happening that changes the whole situation.

Please note that this is a completely different story to the first ‘what if’ story.

I asked Headmistress for the permission to write this tale, taken from her experiences and it was granted. Here is that story. As clothing isn’t mentioned I have taken the liberty and decided that Headmistress is wearing a white blouse, short black skirt, and black stockings. Headmistress even provided me with a name in this tale for her, ‘Davinia’ and it starts after this point:

“The lights went off. I heard her walk back into the office. it took what seemed like ages before my heart resumed it's normal beating. I waited for about 10-15 minutes before slowing inching out from under the table and cautiously looking around.

I tiptoed down the hall feeling terrified.”

The Headmistress FF? A Second What If Story.

Suddenly, Davinia felt her herself being pushed very hard against the wall. Winded and stunned, she was unable to prevent her arms from being roughly pulled behind her back. Her fear grew as cold steel circled her wrists and she realised that she was now securely handcuffed. Davinia also could not clearly make out her assailant in the dim safety lights.

A band was quickly put over Davinia’s eyes and it was knotted tightly behind the back of her head. She then heard the sound of tearing and knew, with horror, what was going to happen next. Then tape went over her mouth, sealing it shut.

Davinia’s terror increased by a magnitude of 10, as it hit her that she was now bound, gagged and blindfolded by an intruder!

An enraged growling voice, tinged with a little fear said “Are you the only one here?”

He doesn’t know Kathy’s here! Davinia thought. I can’t alert him to the fact that she’s here. Davinia nodded her head, whining and pleading through her gag.

“Good.” The growly voice said. “Now come with me!”

A hand grabbed Davinia’s left arm roughly. Davinia had no choice but to walk with the intruder now, as fighting or running away was impossible.

What’s he going to do to me! Davinia thought in terror. He must have come here to rob the place, but he now has me as his prisoner! If he leaves me tied up, I will stay like this until Monday morning. And given that I’m a woman, he might even decide to... he might- Oh My God!


At this point Davinia lost it from sheer terror and started screaming through her nose, as much as she could.

Davinia stopped suddenly as a hand clamped over her nose, sealing off her airway. She was unable to breathe and struggled helplessly. I’m going to die! I’m going to die here and they are going to find my lifeless body here on the floor!

The hand was removed from her nose. Davinia just concentrated on breathing in and out as quickly as possible.

“Try screaming again and next time, the hand stays there, do you understand?” the voice growled.

Davinia nodded her head, quiet sobs escaping from her.

“Good.” The hand grabbed her arm again pulling her along. Davinia followed, waiting for the inevitable and she had no idea where she was.

“Sit!” A hand pushed against her and she fell, ending up in a chair. It felt like leather. She realised it was Kathy’s chair. She was in the Headmistress’s office!

I can’t hear anyone else, so at least Kathy is safe, although that’s hardly a consolation. Davinia felt her ankles being pulled back to the chair stem and being put either side of it. Next she felt rope being used to tie her ankles to the stem. She was now securely bound to the chair with no chance of escape. If he’s put me in this position, maybe he just wants to rob the place. So what’s he going to do now?

“I’m going to deal with you now, I only need to make one phone call and that’s it.” The growling voice said. “But first I need to have a good look at you.”

He’s going to call someone? Oh No! Davinia’s mind ran through lots of possibilities in an instant, each one of them horrific. I have to keep calm and not scream again. He’ll kill me!

She listened as she could hear movement over at the light switch and prepared herself for all sorts of terrifying situations. But what happened was not what she was prepared for.

She heard the light switch flicked and as the fluorescent light flicked on, she could see the faint light at the edge of the blindfold.

She was completely unprepared for the high-pitched shriek and then a voice she knew only too well.

“Oh My God! What have I done! Davinia!” Kathy screamed at the top of her voice.

Davinia’s terror and fear melted away, to be replaced by relief. Now the tears flowed from her eyes at the emotional change. She felt arms embracing her, comforting her.

“Oh Davinia, I’m so sorry, I thought you were an intruder. I couldn’t see anything under the safety light and when I left my office and saw someone in the corridor I just panicked! It’s only when I switched the office light on that I recognised you! I nearly called the police to take you away!”

Kathy thought that I was an intruder?! I can’t believe it! I thought that I was the one being taken prisoner by an intruder. This is insane, absolutely crazy!

At this, Davinia actually laughed, partly at the situation, and partly with relief. She heard Kathy starting to laugh, too.

As they were laughing, Davinia had her blindfold and gag removed. She blinked a few times to get used to the light, and looked at Kathy. She was wearing that red dress with gold buttons, and with pink stockings!

“Are you okay?” Kathy asked, with a look of relief mixed still mixed with some fear.

“Maybe okay is not the right word, but I’m no longer scared or terrified.” Davinia answered. “That was your voice?”

“Yes.” Kathy answered “I had to use a voice like that, once for a play. I thought if the intruder thought I was male, they would be more intimidated.”

“Intimidated is hardly the word. You scared the crap out of me.”

Knowing that Kathy hadn’t asked her about why she was here, Davinia thought it best to say why.

“The reason I am here is: Earlier, at 2am, I discovered that I hadn’t taken my wallet home and that I had probably left it here. So I came here and I found my wallet, and then I ended up bound, gagged and blindfolded.”

“I’m so sorry about what I did to you, Davinia. You could call the police and have me arrested, and I wouldn’t blame you for it. I should go to jail for what I’ve done to you.” Kathy said.

“Don’t be silly. As far you knew you were supposed to be alone and discovered an unknown intruder in the school, who was tip-toeing along quietly. You exercised reasonable force under the circumstances, subdued and restrained the individual and were going to call the police.” Davinia responded.

“But still, I terrified you and at one point threatened to kill you. You must have been scared out of your wits. I have no excuse” Kathy countered.

“You had reasonable suspicion that you were in great danger.” Replied Davinia, now letting desire to win the argument get ahead of her thinking. “It’s all my fault, not yours. I probably scared you to death when I didn’t reply after I made that noise outside your office and you said ‘Is someone there?’”.

At this supreme act of pedodentology (The art of opening one’s mouth and putting one’s foot in it), Davinia groaned inside. I’ve let her know that I was right outside her office and she’s smart enough to work out why I didn’t answer. I’m in trouble now..

“You were outside my office?!” Kathy exclaimed. “For how long? What did you see? Oh My God! You saw what I was doing, didn’t you? That’s why you didn’t answer.” Kathy almost shrieked her comments, the blood draining from her face, leaving her pale and shaking. “My career’s ruined! When you tell people about this I’ll be destroyed!”

I have to calm her down! Davinia thought Kathy looks like she’s about to go off the deep end.

“So you’re into self-bondage, big deal.” Davinia said. “Do you really think that you’re unique? That you’re the only one in the world?”

Davinia watched as her off-hand comment slapped Kathy back to her senses.

“What do you know about Self-Bondage?” Asked Kathy, calmer now.

“A lot actually, Headmistress, and anyway, self-bondage with handcuffs is easy. When you use rope, that’s when you show how good you are.” Davinia answered, and proceed to tell the story of her ‘Unfortunate little TUG’ and the situation she got herself into. “Which is why I’m not going to tell anyone. I would be a complete hypocrite.”

“I really want to believe you.” Kathy said, still with a very worried look on her face “I wish I had proof though. If I had some proof I could relax.”

“Headmistress, if I had plenty of rope, I could prove it here and now.” Davinia said, her desire to win the argument surfacing again. “You would be able to see me bound and gagged by my own hand.”

“Well, actually, I brought plenty of rope but I didn’t use it. It’s in the car.” Kathy replied.

“Go get it then. I can’t run off like this, so don’t worry.” Davinia said.

Kathy left the office. Oh, Great! I’ve just offered to tie myself up right in front of my own headmistress. Not the best Idea in the world. Thought Davinia. But it may be the only way to calm her down and resolve this situation.

Kathy returned, showing Davinia a large bag out of which she took a lot of rope, a few scarves and a ball-gag.

Wow! Davinia thought Kathy really is well equipped for bondage.

Kathy then knelt down and untied Davinia’s ankles from the chair.

“Stand up, young lady!” Kathy ordered. Davinia stood up.

That’s better, Davinia thought. Kathy has managed to get some of her fire back. Hopefully, she’ll be okay before long.

“Now, young lady, turn around.” Kathy commanded.

“Yes, headmistress.” Davinia turned her back to Kathy. Kathy unlocked and remove the handcuffs from Davinia.

“Now go and tie yourself up.” Kathy said.

Davinia sat on the chair and took a strand of rope. She doubled it, then started to loop the rope horizontally around her ankles. After looping the rope several times, she then made several vertical loops which cinched the ankle ropes. Finally Davinia tied the ends off, securing her ankle bondage.

She then took a second piece of rope and proceeded to secure her legs below the knees in the same manner.

A third piece of rope was then used by Davinia to tie her own legs together above the knees.

Davinia got a fourth piece of rope now. She placed her bottom on the edge of the chair and hoisted her skirt up, showing her stocking tops. Now Davinia tied her own thighs together, just below her stocking tops, in the same way as her other leg bondage.

Kathy was blushing furiously. Davinia felt her own face blushing in response.

Davinia also felt something else. It was a sense of arousal in her own body. I’m being turned on by tying myself up for another woman!

“What’s wrong, headmistress?” Asked Davinia.

“Nothing.” Answered Kathy. “I didn’t know you were so good at this. I need you to teach me how to tie myself up, sometime”

“Okay.” Davinia took another two long pieces of rope. She tied one of the lengths around her arms above her breast and another length below, cinching the ropes at the side of her body.

“Does it hurt?” Kathy asked.

“No, not at all.” Davinia replied. “It’s actually very comfortable and pleasant.”

Davinia picked up a piece of rope. “This is the most important stage.” She said “If you don’t get this bit right, all the rest is pointless.” She started to loop the ropes and get them secured into a tight X around her wrists.

Davinia worked on getting the loops as tight as possible so that she would not be able to escape. Davinia also found herself in a much higher sense of arousal.

I hope I don’t have to stay like this for too long. I’m going to drive myself crazy!

Once this was done, Davinia stood up and then hopped around so that Kathy could see her effectively bound hands.

“And you are actually tied up for real now, young lady?” Asked Kathy.

Davinia put on a display of genuine struggling to prove it, trying to get her hands free.

She answered “Yes, I couldn’t even escape, even if I wanted to, Mistress.”

Mistress! Oh my God, I actually called Kathy ’Mistress’! Davinia thought about what she had said. I might have well just told her that I want to be her slave. I’ve already tied myself up for her. that such a bad idea? She may actually stop worrying then.

Kathy looked surprised and a little shocked. It looked like she couldn’t get any redder.

“W-What did you s-say, y-young l-lady?” Kathy said. “I didn’t catch the last part, I think you said ’Headmistress’ wrong. I could have sworn you said ‘Mistress’”

“I did, Mistress. And I know what it means to use the word. I’m yours now.” Davinia answered.

Suddenly, Davinia found herself in a massive embrace, Kathy hugging her.

Davinia snuggled into Kathy, while Kathy planted little kisses on her neck, ears and cheeks.

Kathy pulled back from the kisses, and gazed into Davinia’s eyes. Davinia closed her eyes and parted her lips slightly.

She felt Kathy plant her lips, gently and sweetly, onto Davinia’s own. Then Davinia felt a tongue brush against the outside of her teeth, and so she gently parted her teeth. The other tongue probed her mouth tenderly. Davinia caressed it with her own tong. Then the two tongues intertwined.

Davinia and Kathy stayed connected like for a while. Finally, Kathy drew back

“That was wonderful, Mistress.”

“So it should be,” Kathy responded “You do know you misbehaved badly tonight, young lady and you were naughty three times?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Davinia answered.

“What was your first act?”

Davinia thought for a second. Looks like I’m going to get a red bottom now and there’s nothing I’m going to be able to do about it!I might as well go along with this now.

“It was to sneak up to your office, Mistress.”

“That’s right. Now what was your second?”

“It was when I didn’t answer when you called out.”

“True. And the final one?”

“That was when I sneaked around on tiptoe.”

“Well, can you think of a suitable punishment for a girl who’s been naughty to a headmistress, young lady?”

“Yes, Mistress. It’s the classic six of the best. Well, three sixes of the best.”

Kathy picked up the ball-gag. “Okay young lady, open wide.” She said.

Davinia did so, and the large ball was inserted into her mouth. Kathy tightly buckled the straps at the back of Davinia’s neck. At least this will give me something to bite on when I get spanked.

“MMPPHH!” became the only word in Davinia’s vocabulary now.

Kathy pulled out the basic plastic chair used for visitors to sit in, and then made Davinia hop over to the right side of the chair. Kathy took the steel rule from her desk, sat down and bent Davinia over her knee, resting on her lap.

Oh God! Thought Davinia Here I am, I’ve tied myself up for Kathy who’s now become my Mistress and I’m ball-gagged as tight as I possibly can be. Now, I’m bent over Kathy’s knees and about to have my bottom spanked for being a naughty girl! Thank God I forgot my wallet!

“MMPPHH!!” Davinia cried through her gag and her body jerked up as the edge of the steel rule struck her bottom, making it sting like crazy.

And that’s just the first one! Seventeen more to go!

Davinia felt two more blows to her backside. She squealed an “MMPPHH!!” each time which synchronised with the jerking of her body.

Kathy did a final three blows at this point, and Davinia struggled and squirmed because of the stinging blows.

Davinia now felt the touch of Kathy’s hand smoothing her bottom, providing a nice pleasant sensation.

This is only going to make it worse when Kathy starts the second round.

“Round two, young lady.” Kathy called out.

Davinia felt the bottom of her skirt being touched.

She wouldn’t! Oh no! She has! Kathy’s pulled my skirt up and it’s now around my waist! The only thing covering my bottom are my black panties!

Davinia braced herself for the inevitable, knowing that it would be more painful without the skirt to protect her.

She shouted through her gag as three blows hit her bottom. The stinging made Davinia squirm.

Another three blows rained down, each hurting more than the last.

Davinia cried “MMPPHH!!” through her gag and squirmed at each stinging touch of the rule

Davinia again felt the smooth caress of Kathy’s hand on her bottom. Sighs of pleasure escaped Davinia’s mouth.

“Now for the final round, my naughty young girl.”

Davinia realised that Kathy’s hands had taken hold of the top of her panties.

She wouldn’t! Come on, she wouldn’t dare! Oh God, she did! She’s pulled my panties down to my thigh ropes! I’m completely exposed to her and I’m going to receive a bare-bottom spanking! I have absolutely nothing to reduce the pain now.

Davinia bit hard into the ball for the pain that was to follow.

She screamed through her ball-gag each time as the six measured blows landed hard upon her exposed cheeks. Her squirming became uncontrollable and she felt Kathy’s left hand push against her back to keep her in position.

Her bottom felt like it was on fire.

Finally, Davinia felt the touch of Kathy’s hand now making her feel better. She also felt something else.

Davinia was now extremely aroused from the spanking.

Kathy stood Davinia up and adjusted her clothes so that she looked decent again.

“You look like you need something, young lady.” Kathy commented.

“MMPPHH!!” Davinia said nodding.

Oh God! I need to orgasm! I need it so much!

“Soon, young lady, soon.” Said Kathy.

Kathy took out a piece of rope, doubled it, and then tightly tied it around Davinia’s waist and wrists securing her arms to her side.

Kathy moved Davinia into lying down on the floor, on her left side. Davinia felt another piece of rope being tied to her wrists. Then she felt Kathy thread the ropes between her legs.

Kathy’s crotch roping me! At this rate, I’m going to explode. Davinia moaned through her gag.

Davinia watched as Kathy looped the rope around the waist rope, then put a series of knots along a short length of the rope. “Guess what this is going to do.” She said.

I know, yes I know what that does.

Davinia watched as Kathy threaded the rope back between her legs and felt the rope being looped back over her wrists. Davinia was now rolled over onto her front and felt her legs being bent at the knees and now felt her ankles touching her bottom. She felt the end of the rope being tightly tied around her ankles and also felt the knots press deep against her womanhood.

It’s not just a crotch-rope, it hogties me as well! Davinia struggled wildly but to no avail, serving only to arouse her even more. Every move I make is just driving me crazy!

Davinia watched as Kathy took a cloth strip off the table. Davinia now found herself, tightly blindfolded.

Why has she blindfolded me? She must be up to something.

She heard Kathy move around the office.

What’s Kathy up to!

Davinia felt herself rolled onto her back. After a while she was then rolled onto her right side, then her left. She was placed in a kneeling position. Finally Davinia ended up back on her front.

Davinia felt Kathy remove her eyes. Then she got an almighty shock!

Lying on the floor, in front of Davinia were five photographs, taken by a Polaroid camera. They were picture of her on her back, front, on her sides and kneeling.

She’s photographed me while I was blindfolded! Davinia started a panicked struggle. What’s she going to do with them?

“Calm down, young lady. You’ll get them back if you’ll do just one favour for me.” Kathy said. “All you have to do is give me an orgasm.”

Davinia nodded her head, slowly.

“And after that you will get your orgasm.”

Kathy removed her dress, which showed that she was wearing nothing but stockings and suspenders underneath.

Davinia watched as Kathy lay down on the floor and positioned herself so that her womanhood was below Davinia’s gagged mouth.

“I’m going to remove your gag for this. No speaking or the deal’s off.”

Davinia nodded.

Kathy removed Davinia’s gag and then said “Get started.”

Now, I’m Kathy’s bandage sex toy, being used for her pleasure. This is amazing!

Davinia used her tongue expertly and it wasn’t long before she brought Kathy to the peak of orgasm.

After taking a short while to recover from her experience, Kathy picked up the ball-gag and said “Open wide.”

Davinia did so and she was again tightly ball-gagged. Moments later she was also blindfolded.

She felt herself being rolled onto her back and that her blouse and bra were being undone.

My turn now, I hope.

“I’m going to so play you like a musical instrument.”

Davinia felt sweet kisses on her breasts and nipples and her nipples gently sucked into Kathy’s mouth. She felt Kathy’s hands all over her lower body and Kathy’s fingers caressing her womanhood and the crotch rope.

The touches and caresses grew faster and stronger

Davinia was already so aroused that she was almost at the brink of orgasm.

Then the touches stopped.

Davinia screamed through her gag Let me climax! I want to come so much!

“Agree to be my slave until Monday morning and I will give you what you want.”

Okay! I’ll do it, i’ll be you slave! Just give me my release!

“MMPPHH!! MMPPHH!!” Davinia nodded her head and mmpphh’ed a series of yes’s.

She felt Kathy continue and within moments had the most mind-blowing orgasm ever.

When she came back to her senses, Davinia noticed that all of her leg ropes had gone.

“Come with me now, young lady.” Kathy ordered.

Davinia felt herself being helped up of the ground and then being held by her right arm. She felt herself being pulled along for a while and then heard the hatch of a car boot open.

She was helped into the boot and felt her ankles being tied together and she was placed into a hogtie.

She heard the boot hatch close, the car start up, and felt the motion of travelling for a while.

Then the car stopped, the boot hatch opened, the hogtie and ankle ropes were untied and Davinia worked out that she was now at Kathy’s home.

Davinia was helped out of the car, walked into the house, then upstairs where she spent a small while in the bathroom, so that she could relieve herself before bedtime

Now Davinia had her gag removed, given a drink, and the gag was then put back in.

Davinia was moved to another room and she realised that she was in Kathy’s bedroom.

She felt her legs being securely bound at the ankles, knees and upper thigh. Next she was rolled onto her right side and hogtied.

She was kissed sweetly on the neck and cheek.

“Goodnight and sweet dreams, young lady.” Kathy whispered.

Davinia felt herself drifting off in Kathy’s arms, thinking This might be the most wonderful weekend ever!

The end.

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