Kidnapped Biker Part III by JHardcastle - Fictional PG17 2014 (MM/MM)

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Kidnapped Biker Part III by JHardcastle - Fictional PG17 2014 (MM/MM)

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Read part II her:

3-1 Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2014 Jan 05 20:45

It had been two years now since the whole incident with Gallagher. I hadn't heard anything more about him since he disappeared that night after we all escaped. Occasionally Agent Hunter would give me an update here and there, but they had very few leads as to Gallagher's whereabouts and whom he was actually working for and none of them ever panned out.

Things were going well for me, though. I had moved up in the world a bit. The new Sheriff was so impressed with how I handled myself and helped free all of those other guys who Gallagher kidnapped that he hired me on as a deputy. I still fixed bikes too, but that was on the side now, more as a hobby and something I enjoyed, rather than something I had to do as a living. I was able to get out of my shitty apartment and move into a better place and of course, there was the women. It's true, they really do love a guy in uniform, and while I always did well with the ladies due to my well built physique and handsome looks, I almost had to beat them off with sticks now. At only 22, I definitely wasn't complaining about life.

The job in this county was pretty easy too. Now with Gallagher gone things had quieted back down to being the sleepy community we were used to. Most of my time on the force was just spent patrolling the highways for asshole drivers, a few burglaries here and there, and breaking up fights at some of the local redneck bars, usually started by either the frat boys from the university or drunken Marines from the nearby base. All and all, things were going pretty well.... until today.

I was driving down the highway just doing a regular patrol when I drove past a pretty young thing on the side of the road. Looked like her car had broken down. She had the hood up and was bending over the engine, that ass just calling to me through her tight short shorts. Now what kind of gentleman or deputy would I be if I didn't stop to help a damsel in distress. I turned around on the road and pulled up behind her car. I stepped out. Glad I wore my tightest pair of Levis 501s today. This pair was extra faded over the crotch too, which made my bulge a little more pronounced. Great eye candy. I had my Sheriff's deputy shirt on with the star pinned on it , of course. It was black and more fitted around my chest and biceps due to my regular gym sessions. The top two buttons were undone revealing the top of my skin tight white-t I had on underneath. My tight jeans were tucked into some dusty black leather boots. I began walking up to her car. As I got closer I could see her legs out in front, but still couldn't her face or the top half of her body.

"Excuse me, Ma'am? Can I give you a hand? I'm real good with engines," I said.

"Why yes, deputy," she replied, "You're exactly who I was hoping would drive by."

She stepped out from in front of the car and had a gun pointed right at me. I immediately reached for mine, but before I could pull it out of my holster I felt the barrel of another gun jab me in the back and heard a man's voice.

"Don't even think about it, kid," he said, "get your hand off that gun, NOW."

My heart was racing and I broke out into an immediate sweat. I knew that voice. I would NEVER forget that voice.

It was Luke Brennan.

"Nice to see you again, Jason. Been a long time."
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3-2 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2014 Jan 29 08:51

I slowly opened my eyes. I was really groggy. Where the hell was I? I slowly looked around. I was in some dark, dank warehouse, or maybe some old service garage? I couldn't really tell. There was only a dim lamp hanging from the ceiling above me. I remember hearing Brennan's voice after that chick lured me to the side of the road. I remember he took my gun and then my cuffs out of my belt and cuffed my hands behind my back. Then he shoved a rag over my face. Of course, I recognized the smell by now of that sweet scented liquid it was dipped in, chloroform. Naturally, I struggled for a few seconds and then the lights went out. Now I was here, but where the fuck is here??

I was tied to a metal chair. My hands still cuffed, now behind the chair back. My biceps were roped to the chair as well and more rope bound my chest and abdomen to the chair back. Rope encircled my legs just above my knees, pulling them away from each other, forcing me to sit with my legs spread wide apart. More rope secured my booted ankles, tying each one to their corresponding chair leg. And, of course, my bondage would not have been completed without the balled up bandanna shoved in my mouth and knotted tightly behind my head to gag me. Sadly, I was so use to this by now I wasn't all that alarmed, but I did start to struggle a bit once I came to my senses because, well, who wouldn't?

"He's awake," I heard a female voice say through the darkness.

It was the same voice of the chick who I pulled over to help. She stepped into the light and I could see her now. She had long black hair and was wearing a black leather biker jacket and skin tight leather pants. Wow! Grease Lightening! She walked up to me, leaned forward, and spoke to me softly.

"I'm sorry. You seem like a really nice guy, but he said this was the only way."

Wait.. what?? Okay, this I was NOT used to. Now I'm confused. Is this not a revenge kidnapping? I've been expecting Brennan to show up and start torturing me. I was about to find out because there he was, Luke Brennan, stepping out of the shadows.

"Don't get too close to him, Marie" he cautioned.

"He's tied up pretty good, Luke, I don't think he can do anything."

"Hah," he scoffed, "trust me, he's a cunning little bastard. Never underestimate this kid."

He pulled up a chair, turned it around backwards and sat down in it in front of me, his legs straddling the chair back and his elbow leaning on the top.

"I never figured you out for a cop, kid," he said, "you just seemed too much like a free spirit to me, but believe it or not, this is actually a good thing."

He looked over to Marie, "take the gag out of his mouth."

She walked behind me and loosened the bandanna knot allowing me to spit it out. I wasted no time giving Brennan an earful.

"You fucking asshat!" I yelled. "That's right! I am a cop now! You know what happens to guys who kidnap cops you moron?? You fucked up big time, Brennan!"

Brennan sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Put the gag back in his mouth," he ordered Marie.

"You're gonna pay... MMMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!!"

She stuffed it back in my mouth and reknotted it.

"Yeah, I figured you couldn't shut your mouth, but I thought I'd at least give you a chance. You'll just have to listen instead."


"Hey!" Brennan raised his voice, "you wanna hear me out or you wanna sit there bound and gagged for a few more hours, huh?"

I reluctantly stopped struggling and calmed on. I didn't have much choice.

"That's better," he continued, "this isn't what you think, kid. I didn't come here to avenge Gallagher or the Syndicate or any of that. In fact, I came here to ask for your help to stop him."

I rubbed my cheek against my shoulder, hinting that I wanted the gag back out.

"Oh, you're ready to talk civilly now?" He asked.

I nodded and in turn, he nodded to Marie. She undid the gag again.

"This is how you ask me for help? You ambush me on the highway? You knock me out, kidnap me, and tie me up in a warehouse? That's how you ask for help?"

"Yeah," he replied, "because I'm not stupid. You think I don't know the moment you had seen me you'd have probably shot me on the spot?"

"Exactly, so why would I help you?? You're a fucking criminal!"

"A criminal who saved your ass!" He retorted defensively.

"Yeah, after you kidnapped me the last time!"

"After you broke into my house, first, punk! Or have you forgotten that part!"

"Have you forgotten about how you forcibly jerked me off??" I shot back.

"Are you kidding me? You were practically begging me to, kid."

"I'd been edged by your partner for like three hours with his jack off machine! I could have relieved myself, thanks, but you left me tied up and you almost suffocated me!"

"Oh boo hoo hoo. You survived, didn't you?"

We both just stared at each other. The tension in the room was so thick you could practically taste it.

"I ain't doing shit for you!" I broke the silence. "Now get me out of these ropes, asshole. You're going to jail!"

He started laughing, "God damn, you are still one cocky little prick. Who else would sit there tied up giving orders out to their captor."

"Alright, stop it both of you!" Marie unexpectedly yelled.

Brennan and I both turned and looked at her.

She kneeled down next to me, took a photograph out of her purse, and held it up in front me.

"The guy standing up next to me, whose shoulder I have my hand on....."

"Who is he," I asked.

"He's my boyfriend. His name is Bryce."

"He's also my nephew," Brennan said.

"He's in a lot of trouble, you have to help him, please," Marie pleaded.

"What happened to him?"

There was a pause.

"Gallagher took him," Brennan revealed.
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3-3 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2014 Feb 23 20:36

Brennan went on to explain how after he got away from Gallagher after our encounter a few years ago he reconnected with his brother, Bryce's father. He never told them about Gallagher or the business he had been involved in all of those years. The reunion was short lived, however, as Bryce's parents were tragically killed in a car crash. Bryce was just shy of his 18th birthday and since he had nowhere to go Brennan took him in, figuring everything was safe having just escaped the life with Gallagher and The Syndicate. Bryce ultimately went off and joined the Marines just before Gallagher found Brennan again a couple of years ago and forcibly coerced him back into the organization. Brennan kept it hidden from Gallagher that he had a studly Marine nephew fearing Gallagher would want him for the human trafficking auctions he was running two years ago. Unfortunately, just a few weeks ago, Bryce returned home on leave unannounced and walked in on Brennan and Gallagher discussing business, thus unknowingly exposing himself. A few days later, Bryce and Marie were out riding their motorcycles when they stopped at a gas station. Bryce went inside to use the restroom and never came back out. Gallagher revealed to Brennan the next day he had Bryce and was keeping him at his latest base of operations, a remote ranch just outside Laredo, Texas. He had big plans for him.

Brennan was no longer in Gallgher's good graces and any attempt on his part to try and free his nephew would likely result in both of them getting killed. He needed help and I was the only logical choice. It was clear Brennan had a lot of regrets and didn't want Bryce sucked into the organization and put through Gallagher's cruel reeducation and training, brainwashing him like the others. I reluctantly agreed, but made it clear to Brennan that our truce was only good until Bryce was rescued. Once we were free and clear from Gallagher, Brennan was going to prison and I was taking him there, by force, if necessary. 

We set out a few hours later after I returned home first to shower and change. I threw on another pair of tight faded 501s, tucked them back into my black boots, pulled on another snug white t-shirt, and threw on my black leather biker jacket over it. We drove all night and well into the next day from Tennessee to southern Texas. Brennan had a lot of supplies in his van from guns and various weapons to bondage restraints as well as some other contraptions I didn't know what were for and probably didn't want to. We said very little the whole trip, other than him providing details on Gallagher's compound and the kind of security present, etc. We had ironed out a roughshod plan. He told me where on the ranch Bryce was being held. He was going to go inside and provide various distractions to get the guards off their game, providing loopholes in the security to get me through unseen, allowing me to eventually find Bryce and get back out with him. Brennan had managed to steal some keys to the compound and make copies of them for me. I put them in one of the pockets of my jacket. We had also loaded my bike into the back of Brennan's van so Bryce and I could escape and rendevouz with Brennan at a motel about 20 minutes north of the city. If all went according to plan, we should be in and out in a day.

We finally reached the ranch and parked the van about a quarter mile down the road behind some thick desert brush where the van couldn't be seen. We walked to the top of a nearby hill, got down on the ground, and did some reconnaissance through some binoculars. This wasn't going to be as easy as he made it sound. Gallagher's thugs were everywhere outside this place. I didn't see how I could possibly get in even with Brennan working from the inside. Furthermore, I didn't trust Brennan one bit. For all I knew this whole thing was one big set up. No way was I going to do this myself.

"We're going to need help," I told him.
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3-4 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2014 Mar 07 03:15

I reached out to the two best guys I could, the ones who shared the same harrowing experiences with this group as I did. Matty and Chad were both surprised and perplexed that I would help Brennan and thought I was being incredibly foolish. They might be right after all. Nevertheless, I was already knee deep in this mess and my bros weren't going to leave me hanging. We were all better prepared to deal with this kind of situation now anyway. After the last encounter with Gallagher the three of us trained in some martial arts together and brushed up on our shooting. Matty and I were already good scrappers, plus Matty was jacked as it was, so his muscle mass always gave him an upper hand in a fight. Chad was never much one for trouble, but after he was kidnapped by Gallagher he got real into the self defense classes and learning how to shoot. He had already been cut and lean from playing baseball, but he managed to bulk up a bit more himself. This time we all knew what we were getting into. They were going to leave right away and would arrive by morning. I hung up the phone and affirmed to Brennan we had help on the way. I suggested we head back to the motel, grab something to eat, and rest up. It was going to be a big day tomorrow. 

We pulled back into the motel and I went into my room. I had to piss so I went into the bathroom to answer nature's call. Just as I finished and was buttoning the fly of my Levis' back up there was a knock at the door. Sigh...what the fuck did Brennan want? I opened the door and was ambushed! Three guys barged in and tackled me. They were young, early twenties, around my age, muscular, short high and tight haircuts, tight jeans tucked into combat boots, looked like they could be ex-military. Obviously Gallagher's guys. They must have seen Brennan and me scouting them out.

I tried to fight them off but three against one was too many. They forced me onto the floor, pulled my arms behind my back and started roping my wrists together. I kicked and fought and struggled, but they were too powerful. Once they had my wrists securely tied behind me they began wrapping duct tape around my mouth to gag me. The sound of peeling duct tape filled the room as they wound it around and around my head, sealing my mouth shut. When finished they pulled a spandex hood down over my head. I couldn't see anything, but I could breathe through the material.


"I told you it was him, boys" the one guy said.

"You thought you could track us down and spy on us, huh bro?" another taunted, kicking me in the side.

"Get him up!" I heard, next.

One of them grabbed the collar of my biker jacket and pulled me up on to my feet.


I struggled defiantly, but they forced me to walk forward and out the door. I heard a sliding door open and I was pushed into a van onto my stomach. I heard two of them jump in with me and the door slammed shut.

"Stay down, Jason, and don't struggle or we'll kick the crap out of you!"

I found it wise to obey his orders and the van sped off.
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3-5 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2014 Mar 21 04:13

I stayed somber on the floor of the van while it sped back to what I assumed was Gallagher's new compound. I wasn't my usual defiant self. I was outnumbered, my hands were tied behind me, and I didn't want to piss these guys off. Where the fuck was Brennan? He definitely wasn't back here struggling in ropes with me.

I recognized the feel of the dirt road heading to Gallagher's ranch as we turned down. In a few minutes we stopped. The door swung open, one of the guys wrapped their muscular arms tight around my upper body and dragged me out. Now I began struggling and grunting through the duct tape gag. Another one of the guys came over and helped secure me. Each of them grabbed one of my arms and walked me into the ranch.

"What did I say about struggling!" One yelled as he punched me in the stomach. I doubled over in pain as they continued to drag me down a hall.

"Stop dragging your feet or you'll get another one. Be a man, you fucking bitch!"

I did my best to ignore the pain to avoid another pop to the gut. That guy hit hard. Even through the protection of my leather biker jacket his fist packed a good punch. I kept working the ropes that were binding my wrists behind my back, but they were too damn tight. We went around a corner and a door opened. We walked through and stopped in the middle of the room. They pulled the hood of my head. I looked around. I was in some sort of study. It was actually a pretty lavish place, not like that shit hole sanitarium where I last encountered Gallagher and his crew. The room was lined with wood paneling and there were book and trophy cases around the walls as well as some mounted animal heads, the kind of room you'd expect to see inside some wealthy Texan's ranch. Sitting in a chair in front of me with a sinister look on his face was a young man, probably about my age, in some slim fitting blue jeans, a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up revealing his muscled arms, a belt with a large rodeo style buckle, and a trucker style hat on his head.

His menacing gaze morphed into more of an evil smile. He got up from the chair and walked towards me.

"Well, well, the infamous Jason Castle," he taunted. "I finally get to see the face that goes with the man. You are quite the legend around here, hell, this whole organization. In fact, I don't know how far your reputation precedes you cuz I don't know how big this organization even is. That's not for me to know; it's just my job to keep an eye on things here for Mr. Gallagher. The name is Ryan. I'm his new number one since that Brennan pussied out on him a few years ago."

He stepped closer and put his hand on my chin.

"Gotta admit, you're quite the looker, just like I've heard, and more."

"MMMPPPPPHHHHH!!!" I grunted through my gagged mouth and jerked my head back. His evil smile dissipated back into a look of malcontent and without warning and he gave me a sharp upper cut with his fist right to my balls. I groaned loudly as the pain shot through my abdomen and I dropped to the ground, almost in tears.

"YOU WILL RESPECT ME!!!" He yelled pointing his finger down at me. "Things are changing around here."

He walked over to the bar against the wall and poured himself a bourbon on the rocks. I struggled to breathe on the floor, the wind knocked out of me, my balls swollen and throbbing from the beating they just took.

"The old man is getting soft," Ryan continued softly, "the outfit wants some younger blood around to keep Mr. Gallagher on track. His boss doesn't want anymore repeats of that shit you and your buddies pulled a few years ago. That's why he appointed me as the new right hand guy and I'm not as forgiving as Mr. Gallagher."

He took a sip of the bourbon and set it back down as we heard footsteps coming down the hall.

"Get him up," Ryan ordered the men.

They pulled me up onto my feet. I could barely stand. They turned me around and in walked Brennan.

"Luke," Ryan greeted, "You delivered."

Huh?? What was he talking about?

Brennan looked at me slyly and responded, "I told you I'd get him."

That son of a bitch double crossed me! This whole thing WAS a set up! For a brief moment, I forgot about the pain in my balls and lunged forward at Brennan in pure anger. The three goons who brought me here grabbed a hold of me, yanking me back, restraining me.

Brennan laughed.

"You might be one bad ass mother, but you aren't the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, kid," he teased.

I kept struggling against the guys holding me. Every fiber of my being was consumed with fury.

"Take that punk to the stable and tie him up real good," Ryan ordered the three men. "Tell Jones to keep a special eye on him. Mr. Gallagher will be back in a couple of hours and he'll want to handle this matter personally."

"Yes, sir!" the three men affirmed.
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3-6 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2014 Apr 11 06:29

The guys kept their grip on my arms and forced me out of the room and back into the hall. I fought against the restraints and did my best to resist, but that only drew their ire. One of them grabbed me by the throat and pushed me up against the wall.

"Stop resisting!" he yelled in my face and socked me in the gut again. I fell to my knees again. They grabbed a hold of my bound arms and just started dragging me forward.

"This bastard just doesn't learn, does he," the one guy laughed.

"Walk!" the one who hit me yelled, "you drag your feet again, you get beaten again."

I used all my will to forget about the discomfort in my stomach from that last hit to get myself back up on my feet. We reached a door way that went outside behind the property. They marched me down a path to a big barn. The Texas sun was beating down on us. It was so hot out and even hotter when we got into the barn. We walked passed several stalls. Some of them had other guys in them already tied up or restrained in some way to hold them there. A few were unconscious, some were struggling against the ropes binding them and the cruelly tight gags silencing them. All of them were younger men in their late teens and twenties with athletic builds, same M.O. I've seen before with Gallagher. Some were fully clothed, a few guys shirtless in jeans, and a few unlucky dudes in just their briefs. I wondered if he planned on selling these poor guys too, just like before.

We stopped at an empty stall and they pushed me in. The one who hit me started barking orders in my face like a drill sergeant.

"You will follow my orders or you will get crap beat of you! Am I clear?"

I nodded.

"Good, now spread your legs."

I complied. One of the guys grabbed some rope out of a bag they were carrying, tied it around my left booted ankle, and then began winding the rope up my leg. The second began doing the same with my right leg. Meanwhile, the one who was always hitting and yelling at me cut my wrists free from the duct tape that was binding them behind my back, but quickly retied them with more rope. Once he resecured my wrists he started wrapping the rope around my upper arms and chest. I grunted as he pulled it tighter and tighter with each revolution. My biker jacket was creaking as the leather was squeezed by the constricting coils of rope. The other two guys had their ropes wound completely up my legs and then began working on my crotch, roping it tight. I groaned as I felt my package get squeezed into a tightly packed bulge in my 501s as the rope molded around it. One of them then ran their rope down between my legs, under my body, and then yanked it hard behind me pulling it tight right up the butt crack of my jeans. The guy working on my upper body, I gathered at this point he was the leader of these three, had also roped my elbows closer together behind me and when finished roping my biceps chest and started wrapping it around my lower arms and abdomen.

"Kneel!" he barked at me once he was finished

I slowly lowered myself onto my knees. I thought my jeans were going to rip with all that rope wrapped so tight around my legs and crotch.

"Cross your feet!"

I moved my right boot over my left and he began roping them together. Once he had my ankles tied securely he ran more rope from my boots to my wrists. I felt him pull it taut, forcing my wrists closer to my feet. He then pushed my forward onto my stomach, in a very secure hogtie. I knew right away I wasn't getting out of this on my own. These guys had definitely been trained on how to tie a guy up the right way, but regardless, I of course started struggling because what else was I going to do.

"He's gonna be sweatin his balls off in that leather jacket," the one guy laughed.

"I think his balls are more worried about being trapped in those tight fucking jeans in this heat," the second one joked.

"Let's go," the leader said, "tell Jones to keep a particular eye on him until Ryan is ready for him."
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3-7 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2014 Apr 14 05:40

"It should be right up here," Matty said as he slowed the truck down.

"There, that's it," Chad pointed, "the Sunset Motel."

Matty turned into the parking lot. It had just gotten dark.

"Room 119," Chad said.

He coasted slowly through the lot until they found the room and then he pulled the truck into the spot in front.

"I don't see the van, though,"Matty stated as he looked around.

They both stepped out of the truck and went up to the door.

"Jason, you in?" Matty shouted as he knocked on the door. "Jay?"

"He's still not answering his phone," Chad noted, shaking his head as he hung up the call.

Matty turned the handle and the door opened. The two stepped inside, but the room was empty.

"Don't you find it odd that the door would be open?" Chad asked.

"Yeah, something doesn't smell right." Matty replied. "I'm going to check at the front desk. Try calling him again."

Matty walked outside and down the parking lot to the lobby. The desk manager told him whoever was in the room had prepaid and hadn't noticed if anybody had come or gone. He walked back up to the room.

"Maybe they went to grab a bite or something..." he said as he stepped inside, but stopped his thought short. Chad was gone.



Chad couldn't answer. Ryan was smart. He thought I may have brought some reinforcements with me so he had a few of Gallagher's goons sit on the place to see if anyone else showed up. When Matty had left the room to go talk to the desk manager they stormed in and grabbed Chad. They bound his wrists behind his back with duct tape and then wound several layers of it over his mouth. Two of them were holding him the bathroom. He was struggling and fighting, but he couldn't get away from them and the tight duct tape gag effectively muffled his pleas to Matty for help through the door.

"What the hell," Matty thought, "Hey, are you in the can?"

He stepped forward and tapped on the bathroom door. He could hear faint muffles coming from Chad.

"You okay in there? I told you that burrito was a bad idea, son."

He started to turn the handle, but before he could open the door a hard, blunt object hit him the back of the head. He grunted loudly as he collapsed to the floor.

"Come on out," one of goons said, "I've neutralized Muscle Boy, here."

He was holding a baton, the kind that police officers use to beat people with. The door opened and the other guys came out with Chad who was still fighting and struggling against them.

"Open that bag and throw me that towel inside," one of the guys holding Chad said to the baton wielder.

He tossed it over.

"What's that for?" he asked.


He plastered the towel over Chad's face and then wrapped it tight behind his head, completely enveloping it. Chad started struggling even harder, feeling like he was being smothered. The towel was slightly damp and the compound it had been soaked in had a very sweet scent. He knew immediately what it was. He'd been through this before when Gallagher's guys abducted him from the men's locker room at his old university two years ago. He was being knocked out with chloroform. He fought and grunted, but those thugs held onto him tight as he slowly slipped away into a deep sleep.
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3-8 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2014 Apr 26 02:40

I kept up my struggles for a few minutes, but as the three thugs walked out of the room and I knew I wasn't going to be manhandled anymore, at least for now, I relaxed a bit in my bondage. I knew I wasn't going to be able to escape these ropes and it was hot as Hell in this barn. Fighting was only going to make me sweat even more in this leather jacket and dehydrate me. I settled down and closed my eyes. I could hear the faint Mmmpphs and struggles from some of the other guys being held captive in the other stalls. I think I actually may have dozed off for a few minutes, but was awakened by the sound of boots walking on the wood floor, getting closer to where I was tied up.

Another young man walked in, probably mid 20s. He was shirtless and had a very tan body and wearing a snug fitting pair of dark blue Wrangler jeans with some brown cowboy boots. He had on a beige Stetson style hat on his head and was holding a bottle of beer in one hand and a small satchel in the other. I gathered he must be Jones. He walked into my stall and knelt down beside me on the wooden floor boards.

"So you're him,"he said. "I've heard a lot about you."

He rolled me onto my side and eyed the tight faded bulge in my 501s. He cupped it with his hand and gave a light squeeze. I grunted angrily through my gag and jerked my body away.

"Haha," he laughed, "they said you were a firebrand and to keep my eye on you. I can see why."

He rolled me onto my other side and started feeling my denim clad ass. I grunted again in disgust and pulled away from him.

"Nice front and back," he remarked. "Like that biker jacket too. You look really hot in it, figuratively and literally speaking, haha. I'd take it off for you and make you a little more comfortable, but I'd have to partially untie you first and they told me you're full of surprises so I can't take that chance. Sorry, bud."

He paused for a bit, admiring me.

"You know," he began, then paused,"I'm not really supposed to 'handle the merchandise,' but God damn, you are too fine a specimen to pass up. I gotta have a little fun with you at least while I've got you."

My eyes widened and started shaking my head.

"Don't worry," he smiled, "I think you're going to like this."

Oh, great....

He reached into the satchel and pulled out a massaging wand. It had a long conical shaped handle that gradually widened and had a large foam padded bulb at the end. He turned it on and I could see and hear the bulb start to vibrate. He started aiming it right for my roped jeans bulge and I immediately rolled back over onto my stomach.

"No, no, no," he laughed.

He rolled me over onto my back, still hogtied. I was laying there with my hands underneath my butt, still tied to my ankles, and my knees spread apart, exposing my crotch. I tried to close my knees, but because they crossed my ankles when they tied them I couldn't close my legs completely. He reached between my knees and pried them apart. He held them apart with one hand and with his other placed the vibrating wand on my jeans bulge.

I immediately started bucking against my restraints. I tried to kick him, but my ankles were tied too tight to my wrists underneath me. I had no slack at all. I could feel the vibrations of the wand pulsating against my cock and balls through my jeans. The way they had roped my crotch had already uncomfortably trapped my junk in that tightly packed denim bulge they had been forced into, but things were about to get much more cramped in there. Despite my objections and disgust with being molested by this jerk, I couldn't stop my cock from being stimulated by the vibrations. I could feel it stiffening inside its denim prison, but there was little room for it to grow, so as it got harder it did so at the expense of my balls, intruding on the little space they had. As my cock my bigger, the pressure on my balls grew, slowly squeezing them tighter and tighter against the inside of my jeans. The bulge created by the ropes encircling my crotch left no room for an erection.

I struggled and jerked my body as best as I could in my bonds, but he kept the vibrator planted firmly against my bulge. My erection, with no room to grow, was beginning to ache painfully. I moaned and grunted through my head and kept shaking my head. I don't think he realized this was not pleasurable, this was torture, or he knew exactly what he was doing and was just another sick, sadistic prick. Sweat was pouring down my face. My t-shirt was soaked in my leather jacket. A small wet spot was forming on my bulge from the pre-cum. I knew eventually, no matter how much distress my cock and balls were in, I was going to be forced to shoot my load if he kept that vibrator pressed firmly on my junk.

"Just relax, dude," he said, "what are you fighting me so much for? I'd take your cock out of your jeans, but they got so much rope wrapped around your crotch I can't undo any of the buttons on your fly."

There was nothing I could do. I just kept Mmmphing and struggling and grunting. My cock was aching. It wanted so badly to bust out of my jeans. My balls were getting strangled, but he was oblivious to my predicament. He just kept on teasing me, rubbing the vibrator all over my bulging package. It seemed like this would go on forever, but my cock finally gave in. I arched my back, thrust my pelvis upward, and groaned loud through my gagged mouth as I shot my wad right into my jeans. The tight faded bulge darkened as my semen bled through the denim.

"There you go, Sport!" He cheered, "Doesn't that feel better?"

He pulled the massager away and my whole body relaxed. I was breathing heavily, sweating profusely, and overcome with exhaustion. I wanted so badly to punch that asshole right in the face. Don't try to make me "more comfortable" anymore, dipshit.
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3-9 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2014 Jul 01 06:13

Jones eyed the huge wet spot on my crotch.

"Looks like you were fully loaded," he smiled. "You look like you need some water too."

He started unwinding the duct tape from around my mouth and peeled it off completely. I exhaled through my mouth and started licking my dry lips.

"Why did you make me blow my load?" I asked, visibly irritated.

"You didn't like it?" He asked confused, "I thought it would be pleasurable."

"Pleasurable??" I snapped, "Have you ever had a raging hard-on trapped inside skin tight jeans? It hurts! Pleasurable is not the word that comes to mind, you idiot."

He seemed unphased by the insult.

"Here, you need water," he pressed a bottle of water up against my lips and I started guzzling it down. To say I was thirsty was an understatement. It didn't take me long to finish the entire bottle.

When I was done I rolled over onto my side. I started plotted in my head. This guy isn't cruel like the others and he definitely has a thing for me. I might be able to use this to my advantage. I looked up at him with my eyes pleading.

"Please, get me out of this leather jacket. I'm dying in this thing. I promise, I won't try anything, you have my word. It's torture in this heat."

He smiled down at me, "I know what you're trying to do. I mean, you're a real doll and all, but you escape and it's my ass on the line. No way, buddy. I ain't stupid. Like I said, they warned me about you."

"Honestly, you can tie me right back up after I take it off."

"No," he said doubtingly, "it's just not a good idea."

"There's gotta be something you can do," I persisted, "please??"

"Well... "

I may have just started making progress, but I wasn't going to find out. I could hear several sets of boots stomping towards the stall. Larry, Curly, and Moe were back.

"Jones!" the leader yelled, "why did you ungag him?"

"He needed water," Jones replied timidly, "he was getting dehydrated."

"I told you not to talk to him! He's a manipulator."

He knelt down next to me, slapped me in the face, and then grabbed my throat and started squeezing hard, choking me.

"You were trying to sweet talk your way out of those ropes, weren't ya boy!" He yelled in my bright red face as I gasped for air.

"Get me another gag," he ordered Jones.

Jones reached in and pulled out a bandanna. He tied a knot in it and then gave it to the leader. The leader let go of my throat. I took in a huge breath and then he shoved the knotted part in my mouth and then tied the bandanna tightly behind my head.

"That's good enough for now. It's only temporary anyway."

He turned back to Jones and the other two thugs in his entourage.

"Management is coming."

All three guys eyes widened.

"Are you serious?" the one thug asked shocked.

"Serious as a heart attack."


"I guess cuz of him," the leader gestured towards me on the floor with his head.

"Have you ever seen Management before?" Jones asked.

"Nobody has, except Gallagher, so he doesn't want anything getting fucked up while he's here."

The other three all swallowed nervously.

"Ryan wants him in the interrogation room before Management arrives. Get him ready," he said to Jones, "And DON'T talk to him anymore. Just do what you're told."

One of the thugs handed Jones a box they were carrying and then they walked out leaving him alone with me once again.

I started mmmphing through my gag, one more attempt to try and get some sympathy from Jones.

"Sorry, man," he replied in a disappointed tone, "you heard what he said. Wow, Management, huh? You must have really pissed off somebody for him to come here personally."

He reached into the box and pulled out a cloth and a small bottle of clear liquid. He poured the liquid on the cloth, knelt beside me, and pressed it up over my mouth and nose. More chloroform.

I started mmmmphing and struggling in my ropes, but the wooziness set in.

"I'm really sorry," Jones said again as he put me to sleep, "I wish we could have met a different way. You're way too cute to be getting tortured....."

His voice trailed off as I went out cold.
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3-10 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2014 Dec 09 18:03

I slowly began to come to. My eyes were focusing in and out. You'd think by now I'd be used to being chloroformed, but waking up still sucked. I started to assess my new situation. The room I was now in was like out of a horror movie. The floor and walls were completely tiled and the room was divided in two by these plastic strips. It was almost like I was in a meat locker, although not freezing, and I was about to be butchered by some mad man. It was at least comfortably air conditioned, though, somewhat improving my previous situation, even if my wrists and ankles were zip tied to the chair I was sitting in. They had also taken my boots and stripped me from the waist up leaving me only in my jeans.

"You awake, dude?" I heard a voice ask.

I turned my head slightly to the left and noticed another guy on the other side of the plastic. He was familiar looking and as I focused my eyes more they widened. It was Brennan's nephew, Bryce! He was slightly older than the photograph and more muscular, probably from the Marines, but it was definitely him. He was also tied up to a chair like me, only with rope, and also shirtless, just in his jeans and sneakers.
"Bryce!" I exclaimed.

"Y-you know me??" he looked confused.

"Your uncle..."

He cut me off anxiously.

"My uncle? Luke?? He knows I'm here?? Who are these guys? What the fuck is going on? I've been here for days!"

"It's a long story," I tried to calm him down, "but he sent me here to rescue you."

"Rescue me?" He looked concerned now, "No offense, dude, but who's going to rescue you?"

"Nobody is rescuing anyone!" Ryan declared as he walked through an open door in the corner accompanied by two of his thugs.

He strolled up to me and smiled.
"Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey," he taunted me.

He grabbed a nearby chair, spun it around, placed it in front of me, and sat it in it backwards resting his arms on the top of the chair back.

"I see you two have become acquainted," he continued, "just what I was hoping for. Now we can began."

"Begin what?" Bryce asked.

"Pipe down back there, Marine," Ryan ordered, "it's not your turn yet."

One of the thugs was holding a large empty bucket. He walked over to a sink on the wall and began filling it up with water. The other guy stood next to Ryan holding a towel grinning at me in anticipation of what was about to come.

"We're going to play a little game of tell the truth," Ryan explained to me. "It's really simple. I ask you a question, you tell me the truth. You lie, you get punished. Pretty simple, huh?"

"I'm not telling you shit," I insisted.

"Oh yeah, you will," he laughed, "Very quickly I'm guessing."

The thug with the now water filled bucket walked back to Ryan's side. The one with the towel walked behind me and stood awaiting his order.

"First question," Ryan continued, "just a very simple test question since I, of course, already know the answer. What is your name?"

"Go fuck yourself," I spit at him.

"Wrong answer."

Ryan nodded to the towel guy standing behind me. I struggled in the chair as he quickly wrapped the towel completely around my head and then pulled my head back so I was facing the ceiling. The guy with the bucket started pouring a steady stream of water of my face. I was being waterboarded!


I struggled to breathe as the water soaked through the towel. I was coughing and choking as the torture continued each passing second.

"Hey!" I heard Bryce yell, "leave him alone!"

"I told you to shut your mouth, Marine!" Ryan hollered back.

Finally it stopped. The towel was removed and I leaned forward choking and gasping for air.

Ryan got up from the chair and stepped forward. He took my chin in his hand and raised it up, staring into my eyes.

"You understand now that I mean business? I'm not Gallagher; I'm not going to fuck around with you for my amusement. I get shit done."

He continued, "Now answer the fucking question."

"Jason," I gasped.

He let go of my chin. 

"Now that wasn't so hard, was it."

"Come on, dude," Bryce pressed again, "let him go. That shit ain't cool."

Ryan rolled his eyes.

"Shut that jarhead up!" He barked at his two thugs.

One walked over to Bryce and punched him in the gut. While his head was lowered in pain from the blow the other guy produced a bandanna from his pocket, pulled it between Bryce's teeth, and then knotted it tightly behind his head.

"Your Marine pal is probably trained for this kind of interrogation, Jason,"Ryan noted, "but I'm pretty sure you're not and even the strongest of men has his breaking point."

The bucket thug refilled the water and the two of them retook their positions next to and behind me.

"Now for the real questions," he continued, "who is that Marine?"

I didn't know what to do. If I gave up what I know this whole thing was blown, but it's not like it hadn't already become complicated. Matty and Chad were still out there, though, but Ryan was right. None of the past torture Gallagher or Brennan had put me through was as bad as what I just experienced. I didn't know if I could go through that any more, but I had to try.

"I've never met him before," I said and technically that wasn't a lie, but that made no difference to Ryan.

"Wrong answer."

He nodded again to his thugs.

"No! Wait....!" I started to plead, but it was too late. The towel was wrapped around my head again and torture resumed. I choked and gagged under the damp cloth as the water was poured once again. I fought harder than ever against my restraints. I felt blood dripping down one of my wrists from the nylon cable tie cutting into it from my struggles. I could also hear Bryce mmmppphhhing and angrily struggling in his chair as well. I was panicking at the thought I was about to drown, but it stopped. I again leaned forward choking for air.

"His....... name......." I choked out, "is Bryce."

Ryan knelt down in front of me, reached forward, and placed his right hand on the back of my neck pushing my head closer to his.

"That's right," he smiled, "I told you even the strongest of men break. Now, did Luke Brennan send you here to retrieve him?"

My heart was racing. I stared into his eyes with pure fear. I was fighting myself inside. If I admitted what I was doing here he'd probably kill me, but he probably already knows. This is just entertainment for this fucker, but if I don't tell him, well, I can't take another session of that. I just can't. I didn't know how to answer him.

"Uh....." was all I could manage to spit out.

I mmmppphhhed out a yell as the towel was abruptly wrapped around my head again, but then Ryan ordered his thugs to halt.

"I think maybe there is a better pressure point," he said to them.

He turned towards Bryce, then looked back to the two goons and nodded. The towel was pulled off of my head and they approached Bryce. He already began struggling as he knew what was coming. His head was enveloped in the towel and the water began to flow. His muffled grunts and the sound of his chair violently rocking against the floor as he was tortured filled the room.

"You're doing this to him, Jason," Ryan said, "You can stop it right now."

"Alright!" I yelled, "Brennan sent me here to get him! That's what you want to know, right? Brennan's a traitor! Now leave that kid alone!"

Ryan gave the command and they halted the waterboarding. Bryce coughed and choked through his cleave gagged mouth as he tried catching his breath.

"Get that jarhead out of here," Ryan ordered, "We're done with him for now."

They untied Bryce from the chair, cuffed his hands behind his back, and then escorted him out of the room. Just as they left another goon entered.

"Mr. Gallagher and Management are here, Sir."

"Send them in."
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3-11 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2014 Dec 11 02:59

Gallagher walked through the door accompanied by three of his henchmen on the compound. Behind them strolled in a very distinguished looking man. He was about six feet tall, black hair with some graying, probably in his late 40s or early 50s. He was dressed in a black Armani suit, with a fedora on his head, and thin eyeglasses. His presence alone heightened the nerves of everyone in the room. Clearly this was Management. He casually walked up to me and eyed me up and down.

"Tell me, Howard," he was addressing Gallagher, "is this the young man who single handedly managed to shut down our Tennessee operation? Is this the young man who all by himself cost our organization millions of dollars? Is this the young man who slipped through your fingers not once, but twice?"

Gallagher cleared his throat, "That's correct, Sir."

"This kid managed to do what the FBI, the DHS, and Interpol haven't been able to do for decades?" Management continued.

He then addressed me.

"You're physically built like a soldier. Are you in the military, son?"

He spoke very calmly the whole time and he was almost gentleman like in his demeanor, but his eyes were dark and cold, like he had no soul. I could tell just by the behavior of the others that this guy was not someone to fuck with by any means so I answered him without giving any trouble like I normally would.

"No," I replied.

One of the goons stepped forward and cocked his fist to hit me, but Management waved him off.

"No what, son?" he calmly asked.

"No..... Sir," I answered.

"That's better. What is your name?"

"Jason... Jason Castle, Sir."

"You're an intriguing young man, Mr. Castle. You'll be useful."

"Useful, Sir?" Gallagher asked with a confused look on his face.

Management turned to him.

"Howard, isn't time we take care of that "other" problem?"

"Yes, Sir. Bring him in!" He called out.

Two more thugs came through the door forcefully escorting Brennan into the room. His wrists were handcuffed behind back, his ankles fixed with leg irons, and he had a large black ballgag strapped into his mouth. He was bruised and had some cuts on his face. Someone had worked him over. It was apparent they were already well aware of our plot. They brought him into the center of the room and forced him down on to his knees.

"He confirmed that Brennan brought him here to bust out his nephew," Ryan told Gallagher, referring to me. "I also found several keys to this facility in his leather jacket after we took it off of him."

Brennan glanced at me with a defeated look in his eyes. Gallagher pulled his pistol out of his holster and pointed it at Brennan's head.

"Luke," he lamented, "you disappoint me, kid. I took you in all those years ago, looked after you, mentored you, and this is how you repay me. You betray me not once, but twice, but don't take this personal; it's just business."

Brennan closed his eyes tight.

"Howard," Management interrupted, "given the amount of trouble Mr. Brennan has caused this organization I'd like to handle this one personally if you don't mind."

"Of course, Sir."

Gallagher handed his gun over to Management who then pointed it back to Brennan.

"Since you mentioned it," he said, "it was you that brought Brennan back into this organization after betraying you once, wasn't it."

"Yes, Sir" Gallagher admitted, "but that mistake will never happen again."

"I know it won't," said Management.

He redirected his aim at Gallagher and abruptly shot him right between the eyes. Gallagher hit the floor with a thud. We were all stunned, our faces painted with open mouths and wide eyes.

"Nothing personal, Howard,"he said nonchalantly, "it's just business."

He turned to Ryan.

"I'm putting you in charge of this operation for now. I trust there won't be anymore problems?"

The look on Ryan's face went from shock to a slight devilish grin, realizing he'd just been promoted.

"Of course not, Sir. You can depend on me."

"For your sake I hope so."

He turned back to Brennan.

"Don't start breathing a sigh of relief, Mr. Brennan. Your actions have caused me a great deal of grief and you are going to die, but a bullet for you would be too quick and easy. You're going to suffer slowly and for a rather lengthy amount of time."

He then ordered the goons to take Brennan to the lock up and to leave him in his restraints in his cell to make certain he wasn't capable of any shenanigans.

"What would you like me to do with him, Sir?" Ryan asked Management of me.

"You took his friends into custody, yes?"

What?? They got Matty and Chad!

"Yes, Sir, Brennan alerted us to them last night after they arrived in town."

He looked at me and smiled, "He's playing both sides you fool. You really thought you could trust Brennan?"

"Well then," Management said, "I think you boys deserve some entertainment tonight."
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3-12 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2015 Jan 26 08:03

I'd lost track of time, but it was evening now. I'd spent the last several hours in a cell. There was only one small window in the door and I could barely see out of it. The only action was some sentry walking up and down the hall keeping guard. I ended up laying down on the cot and eventually fell asleep. I was exhausted. I woke up when the door opened. Jones, the "nice" guy from the stable who gave me the water and forcibly jerked me off through my jeans came in with two other guys.

"Time for the night's festivities," he said.

He eyed me up and down and smiled. They gave me my boots back, but not my t-shirt and leather jacket so I was still shirtless. I could tell Jones liked what he was seeing and it made me a little uneasy being that I wasn't gay.

He grinned as he dangled a pair of handcuffs in the air.

"Turn around, hands behind your back. You know the drill."

I couldn't fight three guys off at once, so I didn't have much choice.

He tightened the cuffs around my wrists just enough to be snug, but not overly tight to cause me any pain. His hands then came around the front of my head and shoved a knotted bandanna between my teeth, tying it tightly in place behind my head. I grunted.

"Sorry," he said, "Ryan's orders. He wants you cuffed and gagged. He says you talk too much."

What I wasn't expected was when he then reached down from behind me, cupped my faded jeans bulge, and gave my junk a gentle squeeze through the tight denim.

"You know," he said, "I could have these guys wait outside and I could give you another round."

I grunted angrily through the gag and jerked away from him. He put his hands in the air innocently.

"Alright, alright, just asking. Maybe next time."

They led me out, through several hallways, and ultimately outside. It was dark out now and the air had cooled to a more comfortable temperature. I could see lights in the field behind the compound. As we got closer I could see they had a small type of arena set up with chairs around the perimeter and on one end scaffolding set up for a second higher level behind the first row. The seats were filled with about two dozen of the thugs who worked at the compound, now under Ryan's command and I saw Ryan sitting in the center seat on the second row. Bryce sat to his left. He wasn't restrained like me, which I thought was odd. They walked me up to where the two were seated.

Ryan motioned to the chair on his right, "Have a seat."

One of the thugs who walked me out with Jones put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down into the seat. My cuffed hands were behind the chair back

"Now," Ryan continued, "if you promise to be a good boy we'll take that gag out of your mouth. Deal?"

I nodded and he in turn nodded to the thug guarding me who removed the gag.

"Those cuffs stay on, though," he added, "In fact," he said to the guard, "why don't you tighten those up a bit."

"Ow!" I winced as I felt the metal bite into my wrists.

"That Jones," he shook his head, "he has a such soft spot for you, don't you kid?"

Jones looked down towards the ground in embarrassment.

"Where's your boss?" I asked.

"He doesn't partake in these festivities," Ryan explained, "it's business 24-7 for him. This is more for the boys. We expect a lot from them so they need to wind down with a little entertainment and you are really going to love tonight's show, Jason. That's why I wanted you to have the best seat in the house."

One of Ryan's men approached the stand.

"We're ready, Sir."

"Well, let's not waste anytime,"Ryan said.

He stood up to address his minions.

"You ready for some fun, boys?" He yelled out.

The air was filled with hootin and hollerin, just like you'd hear at a Texas rodeo.

"Bring in the first victim!"
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3-13 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2015 Feb 21 03:03

I jumped out of my seat and yelled Chad's name, alarmed as they walked him into the makeshift arena. He was shirtless with a ballgag in his mouth and his hands roped behind his back. He was struggling as they forced him into the middle of a large circle that had been painted on the grass around the center. The thug standing behind me shoved me back down into my chair.

"You asshole!" I turned to Ryan. He, in turn, looked at me and grinned.

"I told you, you were going to really like this show."

Chad looked up and saw me in the stands. I could see his eyes pleading for help, but there was nothing I could do. A few seconds later another guy entered the arena. He was a young blonde haired dude with cut muscles and a really ripped six pack. He was wearing only a pair of jeans. He stepped into the circle staring at Chad menacingly. Ryan stood up.

"Here are the rules. It's a fight to see who can push the other out of the circle first. The loser faces "The Wheel!"

Chad's eyes widened with fear. I stood back up out of my chair and turned to Ryan.

"How is he supposed to fight your guy with his hands tied behind his back? You call that a fair fight??"

Ryan laughed.

"Jason, who said anything about fair?"

He turned back to the crowd.

"Begin in 3....2....1!"

The young men all began cheering on their guy.

"Kick his ass, Joey!"

"Get him, Joe! Get him!"

The blonde Adonis smiled and started carefully making his way towards Chad. With his hands tied behind his back, all Chad could do is keep stepping back and looking behind him to make sure he didn't step out of the circle. When Joe got too close Chad would kick one of his feet forward, grunting through his ballgagged mouth, to keep him at bay. At one point Joe lunged forward, causing Chad to lose his balance and fall down, almost hitting the edge of the circle, but he managed to roll over and spring back up on his feet. Joe raised his eyebrows, somewhat impressed.

"Someone knows his Jiu-Jitsu," Joe complimented Chad. "That won't be enough to save you, though, buddy. Your ass is mine!"

He leaped forward again this time tackling Chad onto the ground. The crowd was really worked up now. Joe got up onto his knees, grabbed a hold of Chad and was about to drag him to the edge of the circle when Chad suddenly swung his left leg up and wrapped it around Joe's torso knocking him back down to the ground and trapping him between Chad's legs. Joe started struggling to get free, but Chad kept his leg muscles clenched tight. As Joe struggled to get out of the hold Chad gradually began sliding his left leg higher up Joe's body, hoping to get Joe's neck caught in the crook of his knee so he could choke him out.

"That's right, Chad," I said to myself, "remember what we learned."

Joe caught on to his strategy, but at the very last second, and he had a panicked look on his face as Chad's leg was now locked around his neck, squeezing tight. Joe's face turned bright red and he began punching Chad's leg over and over as hard as he could as he struggled to breathe. Chad was wincing from the pain and the beating became too much. He was forced to release Joe. The boys started cheering wildly again.

Joe stood up and stared down at Chad angrily.

"You're gonna pay for that, fucker."

He kicked Chad hard in the side and Chad rolled over in pain. Joe then grabbed his feet and pulled him over to the edge of the circle. He kicked him one more time just to be sadistic and then dragged him over the line. He dropped Chad's feet and stood there for a few seconds sweating and catching his breath, his muscular chest heaving. He then threw his hands up in the air gesturing for applause. The crowd went nuts and Ryan took to his mic again.

"We have a winner, boys!"

I dropped my head down and Chad writhed around on the ground.

"Now let's see what's in store for our loser! Bring out the wheel!"

A couple of guys rolled a large wooden wheel on rollers into the middle of the ring. There were several categories labeled: The Rack, Mummification, Milking, Electro, Winner's Choice, and many more choices indicating different tortures that made me swallow hard when I thought that one of these was about to become Chad's fate.

"Spin the wheel!" Ryan ordered.

Two guys stood Chad up on his feet and secured him while the wheel began spinning round and round. It slowly wound down and stopped.

"Looks like it's mummification, boys!" Ryan announced.

Chad started struggling against the guys holding him. One of Ryan's thugs sitting up with us on the higher level picked up a box and jumped down into the ring. He opened it and started tossing rolls of black bondage tape to the spectators. The boys who caught the rolls charged into the ring and went after Chad like vultures on a fresh carcass. Chad struggled and screamed through his gagged mouth as five different guys started wrapping him up from head to toe. It didn't take more than few minutes for them to have him wrapped up tight in a black cocoon of bondage tape. I couldn't even see an inch of Chad's body through all the tape except for his nose and he struggled even harder as the last piece of tape was sealed over it.

"NO!" I jumped up again, "you're going to smother him!"

"Maybe, maybe not," Ryan shrugged, "if your boy is smart enough to calm down and take slow breaths he'll be able to last a while, but if he keeps struggling like that, yeah, he'll probably suffocate."

"No!" I tried to run off the platform, but the thug behind me grabbed a hold and restrained me.

"Let me go! Chad!!"

The thug forced me back into my chair and kept his hands on my shoulders so I couldn't get back up.

"Get him out of here!" Ryan ordered two of his men.

They picked up the struggling, mummified Chad and carried him out of the ring and started back towards the compound.

"Next victim!" Ryan announced
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3-14 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2015 Apr 04 01:59

The boys began their cheering and hollering again as Matty was escorted into the ring, hands cuffed behind his back, by two young men. Matty didn't put up any struggle. He remained calm and kept a cool look on his face. He wasn't going to show these punks any fear.

"And now for the challenger!" Ryan announced.

I saw movement to my right and to my surprise Bryce stood up!

"You??" I asked bewildered.

Bryce smiled at me devilishly and stripped off his shirt.

"What the fuck?"

"The night's just full of surprises, isn't it, Jason," Ryan teased.

"You can take those cuffs off him!" Bryce yelled to the guards.

Ryan leaned over and lowered his voice, "You sure about that? He's a big dude."

Bryce laughed, "Yeah? And I'm a Marine. Let's see how holds up against one of the few and the proud."

"Don't you embarrass me and blow this," Ryan warned. "That wheel can spin for you too."

The guards removed Matty's handcuffs. He turned to one of them, thanked him, and then slammed him with a head butt sending the kid to the ground! The other guard moved forward to secure Matty, but he spun around and landed a powerful left hook to the kid's face, dropping him as well. The testosterone fueled crowed began booing. The two assaulted guards stood up and were about to charge Matty when Bryce jumped down from the platform into the ring.

"Don't touch him!" he commanded. "That cowboy's all mine."

"Yeah?" Matty taunted, "Bring it on you little faggot."

Bryce strolled up and got into a fighting stance. The two of them started dancing back and forth, bobbing their heads around, almost like a cage fight.

"Come on, cowboy, let's see what you got?" Bryce taunted.

Matty took a swing, but Bryce slipped it. He then took a swing back, but Matty backed up. They both pulled a couple of punches, trying to fake the other out, when Matty finally managed to land a jab to Bryce's face. His head got knocked back upon impact and he took a few steps back. A small amount of blood dripped out of nose and landed on his hand. Bryce just smiled deviously.

"Not bad, cowboy," he said, "not bad, but how about we stop fucking around."

Bryce lunged forward and wrapped his arms around Matty's waste throwing both of them to the ground. It was now a grappling match. Even though Matty probably had a good 30 or 40 pounds on Bryce, Bryce was a strong kid and well trained by the military, so they were both putting up an equal struggle to gain dominance over the other. First Matty was on his back with Bryce on top, but then he would flip Bryce on his back. Then Bryce would ultimately flip Matty back. This went on several times until they were right up against the edge of the circle. Bryce just needed to flip Matty over to his right one more time and he'd win, but Matty wasn't blind. He saw the edge as well and as Bryce was trying to force him over he managed to land another jab to Bryce's face and then jump off of him in the other direction, away from the circle's edge.

Bryce stood up, frustrated, at this missed opportunity, and charged at Matty. It was back to a boxing match again as they swung at each other, both landing a few hits on the other, when out of nowhere Bryce threw up a round kick slamming Matty in the side of the head. He collapsed to the ground like an anchor.

"Time to end this," Bryce said.

He grabbed Matty by the ankles and began pulling him to the edge of the circle, but Matty wasn't done. He managed to slip one of his legs from Bryce's grip and he kicked him hard in the abdomen sending Bryce backwards where his head his the grass just inches from the edge of the circle. Ryan stood up, alarmed by the prospect that Matty could actually end up winning this. I suppose Management wouldn't be too pleased if Ryan's newest recruit lost the games on Ryan's first day in charge of the compound.

Both men got back on their feet. Both of them were covered in sweat as their masculine chests were heaving, catching their breath. Despite his near victory with that kick to Bryce, Matty looked a little shaky on his feet. I think that head kick took a toll on him. Bryce yelled and charged at him again. He threw several body kicks to Matty this time. Matty did his best to try and dodge and block them, but the kid was fast. He manage to nail him again with another head kick and Matty went down for the count this time. Bryce grabbed his legs again and this time successfully crossed the circle with him. It was over.

Ryan plopped back down into his chair, letting his head fall back, his legs sprawled out in front of him, breathing a sigh of relief. He relaxed for a few seconds and then got back to address the cheering crowd.

"Boys! Looks like we have our winner in a very competitive match! Bring out the wheel!"

The wheel was rolled back out into the middle of the ring.

"Do the honors, Bryce."

The young Marine spun the wheel. I stared, anxiously awaiting what Matty's fate would be. He laid in the grass, barely moving. The wheel spun slower and slower until it landed on Winner's Choice. I swallowed hard as I thought what Bryce might do to him.

"It's your choice, kiddo," Ryan said. "What will it be?"

"You know what, boys?" Bryce addressed the crowd, "I think we could use that muscle. I say we turn him! Make him our bitch!"

The crowd approved and cheered him on.

"Very well!" Ryan announced, "we'll send him out to the reeducation camp first thing in the morning. In the meantime, lock him up and get back to your posts. Fun's over for tonight."
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3-15 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2015 May 13 03:08

I was escorted back to my cell by two of Ryan's men. They opened the door and pushed me inside, leaving my hands cuffed behind my back.

"It's kind of chilly in here. You guys going to give me my t-shirt and jacket back?" I asked, standing only in my jeans and boots.

"You don't need a shirt," the one guy snapped back, "now shut up."

He slammed the door and I heard the lock click. I was worried about Matty and especially worried about Chad, but what could I do? This time things looked pretty bleak. I wasn't sure we were going to make it out of this one. What was I thinking coming back here with Brennan? I was fatigued so I lied down on the cot and tried to get some rest, but it was uncomfortable still being handcuffed. I couldn't lay on my back because the metal would dig into my wrists more so I tried laying on my side as best as I could. I may have dozed off for a bit, not really sure, when I was awakened by the door opening.

I sat up on the cot as Jones walked in accompanied by two young muscled guards. He was carrying a duffle bag which he set on the floor.

"Get down on your knees," he ordered, "Bryce wants me to get you prepared."

"Prepared for what?"

"I don't know. He didn't say. I just do what I'm told."

"You ever get tired of being everybody's 'yes man', Jones?"

"Do we need to force you into compliance, Jason? I don't want to hurt you, but I will if that's the way you want it to be," he said sternly.

I was taken aback. Since I've been here that's the first time Jones had copped that kind of attitude with me. The two guards stepped forward and stared me down.

"That won't be necessary," I assured him and knelt down onto the floor.

Jones reached into the bag and pulled out a black, leather muzzle which he proceeded to strap onto my face. As he tightened the several straps it had the leather created a tight seal over my mouth, forced my jaw shut, and tightened around my neck, leaving me well gagged.

The muzzle also had a D ring on top which he attached one end of a chain to. One of the guards yanked me up onto my feet and then stood up on a step ladder they had brought in. He attached the other end of the chain to a dowel in the ceiling leaving no slack, forcing me to stand up straight, stuck in that very spot. Jones then retrieved a spreader bar from the bag. The two guards forced my feet apart and Jones attached the bar to my booted ankles. I was now forced to stand there muzzled tight with my legs apart and my hands cuffed behind my back.

"You guys can go," Jones said, "I'll stay here until Bryce arrives."

The young men nodded and walked out locking the door behind them. Jones turned around and smiled at me. He walked around behind me and pushed his body up against mine. Reaching his hand around, he began to rub my rock hard chest. I grunted and began to struggle a bit.

"Oh, come on, don't be like that," he coaxed, "I'm sorry I was such a jerk, but I had to put on a show for those guys. Can't have them think I'm going soft. God, you are so hot, you know that? Your body is incredible. You're so lean and muscular and the way you fill out those 501s. It's like they sewed them around your thighs and ass."

I grunted in disgust as he gave me a slight smack on the ass.

"It really pains me to see the way they abuse and torture you. I'd never treat you like that," he continued as he moved his hand down to my washboard abs. "That's why I decided to stay here until Bryce gets here. He won't be by for a bit yet and you've been promised to Ryan so I need to take advantage of these moments I still get with you."

Promised to Ryan? What the hell was he talking about??

"Seriously, I've jerked off like three times now thinking about our moment in the barn. I'm going to do something really awesome for you this time," he said softly as he then reached down and gently squeezed the bulge in my jeans.

I started struggling again and shaking my head.

"Oh, don't worry, I'm going to take it out for you this time. I've been a cowboy my whole life so I've spent plenty of days in tight Wranglers and I know what you meant before about a boner being kind of painful when it's stuck in your tight jeans and yeah, yours are really tight, so I get it."

He walked back over to the bag and pulled out the vibrating wand he had used on me in the barn. He turned it down and walked forward to me, pressing it against my bulge.


"Just relax," Jones said, "I promise you, you're going to love this."

I tried fighting it, but as the vibrations pulsated against my cock and balls through the denim, my cock betrayed me and began to stiffen. Eventually it got too long and hard to be confined by my briefs and I felt the head poke through the right leg and rub roughly against the inside of the denim. I winced as it got longer and stiffer and began to hurt being pressed so tight against my leg.

"God, look at the cock," Jones said in awe as he was mesmerized by my growing bulge. 


Jones could tell by what little of my facial expression he could see through the muzzle that I was very uncomfortable and he turned the wand off. He then unbuttoned the top button of my jeans and then continued to undo the buttons of my fly. He pulled my jeans down as far as he could with my legs apart and then untangled my cock from my briefs. It immediately sprung up to my waist. He pulled a leather cock ring out of the bag and snapped it tightly around the base of my cock and balls. He then pulled out a nylon cord and began tying it around my balls, forcing them down into the bottom of my sack. Once he had wrapped it around several times, he knotted the cord and then tied the other end to the spreader bar down near my feet, stretching my balls and pulling them toward the floor. I groaned as I could feel the pain in my abdomen.

"Sorry about that, but if I don't tie down your boys you're going to cum way too fast," he apologized. "You won't even notice that in a few minutes."

He took a rubber ring and began to slip it down over my cock. He managed to force it over the head, but it got stuck halfway down my shaft. I grunted and mmmmppphed as he tried forcing it further down, but the ring wasn't budging.

"Looks like we're going to need some lube," he said, "you're a little bigger than the average guy."

He squirted some lube on my cock and rubbed it up and down the shaft, then was able to slide the rubber ring all the way down to the bottom. It was really, really constricting and I could see my now throbbing cock head already starting to turn purple.

"Perfect," he smiled, having sufficiently restrained my manhood to his liking.

"Get ready to blow the load of your life."
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3-16 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2015 Jun 28 18:59

Jones took the head of my cock into his mouth and gently sucked on it. I began struggling harder against the restraints in a futile attempt to resist his advance, but that presented its own problems. That nylon cord he had tied around my balls had no slack in it and as I struggled it only pulled on them harder. He slowly took more of my cock into his mouth, moving up and down, until he eventually had my entire shaft throbbing inside. I kept grunting through the muzzle and shaking my head no, but he continued to work his magic and much to my horror, I began to admit to myself that he was right. This was one hell of a blowjob. 

He grabbed a hold of the bottom of my shaft tight with one hand and began slowly jerking me while he moved his mouth back up to my cock head again, teasing me with his tongue. Then with his other hand he began rubbing my bound balls. He was pleasuring every ounce of my manhood at once and without even realizing it my struggling moans changed to moans of pleasure. I'd have undoubtedly blown my wad at this point easily, but the binding around my balls kept me at bay. Jones sensed the change of tone in my struggles and for a moment stopped and looked up at me.

"Want me to keep going?" He smiled devilishly

I immediately gave an affirmative moan and nodded. Wait...... I nodded??? No! I don't want to get blown by a dude! Let me go!! I started struggling again..... but it felt so good and I really had to cum now. I was so close, I could feel it. If he'd just untie that damn cord that was pulling my balls I could finish. Jones went back to work on my cock, continuing with the full treatment: jerking the shaft, sucking the head, and rubbing my balls. This teasing went on for a few more minutes and I finally couldn't take it anymore. I had to cum, bad! I began thrusting my hips, trying to fuck his mouth. My thrashing made the nylon cord pull my balls even harder, but I didn't care. Jones knew I was ready. With my cock still in his mouth he reached into the bag, pulled a small pair of scissors and snipped the nylon cord that was pulling my balls. They immediately snapped back up in my sack towards my body and that was all I needed. I let out a deep and loud primal grunt and thrust hard as I exploded into Jones' mouth, stream after stream, until my balls were completely drained. I would have collapsed to my knees at that point if my restraints weren't keeping me up on my feet.

Jones wiped his mouth off with a small towel and drank some water out of a bottle to wash his mouth out. I just stood there, tied up, with my chest still heaving. He took the various bindings off of my cock and balls, tucked my junk back into my briefs and buttoned up my fly and jeans. 

"Told ya you'd like that,"he said. "I figured you deserved something nice before Bryce comes in to work on you. He's jealous of you, ya know. Management says you're to stay alive for now, but I don't trust Bryce."

Jones leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear, "that's why we have a plan to get you out of here."

Wait, what? Who's we?? What's going on??? I tried to speak, but that stupid muzzle still had my mouth sealed tight. We heard foot steps outside the door. Jones backed away and quietly shooshed me, picking up his bag. The door opened and Bryce and two guys walked in.

"Jones, what are you still doing here?" he asked.

"I wanted to stick around until you arrived. Never wise to leave this one alone and unsupervised. He's too tricky."

"Yeah, good point," Bryce agreed, "well, get back to the stable. We got a couple of new ones being brought in and already have buyers for them."

As Jones walked out he turned to me, winked, and nodded, affirming what he had told me just a few seconds ago.

"You can leave us," Bryce ordered the two guards who came in with him. They followed Jones out the door and closed it behind them.

"Jason," he stared me up and down, "we have a lot to discuss."
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3-17 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2015 Jul 25 17:32

"You know," Bryce explained as he slowly paced around me in a circle, displaying his dominance over me in my captive state, "I wasn't kidnapped. I came here because I wanted to. The whole kidnapping thing, that was just the crap Gallagher fed my uncle. You see, I always had a suspicion my uncle was into some shady shit and then one day I came home on leave unannounced and Gallagher was standing there in the house talking to my uncle. They got real quiet and secretive all of a sudden, but I could tell Gallagher couldn't take his eyes off of me from the moment I walked in the door. I knew something was up.

So the next evening I was up at the bar waiting for my girl when Gallagher shows up first. At first I blew him off, told him to get lost, but he made me an offer. Money and power, kid. That's what he promised me, money and power. After two years risking my life with the Marines over in Iraq, walking around the desert in 120 degrees, getting shot at, what did I have to show for it? Honor??"

He spit on the floor.

"Just shitty pay and always having a target on my back. So I took his offer. We staged the kidnapping and I came here."

He stopped pacing and stood in front of me.

"There's something I don't get, though. Granted, I've only been here a few weeks, but I've been loyal and I was instrumental and getting my uncle here for his penance. You, on the other hand, have been a constant nuisance to this organization for years, so what is their fascination with you?"

He abruptly slugged me in the gut.

"MMMMMPPPPPHHHHH!!" I moaned and would have doubled over if the restraints weren't forcing me to stand up straight.

"What is so special about Jason Castle?"

He hit me again, this time square in the chest.

"Anybody else who pulled the shit you've pulled would have been executed on site, but I'm told we have to keep you alive. I'm told you have a role to play. Well, I think that's bullshit."

He punched once more, this time, with an upper cut straight to my balls.

"MMMMMPPPPPPHHHH!! I groaned again and my eyes watered up.

He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a switch blade, which he opened up. My eyes widened with fear and I began to instinctively struggle. He stepped right up to me and placed the blade against my throat.

"I wonder what would happen if I just accidentally slipped with this knife in my hand while interrogating you and killed their golden boy."

He stared straight into my eyes as he slowly grazed the blade down my neck, past my throat, and onto my chest. I let out a muffled, painful moan as he began making a shallow cut across my left pectoral.

"Ooops," he said sarcastically, "Sure hope that doesn't scar and ruin that perfect body of yours."

He lowered the blade further and made another shallow cut along my abs. I struggled and moaned again. I was breathing heavily now and staring back at him with as much hatred in my eyes as he had with me. 

He then unbuttoned my jeans and fly. I really started to fight now, but Jones had restrained me so well I was helpless. He pressed the blade up against the bulge in my briefs. He smiled sadistically, knowing full well the mind fuck he was causing. Was he going to do it? Or was he just terrorizing me? Just as I was about to find out there was a commotion outside the door.

"Will you two blockheads knock it off!" He shouted to the two guards posted outside the door.

"Those two dumb asses are brothers and they're always fighting with each other."

The door opened and Bryce, annoyed with being interrupted and still facing me with his back to the door, screamed, "What is it?? I'm busy!!"

There was no answer.

"I said, what??!!" he turned around, agitated, to see Jones and Brennan standing before him each with a gun pointed straight at his head.
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3-18 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2015 Aug 22 20:24

"What the fuck is this??" Bryce yelled, shocked.

"Surprise!" Jones smiled.

"Matt! Craig! Get in here!" Bryce called to the two guards out in the hall.

"They're taking a nap," Jones explained, "I slipped something into their water."

"What the fuck are you doing, Jones?" Bryce asked, "Helping these guys? You're head is messed up."

"Actually, Bryce, my head is right for the first time in a long time. You came in here to kill Jason and I'm not going to let you do that."

"Put the knife down, Bryce," Brennan said. 

"Or what, Uncle Luke, you going to kill me?"

"Is that the way you want it, boy?"

Bryce smiled deviously and spun around. I MMMMMPPPHHHed loudly as he pressed the knife against my bulging briefs again.

"I'll cut his fucking balls off if you two don't drop your guns," he threatened.

"You think you can do that faster than we can both shoot you?" Jones warned.

"Maybe, maybe not, but I'll still ruin him for good," Bryce replied.

"And either way you'll still be dead," Brennan responded, "and I'm guessing a chicken shit who went AWOL from the Marines doesn't have the guts to die."

Brennan and Jones both cocked their guns.

Bryce slowly turned around, smirked at Brennan, and then dropped his knife on the ground. I breathed out a sigh of relief.

"Lay down on the floor," Brennan instructed.

Bryce got down onto his stomach. Jones pulled out a roll of duct tape. He got down on his knees, straddled Bryce, pulled his wrists behind his back and taped them tightly together.

"You're all dead, you know that?" Bryce said, "you mother fuckers are dead!"

"I've had enough of your mouth, Bryce," Jones said.

He placed some tape over Bryce's mouth and then wound it around several times, tightly gagging him. Bryce grunted angrily as his mouth was forcibly sealed.

I started mmmmmmpphing and struggling, signaling I wanted free.

"Alright, alright, calm down," Brennan said, "Of course we're going to untie you."

Brennan walked over and started freeing me from the restraints. Once free I unstrapped the muzzle from my head and rebuttoned my jeans. 

"Why are you helping me?" I asked Jones.

"It's the right thing to do and I'm tired of being their bitch," he explained.

I turned to Brennan.

"And what the fuck is your deal? Who's side are you on anyway, huh?"

"My own," Brennan explained, "and I always have been. I told you I was bringing you here to help me rescue my nephew and that's what we're doing. Yeah, I handed you over to Gallagher. That was part of my plan the whole time. You were a distraction, but I didn't plan on leaving you behind."

"You bastard!" I yelled as I grabbed Brennan by the collar of his biker jacket and pushed him up against the wall, "They almost killed me!"

"Yeah, well, they didn't," Brennan answered as he ripped my hands off of him and pushed me back, "but that was a risk I was willing to take."

"I trusted you!"

"Yeah, that's a character flaw you really need to fix, kid."

"Guys!" Jones intervened, "We need to get the fuck out of here."

"He's right," Brennan said, "time to get the hell out of dodge."

"Not yet," I said.

"Huh??" both guys replied.

"Not without Matty and Chad."

"Forget it, kid," Brennan laughed, "there's no time."

"The only reason they're here being tortured right now is because of you!"

"It's only a matter of minutes before they discover I'm gone, kid, and then this place is going to be swarming with steroid raging 20 year olds with guns. We need to go, NOW!"

"He's right, Jason," Jones said.

"Bullshit," I said, "I'm not going anywhere without them and I know you need my help getting out of here. The two of you alone with a prisoner aren't going to get far."

Brennan sighed.

"You know where they are?" he asked Jones.

"In a room down the next hall."

"Grab those guys' guns," he notioned with his head towards the two unconscious sentries in the hall, "we're going to need them."

He then grabbed Bryce by his shirt collar and pulled him towards him.

"And if this little cunt gives you any resistance," Brennan instructed, "shoot him."
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3-19 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2015 Sep 03 06:26

We left the room and crept down the hall. Bryce occasionally struggled and grunted, but Jones shoved him along. At the end of the hall Brennan peered around the corner and then signaled that the coast was clear. We quickly moved down the corridor until they got to the intersection of the next hallway.

"The room they're in is right around the corner," Jones whispered.

He looked around the corner and saw just one muscular young man standing guard. 

"I got this guy," Jones said.

Jones walked around the corner and up to the guard.

"Hey, Jones, what's up?" He asked.

"Ryan wants me to come and check up on these two, make sure everything is ready for when we ship them out in a few hours."

"Really? I'm under strict orders not to let anybody...."

Before he could finish his sentence Jones sucker punched him and he fell onto the floor, dropping his gun. Angrily, the kid started to spring back up, but Jones got him again sending back to the ground. This time he didn't move. He was out cold.

"Let's go," Jones called to the others. 

Brennan and I came out from hiding, pushing Bryce along with us. Jones grabbed the keys off of the guard and his gun. He unlocked the door and we went inside. 

"Drag that kid in here and tie him up before somebody comes by and sees him there," Brennan instructed Jones.

Jones dragged the guard into the room by his feet. He took out the duct tape and taped his wrists behind his back, his ankles, and several strips over his mouth. Meanwhile, I frantically began working to save Matty and Chad. Matty had also been taped up from head to toe. Both he and Chad looked like they had been cocooned. The larger cocoon, which was obviously Matty, was wiggling and mmmpphing. You could see Matty's huge muscles bulging through the tape. Chad wasn't moving at all, though, and I panicked thinking he might have suffocated.

I started ripping the tape off of Chad's head as fast as possible, uncovering his mouth and then his nose.

"Chad!" I yelled out. "Come on, buddy, breathe!"

I started pushing on him and beating on his chest. Suddenly he gasped and took in a huge breath. He then began struggling again in panic. 

"Get me outta this! Get me out!!" He started screaming, terrified.

"It's me! It's Jason!"


"Yeah, I got you, man, just calm down, okay?"

"I thought for sure I was dead," Chad said relieved he was being rescued from the claustrophobic tape cocoon he'd been wrapped up in.

Brennan went to work on freeing Matty, who was also catching his breath back. Once both men had been freed, Matty walked over to Bryce in a fit of rage. 

"Well, what do we have here?" he taunted the bound and gagged man, "I'm going to beat your fucking ass, man."

Matty went to grab him, but Brennan jumped between and intervened.

"You're going to have to go through me first, cowboy."

"I got no problem with that, you punk ass biker bitch." Matty shot back, staring straight into Brennan's eyes. 

"Guys, stop!" I said, "we've already wasted too much time. We need to work together if we want to get out of here."

The two men backed off from each other. 

"Can we get to the van, Brennan?" I asked.

"Unless they moved it, it should still be out in the front lot."

Out of nowhere, the power abruptly shut off and red backup lights came on in their place.

"What just happened?" Chad asked.

"Power's been shut off," Jones said.

We heard some faint sirens in the distance.

"What is that?" Matty asked.

"The best God damned luck I've ever had in my life," Brennan replied, "Remind me to buy a Powerball ticket when we get out of here."


"FBI's here, boys. It's a raid."

"FBI?!" I exclaimed, "how do they know...."

"Long story," Brennan smiled, "you'll get it all outside. We better get moving now. Things are about to get real heated."
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3-20 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2015 Nov 07 19:44

We made our way down the dimly lit hall as sirens blared outside and an alarm was going off inside the building. Bryce continued struggling and mmmmpphing, trying to alert the others of our escape, but he couldn't be heard over the noise. They turned a corner only to encounter gun fire.

"Shit!" Brennan yelled as he backed around the corner, "alright, boys, this is it. Now or never."

"I'm good," Jones said.

"Me too," I affirmed.

Matty and Chad also nodded.

Brennan bolted around the corner and immediately started firing, followed by me and Jones. Matty and Chad stayed behind us forcing Bryce along. The two sentries who had been firing at us turned and ran the other direction. 

"Let's move!" Brennan shouted, "almost clear, boys."

We came to the intersection of another hall. Brennan and Jones peered around the corners and signaled all was clear. Brennan crossed over, followed by Matty and Chad with Bryce. As I walked passed another shot rang out. I felt something stinging against the side of my head. I dropped to the ground grabbing my ear. My hand had blood on it. I wasn't hit, but got grazed. Jones and Brennan began firing back when Jones yelled out and fell to the ground.

"Jones!" I yelled.

I grabbed his legs and dragged him out of the line of fire, back into the hallway we had come down. Brennan and the others were on the side of the intersection and more guns started firing down the other hall, blocking the path for Jones and me to get across.

Jones had been shot in the chest and he was bleeding and breathing heavily.

"Jason, you can't help him!" Brennan yelled, "I can cover you, but you gotta come now!"

"Wait!" I yelled.

"Hang in there, Jones," I said, "I'm going to get you out of here."

"Jason," he spoke weakly, grabbing my head. His mouth was bleeding now too.

"Jason, NOW!" Matty screamed as the gun fire increased.

"I'm not leaving him behind!"

"Don't be stupid, kid!" Brennan yelled back.

"Throw me another gun." I yelled back to Brennan, "you guys go. I'll be right behind you!"

"Jason, NO!" Chad yelled.

"NOW!!!" I demanded.

Brennan slid another gun across the hallway floor. He nodded at me and I nodded back. 

"This is crazy!" Matty said, "we can't let him do this!"

"You want to cross through that barrage of gunfire and get him? He made his choice, kid. One thing I've learned about your buddy, he always seems to find a way. Let's go!"

With that the guys took off down the hall.

"Jason," Jones spoke weakly, "they're right :cough: you have to leave me."

"No," I responded, "no, you saved me and now I'm going to save you."

Jones smiled, "you already did."

He reached up and touched my cheek and then his hand slowly slumped back down onto his body.

"Jones?" I tapped the side of his face, "Jones..... come on, man..... no......."

He was gone. There was nothing I could do. I had to save myself, but I still wasn't leaving him behind. Some of the gunfire from the adjacent hall had dissipated as some of the guards went after the others, but there were still a couple of them firing at random down the hall. I reached around the corner quickly and fired a few shots back. I then got down on my knees, lifted up Jones' body and threw him over my shoulder. 1...2...3 I counted to myself and dodged across the hall almost emptying my clip. I made it to the other side! Home free now!

I hurried down the hall and had only one more turn to go when I was abruptly knocked off my feet by a loud and bright explosion. I laid on the floor stunned. I could barely hear anything, like I was under water. I glanced over and saw Jones' body on the floor next to me. I was disoriented Was it a flash grenade? The cops maybe? No, not the cops. My eyes came into focus and Ryan was standing over me looking down.

"Where do you think you're going, buddy?" He smiled devilishly. He got down on his knees, straddling my body. He was holding a hypodermic needle in his hand and injected it into my neck. I tried to struggle, but I was too weak and what ever he had injected me with was working almost immediately.

"I'm afraid I cant't let you get away," he said as my eyes began to blur again.

I could only lay there surrounded by the smell of smoke and the distant sounds or more gunfire and sirens, and Ryan's voice.

"The moment I saw you I knew I had to have you for my own, Jason. And Management promised you to me, so I'm afraid your little adventure isn't over. It's just beginning."

"Nooooo......" I said as I slowly blacked out.
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3-21 Re: Kidnapped Biker Part III
Postby JHardcastle » 2016 Feb 06 20:03

The guys got outside and the entire grounds of the compound was teaming with law enforcement: SWAT, FBI, DHS, Interpol, it was insane.

"Down on the ground, now!" a SWAT geared officer yelled, pointing his gun, as Brennan, Chad, Matty, and Bryce emerged from the front door.

"We're with you, man! We're with you!" Chad yelled as they all dropped to their knees.

"Stand down!" Another man in a dark suit and sunglasses yelled as he walked up behind the SWAT officer. "That's my CI."

He pointed to Brennan.

"CI?" Matty asked, "You've been working with the FBI this whole time?"

"Long story, kid," Brennan replied.

"I think we got a few minutes," Chad said suspiciously,

The agent corralled them away from the front of the property and over to some federal SUVs.

"Long story short," Brennan explained, "I got nabbed a few years ago by the feds. They made me a deal if I reinfiltrated the syndicate and delivered them some high players they'd give me a free pass."

"So you used, Jason," Matty said.

"I used my resources," Brennan said. "I told Marie, Bryce's girlfriend, if she didn't hear from me in 72 hours she was to call Agent Dobson and give him these coordinates because I was in trouble."

"Agent," he continued, "this is my nephew, Bryce. I think you'll find a Marine Sergeant who would like an explanation as to why this soldier is AWOL."

"Get moving, kid," Dobson ordered.

Bryce grunted through his gagged mouth as he was lead away by another agent, still bound and gagged.

"Hey!" Chad said alarmed, "Where the hell is Jason? He was right behind us!"

Several SWAT officers emerged from the front door walking out some of Ryan's thugs in shackles as well as a few other young men who had been kidnapped and held prisoner. Matty and Chad looked around frantically, but Jason was nowhere to be seen.

"We've cleared the scene, Sir," one officer said to Dobson, "there is nobody left inside."

"No! Chad yelled, "That's not true! Jason's in there! You have to go back in and get our buddy!"

"We've swept the whole compound twice, kid. There's nobody in there."

"You're wrong! He has to be! Where else could he be??"

"There,' Brennan pointed up towards the sky with a disappointed look on his face.

A plane was taking off from the field behind the compound.

"Management has him."

"You have to stop that plane!" Matty yelled to the LEOs. "Our friend is being kidnapped!"

"How?" Dobson asked, "They're already in the air"

"Can't you force it down?" Chad asked.

"This is a border town, son. By the time I could get jets in the air that plane will already be over Mexican airspace. All I can do is contact the Federales and hope they can track it and catch up with them," Dobson explained.

"This is all your fault!" Matty screamed as he attacked Brennan, punching him in the face.

The two began rolling around on the ground. The officers intervened and broke up the skirmish.

"I'm sorry they got Jason, but I did what I had to do to bring down this operation!" Brennan yelled.

"You did it to save your own ass!!" Matty yelled back as several officers held him.

"That's enough!" Dobson ordered.

Matty shrugged the officers off of him.

"We'll do what we can to find your friend."

Another car pulled up and another well dressed man got out.

"Where is he?" the man asked frantically, "where is Management?"

"There," Dobson pointed up at the plane just as it disappeared into the horizon.

The man turned to Brennan, disappointed, "The deal was you deliver Management, Brennan."

"Hey, I brought down their operation here and Gallagher is dead. I did my part," Brennan shot back.

"That's up for the federal prosecutor to decide," the man replied, "Get in the car. Let's go."

"It's been real, boys,' Brennan said to Matty and Chad, "How about we never see other again."

He got in the car with the ADA and they drove off down the dusty road.

"What now?" Chad asked Dobson.

"We get you up to Houston and get a full accounting of events that took place here," Dobson explained.

"What about Jason?? You have to find our friend," Matty begged, "they'll turn him."

"We'll do everything we can, boys. You have my word."

Meanwhile, Management quietly read his newspaper on the luxurious private plane as it hummed softly across the sky over northern Mexico. Ryan stared down at an unconscious Jason on the floor, his hands and ankles bound and a cloth cleave gag in his mouth. He smiled as he thought to himself what a great team the two of them will make once Jason is put through his "training."

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Jee, good work! Is one of my favorite
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cant say how much pleasure your 3 tales have brought me. thank you.
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