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Okay, I know exactly what you're thinking.
Oh look, another revenge if we don't already have enough of those on the forum.

But no, what I'm about to share with you isn't your run-of-the-mill Hollywood style revenge scenario.
It's actually quite a bit more hardcore than that. And considering what my high school bully had been putting me through all these years, I'm not gonna apologise for what I did.

As far as I'm concerned, those two days of hell I ended up putting him through were well deserved.

But before I get to the revenge part, a quick introduction is in order.

My name's Ethan, as I'm sure you've guessed from the title of the story (duh).
I'm seventeen and just a few months away from my high school graduation.

I live at home with my mom, Cynthia, my stepfather, James, and my stepbrother, Kyle.
My mom was away visiting my grandparents when this happened, so she's not really important to the story.

I never got to know my father, but for all intents and purposes, James was the closest thing I had to a dad, and he quickly took me in as his own son after he and my mom decided to move in together three years ago.

Now to the more important stuff.
You know how in movies stepbrothers and unrelated siblings tend to hate each other?
Well, this really wasn't the case with Kyle and I.

Aside from being twenty one, Kyle was every bit the opposite of me.

I was relatively short and a bit nerdy.
He was built like a brick shithouse, loaded with tattoos, and seriously into cars, sports and working out.
Our rooms were also totally different.
Mine was clean and tidy. His was filthy and smelled worst than a gym locker-room.
Kyle was never up to any good, but at least his heart was in the right place.

My big brother, Kyle

To this day, I'm still not sure why the hunk had taken a liking to me. But whatever his reasons, he quickly ended up adopting me as his baby brother.

All in all, things at home were pretty good.

School was another matter though.
My grades were okay, and I thought of myself as being relatively easy to get along with.
I never got into any fights and was relatively successful with the girls.
I did have one major thorn in my life though.
It's name was Hunter.

Hunter was one of the biggest and baddest jocks in school.
Having previously failed 11th grade, he was a year older than everyone and had terrible grades, save for gym class.
Still, that didn't stop him from being one of the most popular kids in school.
In short, he was your typical dumb highschool jock and every teenage girl's dream.

The thing that made him stand out from the lot was that he took a rather perverse pleasure in bullying and humiliating me, causing my popularity with the girls to plummet and causing my grades to drop as well.

Even though this was spring break and I only had a few months of school left before graduation, it was a pain getting out of bed every morning and going to school.
Every time I looked at my agenda, my stomach would knot up in apprehension at the knowledge that I'd have to face Hunter in history, math and gym class.

This was my third year of getting picked on by him and I was really tired of it.
It even went to the point where I wanted to drop out of school and finish my final year at an adult education center...just to be away from him.

Being a private kid, I didn't wanna talk to my mom about it.
She was sweet, but I was seventeen and I didn't want her making a scene and taking the issue up with school directors.

No seventeen year old wants to involve their mom in this sorta thing. You understand, right?
Yeah, I thought you would.

My stepdad was a nice guy, but he wasn't my real dad, so I didn't feel that comfortable opening up to him.
Strangely enough, the only person I felt comfortable confiding in was my stepbrother, Kyle.

Kyle would see how down I was and offered to beat the kid up for me, several times.
While part of me would have liked that, I knew he'd get into major trouble afterwards.
He already had a criminal record for vandalism, attempted robbery and getting into fistfights.
Beating up an eighteen year old kid, which he would've easily been able to do, would've landed him in jail, or worse.
His dad would be really pissed off if he ended up having to bail his son out of jail again, and I had no doubt it would've caused some problems at home. Asking Kyle to beat my high school bully up was NOT an option.

Anyways, enough about that.
Time to get to the revenge part.

Having a week off in the middle of March was pretty nice, but with barely four days left before I had to go back to school, my mood was souring and my stomach was already tensing up in apprehension.

My mom was away, my stepdad was working, and Kyle was either hanging out at the basketball court, working out at the gym or getting into trouble somewhere in town.

I, on the other hand, spent the day waiting for my paycheck to cash in and kept checking my bank account for the money I was expecting. It wasn't much, but for my seventeen-year-old self, the sum in my account was HUGE considering I'd been saving up all the money from my weekend job for months now.

"I have your money : )" I texted Kyle, as soon as I saw my account balance reach 1500$ late on Thursday night.

Eager to seal our deal, I instantly transferred my entire account balance over to Kyle's account and went to sleep knowing that my revenge on big, bad Hunter was close at hand.

Being the total bum that he was, I wasn't sure Kyle would hold his end of the bargain.
But once again, I was pleasantly surprised when he delivered the promised merchandise and demonstrated what an awesome big brother he could be.

For the sum of 1500$, Kyle told me he'd be able to acquire a small amount of the highly illegal drug called NANOix05 from one of his shady connections outside of town.
And sure enough, he had a small vial of the serum ready for me by Friday morning.

Now here's the crazy part.
Past a certain amount, NANOix05 was able to actually shrink the consumer for a period of time, before slowly allowing his or her body to regain it's former height and weight. It didn't take an abnormally bright mind to understand how a drug that enforced temporary nanism on it's victims would be of use to gangs that dealt in illegal stuff like human trafficking and slavery.
I know this sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but it's true.
Kyle somehow knew that this experimental drug worked, and even had the connections to get it!

Part of me was sceptical about the supposed potency of NANOix05, but the thought of miniaturising my arch-nemesis for a few days and giving him a taste of his own medicine was too good for me to resist.
So when the time came to transfer all my hard-earned cash over to Kyle, my hesitation didn't even last a second.

Kyle didn't really know how the serum worked.
The only thing he could tell me was that the severity of the effect was directly linked to the amount of the drug consumed by the victim.

I kept that in mind while preparing Hunter's special cocktail and quickly emptied the entire contents of the small vial into the beer I planned on serving him once he got here.

Kyle left the house at around noon that day, but not before telling me that he'd be back to help me deal with my "guest" later this afternoon.

I actually thought that inviting the bully over would be the hard part, but when I found him on Facebook and told him about the new holo-game console I'd managed to get my hands on, Hunter practically invited himself.
My revenge plan was working out even better than I thought!

You should've seen the smug look on the stupid jock's face when he plopped himself down on the living room couch and asked me where my super expensive holo-console was.

There was no holo-console of course, but I just lied and told him it was still in it's box and that I was gonna go fetch it from my room and plug it up so we could play.
Apparently, Hunter was too stupid to ask himself why on earth I'd invite him over to play video games with me. Either that, or he thought I was trying to suck up to him in the hopes of getting on his good side.

Getting him to drink that special beer mix I'd prepared for him was a piece of cake.

By that point, my stomach was in knots and my limbs were shaking almost uncontrollably at the sheer amount of adrenaline running through my veins.

The game console I'd promised wasn't in my room and I knew that if the drug didn't work like Kyle said it would, I'd be in major trouble.

Stupid Hunter guzzled half of his beer down in one gulp, and I just stood there...waiting.

You should've seen the look on his face when everything around him started getting bigger and bigger.
In a matter of seconds, big, bad hunter was reduced to a miniature ten-centimeter tall version of himself.

Sweet, sweet justice at long last!
The puny bully was finally about to find out just how much I despised him. And being the size of a coffee cup, he wouldn't be able to do a thing about it.
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Kayyy and the next chapter is when?.... such a great start!

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Now that's an interesting start. Kyle and Ethan are likable characters and Hunter is the typical hot douchebag that you'd love to see humiliated by bondage. Not to mention it's a smaller guy capturing a (previously) big dude, I'm a sucker for those.

Shrinking the captive is such a bold move and I can't wait to see what it'll bring in terms of tying up to the table.

Kudos, looking forward for the rest.
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Love this first part of the story

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Mhmmmm what a start!

Can‘t wait for the begin of the long needed revenge!!

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Firstly shrinking is always a fun thing in this style of fiction and I can't wait to see what you do with it.
I would love to have Kyle's thighs wrapped around my head :oops:
I'm not usually one for a story where the main POV isn't on the receiving end but I do love your work and I kinda want to see how this goes. Though if it ends up with having revenge on Ethan in payback continuing a cycle ... well I won't complain :D

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Makes for an interesting premise for sure.
At first I was presuming it would just turn him into a small twink. xD 10cm works too. xD
Can't wait for more.

Hurry it up or we might have to shrink you down too. 😈

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I can't wait for more!

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Great characters as usual and a shrinking potion is an excellent plot device. I'm looking forward to seeing what the former victim does to his former antagonist. Stories on this site are often told from the POV of the submissive. Telling it from the (newly minted) dominant's point of view just adds to the fun.

I'm definitely looking forward to wherever you take this.

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Interesting start. Sometihng different from you.
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Wow shrinking! That's definitely not something I expected to see on here. I love those types of stories.

Interesting role reversal here too as it looks like the small nerdy guy is going to be a dom in this story. I typically like my dom to be the jock type with smelly gear, but knowing you, I'm sure stepbrother Kyle will provide plenty of this ;)

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Interesting start for sure, never really been a fan of shrinking myself but your writing is always intriguing so I’m interested in seeing where this goes for sure.

Seems like there’s some pretty advanced technology in this story so I’m definitely wondering what other tools Kyle has available :lol:

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Hey bondagefreak

Looking forward to see more from this story. I'm excited and would have some ideas, what to do with a nasty dwarf. :twisted:


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Note from the author: A huge thanks for all the support, guys! I'm thrilled to see the miniaturisation process came as a surprise to most of you. Hope you guys enjoy this next part! Don't forget to comment at the end of the chapter.


Not wasting any time and quickly using Hunter's state of shock to my advantage, I ran across the living room and snatched the terrified bully up off the couch.
The look of terror on his puny face was palpable, and I had to resist the urge to slap myself across the face to see whether or not I was dreaming.

This was no dream, and big, bad Hunter's miniaturized condition was no illusion.
He was four inches tall and weighed about one pound.

Wrapping my fingers around his torso, I was able to pin his tiny arms down to his sides and lift him up as easily as you would pick up your phone from off the couch.

That's when I realised I had no idea what the hell I was supposed to do next!
I knew I had to restrain him somehow, but how the hell was I supposed to restrain a ten-centimeter-tall midget without hurting him?

Hunter looked up at me, eyes wide open in fear and no trace of smugness left on his otherwise handsome features.

Given my size and height relative to his, he knew I could've easily crushed the life outta him or even just let go of his body and allowed him to hit the floor. We both knew he'd never survive the fall, since for him that would've been like falling off a five story building.

"What the fuck is happening?" I heard him ask, his eyes looking down at the huge hand I had clamped around his pathetic little arms and torso. His voice seemed a whole lot smaller now. And I was thrilled at the fact that it didn't instill the usual sense of fear and apprehension that I usually felt when I heard him mouth off.

Poor Hunter was nothing right now.
He was a bug, an insect. And definitely no threat to me.

Coming to my senses and regaining some of my composure, I decided to ignore my terrified prisoner's angry complaints and brought him into my room so that I could store him away 'till Kyle got here.
As much as I hated Hunter, I didn't have a single clue as to what I should be doing with him.
I'd spent all these months thinking about the drug and how I was gonna get my hands on him, but now that he was mine, I found myself completely out of my element.

Hopefully my stepbrother would know who to do with him.
Right now, all I had to worry about was making sure the little guy didn't get away.

Finding nothing of use in my room, I decided to look through the storage closet and was happy to find a nice big cardboard box.

The puny bully glared up at me as I lowered him down into the empty box, and quickly started yelling insanities at me when I started sealing him in.

The box was about four times his height, but I wasn't about to risk letting him escape.
So as soon as I arrived in my bedroom, I emptied my closet out, placed the box inside and pilled a bunch of heavier boxes on top of Hunter's sturdy cardboard prison.

He was furious and started kicking and screaming.
Thankfully though, his kicks and punches weren't making any dents in the box, and closing the closet door quickly took care of transforming his angry screams into barely audible background noise.

"I have him!!! PLZ come home asap!" I texted Kyle, quickly putting my phone down and lying on my bed, not knowing what else do to.

After ten minutes without a reply, I thought my stepbrother wouldn't make it until later this afternoon, but the sound of the front door opening five minutes later alerted me to his presence.

I got up to meet him, but the handsome 6'3 tattooed hunk ran up to the second floor and barged in before I even had a chance to make it out of the bedroom.

"You got him?" he asked, quickly using his forearm to wipe the sweat off his forehead.
He'd probably been playing basketball over at the court when I texted him.

"Yeah. He's in here." I cheered, opening up my closet door and taking out all the stuff I'd put on top of Hunter's cardboard prison.

"You were able to fit him in a box? How much o' that stuff did you give him?!" Kyle questioned, sounding genuinely surprised at the fact that my high bully was sealed up inside a twelve-inch-tall cardboard box.
If he thought the box was small, then he was in for a MAJOR shock.

I turned my head to glance up at him before putting on a face that translated to "Oups".

"I used all of it."

"Holy fuck! Haha!" Kyle laughed, unable to get over the fact that I'd slipped the entire contents of the vial into my arch-nemesis' drink.

His face lit up with an even wider smile when I opened the box and revealed the puny little guy I had trapped inside there.

"Let me the fuck out!" Hunter demanded, curling his hands into fists and adopting a somewhat imposing stature. A stature as imposing as his ten-centimeter-tall body would permit, of course.

His eyes practically bulged out of their sockets when a much larger hand reached down inside the box and snatched him up off his feet.

"So you're the fuckin' punk who's been picking on my little brother..." Kyle growled, wrapping his huge fingers around the puny eighteen-year-old's arms, legs and torso.

I stood there and smiled as Hunter got a good look at my stepbrother's formidable and very much imposing body.
Even from my meager 5'7, 140-pound frame, Kyle was a giant! So I couldn't even begin to imagine how big and bad the tattooed, 230-pound hunk must seemed to four-inch-tall Hunter right now.

"Ahhgg! I can't breathe!" the puny bully cried out as my big brother wrapped his huge hand around him and squeezed.
The only parts of Hunter's body that poked out of Kyle's giant head were his head and his feet.
The rest of him, from his neck all the way down to his ankles, was on the brink of being squashed to a pulp.

"Alright, first things first. We need to stop this punk from running away." my stepbrother finally spoke, ignoring the puny prisoner's desperate pleas and lowering his clenched fist down to his side.

Anxious to see what Kyle had in mind, I quickly followed the older stud down the flight of stairs and followed him into the workshop where he started rummaging through his father's stuff.

It took some doing, but with all four of our hands working in unison, we managed to pin the little guy down and wrap him up real tight with black electrical tape.

In a matter of minutes, Hunter's entire body was wrapped up in super sticky tape, from his ankles right up to his neck.

Kyle wasn't nearly as delicate as I was either.
He taped the little guy up REAL tight and didn't seem to give a flying you-know-what about miniature Hunter's wild protests.

I thought the mummification process would stop at our prisoner's neck, but was delighted beyond belief when big, hunky Kyle put an end to the helpless bully's screams and continued wrapping the tape up around Hunter's neck and mouth.

"Let me go! Stop! NO! NMMmmmmphh..." came my trapped oppressor's final words before the super wide layer of sticky tape plastered his lower face up.

"Shut up, you little fuckin' punk!" Kyle growled, bringing the tape around for another pass and wrapping a second layer around poor Hunter's already-taped up mouth.

For you and I, electrical tape might not have been such a big deal.
But for someone in Hunter's miniaturised state, the two-centimeter wide tape must've been absolutely HUGE!
Hunter was NOT goin' anywhere.

Still not satisfied with the our prisoner's hopelessly-mummified and heavily gagged state, my big brawny stepbrother spent another minute wrapping the sticky electrical tape around Barbie-boy's head.
By the time he was done, only Hunter's eyes, nose and feet could be seen. The rest of him was completely wrapped up and compressed into a excruciatingly tight mummy.

Kyle and I spoke for a bit and we decided that it would be best to store our mummified prisoner away for a bit, at least until later this evening. James usually finished work early on Friday and we couldn't risk him overhearing Hunter's muffled screams and calls for help.

I thought we could just put the bully back in his cardboard box and stash him away until my stepdad went to bed, but Kyle smirked and told me he had a better idea.
"Follow me." he said, walking up to his bedroom and leaving the door wide open so that I could enter as well.

The instant I stepped inside my stepbrother's bedroom, a wave of cheesy, musky odour hit my nostrils and caused me to crinkle my face up.

The floor was littered with worn socks, big smelly boxers, compression shorts and sneakers.

Kyle was a swell guy, but he really wasn't the cleanest dude around.
My mom loved him so much though, and his dad respected his privacy enough not to enter his bedroom.
So with no one to pick up after him, Kyle's socks and boxers almost never got washed.
And to top that off, the muscular basketball player suffered from a rather serious case of athlete's foot.
His feet smelled really terrible, and so did his socks and shoes.

"Alright, how much do you hate this guy?" Kyle asked, seemingly out of the blue.

I paused for an instant and thought about all the stuff Hunter had done to me since 9th grade.
The bullying, the public humiliation, the constant pranking.
"A lot." I came my stern answer.

"You still sure you wanna go through with this? You're not gonna pussy out on me at the last minute?"

"No. I'm sure. I really want him to pay." I assured the smirking hunk.

Now that Hunter knew why he was being punished, we could finally get to the torture part.
This was payback. Cold, heartless payback.
He deserved it, and he knew it.

"Good. Alright, let's stash him away for a few hours." Kyle said, quickly casting his gaze down to the cluttered floor. It was like an obstacle course in here, only this time, the weren't any obstacles. Just socks, shoes and dirty underwear.

"Gimme one o' those socks." my stepbrother instructed, pointing towards a pile of clothes on the far side of the room.

My eyes narrowed down on the nasty looking tube socks he was pointing at, and I slowly walked over towards them before bending down and picking one of them up.


The sock was HUGE!

But then that made sense considering Kyle and his dad were both really big compared to my mum and I.
I wore size 9 US shoes. Kyle and James both wore size 13s.

In any case, the size of the tube sock was impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the cheesy, fetid odour that was spilling out of it.

The raunchy thing had DEFINITELY spent a few too many days on Kyle's big, smelly foot.

"Here." I said, turning my head away and crinkling my nose up as I handed Kyle his incredibly pungent sock.

The muscular brute just smirked at my reaction and grabbed the sock from my hand before focusing his attention back on our helpless little prisoner.

I watched as my older brother lifted his right hand up so that Hunter was at his chest level. And watched as he brought his left hand up and allowed his giant sock to dangle down, right in front of my mummified oppressor's puny face.

"Ugghh...Uuggghhmmphh! UUgghhhmmph!"
Hunter's eyes bulged, his tiny feet were wiggling like crazy and he was coughing and attempting to cry out for help through his tight tape gag.

"What's wrong, punk? Don't like the smell of my sock?" Kyle taunted, moving Hunter even closer to the cheesy, bacteria-infested wad.

The old tube sock was roughly four times Hunter's height and twice as wide as his body.
And from the strength of the little dude's reaction, it was clear that he was revolted to the point of being sick to his stomach. But that didn't stop Kyle from doing the unthinkable.

I watched in disbelief as my huge, muscular stepbrother opened his sock up and turned the little man upside down over the opening.

"Any last words, punk?" he asked, causing the tightly taped up prisoner to scream in his gag and wiggle around in desperation.

"Uggghh! Uggghhh! Uggghmmph!" came our puny victim's agonizing screams and calls for help.

"That's what I thought." Kyle, chuckled. "Alright, in you go." he spoke, before finally letting go of Hunter's feet and allowing the tiny man to fall straight down into his giant tube sock.

Poor Hunter fell head first into the wide opening, and a series of heart-wrenching screams echoed across the room as he reached the bottom of his smelly prison.

Barbie-boy was quite literally freaking out in there, but Kyle didn't seem to give a rat's ass.
The buff brute just grabbed the end of his dreadfully fetid sock and knotted it up so that our little prize wouldn't be able to wiggle his way out.

"There. The little fucker ain't goin' anywhere." he laughed, opening up the bottom drawer of his clothing cabinet and tossing our puny sock-clad prisoner inside before slamming it shut.

I couldn't even begin to imagine what Hunter must've been going through inside my stepbrother's putrid sock.

But you know what they say right?
Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Hunter never showed me any ounce of mercy.
So I wasn't gonna show him any either.

I had forty eight hours to make him pay for the three years of suffering he'd inflicted on me.
This wasn't the time to falter and this wasn't the time to show mercy.
This was poetic justice at it's finest. Nothing more, nothing less.
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You do not disappoint! I love how big stepbrother takes over and controls the situation starting with his putrid socks. I think Ethan will have a great teacher. Will be interesting to see how Ethan spins it when it his turn to take the reigns... :lol:

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Heh, how did i know right after the shrinking process that someone would be put inside a sock. xD

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This is such a fun story! There’s so many ways you could go with it. I’d love to see Hunter somehow turn the table and get some Lilliputian-Esque revenge on both brothers. I’m enjoying this so far, great job.

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Such a good chapter can't wait till chapter 3

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Post by Tsuhaya »

I like to see stories written from the dominator's perspective, it's fun to see the opposite side of the coin. The shrinking took me by surprise, but I'm very curious to know where this is going to end, Hunter seems to be a bully who deserves everything he's receiving, though for some reason I hope to see Kyle in a situation similar to that of our captured little man :mrgreen:

As always another great story, sir!
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It's hard to mummify someone with electrical tape, so the pocket sized Hunter is perfect for this. :lol:

The part where Kyle dropped him inside his dirty sock was also great: Only hope the bully had was begging for it and his gag prevents it.
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The rest of the afternoon went by rather smoothly.
My stepfather arrived from work relatively early and ended up giving me some yard work to do while he and his son tinkered with an old motorcycle in the garage.

Kyle was rarely at home during the day, so having him around was pretty cool.
I missed my mom, but her being away for a while meant us guys could have some much needed alone time.

My stepdad ended up helping me in the yard and sprayed the patio deck with his high-pressure hose while I raked the dead leaves off our lawn. He even sprayed me a little and laughed when I yelped in surprise.

By around 6:30 the three of us called it a day and James ended up ordering a set of extra large pizzas for supper.
There was a hockey game playing on TV in half an hour, and even though I didn't really care about the playoff matches, watching these games had pretty much become a ritual around here.

I looked at the floor and I knew my mom was gonna be a little pissed off when she got home.
I'd been raised to always take my shoes off in the house, but her boyfriend and his son followed a completely different philosophy.

It had been five days since my mom had left to visit her parents, and already the floor was in a poor state due to James and Kyle tracking dirt across the house by wearing their shoes indoors.

As soon as the pizzas arrived, the three of us settled on the big leather couch and turned the TV on for the pre-game announcements.
All I could think about was Hunter, but Kyle made his wishes quite clear.
We were spending the evening with his dad. Hunter's turn would come after.

The pizza was good and the first few minutes of the game turned out to be pretty intense.
With the two guys sitting on either sides of me, I was quite literally squashed between their two, great big bodies. But aside from that, everything was going okay.

It's only at the end of the first period that things started getting a little unpleasant.

I'd barely finished eating my first slice of pizza when my stepdad decided to slip his beat up running shoes off and cross his giant, socked feet over the living room coffee table.


"Ahh yeah. Much better." he mumbled, right before taking a sip of his beer and wiggling his socked toes around.

Small detail I should add...
Out of everyone I knew -including Kyle- my stepdad had the WORST smelling feet.

Sometimes I found myself wondering how on earth my mom fell in love with his guy.
Sure he was handsome and sure he was really buff and quite charming. But GOD, his foot odour could put down a horse!

I immediately ended up losing my appetite and couldn't even finish the slice of pizza that was on my plate.

In a matter of seconds, the entire living room STANK of my stepfather's incredibly fetid foot odour.

Kyle's feet smelled like crazy, but his dad's soles smelled even stronger.
It was like a mix of vinegar, mold and cheese. And it made my stomach churn.

"Come on, kiddo. Eat up. You gotta put some meat on those bones" the hunky 42-year-old teased, no doubt completely oblivious to my reasons for not being hungry.

I looked down at my plate, but the sickeningly potent smell of his feet was getting stronger and stronger.
Eating was the LAST thing I wanted to do by that point.

Kyle and his dad were both breathing in the same foul stench that I was breathing, but it apparently didn't hinder their appetites in the slightest.

I spent the entire second and third periods breathing through my mouth to avoid dealing with horrible mixture of scents that permeated the living room air.
And just when I thought the ordeal was coming to an end, our team scored their 4th goal, causing James and Kyle to rejoice and prolonging the game into overtime.

The third period ended in a tie, and a series of commercials quickly hit the 52-inch TV screen.

"Aww dad, come on!" Kyle suddenly complained.

As if the room wasn't smelly enough already, my stepdad reached for his giant size 13 soles and pulled his big old socks off.

"Hey! I get enough nagging from Cynthia, now I don't need you nagging me too." James growled, tossing his HUGE work socks onto the table and crossing his bare feet together so that he could resume airing out his meaty toes.


From the look of his socks, it was clear he hadn't changed them since my mom had left.
She wasn't there to nag him or pick up after him. So he was free to go back to his old ways.
In other words; shoes in the house, socks and boxers worn for days on end, and lots and lots of beer in the fridge!
This was a guys-only house...for the time being, of course.

Kyle cursed and waved a hand in front of his face to try and dissipate the stench, but his dad didn't care.
Kyle's feet weren't much better. But at least he had the decency of keeping his shoes on while we ate!

"At least SOMEONE here appreciates me." my muscular stepdad chuckled, draping his heavy left arm around my shoulders and pulling me up close against his broad torso.

James planted an affectionate kiss on top of my head, and for a minute there, I almost forgot he wasn't my biological father. We may not have been of the same blood, but I knew he loved me just as much as he loved Kyle.
Having a father figure around was a really good thing, especially for a teen my age.

The hockey match ended with our team scoring the final goal and James quickly shut the TV off, slipped his shoes back on and got up with the intent of going to bed.

The Man-of-the-house wished us both good night, but not before giving us a final set of instructions.

"Alright boys, I want the living room cleaned up and I want the dishes done. Ethan, I want you in bed by eleven. And don't forget to put my socks in the hamper." he added, before quickly turning around and heading for the privacy of his bedroom.

"G'night, dad! See ya tomorrow!" my stepbrother cheerfully called out.

As soon as James disappeared inside the Master bedroom, Kyle ordered me to work and made me do all the chores his dad had given us. I wasn't at all surprised by that, but I was a little pissed at the early bedtime my stepfather was imposing on me.

I was turning eighteen in a few months and he wouldn't even let me stay up late on my week of spring break!

By the time I finished tidying up the living room and tossing my stepdad's god-awful socks in the hamper, it was already past 10:30 and quickly closing in on eleven.

*Sigh* Whatever.
I knew he wouldn't be checking up on me to see whether or not I was in bed.
So as long as we remained quiet, I knew I could spend a few hours fooling around in Kyle's bedroom.

Satisfied with having restored order to both the kitchen and the living room, I shut all the lights off and ran up to my stepbrother's room on the second floor.

FINALLY, the moment I'd been waiting for all evening.
Time to pay Hunter a visit.
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Post by lengban »

Ooooo, this is shaping up to be a fun series as well. Love the miniaturization plot point, it's a fun concept I've loved for ages, just didn't expect to see it on these boards! Poor Hunter's gonna have a hell of a time I imagine, but Ethan and Kyle's relationship seems great so far, as does his and James'. Honestly, a family I look forward to seeing over the course of this, I'm loving where it's headed already and can see many interesting ways to mess with a poor, bound mini-Hunter.

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Post by ShadowHusky »

I adore a DILF with rotten odours. Brilliant chapter as always, can't wait for Ethan to realize that he should go back to the hamper to grab what's needed later.

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Post by GoBucks »

Awesome continuation! Really hope we see the dad get involved in the torture whether he knows about Hunter or if it will be unaware torture. I'm glad Ethan has 2 hot men in his life to provide Hunter with the smelly torture he deserves.

It's so exciting to see that you are into shrinking. I like it because it's domination taken to the highest extreme. The body may be smaller, but all the senses are heightened!

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Post by Sniffmyfeet »

Being a teacher, I've seen one child break and cry in front of me because of being bullied last year. Luckily, the school where I work has experts that know how to deal with such cases. My heart breaks every time I hear about bullying. The description of how Ethan feels as the end of the vacation comes near, is exactly what victims of bullying experience. It's scary to read about it when it is described so vividly. Well done!

I'm glad Kyle is helping Ethan. Kyle's disgusting sock will hopefully help to subdue Hunter. I hope Hunter gets everything he deserves! Shrinking Hunter is something I'd not have expected when I clicked the link to this story (thanks for the heads-up!) but the way you've written about it actually makes it fun to read. I'm looking forward to reading what the guys have in store next for little Hunter!

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