skybird137 : 08 - Katie Schoolgirl (FF/F, M/F)

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skybird137 : 08 - Katie Schoolgirl (FF/F, M/F)

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08 - Katie Schoolgirl
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By @skybird137

Sun May 01, 2011 12:45 am

The following story contains an act of love!

Those who are offended by such things and those who are under age, stop reading now.

This is another story that I originally wrote for a female friend of mine. She enjoyed this one too, and liked the idea of being the helpless schoolgirl. I have changed the name so that it isn't hers in the story now.

If anyone wants a personalized copy of this, please let me know.

Now, onto the story.
Katie Schoolgirl

Katie realised that she was in a major predicament. I can't move, she thought. Here I am, a sixteen year old girl, dressed in my school uniform of shoes, white knee length socks, black knee length skirt and white blouse. I'm gagged with my own tie and tied to a basic school desk, which was just under waist height. I'm completely bent over, with my arms stretched out and tied to the two far legs with skipping ropes and my legs are spread far apart and tied to the near two desk legs with more skipping ropes.

Katie struggled furiously. If I ever get my hands on my so-called ‘friends' I'll kill them, she thought. How on Earth did I let them get me like this? Katie's mind went back to the start...

Katie was in school with her friends at the end of the school day, when the eldest friend suggested that they sneak around the offices, just for fun. Katie was a little wary of this. She was always getting into trouble. To be more accurate, her friend was causing the trouble and Katie was getting the blame for it. Her friend was the daughter of a close friend of the headmaster's and the headmaster always managed to twist the situation to make it appear that Katie was at fault. Right now, Katie was one step away from being expelled.

"Don't worry, we won't be caught." Katie's friend said.

I hope not, Katie thought, I could get into real trouble because of you.

Katie's friend opened the door to one of the offices. "Look, it's empty. Quick, lets get in." Katie, her friend and the other two girls quickly entered the office. Katie's friend shut the door. The room looked like a normal office, except there was also a school desk.

"I wonder what the desk's for?" asked Katie.

"Perhaps it's for pupils who have to do detention." Answered her friend. "Or maybe, it's for YOU!"

At this, the other three girls grabbed Katie and she was bent over the desk.

"What are you doing?" Katie asked.

"You'll find out soon enough." Her ‘friend' answered. She was behind Katie and she held Katie down by holding onto her arms at the shoulders. The other two girls were each tying a skipping rope to one of Katie's wrists. Next, they tied Katie's wrists to the legs on the far corners of the desk. Katie was now bent over and unable to stand up.

Katie felt her legs being pulled wide apart and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Now, the two girls got two more skipping ropes and tied Katie's ankles to the two near legs. To secure her ankles firmly, the ropes went above and below the bar that connected to the far legs of the desk. Katie was now firmly tied down.

The lead girl removed Katie's tie. "What are you doing?" Katie asked, "That's my ti-"

Katie's tie was wrapped around her head and went between her teeth twice. Her friend then knotted the tie behind Katie's head. She was now helplessly bound and gagged.

Katie saw her friend write something on a piece of paper which was then shown to Katie. It said "I NEED A GOOD TAKING!". The piece of paper was then stuck to Katie's back using adhesive tape. Katie groaned and struggled furiously, all to no avail.

"You really are stupid!" the lead girl said. "Do you know why you were my friend? So you could take the blame for whatever I did. But I've grown tired of you and it would be fun to see you expelled. As soon as a teacher finds you like this, you be punished and kicked out of school. I can always find a new person stupid enough to take the blame for me!" The girl gloated. "Have fun!" and with that, she and her friends left, leaving Katie to her fate.

I must escape! Katie thought. If I'm discovered like this, I'll be expelled for sure!

It was at this point that the door to the office opened.

"What's going on here?" a voice asked. Katie groaned through her gag. It was the science teacher/acting deputy headmaster, Derrick Smith. She wished it was anyone else but him. He was a stickler for the rules, but the worst thing was, even though he had only come to the school a few months ago, she developed a major crush on him. Katie was completely embarrassed now.

"You know that this is a major breach of the rules." Derrick said. Katie nodded.

"Officially, I should report this, Katie, but seeing as it would result in your expulsion and clearly you were not the instigator of this situation, I'm prepared to deal with this unofficially. Do you want this?"

Katie nodded vigorously. This means I won‘t get expelled! She thought. A real last chance!

""This will get a little painful, I'm afraid." Derrick told Katie. He went to the cupboard and took out a slipper. Katie knew what was going to happen. Derrick moved behind Katie. "Are you ready?" he asked. Katie nodded. Better to get this over with.

Katie felt the pressure of the slipper and the sting it left on her cheeks after each blow. It surprised her because she expected the blows to be a lot harder, they weren't causing any real pain and occasionally Derrick would gently smooth over her cheeks with his hands, making it almost pleasurable.

"Part two now." Derrick said. Katie felt her skirt being lifted up to her waist. She knew that her white cotton panties were now clearly visible to him. I hope he enjoys the view, Katie thought. Oh my God! I can't believe I just thought that!

More blows started to land on Katie's bottom, without any protection from the skirt now. The stinging felt more powerful and she started to squirm when she was being spanked. But when her bottom was being smoothed, little sighs of pleasure escaped from her mouth. I'm actually enjoying this! Katie thought I'm Derrick's bound and gagged captive, and I like him spanking me!

"Final part now." Derrick said. Katie felt her white cotton panties being pulled down. I'm completely exposed now, she thought He could take complete advantage of me like this!

The blows started again, this time against her bare backside. Katie pressed herself against the desk and each blow stimulated her womanhood, even though her cheeks were stinging. She fantasised that she was not being spanked, but that Derrick was making love to her, and each blow was a thrust by him into her.

Then it was over and Katie wished that it wasn't.

"Your bottom is a little red now." Said Derrick. Katie blushed furiously, all four cheeks now matching in colour.

Her panties were pulled back up and her skirt was lowered back over her bottom. Derrick lent over her and started to untie her gag. As he pressed against her, Katie once again imagined that he was taking advantage of her helpless body, making love to her while she was powerless.

When her gag was removed, Katie told Derrick the whole story. "You're lucky that she chose my office," Derrick said "Anyone else and you would have been expelled. That girl is nothing but trouble. The headmaster protects her, and her father, the head of the Parent's association, protects him. There's already been one girl expelled, even though it really wasn't her fault, and you were about to follow her."

"Is there any way that she can be stopped?" Katie asked. "Yes, but I need your help," answered Derrick. "We need to lure her in tonight. You need to make a phone call to her later on, and that should bring her here. I just need to set a few things up first"

Katie started to look very nervous. Derrick noticed this. "I'd untie you, but I think you'd get cold feet right now." He said.

"But this is getting uncomfortable," Katie said "Couldn't you tie me up so that I'm in a better position than this?"

"Yes, certainly." Derrick answered. He walked over to the desk and then untied Katie's hands from the desk. Katie stood up.

"Put your hands behind you back, Derrick commanded.

"Yes master, anything you command" Replied Katie. She put her hands behind her back, with the palms facing each other. She felt rope being wrapped around her wrists and then in between her wrists, cinching the ropes firmly. Katie's hands were now tied securely behind her back. Next, the rest of the rope from her wrists was looped around her waist twice and tied tightly, making sure that Katie's hands were tied to her back. She struggled, but she couldn't get her hands free.

"If you keep struggling," Derrick said "I will have to sell you to the highest bidder."

"Don't sell me, master" replied Katie in mock anxiety "Please keep me as your slave, I'll do whatever you want." She stopped struggling.

"Ok, but be careful what you wish for, you might get it." Derrick said.

Katie now felt her elbows being pulled together behind her back until they nearly touched. Then she felt rope being tied around her elbows and then knotted. Next, the rope went around her diaphragm twice and was tied at the elbows. Katie looked down and gasped.

The effect of having her elbows tied behind her back was that her breasts were really standing out from her body! She wore a tight blouse anyway, but now her breasts were really straining against her clothing.

Now she felt Derrick untying her right and left ankles. She stood up straight and put her ankles together. Katie felt rope being wrapped around her chest, above and below her breasts and then being pulled tight. Then the rope was knotted behind her back.

Katie looked down again and clearly saw her nipples pressed hard against her white cotton bra and her blouse. Next she felt something being tied to each ankle, leaving enough space for small movements.

"Turn around." Said Derrick.

"Yes Master." Replied Katie and slowly turned around. She felt like she was a slave girl, being looked at by a potential owner. "Are you going to sell me master, or am I worth keeping?" she asked.

"Definitely worth keeping," answered Derrick. "I think that your blouse is a bit thin, though" he said as he brushed his fingers gently over her straining nipples.

Katie bit her lower lip at the strong sensations going through her body.

"There's a punishment for dressing with too thin a blouse" said Derrick, still caressing her nipples.

"What is it?" asked Katie, still biting her lower lip.

"This." Derrick said and pinched her nipples hard.

Katie let out a squeal, more for the sensation that washed through her rather than any pain that she felt. I can't believe that he did this to me, she thought He's tied me up and he's playing with me!

Derrick stopped teasing Katie's nipples, then asked her "You're sixteen aren't you?"

"Yes, just too days ago," Katie answered "Sweet sixteen and never been kissed."

"That's easily sorted out." Derrick said. He put his arms around Katie's waist and pulled her to him. Katie closed her eyes and felt her breasts press against Derrick's chest. She parted her lips slightly, in anticipation. I've always wanted him to kiss me, I just didn't think that it would be like this. Kisses are kisses though, she thought.

She experience kiss after gentle kiss on her lips and a shiver went through her body each time. Then she felt his tongue between her lips, brushing against her teeth. Katie parted her teeth and his tongue softly probed her mouth and started to caress her tongue. She intertwined her tongue with his and they stayed that way for some time. Then Derrick withdrew his tongue and Katie felt a little sad that it had stopped.

Katie felt her ankles being untied. "Now get down on your knees." She heard Derrick say.

She did so , very carefully as it was difficult with her arms bound. When Katie was on her knees, she looked back up, straight into the zipper on Derrick's trousers.

Katie thought that her face was going to catch fire, she was blushing so furiously.

“Don't worry,” Derrick said “I would never ask that of any woman. Now see if you could cross your ankles while you are kneeling.”

It was difficult, but Katie finally managed to cross her ankles. This left her knees about a foot and a half apart (45 centimetres). Derrick went behind her with the fourth and final piece of rope. She felt the rope being firmly looped around her ankles, not just horizontally, but vertically as well.

Tied like this, I won't even be able to close my legs, Katie thought. This makes me completely available.

Next she felt the rest of the rope being taken from her ankle, to her wrists, and then back to her ankle, then repeated a second time. Then the rope was pulled tightly and tied firmly. Katie reached out with her fingers and could touch her ankles, the rope was tied so tight. I can't move an inch now, she thought. I couldn't be any more helpless if I was wearing chains!

“Why don't you put a sign on me saying: Property of Derrick Smith, while you're at it.” Katie mumbled.

Derrick went over to the desk, got a piece of paper, wrote on it and showed it to Katie. Written on it was: PROPERTY OF DERRICK SMITH. He then taped it to her right breast.

“Open wide.” Katie opened her mouth wide. The tie was wrapped around her head twice, passing between her teeth. The tie was pulled tight and then knotted. Katie was now effectively gagged.

“MMFFFPPPHHH!” she said.

“You look perfect,” said Derrick. “A schoolgirl under complete control.”

Katie struggled, well as much as she could struggle, given her situation. She looked up at Derrick and put on a resigned look.

"You're looking very restrained at the moment, the way a young lady should be."

Of course I'm looking restrained, I'm wrapped up tighter than a Christmas present! Katie giggled through her gag.

She watched Derrick as he thought for a minute, then he said, "I have a few things to sort out, then I'll be back. First, I'll have to put you lying down, I don't want you to fall over while I'm gone." Katie felt his arms around her as he gently lowered her to the floor. Then her turned her over onto her stomach and the rope between her wrists and ankles was tightened.

I can't move an inch now. I can't even roll over, the way my ankles are tied are keeping my knees apart and I have to stay on my stomach!

Then Derrick asked her, "Are you ok like this? I'll be back in about 15 minutes." Katie nodded her head. Then she heard Derrick walk out of the room, leaving her not only completely helpless but totally alone, bound and gagged, for the next quarter of an hour.

Katie struggled on the floor. While she was struggling, she noticed that she kept pressing her womanhood against the floor and she was making herself aroused. Forgetting about struggling now, she started to thrust her hips against the floor, fantasising that Derrick was making love to her, and taking advantage of her while she was bound and gagged.

Katie was so caught up in her fantasy that she didn't even notice the time passing by...

"Katie! What on earth are you doing!" Derrick said.

Oh my God! He must have watched me doing this! Katie felt such shame and embarrassment that she started to cry, tears running down her cheeks.

The next thing she noticed was that she was on her side, and Derrick drying her tears with his handkerchief and saying "Don't cry, it's ok, just tell me what you were doing." Derrick removed Katie's gag.

"I'm so sorry." Katie said "I was just fantasising that you were making love to me and I forgot about everything else. Please forgive me."

"There's nothing to forgive," said Derrick. "I'm surprised that I would be the object of your fantasies though. You sound as if you would really want me to make love to you for real."

"I would, even though I know there's no chance a man like you would want a girl like me. I've had a crush on you ever since you came to this school. Right now, I feel so frustrated, you're right next to me and there's nothing I can do about it because I'm all tied up."

"Ok, open wide." Katie did so, knowing that she was going to be gagged again. The tie was wrapped around her head and tied off behind her neck. She looked pleadingly up at Derrick.

He leant down beside her and gently kissed her on her lips. Katie closed her eyes and felt kiss after kiss on her lips and cheeks. Next Katie felt her hair and neck being caressed, then little kisses planted on her cheek.

Now the kisses moved to Katie's neck and then to the top of Katie's blouse. One by one, from the top down, the buttons on Katie's blouse were undone. Next her blouse was pulled apart, exposing her body.

Katie now felt kisses all the way from her neck down to her waist. She shivered with anticipation with each tender kiss. Next she felt kisses on her breasts, just above her bra.

Now Katie felt the clasp at the front of her bra being undone. The two parts of the bra were pulled aside, leaving her breasts exposed. Sweet, gentle kisses were placed along the mounds of her breasts. Katie started to writhe from the effect of the kisses.

Kisses were then placed in little rings around each nipple and then her nipples were also taken into Derrick's mouth and gently teased. Katie moaned with pleasure.

Katie felt her skirt being lifted up to her waist and felt her thighs being gently caressed. Back and forth went Derrick's hands, raising her level of anticipation and she felt she was thrusting her hips every time his hands moved up her thigh.

Now Katie felt herself being gently turned until she was on her back. Then she felt her white cotton panties being pulled down and placed at her ankles. Next, Katie gasped as she felt a hand on her womanhood, slowly moving gently up and down. Katie started to writhe as the speed and pressure of the strokes increased, to a point where she had no control over her own body's movement.

Just when it seemed she was about to reach orgasm, the stroking stopped. This is unfair! She thought You can't leave me like this! Katie moaned complainingly at Derrick.

"Do you want me to take you?" Derrick asked.

Yes! Yes! For God's sake YES! Katie mfffphed through her gag, nodding her head vigorously.

She felt Derrick lie on top of her and felt his manhood gently enter her, taking away her innocence. She could feel him start to gently thrust against her. Then his thrust got steadily stronger and faster and Katie started to uncontrollably writhe again.

The end did not take long. Katie cried out as the orgasm swept through her helpless body with wave after wave of pleasure....

After she came down from the orgasm, Katie was told by Derrick about what she needed to do.

Later, a telephone call was made by Katie to her so called ‘friend' from the school saying exactly what Derrick told her. Then they left the school, Katie walking slowly because her feet were hobbled and she wasn't untied yet. They went to Derrick's car then Katie sat in the passenger seat and Derrick buckled her in with the seat belt.

Katie saw a police car pull up next to them and thought We're in trouble now. However, the one of the police officers just talked to Derrick about something, and then drove into the school to a secluded spot. Derrick drove his car away from the car park in the school and took Katie home untying her once they got to her house. Katie went in and closed the door. When Derrick got home he received a phone call from the police. Then he contacted Katie.

Following the call to Katie's ‘friend' she went to the school, right into the headmaster's office. Coincidently, the police just happened to turn up and find her there with the school safe open wide. While being arrested she boasted that her father and the headmaster would get her out of this. This did not go down well with the police.

The headmaster and the girl's father turned up at the police station and proceeded to try and bribe the local police chief into letting the girl go. This was a bad idea, because the chief didn't normally take bribes. It was a really, really bad idea too, because the previous poor girl who was expelled as a result of this brat was the police chief's own niece.

The resulting scandal from the headmaster and his friend being arrested for bribery, forced the present headmaster to resign from his position and the father and daughter to leave the town. The police chief's niece was readmitted to the school and Derrick ‘reluctantly' became the new headmaster. Katie started concentrating on her schoolwork again and became good friends with the police chief's niece.

One day, when showing her friend her new grades, her friend said, "What did you do to get those grades? Sleep with the headmaster?"

Katie laughed "No, to sleep with this headmaster, first you have to get the good grades." Her friend creased up laughing at this.

And my new friend thought that I was joking! She was lying down lengthwise on a small vaulting horse. Her arms and legs were tied down, one to each corner and rope was around Katie's waist, holding her down. Katie's mouth was stretched open wide by the large red ball-gag she was gagged with. Her skirt was up and her panties were pulled down, exposing her in complete vulnerability.

Katie was still writhing from the spanking she had been given and her cheeks were bright pink.

I may be on a vaulting horse, but I'm the one about to be ridden! She thought.

Katie moaned as she was helplessly penetrated from behind, into her womanhood and the thrusts started to bring her again toward the bliss of orgasm....


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