Dont Underestimate the Local Enby (XF, F/X)

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Dont Underestimate the Local Enby (XF, F/X)

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(Before I start, just to clear any potential confusion. Pegs was genderfluid at the time, so they used all pronouns at the time. He/They when domming, She/They when subbing. Right now she solely goes by she/her, so post scriptum, refer to her with feminine pronouns. Mistakes are fine, but any active transphobia and harassment will be reported and/or deleted where I have the power. With that said, I hope everyone else enjoys the story.)

"Min, take your time." He says as he hugs onto my waist, keeping me all wrapped up against him as I feel my heartbeat hit my chest. My anxious heart is making me tremble in anticipation and fear, unable to get myself out of the nervous state I've been in for the past hour. I want it so badly, but I don't know how to start.
"Honestly, I'm just glad I get to hug you without you running away or ambushing me like you always do." Pegs chuckles as he tightens his grip, tight and warm. "But once we do get started, you'll have to sit in for just a bit longer. It'd be a shame to waste our shot."
"I-I'll try; I don't know about my parents..." I sigh.
"We'll see what happens; don't you worry bout it, Min. That's what you say anyways,right?"
I nod, determined, slowly sliding out of their hold, standing up straight. I take a deep breath, feeling my cheeks turn red as I sense them glaring at me up and down, definitely enjoying the view of my black thigh highs and booty short jeans. My long blonde hair flutters in the air.
"G-get to it, dumbass." I giggle, my heart pounding into my soul.

Attempt Number 1 "Communication is Key"

I turn over to look at him, the heat in my body simmering down as I realize he's still the idiot I've always known, seeing them fiddle with the belts he brought over.
"Dumbass you should've made the belt handcuffs before we met." I roll my eyes. He squints, chuckling as he grabs my wrists, manhandling me into submission as he slides my hands into the cuffs. To our collective disappointment, they don't tighten enough, so it's possible to escape.
"Eh, not like he can do much about it... belt's too short; I'll just be a cookie and make it easy for him. Sportsmanship and all, right? not his fault,it's the equi-"
"HAH?!"I grunt, shocked, as he powers through me and presses me onto the bed, slowly squirming my butt up and down against him as he feels the fabric of my white t-shirt. I try to pull my hands out of the handcuffs, but they hold tight as he presses onto me, forcing me onto the soft mattress.
"Let's see..." Pegs chuckles as they grab one of my black ropes. "You said you can 'almost' bring your elbows together, let's test that out."
"Gmh!" I grunt as I feel the heat in my body grow, surprised as I sense my chest strain against the white t-shirt, my elbows touch. I try to push my wrists out of the handcuffs, but with my elbows locked, it feels impossible. He takes this moment to grope my chest, feeling them up for just a short moment. "Already helpless, huh?" He chuckles, feeling blood rush into my cheeks. Pegs lets go for a moment, lowering down to grab some of the other ropes we have prepped.
"Make me."I grin as I lower my mouth, biting down on a red wiffle ball gag, showing it up to him.
"If you so insist." He says, grabbing the belts; locking the gag in my mouth.
"Mghm..!"I nod as I test the gag. "Fmwmk mimdm" I say as they look at me, surprised.
"Huh I don't understand a thing you're saying." Pegs chuckles, grabbing the ropes. I grunt as I shift my body from side to side; something feels off in my right arm; it hurts.
"Hmgmh?" I ask him, raising my wrists; to the best of my ability.
"God damn, the gag really works." I look; a bit surprised myself that it's working this well. I've never even tested moaning into the gag; I was always afraid my neighbors would hear me. Luckily, we are in a hotel room, so; I can be more daring.
"MMgmmHMmm!" I shake my head from side to side, rapidly.
"Shit, got it; what is it." He rushes over to me and looks at my ties. "Too tight?". I nod, feeling my arm grow ticklish. "That's weird, it doesn't seem to dig into a nerve... what could it be..?" He says, shifting the ropes up.
"Timght." I respond.
"That gag does its wonders; let's just take it off."
Strings of drool follow the plastic ball as he pulls it off.
"'s kinda tight, my arms tingle and it hurts." I say, looking up at them, concerned.
"You must be too inflexible..."
"Not a shot; you tightened the ropes too much."

With that, he unties my elbows. I breathe out, relieved, feeling the pressure lifted off my arms.
"Well shit... you know what, why don't we get to the chair tie we already had planned?"
I nod in agreement, bending my elbows so I can give them a thumbs up. "Sounds good,let's get to it!"

He shifts around, picking up a thick red rope.
"You did bring some scissors so we can cut the lengths we need right?"
I chuckle awkwardly.

Attempt Number 2 "Step on me uwu"

I look at him as I sit up; on the bed, pulling my arms against the handcuffs as he grabs the thicker of the red rope. "Uhhhhhhhh..."
"Looks like you're forcing me to experiment anyways." Pegs chuckles as he starts wrapping it around my thighs. I look down at him, seeing him struggle with the overhand knots; I grow distracted and bored.
"This some kind of leg binder?" I say, looking away for a moment.

My dark blue eyes scan him as he's working on the ropes, and I feel them tighten onto me, diamond patterns forming on them. I slide my hands out of the cuffs. I then move my attention to the wiffle ball gag and put it in my mouth. I make sure it stays on my lips, not in my mouth, so it still silences me, but it creates more drool. "Ghm?"I test.
"What are you doing?" He asks as I struggle to tighten it.
"Mgmm!" I point at the gag, and he says.
"Ohhh, so that's how you do it? Got it." I nod as I ungag myself. I'm not going to steal the honors from him.
"Fuck...that knot isn't right..."He mumbles as he keeps looking at the ropes."
I obnoxiously yawn. "Poor girl's gotta wait for your dumb ass to work and fiddle with all the knots?" I say, playfully shaking from side to side.
"Keep going," He says; sarcastically as he tightens the knots, finishing the front side of the karada.
"Oh, I wi-"
"Lift your feet up." Pegs orders me.
"What..? okie..."I mumble, lowering myself down on my back, so I can raise them up, keeping my legs bent at the knees. I look down at him, realizing my butt's all propped up for him to stare at as he ties the knots.
I turn red and look away for a moment. "Idiot..." I mumble.
"What?" He asks as he *ever so gently* pokes my butt.
I mew softly, surprised."I-I-IS T-THIS NECESARY?!" I protest, smiling, my butt feeling tingly.
"Yea, I have to tie the overhand knots under your legs."
I struggle to maintain my balance, feeling my legs tremble due to the awkward position.
"You know what?" Pegs chuckles, forcing my legs on his head. "S-st-step on me," He bursts into laughter as he continues his work. I look down at his eyes, seeing them scan the ropework; time slowly trickles down as he tightens the ropes, a weird interest sparkling in my mind as the ropes tighten; all around me.
"Now,there's a problem."He says, tugging the rope around my thighs. "This can fall off if I don't connect the final end somewhere..." He explains, holding the rope dangerously close to my crotch, feeling warm all over.
"T-tie it to my waist."I blurt out.
"Hmm...I don't think we have enough rope..?"
"Fuck around find out."

He pulls it up between my thighs, wrapping it around my waist.
"Oh, we clearly have enough." He smiles as he tightens the loops around my waist, feeling it dig into me. "T-that hourglass figure, though..." He mumbles, slowly feeling me up. I grunt as I shift up and down; the leg karada holds tight. "No need to be shy; you can test it more." He chuckles. I brute force the legs against the ropes; the threads slowly rub against my waist and knees. I breathe; heavily as I plead:
He smiles as he replies:
"Let's get to it." I nod.

He pulls over the chair, closer to the two of us. I feel one arm catch onto my back, slowly caressing me; and the other around my legs. He cradles me up for a short moment; then places me down on the chair.

"Place your arms behind the chair rest, your hands have to hold the elbows, makes sense?" I nod, doing as he asks of me. I look down at my chest, feeling it stretch as I straighten my back against the support. I'm heaving from excitement, my heartbeat screaming in joy.
"Think you can hold the position?" He asks me.
"Seems doable."I say, tilting my head from side to side.
"Heh, strength test." I grab onto his finger with each of my hands. "Very good, let's get to work now!" He picks a red rope, one of the thinner ones. I feel him tie it around my arms, the grip slowly tightening.
"Hair's getting in the way." They chuckle, pushing it away so he can pull the ropes.

T-this really is happening?

I smile stupidly; as he finishes the first knots, keeping my wrists pinned.
"D-d-damn.."I giggle, excited as he brushes my hair away. I look at Pegs' fingers, cheekily grabbing my breasts for a moment, making me squeal.
"J-JERK, FINISH YOUR JOB FIRST." I laugh out; feeling ticklish as he wraps the ropes above my breasts. The four threads press above my chest, looking down in amazement.
"Down we go!" He replies, seemingly tying another knot behind my back. I can't quite tell. He wraps the red ropes below my breasts, contouring them, the four strands framing my body. I'm growing warmer, my fingers flinching from the adrenaline.
"Okie, before we go on, safety check." He announces to me. I grab onto his finger with mine.
"As strong as before! Perfect!" He proclaims.
"Good work...d-d-on't know."I say, seemingly melting into the chair, slowly shaking from side to side. My arms are forced behind the chair no matter what.
"Well, it's easy; just gotta use another rope to frame around and in between the breasts." He says, grabbing a black rope.
"N-not that...the hogtie." I feel him start wrapping the rope over my shoulder.
"Ooohhhh, right!" He giggles as he gropes me.
"Gh..."I grunt as I feel his hands touch my chest, tightening the straps over my shoulders and between my breasts, the red and black ropes forming a beautiful contrast.
"F-fuck yourself!" I chuckle as he grabs a strand of his coarser brown rope.
"Ok, think I heard enough of your shit." He smiles as he picks up the ball gag.
"Make m..." I want to reply, but I keep my mouth closed as he presses it against my mouth. I grin devilishly; as he starts moving it against my jaw, trying his best to force it in.
"F-fucking bitch!"He laughs out as he tries to unclench my jaw with his hands. I look at him, amazed by his stupidity. Had it not been for the context, I probably would've started spitballing some p r e t t y insults.
"GAH!" Pegs grunts, angered. A stupid smirk forms on my face as he looks down at me.
"A'ight, you asked for it." He says as he pinches my nose. Not to let his idiocy outdo mine, I reflexively open my mouth, and he forces the gag on my lips.
"Mmgmhmm..." I grunt, cheeks turning red as he overpowered me with ease. I squirm left and right on the chair, feeling him tie a rope around my soles; and pull my feet up. He connects it to my boxtie.
"Test." They prompt me.

I pull my legs against the tight binds, trying to press them against the floor; my toes can barely touch it. I try to slide out of the chair, but the boxtie holds me tight. I am effectively pinned to the chair, unable to resist anything they do to me. My body tickles all over as I look at Pegs.

"Lights out." He grins, grabbing a black bandana and tying it over my eyes. Silence, utter helplessness, my vision is all darkened out.
He straddles my legs, keeping balance on the chair. Their hands slowly slide down my thighs, my body tickling me all over as they feel up my body.
"MMmgMHMmm!!" I squeal out; loudly as he leans against me, his hands sliding down against my sides and ass, my body heating up.
"That hourglass figure." He chuckles to himself as he feels me up, taking advantage of my helpless body as he feels me up. I desperately push myself into the ropes as the pressure and lust build up in my body. "Those exercises are really paying off, huh?" He chuckles.

I feel his warm breath against my neck. "GMMHMGM!!!" I scream out; loud as he presses his lips against my neck, biting down on my shoulder. I rock front to back on the chair as his lips feel the skin of my neck, leaving cold drool all over my skin, his hands greedily groping my chest. My body is feeling tingly all over, the ropes cutting into my soft skin as he enjoys seemingly every inch of my body. I push and heave desperately, my heartbeat echoing through every fiber of my being as I start losing the sense of time.

They stop for just a short moment, only to whisper in my ear: "Such a good girl..."
"GHMM!!"I yelp out as he slides his hand down my body, feeling my chest and hips up as my legs tremble against the ropes, pushing in and out desperately. The chair starts to creak as drool forms on my lips, sliding down my chin from the holes in the ball gag. "MGMHMMGMM!"I scream loudly and helplessly, feeling his mouth constantly kiss and lick my neck, his hands overwhelming all my senses.

"MGMH...GMHNGMMHMGMH!"I shake my head angrily, feeling his tongue slide up my cheeks, close to my ear. "PZDM MTMI!!" I protest as I hear his licks way too close for my comfort.
"Sorry." He chuckles. "I think that one slipped past the gag." Moving past the mistake, he pins me against the chair with brute force.

"MGMHMMGMH!!"I plead loudly. Time stops to a crawl, his tongue slowly licking my chin, picking the drool off my lips. A-are they..?
"MGMH???"I gasp, surprised as I feel his lips against mine, biting my upper lip, his hands still devilishly groping my whole body. Their lips feel so warm... it heats the fire in my heart.
I want... I want...
"PLGM...FMKM MKMK!!"I plead; desperately as he continues kissing my lips, feeling them up, his hands sliding down my body as I push desperately against the chair, my chest heaving.

"MGH.....MGMHM..."I gasp for air, pushing against the tight ropes of the boxtie. He lets go of me for a second. I spasm in the ropes desperately as he starts kissing and biting my tummy, my whole body tickles all over. I spasm uncontrollably in the chair as he stops for a moment, only to continue as I quiver and shiver.
I w-w-ant t--t-them to f-fuck me so badly... p-please... please... please... please.

He silently grins as he presses his hand against my mouth, my face tilting up, the dark blue eyes piercing through the blindfold into his soul.
"gMH!" I gasp, shocked as I feel his tongue slide over my nose. "MGLH...LGHMGMH!!!" I plead, shocked. It feels like I'm drowning as he presses his palm against my lips, continuously licking my nose and cheeks, not leaving me a single moment to rest.

"MGMHMMM...GMHMGMMHMGMHMGMMHMMM!"I scream out as I spasm in the chair, desperately begging as he tries to muffle me. He gasps for air as he lets go of me, stepping up; on his feet. I feel the warmth in my body simmer as he calms down his touches, my chest heaving rapidly.

"M-Min, I need a break." They say, gasping for air. I nod slowly, panting as well.
My mouth feels dry. I start shaking my head and snapping my fingers.
"Hmm? Should I ungag you?" I nod. "Shall be done." He chuckles. He pulls the ball out of my mouth, strings of drool falling off my lips, following the gag. He unceremoniously wipes it off on my t-shirt.
"What'chu want?"
"Okie, here you go."

I already sense the mischievousness in his voice, but it's not like I have much of a choice. He brings the cup to my lips, and I slowly drink up, feeling rejuvenated by the cold water. I tilt my head back a few times, wanting to try and pull out without making a mess of myself. They only lean the cup more toward me.
"STWOP!"I try to plead with them, and to my relief, they listen.

Only for them to yoink the water onto my t-shirt, my sports bra now visible.
"PIZDA MATII!@#$%" I laugh out as he chuckles. "Take the blindfold off cunt."
"Sheesh, no need to be mean."
"Remind me who just waterboarded me."

He takes the blindfold off, revealing the humiliating state I'm in. My t-shirt is all drenched in drool and water. My hair's a disheveled mess, sweat falling down my face, cheeks embarrassingly red. He toyed with me to a degree I never would've thought possible. I loved every second of it.

"You're amazing Min." He smiles.
"H..h..h.e..h.." I giggle, embarrassed. "T-thanks a l-l-l-lot..." I mumble, wanting to melt into the chair. I look down at myself, seeing a small spot of blood on my t-shirt.
"Y-yea; I dunno what's that, broke a pimple on your body?"
"Would've felt it, y'know?"I chuckle.
"Bit your lip too harsh?"
"It feels pretty okay..." I reply, shaking my head. I grin as I realize what it was "nosebleed?"
"Heh, maybe... I dunno." They shrug. "Wanna take the photos?" He tries his best to pull the attention away from that.
"S-sure, just tell me what's the time."
"7:40 PM... god damn girl, you lasted 40 minutes?"
"It's still not one hour." I chuckle. "Also, you took like another hour tying my legs up you dumbass."
"Do you want me to regag you?"
"Okay, not yet, my jaw hurts."I giggle. He turns a bit more serious.
"Y-yea makes sense. Let's just do the photo shoot."
"WAITIWTIWAITIAWT!"I protest. "Check my phone, I hope it was on the whole time... otherwise Qwery would've caught onto something if both of us were offline." I giggle devilishly; Pegs joins in on the fun.

"No message, your discord was online. Qwery's the one that's offline."
"GOD DAMN, IT WOULD'VE BEEN SO FUNNY TO TRICK HIM LIKE THAT!"I grunt, both disappointed and amused.
"Ahh, well, let's just send him a photo." Pegs chuckles.
"Do you plan on also sending Maria one?"I ask, tilting my head.
"Yea, course I-"
"Idiot, just put the photos on the group chat."
He nods, chuckling in agreement. He takes a photo of my upper body, then one from the side, of my thighs.
"Wanna take another shot from my POV?" I ask them.
"What do you mean?"
"Place the camera where my head is, take a shot down to my chest.
"Min,you're a fucking genius."He smiles, pushing my neck down.

They chuckle as they look at the picture. Pegs's barely able to contain himself as he takes a picture, groping my chest greedily.
"S-s.s..ghm.."I nearly moan out.
"A'ight, time to send them over." They proclaim as they sit down beside me. I look down at the screen, feeling my heart drop.
"Why, it's just some pics of you tied up.
"Motherfucker it's SOFTCORE PORN; what if someone crosses by them and they just have the images in view??" I scorn them.
"Fine fine." He chuckles as I breathe out, relieved, closing my eyes as I twist in the ropes, shifting comfortably on my bum. "FUck, wait no!" My eyes instantly dart to him as I hear him complain.
"Really?"I chuckle as I see the idiot forgot to spoiler the final pic.
"Step up your game."I snap my fingers.
"There, done."He says, relieved.

I ponder for a moment, feeling the ropes dig into my feet; I struggle just a bit more, admiring the rope marks the threads around my thighs left. "I wanna stay like this more, write a message to my parents..." I take a short pause. "Tell them I'll be home by 9:30, word by word. Keep it short, yknow?"

He grabs my phone and; starts typing away. He shows me the message and sends it.
"Need a break?" They then ask.
"J-just, let's stop with the intense stuff for now." I then stop to ponder for a moment. "You can take a look through my drawings. Enjoy the comission."I chuckle.
"It'll be the first time I get to see your porn with my own eyes?"
"Ehe." I nod.

He grabs the old; A4 size folder; from my bag. "Starting from the begining huh?"
"Might aswell, no?" He asks, clumsily opening the files, nearly dropping them down on the floor.
"Okay, okay! Dear lord, this file has a lot of drawings." He ponders, surprised.
"It contains a lot of drawings I've deemed unfit, and a lot of drawings I didn't like... then there's also a lot of the stuff I drew back when I started." I explain. "No need to watch through it, you won't find anything interesting there in all honesty."
"Huh, interesting." He mumbles.
"Rotate the folder now; you're looking at the wrong end."
He rotates the folder, starting from the actual beginning.
"Oh, that one's a vent drawing; it was waaaaaaay back in the day. Didn't even have a consistent style for myself, the pony tail is way too short." I chuckle.
"There's notes on the back?" He says, flipping the file.
"Psychology notes."
"You got bullied heh?" He asks, surprised. "How, when?"
"Yknow, back in the day... the whole sexual assault thing?"
"Oh my god I'm so sorry!!" They facepalm themselves as I chuckle.
"It's fine. Let's just move on, no need to grow sour about it."

It feels strangely comfy, sitting trussed up tightly, only able to listen to him banter about my drawings.
"The Climax one is good... and Somphie." He mispronounces the name purposefully.
"They're newer ones, I have a vaaague idea what I'm doing."
"Your photos are dogshit." He chuckles.
"Oh yea I know, I don't know how to fix it anymore." I sigh. His hand raises to headpat me, slowly caressing my blonde hair.
"Don't worry; you'll figure it out sooner or later." He smiles dumbly; as he caresses me. I can't help but instinctively lean my head into his warm palm.
"At least we can move on now to the bigger drawings... including your comission!" I grin, wanting to see his reaction.
"Patience. We'll start from the begining, work our way up."
"God... so much cuteness on this side... THE GAYS :tm: !"
"Nowhere near enough Bloom into You stuff." I giggle.
"Jess headpatting doggo, it's the gift for the guy online right?"
"Mhm!"I nod.
"Sooo adorable, look at'em." They chuckle.
"Jess is very fond of that dog in particular." I explain; as he slowly and mindlessly flips through the pages, admiring the drawings and enjoying the lust, amusement, and cuteness they can produce.
"Yuri..."He smiles as he drools for a few moments.
"Hey, maybe one day."I wink, trying my best to tease him. "Actually, weren't you gonna put on a cosplay of Monika?"
"Ohh yea, right." He chuckles. "Maria was gonna be Nya-Mura, and Qwery was gonna be Hori." He reminds me, forever cursing my mental image.
"why the fuck is everyone crossdressing aside from me..."
"You can always joi-"
"Fiiiine fiiineeee."He rolls his eyes, looking over at the commission I've made for him. "Oh god."He mumbles.
I squint for a moment, analyzing the "customer satisfaction"; I breathe out, relieved, as I notice he likes the commission a lot. "This is sooo fucking cool." They say, grinning.
"Made a drawing so good I trans'd your ass."I smile, sarcastic. "Ehh, to be fair, can't blame you; girl you looks real hot, "I say, shifting in the ropes of the chair, feeling them dig into me a bit too much, especially the threads that keep my feet lifted up. "H-hey, can you untie the hogtie?"

"On it, it too uncomfy?"
"Y-yea... your jute ropes really dig in... you said you were treating them?"
"Yea, but no way would they ever get as soft as the cotton ones." He says, his hands slowly sliding down my chest harness. "I'll order some of yours." He pokes my chest, making me flinch.
"Choke on it." Sarcasm sours my voice.
"Weren't you the one who wanted to be helpless?"
"Cock up your ass."
"Make me." He winks at me, slowly unwrapping the threads around my soles.
I squint in anger at him. Why the fuck did I turn all my friends into queer idiots? I chuckle as the thought enters my head; then I say, feeling a stinging pain in my right arm, yet at the same time, my wrists feel loose.
"Mind checking on my wrists and right arm?"
"On it." He says, freeing my legs from the hogtie. I stretch them down, relaxing for a few short moments. "Ehh, your arm doesn't look too good... but it doesn't seem to be cutting into any nerves..."
"Maybe blood vessels?"I ask.
"Possibly, you are quite thin after all... oop; they fell out of place. "They say, slowly snapping them in place.
"Hooah...a bit better..." I breathe out, relieved.
"Next up, your wrists....oh god; this got real loose."
"YIAY!"I yelp out as he suddenly retightens the knots around my wrists, keeping them pinned in.
"There we go,princess." He smiles.
"Can you just gag me and keep me like this for just a bit longer?" I ask him.
"Rope bunny to the end, eh?" He raises the ball gag up to my lips, and I gleefully accept it, letting him lock it in.
"Mgmh!"I nod, testing the gag.
"Don't forget you have to try and tie me... it's... 8:20! Damn girl that's a lot."
"Mgmhmm!" I nod, smiling. "Mmgmhmm?" I realize I'll have to go soon, but I also have to keep my promise. Maybe I'll get out soon. That can wait; this is soo comfy.
"Hgme hgme..."I chuckle, resting down on the chair, closing my eyes as I breathe in and out. Such a fun evening... can't wait for the next shots.
"HAH!" Pegs starts laughing.
"Hgmh?"I ask, looking over at the dumbass.
"QWERY JUST REPLIED!" He chuckles stupidly.
"HMmhgmhmMHMM?" I ask, curiously looking at him, a spark shining in my ocean blue eyes.
"Daaamn, she thick!" Pegs quotes the message.
"Hge ghe." I chuckle, feeling blood rush into my cheeks, turning them red.
"aaaaaaaand now he's asking to come over the next time."
"Hgmhmgmhm?" I shrug, feeling I could go either way just fine.
"We'll see." He replies.
"Hmmm..."I sigh, contempt.

Time slowly trickles down as I sit down on the chair. I listen to them walk around me, relaxing and resting on the bed. The tingling, light pain appears in my arm again. I realize I need a break.
"Pmghm?"I start shaking my head rapidly.
"Play time's over?"
I nod.

He rises from the bed and pulls the chair. Pegs starts untying the ropes.
"Ghmmm..."I breathe out relieved as the pressure is released. T-thank god... it feels so good now. After I sense my arms are free, I start stretching them out, enjoying the newfound freedom. He looks down at my legs, working on the knots. I ungag myself, making sure not to make more of a mess of myself.
"Aww,that sucks." I raise my hand to headpat them. "Look, we'll get to it another time, I understood what you tied around anyways." I smirk.

I dizzily lean forward as he finishes untying me, hugging him. "Thank you..." I whisper in his ear, feeling my whole body tremble. I close my eyes.
"What's the time, Peggy?"
"8:45." They reply.

I drag them down onto the bed. My whole body feels like it'll turn to dust at any moment. "So much for anxiety blocking us..."I reply with a dumb smirk, feeling the warmth of their body. "You were rough as shit."
Pegs chuckles in reply. "It was so fun, though... You think you have the energy to tie me up?"

My limbs feel faint, but I promised her I'd do it. I nod.
"I-I'll do my best," I say, leaning up as I roll off them. My hands clumsily reach out for the ropes and belts. I look down at the belt cuffs, admiring her legs and the dumbass thigh highs that she has on, playing with the white bows at the top.
"God, they look so shitty. You can keep them."I chuckle, placing her hands up into the cuffs. I pull the slack, and the belts hold just tight enough. I slowly slide my hand down her legs, hearing her soft moan.
"Huh..."I mumble, surprised. I feel somewhat dizzy as I lean over; I cuddle up to her. I want to do more, but none of this comes naturally. Domming feels so... incredibly dull? Or is there something I'm missing? Is it the fact that she has a more male-ish body? I don't think so; I've dommed guys on occasions; it's funny.

Maybe I'm just not meant for it?

"Can you tie up my legs?"
I step up and grab the black ropes. "Sorry for dissapointing; I'm just really tired..."I giggle sorrowly. "I just wanna cuddle."I say, starting to wrap the ropes around their ankles. H-how does this work..?
"It's fine, i really like cuddling with you." She says, peeking up to look at me. "What are you..?"
"There." I say, stumbling onto my ropework as I manage to tighten the *h o r r i b l e* double column I've just tied. "Try to move."
"Oki..." Pegs pulls at the ropes. They all hold firmly and tightly onto her. I let myself fall beside her, cuddling up on top of her. "C-can you...g g-rope me..?" She stumbles onto her words.
"mm..? I'll try." I say, unsure, my hand slowly running up and down her legs. It doesn't feel natural. I feel uneasy. Domming just doesn't come naturally? I thought I could pull off more than this. Her legs are soft, but I sense the red bumps along her skin. I wonder what causes that..?

I slowly lower myself down, completely squishing myself against her. My vision darkens. I'm grateful to be by Pegs' side, no matter what their mind would think.
I headpat her rough hair, feeling it up. "Goodie girlie." I whimper.

"Hrmm...?" I slowly, painfully, open my eyes. Everything feels dizzy, maybe even more so than before. My body feels frail.
"Did you fall asleep?" She chuckles.
"Ughh..?"I chuckle, confused.
"It's ok. Just untie me; you'll get another shot at domming me next time."

I disappointed them, didn't I?

"You didn't disappoint; it's okay." She chuckles. "This was really nice."

I can see a thinly veiled lie, but I won't let this ruin my day. I sigh, a dumb smirk forming on my face as I get up.
"Can you slide your hands out of the cuffs?"
"Yea sure."

She proceeds to fail miserably at pulling them out.
"Huh? They worked? Guess your hands are thick."I shrug off, pulling the belt off of the cuffs, and unwrapping them.
"What's the time?"
My eyes spark up as she says that.
Shit, fuck, shit, I have to hurry. I need to change; out of the shorts and thigh highs; it's not like my parents would like to see me in them, and I need to put on a blouse over the myriad of rope marks that run down my body.

"On it," I say, looking down at her legs, frantically trying to untie the shitty double column. I'm somehow only tightening the mess of knots. "Min, what the fuck are you doing." They laugh, looking down. "How in the fuck did the knots end up like that?"

A total cobweb of threads. None of it makes any sense. Not even Pegs can make sense of it, and they're the one that's good at it.
"Ughhh..?"I pull at some of the loose ends.
"N-no..not that one; keep probing till you find one that untangles a bit of the mess."

I do as they ask of me, and after a bit of effort, I manage to pull a bit of slack. "O-oh god, this is gonna take forever."
"Nope, we're close to it... just pull there and..." The ropes start unwinding.

"Go prep." Pegs prompts me.
I nod, and I rush up on my feet. I start taking off the shorts and thigh highs. I left a mess down there for sure. Long jeans are on; the jacket's on.

I grab all the laundry and walk back into the dorm room; Pegs is coiling all the ropes.
"T-thanks a lot," I whisper, hugging her from behind; awkwardly holding all the clothes.
"It was awesome." They reply. "I can't wait for the next time."
I nod, slowly letting go of them.
"I-I'm sorry, I need to go now... g-gotta arrive you know?"
"Don't worry Min." They say, helping stash the binds, gags, and clothes in my backpack. I pick up my drawing bag and backpack.
"G-get rid of the do not disturb sign I don't want people to know what we d-"
"I already did."
I look at her fluffy thigh highs and skirt, shocked.
"It's fine, you scaredy cat." Pegs pokes my cheek. "No one saw a thing."
I sigh. "You know how to play with my heart." I smile, sarcastic.
"Thanks again..w-we'll talk tomorrow, right?"
"Like always, now go."Pegs reassures me.
I wave at them as I step out of the hotel room.


I quickly rush down the streets. I can't be late for too long; otherwise, they'll start asking way too many questions... the last thing I need is to talk with that idiot again.

This was so fun, though I don't know how to feel about the part where I was so close to asking them to fuck me. Should I tell Pegs? Should I not..? I know I'll write this down anyway, so maybe I will.

I suffer from Shitty Life Syndrome, undoubtedly. I have been given many tough choices in my life, but for once, I feel sure.

I am right. I deserve more of this, and I'm going to get it. No matter how much my parents try to fuck my life over.

I grab my keys with the Tuoko and Yuu keychain, smiling dumbly.

Time to knock it off. I don't want my parents to know anything. I take in a deep breath, tensing my face as I form an annoyed grunt.

Back to my regular life I go, as painful as it is.
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Post by antoinedt »

Excellent recollection of events! I don't know if this was your first time playing with someone but it seems like it went mostly well. I liked seeing how you had a nonverbal safe word in place for when you were gagged. Did your system have some distinction, between red and or say yellow? Might be useful in the future to know if they should stop everything at once or simply slow down or d some adjusting or check in for a different reason. I ask that cus I also wonder myself.

It's nice to see the very playful (and hot) vibe throughout and your connection with pegs. I will say, I am seeing a lack of aftercare, the importance and preparation of which I also overlooked the first time I played with someone. You should have some time period at the end dedicated to aftercare and already have discussed beforehand your expectations of what that might look like. You may not know what you want from it as a beginner but it does good to anyone to do some basics like cuddles, hugging, untied, and talking some after a session. And do note it is as important for the Dom as the sub. I did see a little bit of it actually but it was a bit blended in with everything else and I think it's sort of important for it to feel like a separate event and a recognizable conclusion.

I think the ending is a good example of how it's nice to have a plan but also prepare for things to not go as planned. Like you realized after subbing that you were fatigued and maybe weren't in the best headspace to switch. Good on you for vocalizing that and although you tried, you said you weren't really feeling it which was totally valid. At that point though, seems like there wasn't much time left so imo aftercare should have became a priority before even trying. Pegs probably was disappointed about not being dommed, it seems like that was one of the things y'all wanted out of the session, but it wasn't obligatory so you don't have to feel bad, it just didn't work out and I'm sure you guys will have a chance to do that in another session. I understand all too well the pressures of time constraint for something like this so it's good to be adaptable and compromise because there's always the future.

I'm glad to see you guys had an open line of communication after that and planned to talk and touch base the next day. It's important to talk about your feelings after a session like that and reflect on the experience, as some unforeseen feelings and thoughts could come up. I personally had a really fun time on my first play date and my partner did too but I look back at the experienced and there's some bitterness with that sweetness due to the fact that we didn't really communicate that well after. She became busy with school and didn't really feel the need to keep talking about it, but I was experiencing something like a Dom drop and really needed to talk about the experience with her and I felt I couldn't really do that without imposing on them. We eventually did talk but only through text and a week later so I still feel sort of insecure about it months later. Just talk to them and touch base, sooner rather than later, even if you're fine with how everything went. There's probably room for improvement.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I really enjoyed reading, thanks for sharing! You'll definitely do it again and get what you want, you deserve it!
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Post by jafib »

Not finished yet, but already enjoying thoroughly!

Little Nitpicks:
as he powers through me and presses me onto the bed, slowly squirming my butt up and down against him as he feels the fabric of my white t-shirt
I really struggled to understand this sentence. What does it mean to "power through" someone? Did you mean overpower?
He chuckles to himself as he feels me up, taking advantage of my helpless body as he feels me up
duplicated sentence part ;)

You can use some formatting to make the text easier to read, e.g. headlines for the attempts and different text alignments for different speakers.
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