JJ's stories : 01 - Trip (ff/m)

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JJ's stories : 01 - Trip (ff/m)

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JJ's stories
01 - Trip
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Tue Jul 6 17:57:00 CDT 1999

I have been reading this site for sometime now and wanted to start to post some of my own, real experiences as a child. I am going by memory, but some of these experiences I don't think I could ever forget. I have also posted some of my college day experiences in the College site, but this is the first here. This experience took place several years ago when I was at the age of 12. My parents, along with several other couples, were going on a 7 day cruise in January with a seed corn company. I was an only child and we lived on a farm outside of town. The closest neighbor was about 3/4 mile away. There a friend of mine named Mindy (not real name) lived. Even though she was a girl (you know how 12 year boys are) and about a year younger then me, because she lived close we did hang out together some. In fact, her parents were also going on the same cruise. Her older sister, Jane, (again not real name) was a freshmen in college and was home on Christmas break. She was actually going to watch us both for the week.

I was old enough to stay alone most of the time, but since it was for over 9 days this time, it was arranged that I would sleep at Mindy's house. I could ride my snowmobile between her house and mine as needed during the day and stayed with her and her older sister Jane at night.

Our parents left on a Friday morning and I rode my snowmobile over there early in the afternoon to visit Mindy. We played in the basement most of the time and later that night we started to play a type of Truth or Dare game. Only in this game we had to tell about embarrassing things that we had done or wanted to do but that we were too embarrassed to tell anyone. Like who we had kissed or wanted to, etc.

Somehow we got on the subject of being tied up. I had to tell Mindy how much I like to be tied and always tried to get caught during the cops and robber games. How I always wanted to be kept tied longer, but my friends always got bored and untied me after an hour or so. How I always wanted to be tied tighter and with more rope so I couldn't move at all. Witch very seldom happened. I even told her how I had tied myself a few times just to experience the tightness feeling. With out even realizing it, I had spilled everything to her. Mindy was amazed by how much I wanted to experience "long term" tying, as she called it. She said she had been tied once by a friend, but didn't really like it and when she tried to tie him, he would always get away.

I started telling her how easy it was to tie someone and that you just had to know a few things. That's when she told me to wait while she left. She returned with a huge pile of rope. I hate to guess how much. She said she wanted me to teach her how to tie someone. We spent the rest of the night talking about how I wanted to be tied and teaching her certain knots and how to tie. Although we practiced the knots on each other's wrist and ankles, she never offered to tie me up, or I her.

Before we knew it, it was late and I hadn't even gone back home to get my cloths to spend the night. Her older sister, who had been up stairs the entire night, was about my size and said I could wear some of her shorts to bed and that I could get my cloths in the morning. Mindy laughed at the thought of me wearing her sister's cloths and I was very embarrassed myself.

Jane had already started to make my bed on the davenport when Mindy asked her if I could sleep in her room. Mindy had two single beds and wanted me to sleep in the spare one. Jane laughed and said she knew boys and didn't think she could trust the two of us in the same room. At least not trust me. She continued to laugh and said that the only way she could be sure nothing happened was if she would tie me to the bed. Mindy's eyes grew big as she hit me and yelled, "can you?"

Jane looked at me still laughing and said she was only kidding. Mindy spoke up again and said, "he'll do it! Jim, this is want you wanted, to be kept tied for a long time".

I could barely speak when Jane spoke up and said "well if he wants to. It's up to him. I will get him some of my PJ's, let him get ready for bed, then tie him in for the night so he stays put." Before I knew it, I was shaking my head yes and was headed off to the bathroom with a pile of Jane's cloths she had just given me.

After cleaning up, I took a closer look at what she had given me to wear. It wasn't too bad. A pair male boxer shorts (although I wear briefs at that age), a pair of gym shorts (looked like boys) and a tee shirt. I changed and went into Mindy's room. Jane was already there along with all the rope that Mindy and I had in the basement. She asked again if I was sure and said I would not be freed unit in the morning. Mindy had a girls birthday party on Saturday in which they were picking her up at 8:30 in morning to go snow skiing. She thought she would be home about 7:30 or 8:00 that night. I was just planing on riding my snowmobile home during the day and coming back about 5:00, before dark.

Mindy was like a kid in a candy store jumping around and watching ever move Jane made with me. She began by tying my hands crossed in front of me. Crisscrossing the rope to form a perfect X. Even though she wrapped them several times, there was still two long ends in which Mindy asked why. Jane said to watch and learn. She had me lay on my back on the bed and place my hands over my head. She took the two long ends and tied one to each bed post and then down to each leg of the bed. Mindy asked why she didn't just tie the rope to the headboard above my head, in which Jane explained. "By using the ends that are knotting his wrist, even if he could reach the knot on his wrist, he can't undo it because the ends are now tied to the bed."

"Ah, but why not just tie it to the headboard," Mindy asked again.

"Two reasons," she explained. "One is so he can not reach the knots on the bed. This way they are out to the side, as well as to the bottom of each bed leg, well out of reach. Two, this way he can't roll over in the night with the rope fixed to both post." Mindy was amazed at what Jane knew and it was obvious she knew a lot about tying.

Jane then tied my ankles together with my legs straight, pulled me down on the bed, and tied them to the foot of the bed. As she started to cover me she asked of I was comfortable and ready to spend the night. Now being a boy of age 12 and with no way to cover myself I was so embarrassed of "showing" just how much I did like it and how comfortable I really was. Jane had to see but never said a word as she covered me up. I about died with Mindy asked if she was going to gag me, but Jane explained not while I was sleeping. It could be dangerous.

Jane laughed as she gave me a peck on the cheek, told me to sleep tight and stay out of trouble as she left. I could not believe what was happening.

Mindy just kept looking at me and asking how it felt to be completely helpless. I made a few comments about probably not being able to sleep too well, all the time being careful not to tell her just how exciting it was.

Then it must have hit her because she said, "wait a minute. You told me you like to have a lot of rope and like not being able to move much at all. I know you can not get free, but you can still can move some. Let me help you with that." She pulled back the covers, picked up more rope and began tying it to the bed frame. She wrapped rope tightly around and over my chest, waist, thighs and knees making me completely helpless. She left the room without saying a word and returned in few minutes later asking me to raise my head. She then put a sleeping mask over my eyes telling me it was her mothers. She laughed and said that way I would not be clock watching throughout the night. She said it was getting late and time to go to sleep. She too pecked me on the cheek saying goodnight and went to bed.

As I recall, what a night. It was exciting, frustrating, exciting, etc. Now being a boy of age 12 and having not too long ago gone through puberty, there are certain things one can not control. Yes you guessed it, sometime throughout the night with all the excitement, I must have had a W-- Dream. I did not know what to do. I laid there hoping Mindy would get up soon and untie me without noticing. It seemed forever as I dosed on and off before I heard footsteps and Jane's voice telling Mindy it was after 8:00 and she better get going.

Mindy jumped up saying something about being late. Before I could say a word, she hurried off to the shower. When she returned I begged her to just untie my hands and I would do the rest. Figuring that way she would not see my "problem". She said she was late and that Jane would be in to untie me after she left. She laughed and said it was a good thing I was blindfolded while she changed. I tried to beg more, but she quickly got ready, again gave me a peak on the cheek and left.

There I laid, nervous as could be waiting for her sister to come in. It must have been over 20 minutes before I heard Jane coming in and her laughing, probably at my blindfold. As she pulled back the covers and seen the extra rope, she commented on how her sister did a nice job adding to my predicament. She begin to untie my ankles and legs when it happened. She saw what I did. "What in the world?" she said. "Look at the mess you made. The sheets, my clothes, what a mess. I should just leave you here you know." I begged her to let me up to go to the bathroom. She almost laughed when she said, "it was a good thing I had you tied up, I knew I could not trust you boys."

I could not say a word. She finished untying me and in a stern voice told to go to the bathroom, clean up and shower, put on all the new clothes she would bring me, and go wait for her in the basement

After drying off I examined the new clothes she had laid in the bathroom. There were not so good. It was a par of her tiny underwear, which I did not know the name at the time but had seen in magazines, (G-string) and the bottoms only of her pink silk PJ's. I was so embarrassed but was not sure how maid she really was about what I had done. I thought I better not cross her and put the two things on and went to the basement.

I must have waited 15 minutes before she came down. She commented on how nice her clothes fit me and said we had to talk. That's when she hit me. She explained how she had overheard the truth and dare game Mindy and I played last night and everything I said about being tied up. Hence why she offered to tie me last night. "Knowing everything you like and want to try, I will give you two choices," she said. "One, we forget this ever happened. I will give you back your clothes and you can go home and comeback again later when Mindy is home from skiing.

"Or two, you become my bondage toy for the entire day." I could not believe my ears. What was she saying? She went on to tell me how she had a little experience with a friend at college, but that he did not like to get tied for very long or in very strict positions like she wanted to try. This way with me as her bondage toy, she could keep me tied all day, until Mindy returned, in various positions. Some very strict, some not as strict, but always in some form of bondage. She went on to say that everything would be safe and that no-one would have to know a thing. That although I might be embarrassed about how I would be tied at times or what she would make me wear, she would not do anything more to me then maybe tickling, and that I would always be clothed in some fashion. She laughed and said it would probably me hers, but clothing none the less.

My mouth most have fallen to the floor as I just stood there staring at her. The last thing a 12 year old would think of was being tied up by a gorgeous college girl, but in girls clothes? She told me to relax and take my time to think about it. "If you want to go home, your clothes will be in the bathroom upstairs," she said. "Change and go."But if you want to stay, here is all the rope from last night, along with a few other toys. I want you to tie yourself to this high-back chair however you want and as strict as you want. Just make sure you can not escape. But remember, if I return and you tied, that means you are mine to do with what I want for the entire day. You are volunteering to loose your freedom and your right to chose what happens for the entire day. Is that clear?" she asked. I must have shock my head yes as she said good and left.

This was a dream come true, but could I actually go through with it. I do not know how long I stood there before I started to look at the things she laid on the floor. Tons of rope, bandanas, sleeping mask, ear plugs, belts, etc, but want got me the most was two pairs of real handcuffs. I had always wanted to try handcuffs but never the chance. Now I had it. I had to go for it. Without too much thought, I started.

I tied a rope around the handcuff chain and tied one end to the chair rail running between the front two legs. Running it under the rear rail I tied the other end of the rope to the top of the chair back. This held the handcuffs right about sit level at the back of the chair. I then sat down and began to tie myself with all the rope. My ankles to the opposite chair legs, my knees to the post of the arms at sit level, my thighs to the sit itself, by waist, chest, and over my shoulders with several loops to the chair back, etc...

I was very tight! The only problem was that forgot to leave any of the bandanas within reach, oh well, I just would not have a gag or blindfold. With out thinking too much, I reached my arms back through the outside rail of the chair back on each side and down to the handcuffs held tight against the chair by all of the rope. No knots were even close to my hands. I worked my hands in to place and without hesitating, clicked the cuffs shut. What had I done?

It began to hit home that I was caught. As nervous as I was, my excitement showed through with no problem. I sat there trying to hear movement upstairs. How long I do not know. But when I finally did hear movement, I also heard voices. Voices, what was going on? Before I knew, Jane was coming down the stairs, but she was not alone. Around the corner also came her friend I learned to be Shawn. She was Jane's college roommate and had come home with her for some of the break. I must have looked horrified as Jane said, "don't worry, you secret is safe with Shawn. She has been here the entire time with me and also heard everything you said last night. You just didn't see her." I could have died as they both walked around me, laughing at their new toy all tied up and completely helpless in girls PJ's.

I started to say that I made a mistake and asked if they would untie me. Shawn began to roll a golf ball up in a bandana and forced it in my mouth, tying it very tight. They uncuffed my wrist and tied each one to an arm of the chair, also tying several loops around my upper arm to the back of the chair. "There," said Jane. "That should make you more comfortable while we go ride snowmobile. Don't go anywhere, we will be back later." Then Shawn laughed and said, "Of course that wouldn't help you any. We will just tie you in a different position, probable not as comfortable and maybe even with you wearing a more embarrassing girls outfit." With that they left.

Comments please. Sorry to go into so much detail. If you would like me to write more on the different positions they put me in through the day, and to honest, throughout the entire weekend, please let me know. Thanks JJ
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