Elaine K : 01 - At my American Kinky Friend's Mercy (M/F)

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Elaine K : 01 - At my American Kinky Friend's Mercy (M/F)

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Elaine K's stories
01 - At my American Kinky Friend's Mercy
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By Eileen

Wednesday, July 21st 2004 - 04:34:25 AM

Some time ago I had a sensational experience from a gentleman from the states. We met via a mutual friend who thoroughly understood our kinky desires and fetishes.

This man was quite cute you know. Indeed, a fine looking chap and very mannerly too.

After showing my american mate around the streets of London, taking in a play and quite hungry, we went for a late dinner in a classy London place. Matt wanted to go to the Pub, I discouraged him. These yankees need their alcohol don't they? I said it would make more sense to get a good dinner where we can also get some alcoholic beverages.

He was a little upset that he couldn't find his favorite american beer. I made some suggestions and Matt finally agreed on a German beer.

At this point we engaged in some serious conversation. I told Matt that my lady friend had indicated that we had a mutual interest. Looking surprised, I said bdsm-bondage-discipline and so on. BONDAGE! He shouted. I quickly covered his mouth as everyone was looking on, they said, what the heck, YEAH BONDAGE! I know you enjoy it so why act so damned surprised?

Matt smiled and told me he was most interested in the ropes and other things. He said he wanted to make mad passionate love to me and he wanted to restrain me and and he asked me if I was a switch.

I indicated that I prefer to play the SUB but do indeed make a fine DOM as well. He asked me what I had in mind. I simply replied that he would have to find out later, but then I stopped and asked him if he was really the type for this. I know my friend said he was, but I didn't believe it.

Matt got beside himself. He went on defending himself bragging about all of his BDSM victims. He told me story after story and then asked me if I was prepared for what he would do to me.

Again, playing with the american, I retorted that I didn't really believe him. I thought that he was a amateur and would be clueless on what to do.

He came back bragging about all of the equipment he had in his home in the states. All of the bondage equipment, racks, ropes, cuffs, harnesses, hoods etc., etc.

I just laughed and told him that he probably read about that stuff and had no idea.

He blurted back and referred to me as a silly little lass. Then he told me that he would show me. "I'll show you. Yes indeedy, I'll show what I can do. I am great at bondage.

Matt was totally unaware that the entire place was looking at him. I had succeeded in getting him all riled up and it worked like a gem. I said okay Mr. Bondagemaster, we'll see but for right now, let's order shall we?

I ordered salmon and matt ordered a steak. Like most americans he needed his meat and potatoes, sticks to your ribs he told me.

Now Matt was talking more shrewdly and confidently. You SOB! You tricked me didn't you? You set me up to blurt out all of that bondage stuff in this establishment to make a fool of me didn't you?

I responded negatively. No! I only did it to get you in the mood. I want it tonite!

You bloody well will was Matt's reply. (Note he was the american and talked like an englishman. He caught on fast!)

We finished our meal and Matt wanted to go shopping to pick up "some things." I told him this wasn't america and asked him what he needed. "Toys for tonite." was the response.

I told Matt not to worry because I had all of the toys he would need. I was not new to this and I have in fact been a DOM many times. In fact I had some surprises for my american kinky buddy.

Matt wanted to know where I would be more comfortable, my place or his hotel. My place. Nobody would bother us and I had everything I needed to play around.

First thing Matt needed to use the bathroom. Why do americans stuff themselves so much and then have to run to the bathroom? I love food too, but not to that degree. Being stuffed is not my intention.

Matt came out and I let him to my bedroom. I started to unbutton his shirt and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around me while passionately and I mean passionately caressing me. He was a mover.

After getting his shirt unbuttoned and off I unbuckled his belt and opened his pants and then pulled down his zipper while still kissing him. Matt picked me up by my legs and teasingly bopped his penis into my pussy. He was hard and ready for action.

Matt then carried me over to the bed with both of my legs straddled to his sides and started to imitate a humping motion sort of like we were having walking sex.

Matt flopped me gently down on the bed, unbuttoned my top, and in one swift motion pulled my pants off. Then he pulled me up and quickly undone my bra in one easy snap and began to suck my tits. WOW! Was I ever getting excited.

I started to tell him that he was even better than I though but he quickly put his palm over my mouth, thumbs down and told me to be quiet or I might wake up the kids.

I mmmmppphhhhed mmmwhaaaappppkiihhiidhhhhssss. What kids in gagtalk. And Matt just smiled and said the ones we may make if I don't get some protection. We are moving way too fast here. I almost forgot.

Matt reach over and grabbed the scarf that I was wearing and stuffed it into my mouth. That should keep you quiet until I get my trojans for this trojan horse. I tried to laugh but all that came out was a muted laugh in a mmmmppphhh tone. I was untied but made no effort to remove my mussle. Kinda liked it. Rather exciting it was. It always is.

So Matt was now prepared. He had slipped his saddle on his trojan horse but stopped dead and asked me where my equipment was. I pointed to my dresser mmmppphhing at the same time.

Matt found my stuff. Cuffs, padded leather wrist cuffs, several rolls of tape, a ballgag and more. He looked at me and smiled.

Matt attached the leather straps total 4 to each bed post and then inserted my wrists and ankles in each one. Now I was naked as a jaybird, spread eagle in my own bed by this american yankee.

He pulled the scarf out of my mouth and quickly put a piece of duct tape across my mouth in it's place. I sort of like tape. I like the feel. I love the helplessness. I was totally at this guys mercy and loving every minute of it.

Matt then went back to work gag kissing me while rubbing mu tits, then sucking my tits while massaging my pussy with his hand. He would then put his hand in front of my nose to make me smell my own pussy.

Now it was time. Matt couldn't wait any longer. He went inside me with his trojan horse and he pumped so hard that I swear I felt like I was on a trampoline. We both got off rather quickly, very quickly indeed.

Matt then put his finger in my pussy again and with a wad of cum started to wipe it over my face. He was enjoying this very much.

I was soon to find that Matt was quite a teaser. He would gently pull the tape off my mouth ask me how I was doing and before I could answer he would regag me so all the sounds I could make were mutted mmmppphhhs. I just rolled my eyes. Matt repeated this several times to me. He would frequently tell me that he liked me better with my mouth shut.

From the process of ungagging and regagging me and from the moisture from my body from what we just did, the tape would no longer stick. Not a problem. Matt grabbed my scarf and wrapped that over the tape, yanked hard and tied it tightly behind my head. I started to respond and despite the slight mutted mmmmppphs, Matt decided to handgag me on top of the tape and the scarf to further silence me. While doing so he looked around the room and I was to discover he was looking for more something to do to me.

He released his hand and went back into my dresser and found a thick bandana that I usually wear in my hair. He smilingly walked over to me while I was helpless strapped to the bed holding the scarf out to the sides letting me know full well that I would be triple gagged. And such was the case.

No one had ever done that to me before. I found this erotic in the sense that if I was helpless before, now my ability to even mmmppph in a muted way was taken away from me. I could not make any sounds. Not that it mattered.

I live in a huge Victorian house that is virtually soundproof. Even if I wasn't gagged, no one would hear me. My concern now was that we had agreed on a safety signal in which I would humm. The triple gag made that impossible. Now I was getting scared. But assumed that old Matt knew what he was doing.

Matt still wasn't done. He grabbed yet another scarf and this time put it over my eyes. I kept wondering what this guy was going to do to me next.

I could hear Matt walking around and I now knew what he was up to. He had found some of my feather busters and proceeded to tickle me with them. Across my bust, the sides of my face, my nose, my legs and then my feet and then back up again. I squirmed as much as I could, but I was going nowhere. Inside I was giggling, but could hear nothing. Perhaps a very slight mmmpph, if that.

Finally told me that when I had enough to snap my fingers. Big problem. Matt had fastened those straps so tight that both my hands went numb and I couldn't move a finger. I was now strapped in for at least an hour.

I tried desperately to scream, but alas, I was gagged way too well. Matt just figured I was enjoying this and I was, but I was also ready to be let loose.

How much longer could this go on? Matt decided to jump on me one more time and we both came one more time.

Matt now had the insight to start removing my gags and give me some air. He then asked me if I had enough. Fantastic I though, now at least I can speak.

Bluubbb, bub, bub, bub, bub. My mouth had gone numb. The damn tape combined with being tightly cloth gagged made my mouth and jaw go numb. I couldn't speak or say anything audibly. Fortunately Matt asked me if I wanted a drink, I nodded yes. He brought me a glass of water which gave me the opportunity to wiggle my mouth around. I couldn't use my hands, Matt still had me tied up.

By the time Matt had come in, my speech was returning. I would take a glass of water, swish it around in my mouth and moisten my lips and mouth. Speaking was still difficult but I was able to mumble a few words out. But I didn't need to do.

Matt told me he deliberately pushed it a little further than usual because of my wise cracks at dinner, but he knew when enough was enough. He then unfastened the wrist and ankle cuffs and gently massaged them bringing blood back in and getting the circulation moving.

I just looked at him, sneering. You wait until I get you down. Your going to pay.

Elaine K
London, England

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