Eric : 01 - Yoga turns into Bondage Fun (M/F)

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Eric : 01 - Yoga turns into Bondage Fun (M/F)

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01 - Yoga turns into Bondage Fun
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By Eric

Sunday, March 6th 2005 - 06:25:30 PM

Yoga turns into Bondage Fun

I used to date this chic named Darleen. She was very much into physical fitness, nutrition. Ran, swam, did aerobics and was in fact an aerobics teacher. She was also in yoga and quiet meditation.

I met her at our local Gold's Gym. She was the only good thing about that place. I transferred to a Bally's facility and low and behold so did Darleen!

This cheek was really stacked! First of all, from general likes and dislikes that most normal men have towards woman, she was beautiful. Long brown hair, beautiful eyes, smooth skin. A cute little plug nose big but firm breasts, slender and firm thighs a beautiful butt and shapely calves.

I asked her to spot me for some bench presses. Having her straddle me with my head in between her legs and looking upwards caused me to lose my focus. I was soon thinking about something else besides doing bench presses!

She returned the favor and asked me to spot her. All eyes in the gym where on us. One guy gave me the thumbs up while others nodded, acknowledging what a lucky guy I was.

Surprisingly, Darleen was very strong for a woman. She warmed up with 135 and did an easy 12 reps with that. That is what I did with 135!

I loaded up to 185 for my next warm up set. Again, Darleen straddled me to spot. And again i was smiling and not too focused ont he bench presses per se. But wow did the weight feel light and was I turned on!

I started to take the extra 25 lb plates off the olympic bar feeling that would be too heavy for Darleen to lift. Darleen stopped me and said she wanted to use that for her next set!

So once again I straddled her Darleen got down on the bench, took several deep breathes (which I really enjoyed) and after I helped her take the weight off the rack, she did an easy 8 repetitions with the 185!

I put the 45's on taking the weight up to 225 lbs. I did an easy 8 reps now excited both by my beautiful spotter and also not wanting to get beat by a woman.

Darleen was next and as before, said to leave that weight on. I got behind the bench and straddled her and once again, helped her with the lift off this time bending over feeling that she would really need my help. Not really. Darleen banged out 8 easy reps!

Now I was beginning to get worried. I had been in competition with the guys before, but never a gal.

Sensing my insecurity, Darleen asked me what was wrong. Was I getting too tired or afraid to be beaten by a woman!

I loaded the bar to 265 lbs. (normally I only go to 245 on this set) She looked at me and asked if I was trying to show off and I had better be careful not to starin myself!

I got 6 not so easy reps and on the last rep Darleen grabbed the bar and helped me get it back to the racks.

Next up Darleen!

Once again she insisted on leaving the 265 lbs on and asked me to spot her real close. I asked her if she wanted me to spot her or left it for her! She said, spot, I'll do the lifting and then asked for a better lift off this time!

This time! What was wrong with the other lift offs? Starting to get a little cocky.

I helped Darleen with the lift off. She held the 265 lbs very steady and lowered it slowly to her chest and then rammed the weight up with ease.

One rep.

She paused at the top, held the bar and slowly lowered the bar again and again rammed the weight up easily!

Ditto for reps 3 and 4.

On the 5th rep she took a little longer, took several deep breathes first and then again lowered the bar and raised the weight albeit slower than before.

6th rep! She lowered the bar again and then started to raise the bar. She got halfway up and the bar slowed down and as I reached to grab it she gritting through her teeth yelled not to touch it. She finished the set of 6. It was a hard set, but this was a woman, not a female bodybuilder or weightlifter, but a woman who weight trained and was very strong.

Everyone in the gym applauded her effort. I had to admit, despite the competition, I was impressed and happy for her. She then told me that that was a personal record for her. I congratulated her.

Nonetheless, I indicated that I wanted to go higher. "Me too" was her reply.

I was startled but figured why not?

I moved the bar to 275. Once again Darleen was my spotter and I got 4 reps.

Darleen was next, she got 4 reps!

I was beginning to run out of gas. Then I realized that woman have more endurance. And this woman was also strong. Contest was still on.

285lbs. I got three and Darleen got three!

295 lbs. I got a double and so did Darleen!

305 lbs. I started to raise the bar but lactic acid had built up and I couldn't finish it. Darleen was up next. She made it!

Boy was I embarrassed! Nonetheless, I congratulated Darleen on a great session even though I had been humiliated.

We finished our workout doing an assortment of chest and back and other bodybuilding exercises. Darleen would stretch in between and sometimes would even skip rope inbetween sets.

We finished our workout off by interval training on the treadmill mixing walking with running.

As I was ready to hit the shower Darleen asked me to join her in a fun session. Fun? What was she up to?

She said that weight training was great for strength and muscle tone. The treadmill was great for cardio and calorie burning but another element of total fitness is flexibility and that comes from stretching. She found the best stretching came from practicing yoga.

We went into the aerobics room which was vacated, laid down on the mats and Darleen took me through some basic yoga. I had to admit that I was not very flexible coupled with being pumped up after lifting and my legs aching from the treadmill experience didn't feel that this was the best time to practice stretching.

Darleen told me this was the best time! She indicated that she always stretched before and after her workouts. She reminded me of how I lost steam at the end of our bench workout. And she told me that was because my muscles were too tight and lactic acid had built up.

We sat and did some leg stretches. She had me stretch my back, shoulders. She had me put my hands behind my back, clasp them together and then raise them as high as I could really stretching the shoulders.

By this time, the gym was emptying out. I couldn't help but get excited about this chic. She had the most beautiful eyes and lips. When she spoke and she loved to speak I just loved watching her facial expressions and lips move. She also had beautiful hair and skin and as already mentioned was very well built. Curves all over. Firm and toned. And as I had found out earlier, she was also very strong and in great shape.

I was soon to find out that she was just as much into Yoga as she was into doing bench presses. Her focus was tops. Maximum concentration. Her face was like stone. She really got into it. And at that time I got an idea.

I started to talk to her and asked her questions about what she was doing. She was barely into hearing me. She would quietly respond but it was all so obvious that she had hardly heard what I was saying.

I walked behind her and coughed loudly. She didn't even wince!

I went by the door, closed it and locked it. Time to have some fun with this chic who had beaten my humility.

I reached into my gym bag and pulled out the ace wraps that I used to wrap my knees before squatting. I also picked up Darleen's jump rope.

Of course I remembered that Darleen was strong, had great stamina and endurance. If I was to pull this off, it would have to be as a total surprise and I would have to act quickly. I couldn't count on her cooperation.

I walked around her a few times. Even sat beside her and tried some of the stretches she was doing. She would sit on the floor and lower her upper body in between her legs touching her hed to the floor while her legs where held straight.

She also all sorts of weird movements and virtual contortions. Finally I saw my opening and went for it.

Sitting with her legs in a lotus position, she clasped her hands behind her back as she had me do earlier. She would then simultaneously lower he upper down down while raining her arms, hands clasped close together up near her head.

Seeing opportunity I had formed a loop with my ace bandage and slipped it over her clasped hands. Now I had her attention. She jumped and started to roll towards me. Fortunately for me, Darleen had been almost trancelike and was dozy. I finished tying her hands.

Now at least she couldn't use her hands. She began to yell at me saying what am I doing. I clasped my hand over her mouth and indicated that I was only going to have some fun for her having embarrassed me in front of the guys but to keep it down as some of the guys were still working out.

She looked bewildered but nodded that it was okay. I removed my hand over that beautiful mouth. She said that her workout was almost over anyway. She then told me that she had always had a fantasy of being kidnapped by a gym-jockie and asked me how I knew about it!

I indicated that I didn't know anything about it but would be glad to play the role of the gym-jockie. This game was of my own volition and sort of as a get even for the bench press embarrassment.

She said she enjoyed this experience and wanted to continue. She then told me, didn't ask me to get one of the females to get her gear out of her locker, told me where I could get the key to her locker and that we could exit from a side door. She didn't even want to be untied!

I went out on the floor and approached a girl I knew named Brenda, told her what Darleen had said. She wanted to hear it from Darleen herself. So I brought her to the aerobics room, Darleen seeing Brenda played along pretended to be stretching with her hands still tied but positioned herself so Brenda could not see her tied hands. She then acknowledged that she wanted her gear from the locker and would be leaving. Brenda had me walk to the woman's area waiting outside the door and got Darleen's gear out of her locker.

Darleen had a windbreaker that I put over her shoulder, keeping her hands tied. I carried her gym bag and took her to my vehicle.



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oh no, the best part was yet to come :/
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I really hope there will be a continuacion!
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