Barefoot Lisa : 02 - Straight Jacket Joy! (F/F)

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Barefoot Lisa : 02 - Straight Jacket Joy! (F/F)

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02 - Straight Jacket Joy!
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By Barefoot Lisa

2000-09-19 10:57:47

Straight Jacket Joy!

The University I was attending was doing a series of plays and Adonica and I were in charge of taking care of some of the props. Adonica and I felt that one particular set of props might be fun to try out so we convinced ourselves over a bottle of wine to borrow the JunCo leather straight jacket and leather cuffs and straps they were using for the presentation of "One Flew Over the Kook Coos Nest......

Now, neither one of us wanted to volunteer first so we played a little drinking game of quarters to decide who would do the modeling and who would play the part of designer..... After best 2 out of 3 (about half dozen times) Adonica had been declared the winner....Adonica was almost six foot tall and weighed around 135 pounds naked and had a slight athletic build. A bit athletic she seemed to be good at everything..... so off we went to the living room floor where I was soon to be trying on what any well dressed ward hospital patient might expect to be seen in after a night of missing their calming medications.

Since it was a hot July summer night we were both barefoot and down to T-shirts and our undies as we often ran the apartment in total freedom... Adonica held the jacket up beconing me as any gentleman would offer a coat to his lady on a first date.... but... I wasn't Adonica's date and the twinkle in her eye delved a much more sinister nature. I placed each hand and arm into the was very tight and Adonica circled around me and pulled at the leather jacket at the shoulders pulling it tight against my body.... I could then feel her start to buckle the straps up my back one by one.... as she did she pulled tighter and tighter.... as I looked over my shoulder I could see why the feeling of tightness as each buckle was pulled to its last loop and the strap fastened and slipped through the ring that contained it in place.

When finished with the back she stood back as if to admire her work... and made a few suggestive remarks and teasing comments about how nice I looked!

Next came the arms.... she pulled my right arm in front of me and tucked it against my body and below my tit... I could tell she made sure my arm pushed up tight against my breast making it protrude slightly against the heavy leather jacket. Next the other arm crossed against in similar fashion... Now she started pulling each strap from behind. I could feel my arms getting tighter and tighter as she pulled on the strap through the buckle. This forced my arms tighter and tighter together and pushed my tits out farther and father... forcing me to hug myself more and more. I tried pulling them down but Adonica soon realized this and had me flat on the floor, flat on my belly. She was now able to pull the straps to their tightest loop and quickly had my arms tightly secured against my body. I could barely wiggle my fingers.

Next I felt Adonica reaching between my legs and knew as she found the crotch strap what came next. She shifted her position so she was siting on my back facing my ass. I could feel her legs squeezing tight against my body holding me still. She pulled the wide leather strap between my legs and fished it through the buckle and pulled hard....VERY HARD! I could feel the jacket getting tighter and tighter then it had ever been and the belt against the lips of my vagina almost forcing them apart to allow the belt to be made more snug and restricting more and more of my attempts at movement.

This was the part I think Adonica enjoyed the most. She finally had the buckle locked in place and stood up and with her bare foot pushed against my shoulder pushing me over onto my back and asked. "Now how does that feel?" Stated less like a question and more like an exclamatory sentence. But in the same breath came the leather straps around my ankles almost catching me by surprise. The same wide leather buckled tight around the small of my ankle.

One strap on the my left foot and one strap for my right foot. I could only sit there watching as Adonica placed them around the ankles of each bare foot! Adonica then took the last strap of leather that completed the outfit and cinched it tight between my the rings on each leather strap encircling my ankles in tight leather straps pulling them tightly together securing them in that position.. Then, playing dumb as if she didn't know what to do with the final length secured it to the sides of the jacket at the waist and pulled it up tight forcing me down on my stomach again quickly pulling my legs back at the knees and bare feet pulled tightly up against my ass in a position everyone knows as the "DREADED HOGTIE"

There I lay a completed package! Trussed up tighter than a Christmas goose. Secure as a Thankgsgiving turkey ready for basting. Now before this we hadn't discussed what was to happen next other then we were both going to have to try the jacket on only it was just that I had to go first and I watched as Adonica walked around me enjoying her handy work. She asked me to "Try and get out...see if you can get out." I struggled and struggled a bit but quickly surrendered knowing that there was no escape. The more I moved the more it seemed to feel tighter and tighter. All I achieved was rolling around in circles in the middle of the floor and bringing Adonica to hysterical laughter!

As soon as I somehow hopped up onto the tips of my toes almost in a squat like position Adonica pushed me over onto the floor with her bare foot against the bare cheeks of my ass that were forced to stick out so largely from the tightly fastened crotch strap between my ass. So now I simply asked her to let me out and it would be her turn. Adonica was now sitting on the kitchen chair taking a few more drinks as she watched me rolling and threshing about on the floor. And asked me.

"Excuse me? You want out? Is that what you said." replied Adonica as she walked over to me laying on the floor flat on my stomach bringing the chair and placing it down in front of me. She sort of bent down and pulled my head up by my hair directing my attention to her face and calmly demanded "Well what are you going to do for me if I let you out?". Sticking her bare foot in front of my face at lip level and wiggling her toes before me. "Let see...maybe you should kiss my toes!" she barked in a voice I had never heard from Adonica and forcing her foot closer and closer to my mouth and lips as an offering to me.

"No way!" I shouted. "Forget it! Just remember your turn is next!" I said in a demanding voice trying to scare her into setting me free.

"No kissy kissy my bare toes Lisa?" she asked once again and now forcing both big toes of her bare feet against my lips.

"No I don't think so" I replied again.

"Not just a little one?" she again teased but this time jumping up from her chair and going off to the study and returning with a ball point pen in her hands.

"No!" I said and at which time Adonica immediately jumped on may back holding me again with her legs and grabbing the strap that was tight around my ankles pulling my bare feet back harder with the other hand began a tickle torture that Adonica unleased with the ball point pen on the bare soles of my helpless bare feet. I screamed and struggled and Adonica bounced up and down pulling harder and scribbling more and more....She even grabbed each toe one by one drawing the tickle torment on each. I wiggled and wiggled my toes and feet in the leather restraint but the position I was in did not allow me any comfort. I was in tears all the time listening to Adonica shouting.

"Now what was your answer? What is the magic word? Say uncle!" And all of her babble. I could take to more!

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Stop! Okay I'll kiss your toes!" And as soon as she had started she had stopped allowing me to catch my breath. Next Adonica again positioned herself before me with her bare feet in clear view of my face and wiggled both big toes at directly at my lips.

"Okay" she said. "Give them lots and lots of nice big kisses and we'll see about letting you out! We don't want to see Mr. Tickle again now do we?". She laughed as I was forced to kiss and kiss each toe and the soles of each bare foot, which I did do and eventually earned my freedom.... but... with one exception! Adonica never did get her turn to my disappointment! After all did she really think that she was that stupid as to allow me to seek the revenge that I had bosted throughout my restrained ordeal?

Barefoot Lisa
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I really love that story, the way it reads, the inescapable bondage and the foot torment :D
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I love that story. I love tickling my helpless victims and love being "forced" to kiss bare feet when I'm all trusses up.
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I'd be tied up in a straitjacket and tickeld and made to kiss a girls bare feet like that.
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