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UNSCHEDULED PRACTICE (M/MMM) - Pt 7 (Final) Now Uploaded

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 10:09 pm
by Deleted User 3263


Jared reached up into his locker to check his phone. One new text. A pang of anticipation danced in his stomach.

Damon leaned in to see, being his usual nosy self. He was drying his short-cropped hair with a large towel, and he quickly hung it around his neck as he snatched the phone from Jared.

“That from him?”

“I dunno,” Jared responded casually. “No phones in the lockers, Coach’s rule.”

“Yeah, he’ll let this one slide,” Damon chuckled as he read the text. “‘Later, dude.’ Not really an excuse for ditching practice. Coach is not gonna be happy.”

“It wasn’t scheduled, so it wasn’t mandatory,” Jared said, putting the phone back on the shelf and trying not to sound too defensive.

“We’re a team, right?” Damon stared at him. “Team means we all show.”

Jared shrugged. “Maybe he had a good reason.”

“Yeah, right.” Damon tossed his towel onto the pile on the floor and buttoned up his shirt. “With trials coming up and Coach on our asses about our IMs? Yeah, his good reason’s he’s a privileged bastard, thinks he’s better than us.”

A couple of the teammates overheard this and laughed. Jared felt his face go flush. He wanted to punch out Damon, but he just ignored the comment and pulled on his speedo under his towel. He unhooked the towel from his waist and draped it around his neck. He grabbed his cellphone from the locker. You couldn’t get a decent reception in the back part of the building. He’d find a signal out in the natatorium. He headed for the door.

Damon watched Jared go out. He shook his head, grabbed his gym bag, and slammed his locker door. He chuckled again as he followed a few of the other guys out. “Knew he wouldn’t last long. This year's trials just got a whole lot easier for me.”


Jared had been swimming since he was twelve. He had also been wrestling with his sexuality since then. He knew he was different. And at nineteen, having grown into a good-looking man of 5 foot 9 inches, with short blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and a lean build perfectly suited for high speed competition in the water, he knew he had much to offer the team...and the right person. He was fast and strong. Levelheaded and charming, too, he thought. But the same solid body which had attracted so much attention from the girls in high school was left unsatisfied by quick fumblings in the backseats of cars. Something was missing. Growing up in the Midwest has a way of scaring you into silence. He couldn’t tell anyone how he felt. His parents wouldn’t understand. He was too shy to attempt any experiments on his own. Besides, this first year in college had been all about grades and getting acclimated to campus life and, of course, keeping his scholarship on the swim team. He made a promise to himself not to think about anything else he couldn’t handle or control this year.

Then Kyle joined the team.

Taller than Jared, at almost six feet, he was older, had a taut, chiseled appearance, tightly curled brown hair, and a set of flashing dark eyes. To say he was merely “hot” was understating the point. He was a nuclear meltdown! He had transferred from a nearby college and had immediately found a spot on the team. It wasn’t hard to do when you’re the best swimmer in the water. The other team members were jealous and snubbed him outright. But Jared had been welcoming. In fact, he had taken an immediate interest in him but was too embarrassed to reveal his feelings for fear of how he would react...

...that was, until the other night, when they were alone in the locker room shower, and innocent horseplay had led to something more sexual.

Kyle wasn’t answering texts. His phone went to voice mail. Jared wondered if what happened the other night was to blame. “Later, dude.” What did that even mean? It wasn’t like Kyle to skip a practice — even one not up on the reserve boards. He knew about it; they had talked about it before things got...heated. Did he blow off practice because he didn’t want to face Jared again? But if that were the case, why had he even sent the text?

Jared turned off his phone and looked around the natatorium. The pool was empty. The water still. It was almost 11 PM. He heard the sound of the janitor down the hall. The building would be locking soon.


When Jared returned to the locker room, he found it empty except for the janitor at the other end, collecting towels and stuffing them into a wheeled linen cart. The young swimmer went to his locker and put the cellphone on the top shelf. He tossed his towel onto the nearby pile and grabbed his shirt from the metal hook inside the locker.

The janitor neared Jared’s locker, stopping the cart and grabbing up the pile of towels and dropping them in the cart. Jared was pulling on his t-shirt when he heard the man speak.

“Where’s your friend? The one with the big dick?”

Jared stopped. Surely he hadn’t heard right. He pulled the shirt down and turned, locking eyes with the janitor. The guy was creepy. Easily six three and very strong. The man’s eyes danced mischievously. Jared swallowed dryly, spoke almost inaudibly. “What?”

The janitor cracked a yellow, crooked smile. The smell of liquor escaped past the peeling lips and firm chin covered in a three day beard-stubble.

“No shower time tonight?” the man teased. “I know. You tried to take it all in your little mouth. Not quite an expert, are you?”

Jared’s face went red. He stammered. “What the hell are you talking about? You spying on us in here? That’s sick.”

The man just stood there, giggling, as he dug his large hands deep into the pockets of his overalls.

Jared thought for a quick moment. He couldn’t report the guy. That would mean he’d have to admit what had actually happened between he and Kyle. The best thing would be to just get going and not encourage the guy any further. He was obviously a little drunk and probably a lot crazy. He turned and grabbed his jeans from a hook and shoved his personal effects into the pockets. He took his bag, closed the locker, and quickly headed for the door.

Just as the young swimmer got to the door, a wide hand encased his mouth with a thick cloth. The janitor used his full weight to pin Jared against the metal door. The gym bag and jeans clattered to the floor. Jared tried to call out “What are you - ?” but as he opened his mouth wide to speak, the janitor shoved the cloth inside. Jared fought, but the entire cloth — some kind of small hand towel — was pushed in deep. Jared’s eyes went wide as the janitor shoved the fabric in, forcing out the boy’s cheeks to their absolute limit. Still forcing Jared flush against the door, the hulking janitor removed a roll of athletic tape from his pocket and began to wrap tape around the young swimmer’s head and mouth several times, lodging the cloth gag firmly in place. The tape was ripped, creating an end, and was roughly patted down.

“Hlllllllpppppppphhhhffffffffff!” Jared’s pathetic cries were drowned out by the packed gag engorging his mouth, and the janitor’s thick, wide hand encasing his already taped lips.

The boy gave a final, desperate push to break free, but he was no match for the older, larger man. Jared reached back to grab at his attacker, but he only managed to give the janitor a target. The man grabbed onto the flailing wrist and pulled the young swimmer away from the door and turned and pushed him face down onto a bench.

Jared fought to pull himself up but only screamed from behind the cloth gag as the janitor sat on his buttocks, pulling his captive’s wrist up behind his back.

“Come on. You can squirm better than that,” the janitor goaded.

The man grabbed Jared's other hand and brought his wrists together at the small of his back. Over/under wraps of the athletic tape cemented his exposed wrists. The janitor swung his body around, and the roll of tape continued to unwind toward Jared’s feet which were roughly brought together, ankle over ankle, and pulled up to meet the short length of tape leading from his bound wrists. Tape wrapped around the ankles a half-dozen times, pulling them together tightly, then was looped back between the wrists, back between the ankles, and woven a couple more times around the wrists before being ripped and matted down to complete the hogtie.

Jared squirmed helplessly, realizing his complete and sudden immobility. He screamed desperate, muffled cries from behind his packed mouth gag, but his abductor was undeterred. The janitor was busy tightly taping Jared’s elbows together. Once they were firmly bound, the man slid his hands under both armpits and lifted Jared off the bench. Jared stopped screaming, momentarily startled at the sheer power of this abductor.

In the next moment, Jared felt his body twist, and he saw that he was being lowered into the linen cart. He landed among the wet and smelly towels. He pulled his face away from the foul-smelling rags and rolled to his side, kicking the cart in futility and connecting with something wooden. The cart had been reinforced with plywood and covered with foam rubber to stop-out all noise and motion. What kind of trap was this?

Jared craned his neck and looked up. His eyes pleaded silently at the man who had suddenly and violently overpowered him. The janitor plopped two big hands on each side of the cart, cocked his head, and grinned down with pride at his handiwork.

The capture had gone smoothly.

The janitor tossed in Jared’s bag and jeans, picked up the wooden lid to the cart, and lowered it on top, locking it in place. That same crooked smile on the man’s face was the last thing Jared saw before sound and the outside world were doused and the interior of the cart submerged in black.


Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:34 am
by Trickster
I really hope you post more of this soon. That was great. . .the capture, the bondage and gag, and the abduction. Great writing!


Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 3:38 am
by Johnsnow
Intriguing start and welcome to the board! Hope you decide to stick around and keep writing


Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 6:33 am
by bondagefreak
[mention]boygagged[/mention] A very promising start, indeed!
The text paints a very vivid imagery in our minds.
I especially enjoyed the rough gagging scene.

Looking forward to seeing what's next and reading more from you.
Keep it up, and don't forget to get this up in the Story Catalog section!


Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:20 am
by LK3869
Excellent start! With this one and "the Stranger" you're making a smashing entry.
We're a bunch around here who love 'psycho style' and you seem to be able to do that well. Hope that janitor proves to be imaginative, would be good to have a memorable bad guy :twisted:
PS: hope he's already abducted Kyle, tormenting couples has huge potential... ( twisted smile on my face while anticipating, that's a good sign. :mrgreen: )


Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:39 pm
by Tsuhaya
I see a great author here, your writing is incredible and you know how to play with the suspense in their stories, great work, I' ll follow your stories closely :twisted:


Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:00 am
by GoBucks
Really hope to see more of this one! Very nice to see multiple new stories from you without having to wait too long. Keep it up!


Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 8:36 am
by TightropesEU
off to a great start, hope to read more


Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:51 pm
by Deleted User 3263

The boy panted heavily in the dark. His senses spiked. His head swam.

He had been viciously attacked, trussed, silenced, and locked inside this modified coffin of a cart. What came next? Was he meant to smother to death among the putrid stench of his teammates’ soaked shower towels? Did he have seconds to live before his attacker rushed the cart headlong into the deep end of the pool? Or would he accidentally regurgitate into his tape and towel gag and drown that way?

Jared flailed to get free. He groaned and strained against the tape that held him fast, but there was no give. He was caught. He was trapped. He fought the urge to break down into sobs.

And then, the young swimmer heard…whistling.


And a mop bucket being rung out.

This guy — this towering, hulking, cruelly strong abductor who had so savagely jumped him minutes before — was calmly mopping the floor…and whistling!

Jared recognized the off-tune song. It was “Ode to Joy.”

The Janitor dutifully finished his work, whistling all the while. Near the end of his chore, he wheeled the bucket and mop into the small maintenance closet. He closed the door snugly, pulled his ring of keys away from his hip and engaged the lock, emphasizing each movement in time with his tone-deaf music-making. Then he propped open the main door to the changing room and snapped off the overhead light.

An eerie dim glow from the cage-encased hall lightbulb threw criss-crossed patterns into the dark room. They fell on the outline of the silent laundry cart standing in the middle. The Janitor grinned at the sight. Whistling, he stepped to the cart, and then went quiet.

Inside, Jared heard and felt the change in the room. He sensed the man looming over him. He gasped and held his breath.

Suddenly, the Janitor’s leg nudged the cart violently. He grunted as he did it. A terrified shriek rose from inside the cart, and it made his kidnapper burst aloud.

“Awww, don’t be a pussy!” the man spat through his laughter. And he nudged the cart again with each subsequent word delivered. “You? A? Pussy? Boy?”

He doubled-over in silent hysterics then raised back up so his face was even with the crack between the cart and the lid. The smile dripped from his face. He hissed inside.

“There’s way worse things coming for you. Trust me on that.”

Inside the cart, Jared felt his stomach drop to his toes.

The Janitor stood fully and gripped the cart.

“Let’s ride!”

“Ode To Joy” filled the air as the cart spun out of the room and down the back hallway.

“This is it,” Jared thought. “He’s going to drop me in the pool. What did I ever do to deserve this?”

But the cart made a last-minute detour away from the natatorium and pushed out the doors to the loading dock.

Jared’s already straining body absorbed every bump, every slam, every jar and shudder of the journey to the outside of the building. The Janitor grinned devilishly at his ability to make this part of the trip especially rough for the captive swimmer.

The building doors shut behind and the panic bars latched as the man shoved the cart into the back of an old, rusted campus service van whose doors waited open. The cart dropped off the concrete edge and down into the van.

Ka-lunk! Jared caught air and crashed back to the cart’s bottom, smashing into the plywood side as his new prison settled on four wheels again. The boy shrieked and grunted at the pull to his wrists and ankles.

“Sorry,” the Janitor tossed his way. “Forgot you’re a Pussy Boy!” He smirked and slammed the doors shut. He quickly moved around to the front of the van.

Jared felt the weight of the vehicle dip and settle. Then he heard the driver’s door slam and the engine turn over. The radio blasted hip hop.

“Fuck that shit!” the Janitor bristled, and popped a worn cassette tape into a slot. Music blared.

“Ode To Joy.”

He relit the remnants of a stubby cigarette dug from behind his ear, took a satisfying deep drag, and lurched the van forward, guiding the vehicle past a sign that reminded: Campus Pool.

The kidnapper took a few extra turns on his trek — just to hear the laundry cart careen and pinball in the back. Every now and then, a particularly hard slam of the cart against the metal walls was followed by a desperate muffled yelp.

“Hey, hey hey,” the Janitor bellowed to the back, “you scratch that interior, I take it out of your hide.”

He sneered and raised the volume on the tape deck. He hummed along as he drove and smoked.

Jared fell back into the drenched towels, resigned to endure this trip from hell.

Then he felt a vibration against his leg. He glanced over at the faint glow penetrating the dark tomb and quickly assessed the situation. He was resting against his bunched-up jeans. The cellphone he had shoved in the pocket was going off! His cellphone! He was in here with his cellphone!

If he could just get to it…

He dared not to hope. It might not work. But it was his only shot.


The van backed next to another service vehicle parked in the rear of the Athletics building. When the Janitor killed the engine, the music died, too, but he continued his faint, inaccurate humming as he stowed the key above the visor, pocketed his cassette tape, flicked away the cigarette, and pulled the cart free of the van.

The cart was maneuvered down the back hallway and into the wide equipment room. The plywood lid was unlatched and set aside.

The menacing man stared down at his victim lying still amid the scattered ruins of gym towels. The boy’s chest heaved shallowly. He gazed up at this abductor with worried anticipation and…was that…innocence? No…guilt.

The Janitor narrowed his eyes.

And then the cellphone, hidden in the awkward clutch of Jared’s hands, buzzed once more to life.

The Janitor scowled and snatched the phone from his victim’s grip, pushed it silent, and threw it with all force against the concrete blocks of the wall. Glass shattered. Plastic rained down. Technology was set back thirty years.

The man spun back to the cart, catching the terrified stare of the helpless swimmer for a fleeting moment…before upending the cart in one single, violent move.

Craaaaaash! The cart tipped to the smooth floor, and the bound boy slapped to the ground, tumbling and twisting in the dirty towels, shrieking with each impact as he roughly ended flat on his stomach. A moment of dread silence, and then he moaned into the gag.

The kidnapper flew down at his victim, tossing towels free until his catch was uncovered and helpless to his punishing hands. The Janitor pounded to a knee and gripped the boy by the hair and yanked his head upward. Jared cried out in pain. He slammed his eyes tight, bracing for the next attack.

The Janitor’s demeanor changed. He smiled. He released Jared’s hair and patted his head. The boy cracked an eye open.

“Thanks for the reminder, kid,” the Janitor said, and he stood, digging out his own cellphone from his deep pocket. He strode a few steps away, punching in characters. Jared breathed again, blinked, and watched as the Janitor waited for a moment to receive his text reply. He read it out loud.

“Get insurance. Get pics. Yeah yeah.”

The Janitor strolled over and grabbed Jared by the hair again. The boy howled in pain as he was dragged away from the cart and detritus of towels and into better light. The man released his grip, squatted, and readied the phone.

“Say ‘Terror’.”

There were several electronic clicks, and the Janitor checked his photo skills, nodding with satisfaction. He stood, pocketed the phone, and began his dull whistling again as he righted the cart and banished it to a corner. He tossed the towels in and restored the lid on top.

The Janitor stood with hands on his hips and scanned the equipment rack before selecting a long, stuffed duffel bag. He unzipped the bag, turned it upside down, and let the baseball bats inside clatter to the floor. Jared tried to scoot away and dodge the rolling projectiles.

“Don’t suppose those baseball players’ll mind a borrow,” the Janitor mused. “Baseball boys are hot. But I’ve always been partial to swimmers myself.”

He croaked a laugh. Jared swallowed hard. The duffel bag smacked to the floor in front of his eyes. It was almost as long as he was. The bag’s new purpose was now made painfully clear.

The Janitor got interested in his captive’s bindings, and he leaned in. Jared could detect the smell of stale cigarette smoke emanating from his overalls. The sharp smell of grease on the man’s pants legs stung his nostrils. The Janitor’s thick, yellow stained fingers began to tug on the athletic tape that bound Jared’s hands to his feet.

“That tumble did a number on your hogtie. You want I should remove it for you, little swimmer boy?”

A moment, and Jared nodded carefully.

“See, I’m not all that bad. Am I?”

The boy shook his head from side to side, hoping to gain points with the man who now held all power over him. The Janitor flashed a crooked row of rotting teeth and walked to a bank of lockers in the corner. He opened a locker, reached in, and turned.

In his huge fist, he gripped a large hunting knife. The blade gleamed in the light.

Jared’s eyes went wide.

“Nah,” the man smiled again, “I’m worse.”

Jared began to quake. He desperately tried to move away as the man grabbed another item from his locker, slammed it closed, and took three wide steps toward the helpless boy before getting to work.

The knife blade cut the tape hogtying Jared’s hands and feet. The blade sawed through the tape gathering his elbows tight.

Jared’s legs relaxed to the floor. His elbows rested to their sides. He closed his eyes and exhaled with relief at the final secession of pain.

Then he felt the Janitor running his rough hands over his exposed arms and stretched legs. He flinched, caught his breath. His ears perked up.

“Mmmmm. Nice toned body, boy. Good for speed in the water. Smoooooooth skin.”

The man ran his hand under Jared’s t-shirt and massaged the small of his back. Then he roughly pulled down Jared’s speedo, revealing his tight, bare bottom. Jared cried out. He flushed red.

“Hairless. I liiiiike.”

The Janitor slapped the swimmer’s exposed ass and suddenly recovered it with the speedo, tugging the trunks up with a little more force than necessary.

“Mmmmmm,” he moaned as he rubbed Jared’s smooth, toned arms again. “Mmmmmmmm.”

Jared began to sob and tried to plead through his thick gag.

“Nppppf, pleeeeesf. Dffffffnt. Dffffffffnt… AAAAAAAAGGHHHHH!”

The Janitor had suddenly ripped the tape from Jared’s elbows. He ripped another patch free.


The hogtie tape was unlaced. The discarded tape pieces were balled up and tossed into a trash barrel. And then the real work began.

What happened next was sure, swift, expert, finished in mere minutes…and all done to the tone-deaf accompaniment of a whistled “Ode to Joy.”

The coil of rope the Janitor took from his locker was cut into lengths by the knife.
Jared’s elbows were pulled even tighter and lashed together.
Chest encircled with rope, cinched at the armpits. Arms and elbows cemented to the body.
Wrists wrapped twenty times, cinched a dozen. Tied off. Tape removed and tossed.
Ankles done the same.
Another hogtie. This time with ropes connecting Jared’s thighs and calfs. On each leg.

When it was all over, the Janitor had created a tight little package made up of yards of rope, wraps of tape to hold a thick, muffling cloth…and one terrified young swimmer in bound and gagged torment.

The Janitor tucked the knife into his overalls. He lifted the boy and lowered him into the duffel bag. Tied as he was, Jared fit effortlessly. He found the boy’s jeans and bag and shoved them in, too.

“Shift’s over,” he sighed, contented. “It's Miller time!”

He zipped up the bag, closing the boy inside. The muffled screams were quieter now.

The Janitor looped the outside straps on the bag, and tightened the bound swimmer even more uncomfortably in the bag. He grabbed onto the handles and started to lift the package, but he suddenly stopped. Something had caught his eye.

He let the bag settle back to the ground and walked over to a hand broom and dust pan sitting on a shelf. Bending, he neatly swept the remains of Jared’s shattered cellphone into the pan and dumped them into the trash.

He returned the broom and pan to the shelf, hefted the duffel bag with one mighty hand, doused the light in the room, and headed for his truck in the parking lot with his new prize securely in hand.



Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:08 pm
by LK3869
Like it like it like it! Good thrills. Super atmospheric (don't know what to write, it's just very good.)


Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:30 pm
by Deleted User 3263
High praise, indeed, LK3869, coming from a guy whose drawings have inspired me often. You are the KING of atmosphere, my friend! :twisted:


Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 5:52 pm
by Tsuhaya
An incredible chapter! you sure know how to describe a villain, the details of the expressions, smiles, or even as he read the corporal expression of the captive, makes all this much more interesting.

And as I said earlier, I love this dark environment that you create.

I am more and more anxious for more of you :mrgreen:


Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 9:32 pm
by Deleted User 3263
Who am I to deny these dark impulses we all have? Surrender is soooooo rewarding. :twisted:


Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 6:55 am
by Trickster
Wonderful continuation. I loved the retying and dufflebag trap. Can't wait to see what happens next!


Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 12:28 pm
by Deleted User 3263
Trickster wrote: 3 years ago Wonderful continuation. I loved the retrying and dufflebag trap. Can't wait to see what happens next!
Thanks! I'll be getting to part three soon...


Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 12:30 pm
by Deleted User 3263
Tsuhaya wrote: 3 years ago An incredible chapter! you sure know how to describe a villain, the details of the expressions, smiles, or even as he read the corporal expression of the captive, makes all this much more interesting.

And as I said earlier, I love this dark environment that you create.

I am more and more anxious for more of you :mrgreen:
Finding tons of inspiration on this board and from its special followers. Thanks again for the feedback - it fills the vaccuum!


Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 12:51 pm
by Xtc
You continue to sparkle and smoulder. Take your time and don't burn out.


Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:39 pm
by Deleted User 3263
bondagefreak wrote: 3 years ago @boygagged A very promising start, indeed!
The text paints a very vivid imagery in our minds.
I especially enjoyed the rough gagging scene.

Looking forward to seeing what's next and reading more from you.
Keep it up, and don't forget to get this up in the Story Catalog section!
Thanks...and thanks for the great welcome!!!


Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:04 pm
by Deleted User 3263

The new swimmer had just executed a flawless dive off the five meter platform. Everyone on the team was paying attention now. Especially Jared — but for different reasons. The well-built diver sprung out of the pool — dripping, glistening — and padded over to Jared’s bench near the towel rack. Jared glanced away as the swimmer reached past him to claim a fresh towel.

“‘Scuse the reach,” he said.

“No, that’s, I’m sorry,” Jared babbled. The dark-haired swimmer smiled as he towled through his curly hair.

“Why should you be sorry? I’m the one who got you wet.”

“Huh?” The diver pointed out the droplets he had caused. They dotted Jared’s thigh which had now gone to goose flesh.

“Oh, yeah, well, I’m from the Midwest, see,” Jared stammered, “we automatically take the blame for things we don’t do.”

The swimmer pierced Jared with a brilliantly white smile and then undid the hooks on his woven leather wrist bracelet.

“I’m Kyle.”

“I know,” Jared blushed, and when Kyle met his gaze, he quickly covered. “I mean, everyone knows who you are now.” He pointed out the wall tally. “You’re top of the board.”

Kyle set the bracelet on the bench and squinted up at the electronic scoreboard. The top line read: “New Position Leader - Tynan, Kyle.” Kyle didn’t seem to care much about the ranking.

“Which is you?”

“Behind Damon Russo, who you just unseated. That’s him over there — always looks like he just swam through an oil slick.”

Kyle laughed sharply. It echoed in the natatorium. Damon and a few teammates glared over. Kyle waved hello but Damon turned his back and continued slandering him to the others. Kyle focused on patting down the wet bracelet with the corner edge of his towel.

“You’re funny.”

Jared blinked up. Self-deprecation immediately followed. “Like funny looking, you mean?”

“Funny. And cool.”

“Thanks. And you, well, you sure know how to make a splash. That’s a little swim humor.”

“I can’t help it. I’m an aquaholic.”


Kyle studied the scoreboard.

“Hutchinson, J. Not enough room for your first?” Jared shrugged. “Let me guess. John. Jimmy. Jack. Wait, it couldn’t be…not Jebediah?!?”

Jared laughed. “It’s Jared. Just Jared.”

Kyle suddenly slipped his hand into Jared’s hand. It was an electric moment of unexpected contact. Jared’s heart leapt. He fumbled and turned the touch into a handshake that ended up being too awkward, too aggressive. Kyle smiled, though. And Jared melted into the floor.

“Nice to meet you, Just Jared. Thanks for the welcome. Sorry I dripped on you.”

Kyle set off for the locker rooms. Jared snuck a quick, forbidden glance at his retreating, well-defined backside. He checked to be sure no one saw, and that’s when he discovered the left-behind leather bracelet, still drying on the bench. He grabbed it up, turned, and called after.

“Hey, you forgot your bracelet. Hey…hey, Kyle? Hey!”


“…Hey, hey!”

The toe of a boot jabbed from outside the bag. The boy jolted awake. He took in a quick rush of thick, stale air through his widening nostrils. He must have passed out in the sweltering bag. Another savage jab invaded from outside.

“Hey, pussy,” sang a familiar, sickening voice, “squirm if you're still with us.”

Jared weakly coughed behind his gag and bucked feebly in his bonds.

The strapping belts were undone, the zipper fully opened, and the nylon parted, letting in a fresh blast of oxygen. The boy breathed hungrily. Squinting and blinking in the faint light, he recognized the muddy scuffed boots and dirty greased overalls standing before him. That was enough to return him to terrifying reality.

“You’re tougher than you look…”

The Janitor took a final swig from the beer bottle, and threw it across the room. It connected with something steel-sounding and chunked into shards. The hunting knife cut the ropes connecting the boy’s thighs and calfs. A couple more lines were snapped, releasing the hogtie. Jared’s feet fell across the top of the bag. He groaned in relief.

The Janitor effortlessly hoisted the boy by the chest ropes, dropping him sitting onto a row of crates. Jared immediately began to shiver, nearly naked and exposed in the relative open air of his new surroundings. He looked about.

He was in a factory of some kind. Or what was once a factory. Now it was littered with piles of debris, enmeshed in cobwebs, and covered in thick dust. A moldy, decayed smell hung in the air. There was a pickup truck backed against a rusty garage door. And a small gas-powered generator labored in a corner to illuminate a row of nictating work lamps overhead. There was some strange equipment in the center of the workroom…and a malevolent-looking steel hook dangling from a girder above…

The Janitor saw the boy eyeing the hook, and he couldn’t resist the urge to tease.

“That’s where we skinned ‘em,” he said gravely. “Hung ‘em up and skinned ‘em bare.”

The Janitor’s eyes went wild. Jared began to shiver more. After a cruelly long beat, the Janitor burst into a cackle, leaned in…and mooed!

“Where d’you think leather comes from?”

The Janitor pushed in next to Jared, slung a large arm around his naked bound shoulders, and pointed to the long-discarded rendering machines.

“The carcasses go up the elevator. Then the moo cows and horses go in the machine as one piece — come out the bottom in lots of little pieces.”

Jared shot a terrifying look at the man whose rotten teeth flashed.

“Like magic.”

The Janitor raised his knife and sliced behind Jared’s matted hair, freeing the athletic tape wrapping his head. He pocketed the knife and ripped the tape clear of the boy’s hair and skin. Jared winced and whimpered at the tape removal, but was happy to finally spit out the heavy, drenched cloth gag. In that moment, he decide to act on his only chance for rescue. He shouted out —


Suddenly the Janitor was shouting, too, and took over the desperate cries.


Jared recoiled at the sudden assault of screaming and retching stench emanating from the man’s yellowing maw. He fell quiet. Eventually, the Janitor did, too, and he stared around the factory floor with an almost wistful countenance washing over him.

“They built the new plant out by the airport. No one’s been here for years. Not a soul around for miles.”

The Janitor began to untie the ropes wrapping Jared’s chest, elbows, and knees. A pile of white cotton grew tall on the grimy floor. Jared swallowed dryly and spoke.

“Wh - why are you doing this to me? What is it you want? Is someone making you do this?”

“Wrong questions, swimmer boy,” the hulking man replied. “What you wanna ask is: ‘Wh- wh- what are you gonna do to me next?’”

Jared nodded, going white. “Yeah, that too.”

The Janitor cracked a thin smile and untied the boy’s feet. “That would spoil the surprise.”

Jared shook his head. “I think I’ve had enough surprises for one — ”

In a sudden burst of rage, the Janitor grabbed Jared’s head and forced him to stand. The boy let out a startled cry as the man pressed his powerful hands against the sides of his head and then brought both their faces nose to nose. Jared teetered on the tips of his toes.


Jared was stunned into silence. The Janitor dropped the blonde boy back to his feet, and then, as if nothing had happened, started to lightly hum as he worked on the boy’s wrists, releasing the coils of rope. Jared, still wide-eyed with terror, was spun, and his wrists were retied in front, leaving a long lead rope. The kidnapper stopped humming and dropped a plastic bucket in between Jared’s stomach and now retied hands.

“Make it count,” he instructed. “You won’t get another chance.”

Jared blinked. The Janitor motioned for him to go do his business. Jared regarded the bucket warily and nodded. His eyes scanned the factory. He was about to ask for a location, when he received the answer in the form of a swift kick pushing him toward a nearby corner.

“Get on it!”

The Janitor snaked out enough rope tether for Jared to reach the spot. The boy danced barefooted on the cold floor. The bucket went to his feet. The speedo lowered in front. And Jared tried like hell to concentrate.

Meanwhile, the Janitor, holding onto the other end of the rope, got busy feeding the generator from a red plastic gas can. Gasoline gurgled into the machine.

You'd think the sound of pouring liquid would be enough to motivate him, but Jared was cold and exposed and scared and feeling inhibited, and nothing was coming.

“Use both hands,” the Janitor warned. “You spill one drop, I’m gonna make you pay.”

Jared moved his tied hands lower. Then he saw a stack of short pipe lying nearby. His mind spun. If he could grab one of the steel weapons, he could knock out the guy, and then… The Janitor tugged on the rope making Jared tug on himself.


“You done yet?”

“I…I…haven’t even started.”

“Christ, boy, this ain’t the Motel 6. We don’t got all night! Get yer kidneys in gear!”

Jared aimed and made progress. Every now and then the Janitor would tug on the rope line — just for fun, just to be cruel, just because he could. Finally, the man began a countdown, and Jared hurriedly wrapped up his task.


The boy covered up, grabbed the bucket, and the Janitor reeled in the tether, landing him to his side. With a weird air of accomplishment, Jared offered the bucket for inspection. The Janitor stared with revulsion.

“I don't wanna look at your piss, boy!”

He slapped the bucket out of Jared’s hands, and it went flying, spattering warm urine in its wake.

The Janitor wrapped the excess rope around Jared’s waist, pinning his hands low to his stomach. He looped the rope between Jared’s ass and crotch, making a snug rope wedge, and tied it off. Jared protested.

“Owww, that digs! It’s too tight. It’s — ”

The Janitor slapped a powerful hand across Jared’s mouth and pulled him firm against his massive frame. Jared whimpered as his lips were smashed into his teeth.

“How’s my hand on your bitch ass mouth, pussy boy? That tight enough for you? Huh? Is it?”

Jared nodded vigorously, but his range of movement was stunted. Still, he was understood.

“Then keep shut!”

Jared blinked in compliance, and the Janitor released the boy’s mouth. He flipped a switch on the generator. A chain of hanging trouble lights flickered on. They were hung on the rails of a steel staircase that spiraled down into the dark recesses below the main work floor. Jared looked over at the ominous sight and swallowed hard.

The Janitor stepped behind the near-naked boy. He ran his large hands across the swimmer’s smooth chest, fondling his nickel-sized nipples. His broken chapped lips brushed across Jared's ear in a whisper.

“Down there’s where the real party starts.”

Jared, still shivering, shook his head firmly.

“No, no, please! I don’t want to! Please, don’t make - ”

The Janitor hand gagged Jared again and dragged the boy over to the rendering machine. He smacked the elevator release, and the metal doors slammed open with a terrifying clunk.

“We can go for a ride up top. See how you come out at the bottom — ”

Jared shook his head desperately, crying behind the hand gag.

“Your choice. We go up or we go down.”

Jared quieted, and the man removed his hand. After a charged moment, Jared quietly spoke.


“And here I thought you didn’t like surprises…”

The Janitor kicked Jared toward the spiral stairs.

Bare feet met cold steel.

The bound boy marshaled his courage and began his descent.



Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:16 pm
by Trickster
Another suspenseful chapter. The janitor is a great villain and can't wait to see what he does next.


Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:04 am
by Deleted User 3263
Thanks, Trickster! As the Janitor hinted, a few more surprises await Jared at the bottom of those stairs. :twisted:


Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:57 am
by NotRowan
Dude I’m seriously loving your stories, can’t wait to see how this one goes :P


Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:24 pm
by Deleted User 3263
NotRowan wrote: 3 years ago Dude I’m seriously loving your stories, can’t wait to see how this one goes :P
That makes me happy to no end!!! Thanks for saying!


Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:58 am
by LK3869
Creepy factory and it's just the surface 8-)
Loved that flashback.


Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 2:00 pm
by Deleted User 3263
LK3869 wrote: 3 years ago Creepy factory and it's just the surface 8-)
Loved that flashback.