Bondage model by choice... (MMF/FFFF)

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Bondage model by choice... (MMF/FFFF)

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The content of this story is fictional and of an adult nature. Minors should not be given access to this story. All events are fictional and should not be attempted in real life. Practicing bondage without supervision can be dangerous and could lead to death. Always play safe and responsible.

With that in mind, enjoy this story that I started in 2002 and I am still adding to it. It has never been published before (as far as I remember)...


It was her last delivery for the day, the digital clock in her car told her it was close to 10 o’clock in the evening. Linda did not mind working the late shift for FedEx; it gave her more time during the day to do the things she wanted; it was the one thing she really liked about the job she had. Since she came out of university she had several different jobs, but the FedEx job allowed her the most freedom. Not that it was a job she wanted to do forever, but great jobs were hard to get and at least this job gave her the freedom she desired, while being able to pursue her hobbies and in the meantime, look for that perfect job.

She parked the white Federal Express van in front of the office building, straightened her dark blue coverall, picked the parcel out of the back of the car and went inside. She looked at the nameplates and found the name she wanted on the top floor of the four-story building. Ringing the bell caused the door to open. The hallway of the building was spacious and as luxurious as the outside of the building. Linda entered the hallway and walked over to the guard who was sitting at his desk.

“Hello, what can I do for you, Miss?”

“Federal Express, I've got an express delivery for Mr. Handon.”

“Okay, hold on, I’ll make a phone call.”

She looked at the guard while he made his phone call and thought that he was rather handsome in his blue uniform. He was tall, almost 2 meters, probably around 30, well build and had short, nicely cut brown hair.

“They’re still in, so you can deliver it yourself, Miss.”

After a short conversation, in which she learned his name was Robert Houston, he showed her the elevator and told her to go up.

“It’s the door on the left when you get to the top floor.”

Linda got into the elevator and looked at herself in the mirror, which covered the back wall of the elevator. She was pleased with the sight; 25 years old, around 1 meter and 78 centimeters long, shoulder length blond hair, full breasts that seem to defy gravity, small waist and perfect hips. Working out a lot certainly helped her figure. Her face was not that of a classic beauty, but most men would describe her as pretty. The green eyes stared into the world with confidence. Linda looked away from the mirror when the elevator stopped and opened the doors. Walking into a small hallway with two doors, she turned to the left. The door to the office was ajar and she knocked, before pushing the door open a bit.

“Hello, anybody there?”

She walked into the dim lit reception area. There was nobody in the area, but from behind a closed door, she heard some noise. After knocking on the door, Linda opened the door and looked inside.

“Hello, Federal Express, I’ve got a deliv...”

She stopped in the middle of her sentence. It took her a moment to understand what she was seeing in the room. The room was definitely a photo studio; lighting and photo equipment were all over the place, computer screens showed images in various state of editing and there was even a model present. It was not the woman with long brown hair wearing blue elbow long gloves, a black body, nylons and black high heeled shoes that made her stop in the middle of her sentence, it was the fact that the woman was tightly tied with ropes and gagged with tape.

“What happened?” Linda asked while entering the studio and rushing towards the woman who did not reply for obvious reasons.

The woman was lying on the floor on her belly. Several wraps of white nylon rope tied her wrists and elbows together behind her back. Cinching of the ropes prevent slipping. Her ankles were crossed and tied with another piece of similar rope. Between her legs was a square wooden pole that ran from the floor to the ceiling. Connected to this, almost touching the pole on either side, were her wrists and ankles. This caused her shoulders to be lifted clear of the floor, making it very difficult to rest her head. Having her ankles pulled back towards her bottom forced her knees out to the side. The woman could not turn on her side or move much because of the tight ropes. Several strips of white tape made an effective gag, preventing the woman to speak.

“Are you alright?”

Linda put her parcel down, looked around to see if there was anybody else and then kneeled next to the woman who made some unintelligent sounds and looked at Linda with pleading eyes. Carefully she started pulling off the tape that covered the lower half of woman’s face. The sticky tape came off with some difficulty. There was a large piece of wadding stuffed inside the woman’s mouth when Linda pulled the tape away. After she took the wadding out, the woman coughed a couple of times.

“Thank you.”

Linda started on the ropes that connected her wrists to the pole, but the knots were so tight that she could not get them undone.

“I can’t get the knots loose. Is there a knife somewhere that I can use?”

“No, just leave me, its fine. I just needed that gag out. If the photos don’t work out, it will have to be reapplied anyway.”

“You actually mean you are here by choice? Where is the person who tied you up? You can’t possibly have done this to yourself.”

“Not really, no. I am Diana Handon. We are doing a photo shoot for a customer. My husband, Jim, tied me up and took the pictures, now he is developing the film. Our darkroom is through the door on the left.”

Linda noticed the red light next to the door. She picked up a nearby pillow and placed it next to Diana’s head, so she could rest her head on it.

“In special cases we still use real film instead of digital cameras. Jim has this habit to leave me all tied up while he goes off to develop the film, especially when I was, according to him, not cooperation enough during the shoot. Not much I can do about it tied as I am in this position anyway; waiting for him is all I can do until he releases me.”

“Why are you doing this? Doesn't it hurt? It looks like it is not easy.”

“It’s a living.” she grinned. “No really, I can’t explain it. There is something about being helpless, all tied up, gagged, blindfolded sometimes, it’s a weird feeling, like you do not have to take any responsibility for anything, because you can’t take it anyway.”

“But what if something is wrong? You were gagged!” Linda said.

“Safety is always important, but once you work with photographer for a long time, he or she knows your limitations. I can stand being tied and gagged for some pretty long times and that happens regularly as we play bondage games in our private life too. But here in the studio I can make enough sounds so that he would hear me if I was in any trouble.”

At that moment, the red light by the door went out and a handsome looking man came out of the darkroom. He carried a number of photographs.

“Well hello, who do we have here?”

“Federal Express, sir. A parcel delivery for Mr. Handon.”

“Oh, I remember, Robert just rang about that. Hello, I’m Jim Handon.”

He shook hands with Linda who introduced herself.

“I noticed you have met Diana.”

He took the parcel that Linda brought up from her and placed it on the table, so that he could sign the receipt.

“There you are. Want a cup of coffee, Linda?”

“Well, I've got to get the car back to the compound as this was my last delivery, but I think I can do a coffee, as I made good time today. Black with sugar is fine with me.”

Jim started to walk to the coffee machine when Diana interrupted him.

“Hello, what about me, would somebody please untie me?”

Jim turned around, looked at Linda, winked at her and smiled.

“Did you hear something, Linda? I thought I heard something.”

Linda had noticed his wink and played along.

“No, I didn't hear anything. It must have been a car or something.”

“Hey guys, come on, you can’t do this to...gnnnmmmffff.”

Jim stuffed the soaked wad back in Diana’s mouth and placed a couple of new strips of adhesive tape across her lower face. When he was done, Diana could only grunt in despair and she gave him a dirty look. For that, he punished her by taking the pillow away that Linda had put next to Diana’s head. This only resulted in another dirty look from Diana and a lot more grunting into her gag.

“Ha, that’s better. Don’t worry darling, you’ll get out soon enough. If I feel like it.”

He smiled and walked to the coffee machine in the kitchenette and poured a cup of coffee for Linda and himself. After he gave Linda her cup, they sat down at a little coffee table and Jim told Linda about his business. He told her how they got started. He had met Diana during a visit to a bondage club, but they were both disappointed in what they saw, so they started experimenting themselves. This turned into a small company, which had grown over the last few years into an agency for bondage models.

“Somewhere in between setting up the business, taking photographs, getting girls tied up, arranging models for other clients and taking on new models, we even found time to get married. We’re now in the process of expanding our on-line presence with the renewal of the website where people can buy the pictures and DVD’s we do.”

They talked for half an hour, ignoring the grunts that came from Diana, who was trying to get their attention. Linda felt as if she had known Jim for a long time, even if they only met for the first time that evening. He was easy going, open and very friendly. She felt comfortable around him.

“Shouldn't you untie her, Jim?”

“I’ll do that shortly. She can stand it, it is not her first time tied up.” he answered.

“How about you, would you try some modeling? You are very pretty; you could make a lot of money, more than working for this courier service. And I can always use a new model.”

“I don’t know. I wouldn't know what to do, I never did anything like this. I've been tied up before, but that was when I was a kid and teenager, which seems a long time ago. It wasn't too bad, but it was nothing compared to this.” She answered, pointing at Diana.

“Come on, don’t say that. It looks more difficult than it is. Good looks, good physical health and some endurance are all you need. Besides, we will start with something simple. If you don’t like it, we’ll stop, you get your money and we’ll still be friends.”

Linda looked at her watch.

“OK, I’ll give it a try, but first I've got to bring the car back to the compound, because I’m now running late.”

“That’s fine with me; I’ll still have to do some work on Diana. Do you need help with anything?”

“No, I’ll find my way back here. See you in half an hour.”

Jim escorted Linda to the door of the studio and let her out. After closing the door, he went back inside and walked over to the helpless Diana who was looking at him.

“Now what shall we do with you I wonder…”
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Sorry to ask: Is the story already finished or is this just the first part? Either way: a promising start!
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Well written and fun. Photographer, model, or recruit - I suspect many of us have dreamed of being at least one of the people in this excellent story.
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> Is the story already finished or is this just the first part?

There is 46 other chapters at this time and I am still writing new chapters.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.
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Wrapped up

It took Linda less than half an hour to return her van to the compound and come back to the office building. She parked her old yellow Volkswagen Beetle on the same location as she had parked the FedEx van, got out and locked it. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she was dressed in tight fitting white jeans and a simple yellow t-shirt with a V-neck that showed just the amount of cleavage to make men stare, without looking like a slut. High heel shoes showing her bare feet complemented the picture that Robert, the security guard, saw approach the building on his security camera. He opened the automatic door even before Linda could reach for the bell.

“Nice seeing you again, Miss.”

Linda enjoyed the way he looked at her. She noticed it was genuine interest in her, not just the look of somebody seeing a lust object.

“Please don’t call me that, my name is Linda.”

“Okay Linda it is. Nice name. Are you going back up to Mr. Handon again? Are you a model? You sure look like you could be one if you don’t mind me saying so.”

“No, not yet, thanks for the compliment. Who knows what will happen. I presume you know what they do for a living?” Linda asked Robert.

“I helped out a couple of times when they had computer problems. I’m the computer nerd around here, so to speak.”

“At least you don’t look like one.” Linda grinned.

They talked for a while and then Linda looked at the clock.

“I have to go.” She said.

She walked towards the elevator, stopped, turned around, walked back and smiled at Robert, who smiled back at her.

“If you’re free this week, we could go for a drink.” She said.

The smile on Roberts face became even bigger.

“That is something I most definitely would like to do. I’m free on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

He handed her his business card, which had his private mobile number written on the back.

“I’ll call you on Tuesday.” Linda said before entering the elevator.

Silently the elevator doors closed behind her and Linda got to the top floor of the building. She walked out and wanted to knock but Jim opened the door to the office to let her in at that exact moment.

“Wow, you look good!” He said when he saw her.

“Thanks.”, Linda said with a big smile.

When they walked into the studio, Diana came barefoot out of the development room, dressed in white shorts and a light blue tank top. Linda looked at the tanned beauty. Diana noticed the look and swirled around as if she was presenting an evening dress. Having Spanish grandparents on her mother’s side had given her face a mixture of features that was very attractive. The long brown hair, that reached until half way her back, accentuated the deep brown intelligent looking eyes. Her natural breasts were slightly smaller than those of Linda, but they were firm, so that she did not have to wear a bra. Long legs, accentuated by the shorts, completed the package. Both women laughed, while Jim looked at them as if to say what is happening here.

“Hello Diana, walking around again.”

Diana smiled and came to greet her. Linda noticed the rope marks on her arms and elbows and on her ankles.

“Hi, welcome to our studio. At least we can shake hands now, although it probably takes until tomorrow before the rope marks are gone. I could see that you noticed them. That is one of the few drawbacks of being a bondage model.”

All three laughed. Diana handed the photos she was carrying to Jim.

“Here are the finished shots. I think the customer will be happy. They look great. Come on and we’ll have a closer look.”

The three of them walked to a large table covered with pictures at one of the walls. Jim had to clear some other shots of tied up females in various stages of undress before he spread the photos out on the table. Jim explained to Linda that they sometimes still used old-fashioned film, even though they had very good digital equipment. The quality of the normal photos was still better for larger than A3 prints.

“Yeah, Diana told me earlier. These are indeed very good, Diana. You look so...”


“Yeah, that’s the word I was looking for.”

Both women laughed. They discussed some of the photos at length. Jim noticed that Linda had a keen eye for details. He made a mental note to see if she could work with the computer editing software. He never had time for it and it would be great if he could find somebody else to do it.

“It sure doesn't look like a stressful job.” Linda remarked.

“Oh, it can be. Doing a shoot in studio conditions like these is relatively easy. The position you are in is off-course the main factor. I spend time tied in enough difficult positions to know how long I can stand it and believe me, there are positions you do not want to spend more than 10 minutes in. Others you could stay in for days on end. Than it also depends on who is doing the tying up and what they use as bondage material during the shoot, so do not say it is an easy job. It can be very though.”

Jim agreed.

“Unfortunately, we have had bad experiences with some clients, who did care less for the situation of the model, resulting even in permanent damage being done to a model. Therefore, we try to screen whoever wants to hire our models. The models know that we do our best to protect them from abuse. We can never make it 100% safe, but we do our best.”

“Are you sure you want to try some modeling, Linda?” Diana asked.

“I’m sure. I thought about it. I have a couple days off, so I don’t have to start working again until Thursday next week, so I should have time enough to recover from any rope marks. Do you want me to change into anything else?”

“No, you are fine as you are. I thought we start with something simple, Linda. Afterwards you can try something else if you want.”

Jim picked up a leather straitjacket and showed it to Linda.

”Diana loves this thing, because she can stay in it for hours, which we won’t be doing to you at your first session yet.”

“No, we will start doing that on the second shoot.” Diana said from the other side of the studio where she was setting up the lighting equipment.

With some help Linda place her arms in the sleeves of the leather jacket and stood still while Jim laced the straitjacket up behind her back.

“Now cross your arms in front of your body… That’s it, now I can tighten the straps.”

Jim tightened the straps in such a way that the straitjacket was snug, but not tight. Linda still had some movement in her arms, even after the straps at the end of the sleeves were connected.

“There you are. Now, if you go over there where Diana is, we’ll see if we can take some nice pictures.”

“What do I have to do?” She said while heading to Diana.

“Not much, just remember to look to the camera now and then and try to stay in the lights. If you stay in front of the background cover, you will be okay. Just relax, see how it feels, test the jacket and play around.”

Linda did what Jim told her. He had prepared one of the digital cameras after he laced Linda up and was all business. He told Linda to turn this way, turn that way, to hold her head like this, look in a certain direction and before Linda really knew it, the memory card was full.

“OK, have a break, while I change the card.”

Jim disappeared into the storage room to get another memory card, so Linda looked at Diana and asked her what she thought of it.

“You’re great. I will bet you the photos are a success. Want something to drink?”

Diana had walked over to the bar in the corner of the studio and poured herself a drink. She looked at Linda while waiting for an answer.

“Just some water will do. Are you not going to release me?”

“Why? Can’t you get out?” She asked, while laughing. “We’re not finished yet or would you like to be released?”

“It’s weird, it is like you said and it indeed gives a strange feeling to be in a situation like this. On the one hand I’m nervous, as I’m strapped into a straitjacket by two people I met only a short time ago, on the other hand I feel safe.”

“Yes, that feeling will never completely go away. Every time I get tied up by somebody I have that nagging feeling about if and when I will be released. And I have been doing this for some years now.”

They talked a little longer while Diana gave Linda something to drink and then Jim returned.

“Let’s do another shoot. I would like Diana to add a bit of rope to your current situation, is that okay with you?”

Linda nodded, and Diana got some ropes from a table. She walked over to Linda, who was standing in the spotlights again, and helped her sit down, after which she tied Linda’s legs at her ankles and just above her knees. Cinching the strands of rope around her legs made it nice and snug. Jim gave Diana a blindfold and she covered Linda’s eyes with it.

“It’s your game again, Linda. Just move around and we’ll see what comes out.”

“I can’t even see what I’m doing, but I suppose that makes it more fun. Here we go.”

Linda could hear the flash go off every time Jim took a picture and it did not take long before the second memory card was full. Diana removed the blindfold and released Linda from the leather jacket and the ropes around her legs.

“I can understand why you like to wear this thing, it is pretty comfortable.”

“It is. I think the longest I spend in it was about 4 days. I will tell you about it some other time. How about you try something a little more restrictive to test your flexibility and endurance?”

“Like you, earlier this evening? Yeah, that would be a test. I think I am flexible, so you find something more restrictive, while I go to the toilet and slip into something more feminine. I presume you have something like that around here?”

“No problem, there is a whole wardrobe, just have a look. The toilet is on the right, the wardrobe on the left.”

While Linda went to the toilet and changed her clothes, Diana laid out some stuff for the next photo session. Jim returned from downloading the cards into the computer and prepared the lights.

“You look great in that, Linda.” He commented when she walked in, dressed in a black lace body.

It accentuated her long legs, blond hair and green eyes perfectly. The flimsy material could barely contain her full breasts.

“Let’s see what Diana has in store for you. By the way, don’t you have to get up early tomorrow; we don’t want to deprive you of any sleep?”

“No, there is nobody waiting for me this weekend, so nothing is stopping me from enjoying myself.”

“That’s great; we’re always working evenings, so we don’t mind. Diana, what have you got in store for Linda this time?”

“She’ll see. Please come here Linda.”

Linda followed Diana’s instructions. She got down on her knees with her back to the pole and her feet on either side along the post. Ropes went around her upper body about 5 times, just above her breasts, and Diana cinched them expertly, making the fit nice and tight.

“You've done this before, I can tell.” Linda remarked, while testing the ropes.

Diana smiled and then tied Linda’s wrists together palm to palm behind the post with several wraps of soft white rope. Again, cinching the rope made it snug around her wrists.

“Why are you cinching the rope every time?” Linda asked Diana, while trying out how much room to wriggle Diana had left her.

“It makes sure that the rope stays where it is and it makes everything much tighter without having to pull hard on the ropes. Just wait till I put you in one of my special bondages.” Diana answered Linda’s question.

“I can hardly wait…”

Diana picked up a two-inch rubber ball and showed it to Linda.

“Have you ever been gagged before?”

“Not with something like that. When I was tied up as a kid we used a cloth between the teeth.”

“Well, now it is going to be this ball. I will gag you, which means you will not be able to say anything intelligent. Just hum a tune if there is something wrong and we will stop. The safety word we use is always humming a tune or snapping your fingers, which might not always be possible. Any other sounds, especially grunting, pleading and gag talk are part of the performance. Understood?”

Linda nodded and then opened her mouth so that Diana could stuff the ball in Linda’s mouth. It filled Linda’s mouth completely and pressed her tongue down. Strips of yellow tape went over her mouth and prevented Linda from pushing out the ball. Linda tested the gag by trying to speak, but the only sound that came out was some noise. It surprised her that she was still able to make reasonable loud sounds. While Linda tested her gag, Diana had tied Linda’s feet together behind the pole, forcing her knees out a bit. She shifted her position a bit when Diana started pulling on the rope she fixed between Diana’s wrists and ankles.

“That should do it. Are you comfortable, Linda?” Diana asked with a grin on her face.

Linda tried to say that she had been in a more comfortable position, but only some more grunts came out of her gagged mouth. She looked at Diana and shook her head in disagreement, but still smiled beneath her tape gag.

“Well, you've asked for something more restrictive.” Diana returned the smile and walked away.

“Hmmmppphh…” Linda replied.

Jim started to take pictures, ignoring Linda’s complaints. After several shots, Diana added a leather blindfold to Linda’s bondage, making it impossible for her to see what was going on. Some light slipped along the edges, but not enough to see anything. She could hear the flashing of the photo lights and the clicking of the camera while Jim took more photos. Linda tried to shift her weight around, but the position she was in did not allow much movement and the new position would get uncomfortable after a few minutes. It was not as much the bondage itself that was trying; it was being on her knees that caused the discomfort. The clicking of the camera stopped after a while.

“You’re okay?” She heard Jim say.

“Hmmmppphh…” She nodded.

“We’re just packing up some stuff; you stay where you are for the moment. Okay?” Jim told her.

She had to smile behind her gag. There was no way she would get out of the ropes that held her tightly against the pole. She relaxed as much as possible, although the pressure on her knees made that hard. She tried to understand what was going on around her from the sounds she heard, but it was difficult. After several minutes, she heard something that sounded like ropes being tied around something and she could imagine who was on the receiving end. It sounded like it was an extensive tie for Diana, as Linda could hear curses and grunts for a long time. She heard some struggling before the sounds from Diana got quieter, most likely because she got gagged. After a while she heard a door open and close and everything went quiet around her.


She tried to ask if anybody was there, but no one replied. Linda got slightly scared, being alone, bound and gagged by complete strangers, but that feeling diminished quickly. She trusted Jim and Diana; her first impression of people was normally correct, however there was always a slight bit of doubt. She tried to get free of her bondage, but it was no use, Diana had tied her too well; she would not be going anywhere without somebody’s help.

Struggling and straining against her bondage just made her sweat, but the ropes held tight. She fought the ropes ones more, screamed into her gag a last time and then gave it up. The ropes felt tight, without cutting off circulation, but it was also a comfortable feeling as being held in somebody’s arms and Linda started imagining that she was in all kinds of damsel in distress scenarios, something she always liked to do when she saw a DID scene on television. When Jim entered the studio, Linda did not even notice.

“Wake up, sunshine.”

Linda lifted her head and tried to spot the direction of the sound. Then she felt somebody fumbling with the knots of the ropes between her wrists and feet and after that with the cords around her legs.

“I’ll leave your blindfold on for the moment, your hair is tangled in it and it is easier to undo once you’re released from the pole.”

After Jim untied the rope, he carefully took the tape of Linda’s mouth and helped her push out the ball. Linda was glad the big ball was out of her mouth. She had to swallow a couple of times before she could speak again.

“Where’s Diana?”

“Oh, she’s in the car.” He answered.

Linda carefully took the blindfold off herself, allowing her to look around again. She spend over 40 minutes tied to the pole she noticed when she looked at the clock. It did feel a lot longer.

“Let me guess, all tied up?”

“Yes. It is getting late and we planned on going down to our cabin in the woods this weekend for some outdoor shots, which are a bit hard to make in the middle of town, so I wrapped her up and put her in the car. We have our own elevator so we can leave without anybody seeing us.”

“I suspected you did not carry her out of the front door.” Linda laughed.

“No, I did not.” He agreed. “Here is your money for the pictures we took. You will have to sign this release form and a certificate stating your age. The form will be filed with our custodian. All requirements we have to do to keep everything legal.”

“No problem.” Linda said and signed the papers.

“You know what? You can come along, if you want to. The house is secluded in the woods; we have plenty of food, drink and clothing. Moreover, who knows, maybe we even can do some more modeling. Diana might like the company. She always complains that she has no one to talk to when we are up there. Or was that because I keep her gagged most of the time…” Jim grinned.

“Oh, uh…” Linda had to think about that one a moment. “Well I could use the break. It has been a long time since I had a vacation. I had fun this evening and I would like to do some more modeling, so why not. Maybe I even get do one of Diana’s special bondages as she calls them.”

“Her special bondages are very tough to do though.” Jim warned her.

“I like a challenge.” Linda said with a big smile on her face “And the prospect of spending some time out of the city and outdoors sounds good, even when it is bound and gagged.”

“It looks like you enjoy being bound just a bit too much.” Jim grinned. “Is there somebody you want to call to let you know where you are going? If so, please do it now while I’ll get things ready.”

While Jim prepared some more boxes for the trip to the cabin, Linda made a call to one of her girlfriends and asked her to look after her apartment. Jim called down to the reception to inform Robert of the fact they left and that Linda’s car was staying behind, before turning most lights off.

“Leave you keys on the desk next to the front door, Linda. If anything happens, they can get at them.” Jim told Linda after hanging up the phone. “And don’t forget to change. Not that I mind that you walk around dressed like that, but we have to travel for three hours and you could get cold.”

Linda looked at what she was wearing and laughed. “Oops, forgot about that.”

She disappeared into the change room. When she returned, Jim was moving some boxes to the back exit of the studio.

“If you can give me a hand with these boxes, we’ll be out of here.”

Linda helped Jim and minutes later, they were going down a service elevator to the underground parking. A dark blue GMC Safari van was standing alone in the garage. Linda noticed that is was not a basic model straight out of the shop.

“Nice custom ride.” She said. She had liked cars ever since she was a kid. The fact that her brother had a garage also helped.

“Yep, I like it too. Due to some special requirements, I had it custom build by a friend. It is longer, and it is slightly higher than normal. All-wheel drive, navigation system, DVD system, air-conditioning and some more of those things are installed, although we mostly use it to transport things, like today.”

After he said that, he opened the back door and removed a part of the floor in the back of the van. Linda looked in and she could see Diana lying in a special compartment under the main floor of the van.

“That’s the reason the van is slightly higher than normal.” Jim said with a smile on his face.

A tightly tied Diana was lying on her belly, head towards the back of the van, feet facing to the front. The space she was in was slightly wider than her body and only minimally higher. It looked like a tight fit. Her hands tightly tied palm to palm with several wraps of white rope, the same rope used on her elbows. Both ropes expertly cinched and the knots were out of reach of her groping fingers. There was a large amount of rope around her upper body, both above and below her breasts and at her waist, preventing any movement of the arms. Cinches prevented these ropes from slipping. More ropes immobilized Diana’s long legs at her knees and ankles. The ropes looked tight from the way the ropes dug into the full leather body costume Diana was wearing.

“Do you like what you see?” Jim asked, looking at Linda who seemed intrigued by Diana’s predicament.

He had noticed when he came back into the studio that Linda seemed to be in sort of dream state. Her breathing was heavier than normal and her nipples stood out under the black body she had been wearing. It was something he had seen before; Diana could do the same. It was normally a sign of somebody that loved bondage as it allowed leaving reality behind and entering his or her dream world.

“Must be tight and I never seen a helmet like that before.” Linda answered.

“It’s a leather discipline helmet with only two small holes for breathing. It has a distinctive smell. I will let you wear it one day so you can get used to it. Diana is wearing a two-inch ballgag underneath. Normally I use a smaller one, but she had been enjoying herself too much with you, so I found it appropriate to use a larger version. There are several locks that prevent untimely release on the helmet, so there is no way she can get it off even if she was not tied up so well.”

He replaced the cover of the compartment. Linda noticed that even if you knew the apartment was there, the edges of the panel were very hard to see. She helped Jim place the boxes in the van, blocking the entry to the compartment completely.

“The compartment has special provisions to make sure whoever is in there gets enough air.” Jim explained.

After finishing loading the car, she got into the passenger seat. Jim did some last checks before getting in and starting the engine. He pushed the garage door opener and it opened up. Then they were on their way…
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Switching places

The drive up to the cabin in the mountains took Jim almost four hours due to some road works on the way. Jim told some more about the company while Linda told some more about herself. After a long drive over the highway, they turned off onto a smaller road and eventually they turned onto a gravel road. It had been a while since Linda had seen a village or houses. It was mostly woods that surrounded them and every now and then she could see the shape of mountains though the clearings. It was good that the moon was out, so she could see something.

“Pretty remote here”, She remarked.

“That’s why we love this place.” Jim agreed.

Jim followed the gravel road for several kilometers and finally stopped at a large wooden cabin. Linda was impressed by the large house and surrounding outbuildings.

“Wow, nice place!”

“Yeah, I like it. Diana’s father built it. When he died, he left us this cabin and enough money so we did not have to worry about jobs and so. He used it to get away from the city where he made his money on the stock exchange. We added some comfort since he died, but most of the place is still the same. Want to give me a hand unpacking the car?”

Linda and Jim quickly unloaded the van and brought the stuff into the house. The layout of the cabin took Linda by surprise. It looked even bigger on the inside than on the outside thanks to a very clever setup of the interior. On the ground floor there was a large living room with a fireplace and a half open kitchen. A wooden stair let to a balcony, which gave access to four bedrooms. There was a comfortable seating area in front of the fireplace with an expensive multi-media center opposite the large couch and she noticed computer systems along one of the walls.

“This is a very nice place indeed.” Linda commented looking around.

“We do our best for our guests. Come I will show you your room as you must be getting tired. It is getting late.”

Jim showed Linda the room she could use while they stayed at the cabin.

“I suggest you get some sleep, maybe take a bath, and I’ll see you in the morning. Clothes are in the cupboard, you will find something of your size in it as you are a similar size to Diana. When you wake up, feel free to roam the place, just make sure you don’t get lost if you go outside.”

“Sounds like a good idea. You sure you don’t need any more help?”

“No, I only have to unpack Diana and then I’m done. I will be fine. Get some rest. Would you like a drink? Maybe some milk with something in it?”

“That would be nice.” Linda said, while yawning.

While Linda was freshening herself up a bit, Jim went out to the van, opened the secret compartment of the van, and took Diana out. Through the leather helmet, he could hear her complain.

“Be quiet or I leave you a while longer!” He said sternly.

The moaning and groaning did not stop and even intensified.

“When are you going to learn, woman.” He said while lifting her up.

For a moment, he thought he heard a grin from within the helmet. He carried Diana into the living room of the cabin, dropping her carefully on the floor of the living area and went into the kitchen. Several minutes later, he brought Linda warm milk with some liqueur in it. She just came out of the shower when Jim knocked on the door.

“Come in.” She said.

He entered and gave her the milk. Diana had changed into an over-sized T-shirt, but even that failed to hide her female curves.

“I bet you can make anything look good on you” He sighed.

“Go on, you have things to do.” Linda replied with a smile, enjoying the attention.

Jim told her goodnight and left the room, closing the door behind him. Linda drank her milk, got in bed and was almost immediately vast asleep.

After leaving the bedroom Jim went downstairs, grabbed some rope from a wooden box and lifted Diana up. He put her with her back against one of the beams in the living room that supported the balcony from the bedrooms upstairs.

“You should have behaved, now you can enjoy this situation a little longer, dear.”

Diana felt the ropes tightening around her and tried to make some sound. She shook her head, but Jim just went on tying her. The trip to the cottage takes around three hours, so she figured she spend four hours in bondage now. Being tied this long was nothing new, she had been tied for longer periods before. The fact that she had been teasing Jim all day did not work in her advantage. Now she had to pay the price. She had figured it out as soon as he had tied her up in the studio. Tying the ropes tighter than normal and using a bigger ballgag told her she had gone too far. Now she could do nothing than wait for release.

“Hhhmmmmmppphhh” She tried again.

It made no difference. She felt more ropes around her, adding to the ones already holding her prisoner. Again, she tried to fight Jim, even when she knew it was a lost battle. However when Jim finished, she tried to relax as much as possible. Controlling her breathing as she had learned years ago in yoga class had a calming effect on her, but is was still not easy to relax in her current situation. Her hands and arms had gone numb a long time ago and the ballgag in her mouth made her mouth ache. The leather helmet was no problem, she was used to wearing it and it was comfortable, as far as a helmet can be. Quietly she just waited for release.

After looking at the tightly tied female against the beam, Jim went into the kitchen and started to make something to eat. Then he sat on the couch in the living room and watched satellite television for a while, looking at Diana now and then. He had trouble keeping awake. He forced himself to stay awake, but after several minutes, he was asleep.

Linda woke up several hours later and looked in more detail at the room. It was a spacious bedroom with a sitting corner and a make-up table. There were some nature paintings on the wall and a large walk-in closet and on-suite bathroom with toilet and bath. She got up and looked at the trees outside, noticing that she had not closed the curtains. Not that anybody could look into her room without climbing a tree. She opened the window and smelled the mountain air. The sun was already up and it looked like it should be another beautiful day. The clock on the wall told her she had been asleep for four hours, which was not a long period, but she felt rested. Looking around for something to wear she found shorts and t-shirt in the closet and after washing up, she dressed and went downstairs.

She saw Jim lying on the couch near the fireplace, vast asleep. When she got down the stairs she saw Diana tied to the support of the balcony. Linda decided to release her as it looked like she spent all night in her bondage.

“I will release you. Okay?” She said to Diana, who only nodded.

It took her a while to undo the ropes that held Diana to the pole. Gently she helped Diana to the floor. Since she had no keys to the lock on the collar, Linda started on the ropes and removed them. Diana stayed on the floor when she was untied, rubbing her arms, trying to get the circulation going again.

Linda looked around and found some keys, labeled ‘Hood’, on the large table and picked them up. She tried the lock on the collar with one of the keys, but it was the wrong one. The second key proved to be the correct one. The first key she had tried belonged to the lock on the zipper and after opening the zipper, Linda unlaced the laces from the helmet. Diana’s face was red and sweaty from being in the helmet for so many hours, and she looked thankfully when Linda removed the ballgag. Linda got up and headed for the kitchen. She returned with a glass of water and gave it to Diana.

“You’re okay?” She spoke softly, not wanting to wake Jim up.

Diana just drank the water and nodded.

“Yeah, I’ll be okay. Just give me a minute.” She answered with a rasping voice.

They sat on the floor for a while and then Diana looked up to see where Jim was.

“Is he asleep?”

“Yes, he’s vast asleep, ever since I came down. What do you want to do? Go upstairs and have some sleep?”

“That’s a great idea. It is a shame I will be gone when he wakes up. It should teach him not to fall asleep when I’m tied up.”

Linda thought about it for a moment.

“I know what we can do.” She said. “We are the same height, so if I wear your cloths and you tie me to the pole, Jim will think that it is you when he wakes up. And you can go to sleep in the meantime. Now that would be a nice trick on him.”

“Are you sure? If that is what you want to do, I’m game, but I have to warn you, it is pretty tough. I will not be around to release you and there is no telling when Jim will wake up.”

“No, I want to do this. I can handle it.” She said determent.

Both women got up and undressed, and then Diana handed the rubber costume to Linda, who put it on. Diana picked up the ropes and started tying Linda after she zipped up the cat suit. She did not know exactly how Jim tied her, but since Jim mostly used the same method, she had a good idea. Diana started to work on Linda’s elbows and it did not take her long before she had Linda completely bound. She managed not to tie her as tight as she had been, but it was still very snug. She was ready to gag Linda, but decided to get a smaller gag first.

“This should be easier for you.” Diana said while she stood behind Linda, before asking her if she really wanted to go through with it.

“I will, just get a move on before he wakes up or I change my mind.”

She already started to regret her idea because her hands started to tingle from the tight ropes, but she was not about to give in.

“Okay, here goes.” Diana said and stuffed the ballgag in Linda’s mouth.

She buckled the strap and then pulled the leather discipline helmet over Linda’s head. For Linda the first thing she noticed was that the leather had a very distinctive smell that Linda could not ignore. It was also thick and she could not see any light. Ear pads on the inside of the helmet prevented all but the loudest sounds to reach her ears.

“Are you okay?” Diana asked while pulling the helmet in place.

Linda nodded. She felt how Diana expertly tightened the laces and then she felt the zipper go down. Buckling the wide belt around her neck forced Linda to keep her head up as the belt was wide. Now she really started to regret that she had volunteered to take Diana’s place but she also knew that she was helpless to do anything about it, which was rather exiting. Diana helped her back up with her bound arms against the support pole and then she felt how the ropes went around her and the pole. It only took Diana minutes to finish tying her and Linda felt more helpless than she had ever been before in her life.

When Diana was done, she padded Linda on the shoulder and then went upstairs taking Linda's clothes with her. From above she looked down at Jim who was still asleep. Then she looked down at the rubber-clad woman who was standing against the pole. She had a feeling Linda was not going to like the experience a lot, but she had volunteered to take her place; it had been her own idea. With a smile on her face, she watched Linda a little longer. She could see how she shook her head and flexed her fingers, but she knew there was no escape from this bondage. Having been in the situation she had a good idea what was going through her mind. First, it would be a period of testing the bonds, than a panic attack and finally resigning in the situating. Judging by the movements Linda just entered the panic period, as her movements looked uncontrolled. Diana watched the woman fight the bonds for some time and noticed the panic phase past relatively quickly, which was a sign of strong mental capabilities. Diana turned and went into her bedroom. She took a quick shower and then went to bed.
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Good work! I enjoyed the first parts very much. Very well written and I like the interactions between the characters. Linda seems to be a bondagette extraordinare!
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To the rescue

Jim woke up because the phone rang. It took him a moment to remember where he was, but when he saw the tightly tied female against the pole on the other side of the large living room, he remembered at once. He wondered how long he had been asleep. While getting off the couch he picked up the cellular phone.


“Hi Jim and Diana, this is Wendy. Do not say anything as this is a recording. I require some assistance. This tape has been pre-recorded. Please stop by my house as soon as you can. Please use our normal signal to notify the receipt of this message. Thanks.”

The call disconnected. Jim selected a number from the memory bank of his phone and dialed it. He let it ring twice and hung up, than he repeated the same again, hanging up after the third ring. He put the phone down and walked to Linda, although he thought it was Diana. Linda was in a dreamlike state because of the tight bondage and the leather helmet and did not notice him coming. When she felt the hands on her rubber suit she did not respond, as it did not register in her brain somebody touched her. She was mentally in a different place. Jim checked her breathing and that was calm and regular, so he decided that he would deal with her after he got back. He looked at the clock; it was almost half past eight. Looking at the bound female, he took a moment to think things over. He ran upstairs to Linda’s bedroom, knocked, but when no one answered, he entered the bedroom.

“Linda?” He asked.

The bed was empty and it appeared she had gone out for a walk as he had suggested before she went to sleep. After walking down again, he picked up a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a message on it.

“Linda, on my way to Wendy (Diana knows who that is). Please release Diana from her bondage. I will be back as soon as possible. Breakfast materials are in the kitchen.”

On his way out, he grabbed his phone and the car keys from the old GMC Jimmy he kept at the cabin and went out to the car. He looked around to see if he saw Linda, but he did not, so he drove down the path away from the cabin. Every time he drove down this road, he enjoyed the splendid views and the beautiful surroundings. The road was a gravel road, but the track was dry and easy to drive, so he made a good time and it only took him half an hour to reach the main road and another fifteen minutes to Rockglen, the small town that was closest to the cabin. Wendy bought a house there several years ago. Her appointment as game warden for this area of the woods that she loved so much, made it possible.

Jim drove into town, waved friendly at some of the residents he knew well and parked his car behind Wendy’s house. Using his key, he entered the house and looked around to see where Wendy was. He found her in the guest room, tied to a chair. Being a little shorter than Diana and Wendy, with short spiky black hair, Wendy looked a bit like a high school girl, even though she was 29. She was wearing a white two-piece costume and white high-heeled shoes. When Jim entered, she turned her head towards him. She had tied her legs together at ankles and knees with white rope. A rope connected her ankles to the bottom rung of the chair. More ropes over her upper legs and the chair seat and around her middle and the back of the chair kept her from getting up. A tight rope harness enhanced her small breasts. Handcuffs held her hands behind her back with the link of the handcuffs fixed to the back of the chair. She had blindfolded herself with a scarf and another scarf functioned as a gag. Jim took a moment to look at the situation.

“Got yourself in a fix again, have you?”

She just grinned behind the gag. He removed the blindfold and then removed the scarf that acted as the gag. Some large wadding was visible in her mouth, which he pulled out.

“Gee, thanks Jim. I am glad you could come. I dropped the key to the handcuffs and that finished my chances of getting out.”

She smiled innocently at him. He looked behind the chair and found the key to her handcuffs on the floor. He released her from the steel cuffs and let her undo the rest of the bondage herself, watching her as she got herself free from all the ropes.

“I was glad when the phone rang and gave me the signal. At least I knew you would be coming, although I still had no idea when. Luckily you were at the house and not in your studio.”

“What time did you start?”

“I got home from my shift late last night. I could not sleep, so I started this. I guess I was just unlucky to drop the key.”

“Well, you must be in for a little relaxation then. Come to the cabin, we have a visitor already. We met her last night; it is a very nice girl. She did some modeling for yesterday and if she keeps doing what she is doing now, she is going a long way in this business. She’s very attractive and a good sport.”

“I think I would like to meet her. Maybe we can do something together.”

“That would come in handy; I've got some orders for pictures of more than one model, so we should be able to get them done this weekend.”

“Okay, let me get some things and we’ll be able to go. I do not have anything special planned this weekend, so plenty of time to relax and I can work from the cottage if I need to.”

She packed a small bag, including a mobile radio for her ranger work, and closed the house. She got into the car with Jim. When they arrived back at the wood cabin, Jim stopped the car in front of the house.

“I’ll park the car, you go inside. I’ll see you in a minute or so.”

Wendy jumped out of the Jimmy and walked towards the house, while Jim drove the car to the garage. He looked at his watch and noticed it was past midday. The sun was high above them and even though they had forecast some rain for the next day, there was no cloud in sight. Jim walked around to the house and entered the living room. He found Wendy examining Linda’s ropes, although Jim still presumed that it was Diana.

“You can release her; she’s been bound since late last night. She probably wants to go to the bathroom.”

Wendy started on the ropes that held the body to the pole and she could barely catch the bound body before it fell to the ground. Jim gave her a hand and undid the ropes around the upper body, while Wendy started on the discipline helmet. When they heard a noise upstairs, they looked up and saw Diana coming down the stairs. Jim looked surprised at her.

“How did you get there?” He muttered.

Wendy finished unlocking the discipline helmet and found that she was looking at an unfamiliar face. Linda’s face was red and you could tell she had been crying from the messed up makeup.

“This must be Linda then.” She said.

Quickly she removed the ballgag from Linda’s mouth after which she introduced herself to Linda.

Jim quickly undid all the ropes and allowed Linda to stretch out on the floor. Diana had gone into the kitchen and got a glass of water for Linda.

“Here, drink this; we’ll get you something to eat in a while. Rest for now.”

Jim carried her to the couch and put her down. Wendy helped her out of the rubber suit and then sat down in one of the chairs while Linda rested on the couch, covering herself with a blanket. She talked a little with Linda, while Jim and Diana made some food. Linda’s endurance impressed Wendy.

“For somebody new to bondage, you came through it pretty good.”

“I work out quite a lot. I like to stay fit. Now it pays off, although I would not like to do this too often. I think I went to all the different stages one can think of. At first, it was testing the bondage to find out if there was any slack, which there was not. I do not think I ever been so helpless before in my life. There were the moments of panic, I even lost it at some point and all I could do was scream into the gag and cry. Then I managed to calm down again and focused on my breathing and that helped. After a while, I must have fallen asleep, but I am glad to be free again.”

They both laughed. Jim came walking in with some soup and sandwiches.

“There’s plenty more where this came from, so have a go.” He said.

Diana joined them and they ate lunch, while talking about the events of the day.

“Well I must admit, you have surprised me this time.” Jim said.

The girls giggled.

“The look on your face was priceless when you saw me walking down the stairs. I think Linda’s idea was a success. I am just sorry for her that she had to stay tied for so long. I expected you to wake up and release her. I didn't reckon on Wendy needing help and you going to the rescue.”

“If I had known it was Linda I would never have left her alone. She is not an experienced model and I do not know yet how much she can take. We could have been in serious trouble if something had gone wrong. At least with you, I know what you can handle and I know that I can leave you alone for some time. A lesson well learned.”

"I’ll think we've had enough bondage for one day, don’t you agree?” Diana asked.

“We’ll see. Knowing you girls you will be asking for bondage soon enough.” Jim replied.

The girls looked at him and laughed. For the rest of the day, they relaxed around the house. After they dressed, Diana showed Linda the heated swimming pool and the other outhouses, which acted as a garage, darkroom, studio and storage. It was warm enough for the swimming pool so they spend most of the afternoon around the pool. After enjoying an evening barbecue, they watched the sunset from a nearby viewpoint and then decided to go to bed. It had been a long day and they already made some plans for the next morning.
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It is getting better and better :D
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Sitting around

The sun was up when Jim woke up. Quietly he went out of bed, not to disturb Diana, who was still vast asleep on the other side of the bed. He washed, dressed and went downstairs into the kitchen and prepared breakfast for the four of them. Preparing the table did not take long and just as he placed the last plate on the table, Wendy came walking in through the back door dressed in a T-shirt, shorts and trainers.

“Hello, Jim.”

“Good morning Wendy, you've been up early today.”

“Yeah, Linda and I walked for a while, the sunrise was beautiful again."

Linda walked in behind Wendy, dressed almost identical to Wendy, and greeted Jim.

“Ah, breakfast, just what I needed.”

When Linda came down from her bedroom that morning, Wendy was already in the kitchen, making some fresh orange juice and they decided to go out together to see the sunrise. Now both sat down at the table, waited for Jim to give them coffee and then enjoyed the breakfast.

“We can start on a photo session if you are up to it.” Jim said.

Both Linda and Wendy did not have any objections and after they finished breakfast, they went to the studio. Jim took a large amount of rope, some handcuffs, blindfolds and gags along and threw it on the floor in the studio. Linda had seen the studio when she did a tour of the grounds and was impressed by the room.

"Please undress ladies, this photo set requires you to be naked."

Wendy started stripping. Linda hesitated a moment, but then undressed too.

“If you are uncomfortable with being nude, we can do this with clothes.” Jim told her, seeing her hesitation.

“No, it is just that I’m not used to this yet. My mind still needs adjusting to the fact that I’m somebodies fantasy object.” She replied.

Wendy laughed and agreed with Linda.

“I know that feeling, but after a while you don’t think about the people anymore that are using your image to get off. You just enjoy it. At least that is what I do. If you keep thinking about the ugly side of things, you will not last in this business. Having fun is a better attitude.”

“I had not even thought about the specifics. Thanks for getting that image in my mind.” Linda said jokingly.

They all laughed. Neither woman needed more encouragement. Wendy undressed as if she was a stripper, which caused Linda to burst out in laughter. Jim turned his eyes heavenward and sighed.

“Now you see what I have to keep up with.”

They all laughed. After they undressed, Jim directed both women to the middle of the studio floor. He arranged some lights and then asked them to sit down.

"Please sit back to back."

They did as directed. Jim than took Linda's wrists and handcuffed them in front of Wendy belly. He did the same with Wendy's wrists in front of Linda belly. Wendy had it a bit more difficult than Linda did, because her arms were going around the outside of Linda's arms, which meant some more strain on the cuffs. Then he took a white 2-inch ballgag and gagged Wendy with it, buckling the strap snug behind her neck. He picked up another one and turned to Linda.

“Ready for this, Linda? Same rules apply as in the studio. If something is wrong use the signals.”

Linda nodded and accepted the gag without comments. Picking up a long piece of rope from the floor Jim started by tying their upper arms together, then he used the remaining of the rope to tie their upper bodies together. Another rope tied them together at waist level. When Jim was done, there was no way they could get away from each other. He then tied each of their knees and ankles. He picked up the camera and took some photos. After using up thirty or so photos, he added blindfolds and then took some more pictures, using various angles, sometimes giving directions to the women. When the memory card was full, he started cleaning up the photo equipment and lights.

"I'll process these pictures, but I will leave you tied for now. I take you gags out, so you can have a little chat, while you wait."

Linda was quiet when he took her gag out, but Wendy complained about the fact that he left them bound and blindfolded.

"The more you complain, the longer you stay here. You should have known that."

Wendy went quiet and sighed. Jim left the studio and went into the house.

“He always does this to me.” Wendy told Linda who had a whole bunch of questions for her fellow prisoner.

“So how long have you been doing this?” Linda asked, while trying to get comfortable.

“I don’t model much. And nothing for other people. When I am up here with Jim and Diana I tend to do some photo work, but my job is my priority and I do not get much time off. Bondage for me is a release mechanism, relieving the stress that comes with the job. And you, any previous bondage experience?”

“Not really, as a kid I got tied up a few times, part of the cowboy and Indians games we played. I had a boyfriend in college for a short time who tied me up once or twice, but nothing serious. For me, so far, as I only have been doing this for a very short time, it allows me to fantasize.”

“Yep, I have heard that before. Diana does that too. For me that does not work, it is really just a stress reliever.”

“I assume everybody has a different way of dealing with being bound.”

“Oh, they do. I know a few models that work for Jim and Diana that cannot stand being bound longer than 10 minutes, so their photo shoots are very short. On the other hand, I tend to find Diana restrained all the time. Sometimes Jim leaves her tied after a photo shoot for me to find.”

Wendy wriggled to get comfortable, causing Linda to giggle.

“I hope he doesn't leave us too long in this position. I have an itch.” Wendy complained.

“Yeah, that was something that annoyed me the first time Diana tied me to a pole in the studio. I wanted to scratch, but I could not move my hand, and since I was gagged, I could not tell her. That made me feel more helpless than the fact that I was tied in revealing lingerie to a pole in front of two people I just met.”

“Jim and Diana are great people. I trust them, but that might be not worth much coming from me, another person you just met.” Wendy said.

Linda laughed.

“Oh, I think Jim took care of the fact that we could spend some quality time close together to get to know each other better.” She replied, while fighting her bonds.

Both women laughed.

When Jim returned a half hour later, he found the women in the same position as he had left them.

"Hello ladies how are we today?” He said laughing, while starting to undo the ropes that kept the two women together.

“Did you have a nice chat?”

“We've got to know each other.” Wendy replied, not disclosing any details.

When he finished untying them, only the handcuffs kept them locked together. The blindfolds kept them in the dark, so they did not see how Jim picked up his camera. He told Wendy and Diana to try to wriggle free from each other. They managed to free themselves by sliding up and down, although it took a lot of giggles and effort, but Jim had some great shots. Jim placed his camera on the ground and then helped both women to their feet.

“Get up.” He said, while gently holding on to them.

Once they stood stable, he let go of Linda and grabbed Wendy, lifted her up and walked out of the studio towards the swimming pool and threw her in, still handcuffed and blindfolded. It took Wendy a moment to figure out what had happened but being in the pool with only her hands handcuffed behind her back didn't really bother her. She was flexible and quickly got her bound hands from behind her back to the front by threading her feet through her arms. Then she found her footing and stood up. The pool was not deep at the end she was in, so she could easily stand up. She took the blindfold off and threw it on the side of the pool. It was very nice in the pool after spending two hours in the warm studio, so she made no intention of getting out. She saw Jim coming her way with the bound and still blindfolded Linda in his arms. Instead of throwing her in, he placed her on the edge of the pool and removed her blindfold and then the handcuffs. Linda jumped into the pool when she was free, while Wendy came to the side of the pool to allow Jim to remove the handcuffs from her wrists. She then also went back in the pool to have a swim, while Jim got the handcuffs and blindfolds back to the shed and brought their cloths to the swimming pool along with some towels.

"Why don't you come in, Jim, it's lovely in here."

"No thanks, Wendy, I've got to process the pictures some more before I can send them off, but the two of you enjoy yourself. I think we'll be going for another shoot this afternoon like we agreed last night."

"Okay, we'll see you later."

Just as Jim walked away, Diana came around the corner dressed in a dark blue one-piece swimsuit. She looked stunning, her hair done up in a ponytail. Jim kissed her and then walked away towards the house.

"Hi Diana, slept well?" Linda asked the brown hair beauty.

"Yep, like a log. And what have you been up to so far?"

She saw the rope marks on their upper arms, so she could make an educated guess. Wendy told her about the shoot while they relaxed around the pool. The sun was hot, and Diana put up some umbrellas for some shade, while Linda did some runs up and down the pool, still naked. It was only a 10 by 4-meter pool, so she could not do too much, but it gave her the exercise she needed. Wendy got some drinks from the well-stocked bar at the pool while they waited for Jim to finish processing the photos.
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[mention]slackywacky[/mention] cky

I'm very curious, what happens next, who will be the fourth willing Damsel :) Great work! Please continue!
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Walking the mile

It was two hours later when Jim came out of the house and walked over to the swimming pool with some stuff in his hands.

“Are we ready for some more fun and games?” Jim asked. “Swimsuits will do. We need two volunteers for this shoot. Here are the materials we will be using.”

He placed the equipment he had in his hand on a chair near the pool.

“I'll go and load up the car, you lot get ready, please.” He said, before walking back to the garage.

Slightly reluctant Linda got out of the pool, it was very nice in the water and she did not mind doing nothing for a while. She had been launching in one of the floating chairs. Wendy ran into the house to get a swimsuit for her and Linda, while Diana sorted out the equipment. There were two leather single gloves, leg-cuffs and panel gags. Diana looked at Linda and asked her if she liked to be one of the volunteers.

“I don’t mind, I've never been in one of these things, so it will be a new experience.”

“Okay, then we can do the modeling and Wendy can help Jim.”

Wendy came back dressed in a white bathing suit, carrying a dark green bathing suit for Linda. She also brought the sneakers that Jim had left in the studio room, which they put on. While Linda got dressed, Diana told Wendy about the plans. Wendy agreed to the plan and then started to place the first single-glove on Diana.

“Place your arms behind your back please.” She said.

She slid the leather up Diana’s arms, covering her arms all the way up from her wrists to above her elbows. Straps went over her shoulders to the front and then back under her arms to the single-glove. This prevented it from slipping down once applied. Wendy started to pull on the laces, pulling Diana's elbows close together.

“Ooh, that is tight.” Diana commented.

“Isn't that how it should be?” Linda asked.

“I agree and it is the way she likes it.” Wendy answered, while tying off the laces.

Diana just giggled. A belt around the elbows pulled them even closer together. Another, wider belt went around the wrists and was drawn tight and then locked with a small padlock, making sure that Diana could not get out without a key. Wendy picked up the steel cuffs and kneeled at Diana's feet. With some loud clicks, the cuffs closed around Diana's ankles. The small chain between the two cuffs allowed Diana to make only small steps. Wendy got up and grabbed a panel gag.

“Open wide; it is time for the gag.”

Diana tried to protest by saying that they did not need the gags yet, but before she could finish the sentence, Wendy had forced the gag in her mouth. Quickly she buckled the gag behind her neck, preventing any sensible sounds from Diana. Linda had to smile; she had expected something like this as she was starting to get the hangs of the games these people played.

“It is your turn, Linda.” Wendy said, while picking up the other leather contraption.

Expertly Wendy placed the single-glove on Linda's arms and drew the straps around her shoulders tight, although not as tight as she had done with Diana. The laces were next, drawing Linda's elbows close together. The buckles went around her elbows and wrists; the one around her wrists also locked with a padlock, making escape also impossible for her. The cuffs around her ankles followed and then it was time for the gag.

“What kind of gag is this?” Linda asked.

She had never seen this gag, so Wendy showed it to her. It was a ballgag with a leather panel in front of it. After the ball was in the mouth, the panel would cover the mouth and push the ball deeper in the mouth. With the strap pulled tight behind the neck, it was impossible to spit the ball out.


Linda nodded and opened her mouth. The ball was not as big as the one she had in her mouth that morning, but because of the panel, it went deeper into her mouth. The straps buckled behind her neck and Wendy checked to see if everything was okay. Linda gave her a wink and Wendy smiled.

"Okay ladies, let's go to the car."

Carefully she guided the two bound women to the car that was in front of the house. Jim had taken the large GMC Yukon XL Denali and was just finishing loading up the equipment, when the three women came around the house. Jim saw the gags and had to laugh.

"Actually you didn't have to gag them yet, you know."

"I know, but don't you agree it is a lot quieter now, without the chatter of these two girls."

They laughed at the dirty look that Diana gave Wendy. She tried to say something, but the gag made it into something nobody could understand.

"Help them in the car, will you, Wendy. I've just have to get the last bits in the back and we'll be ready to leave."

Wendy helped Linda and Diana in the car, onto the backseat. She even strapped them in by using the seatbelt. Then she got in the front-seat of the car and waited for Jim to finish loading. This only took him a moment and then he jumped in, started the engine and drove off.

“Here we go, ladies.” He said.

During the trip, Jim and Wendy talked about the shoot for the afternoon and the things they could do to their two captives. Both tied and gagged women kept very quiet and just waited for things to come. Linda quietly sighed as she listened about what Jim and Wendy were talking. She moved around a bit, trying to get comfortable in the single-glove. The gag already made her jaw ache, maybe because of yesterday, when she had a gag in her mouth for a long time. The single-glove was comfortable enough, even with her elbows pulled close together behind her back. The leather was soft and in contrast to rope, it supported her arms all the way. It did not cut of her circulation. The cuffs on her feet were not tight, causing no discomfort. She settled down and waited for things to come. Not that she had to wait long, because Jim stopped the car after only 10 minutes. They were still on the gravel road that led up to the house and a long straight stretch of road was ahead of them.

"Help them out of the car, Wendy, while I get the camera."

Jim took some pictures while Wendy helped Diana and Linda out of the 4x4. Quietly they stood behind the car, while Jim opened up the back and took out a camera.

"Listen up ladies.” He said to Diana and Linda. “We'll be waiting at the end of this straight stretch of road for you. You have a half hour to get there. If you are late you'll stay in bondage the rest of the day."

Both prisoners started to complain loudly, but Jim ignored them. He told Wendy to start the car, while he sat on the back hatch.

“See you later.” He said.

They drove away slowly, while Jim took some pictures of the two women in the middle of the deserted road. Linda and Diana looked at each other. Diana had already expected something like this, it was not the first time Jim made her do this, but for Linda it was a complete surprise. Here they stood, tied, gagged and alone on a road, with a car disappearing in the distance. She tried to talk to Diana and ask her what to do. Diana understood the gag-talk, gave a nod in the direction of the car and then she started walking. Linda sighed and started too. The chain between their ankles did not allow them to make big steps, but they still managed to cover some distance. They could see the car standing on the road further on, so they knew how far to walk, but the distance did not seem to get any less.

“Hmmmmppppffff” Linda complained in her gag.

The sun was very warm and both females were sweating a lot. Linda started drooling and felt embarrassed, but it made her feel better when she noticed some time later that Diana was also drooling behind her gag. Flies and other bugs were flying around them, occasionally touching them, but neither Linda nor Diana could do much about them. All they could do was walk towards the car. Halfway from their starting point to the car Linda almost fell over. She tripped on some loose stones, but managed to hold her balance. Her heart was pounding and she carefully proceeded, making sure to look where she put her feet. Slowly but surely the car came closer as they walked on.

Jim was using one of the long zoom lenses to take pictures of them as they approached the car. They had no idea how long they had been walking when they finally arrived at the car. All they knew was that they were tired and could use a drink.

"You almost made it, just three minutes to late." Jim told them when they reached the car.

The women looked dejected. Jim laughed, while taking pictures of the expressions on their gagged faces when he said it. Linda sighed. She had not been looking forward to a day in bondage, but she told herself she would not give up and ask for release. Jim came towards Diana, took the gag out of her mouth and gave her some water from a bottle. She complained constantly about the way he treated her and Linda, until he forced the gag back into her mouth. Then he helped Diana into the car. Next, he came up to Linda and released her gag.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

Linda was glad to get rid of the gag.

“Yes, I cope.” She answered after getting a drink from Jim. “I don’t want any special treatment just because I’m the newbie around here.”

“No problem.” Jim said and he put the gag back into her mouth and buckled the strap behind her neck. “You know the safety signal, so if you need it, use it.”

He helped her into the car too. They both noticed Wendy lying in the back of the car in between the gear. Six pairs of cuffs help her prisoner. Normal handcuffs held her elbows and wrists together behind her back, ankle cuffs were on her ankles, keeping them together and thumb cuffs held her thumbs and big toes together. The last pair of handcuffs kept her hogtied by linking her ankle cuffs to her handcuffs, making it impossible for her to escape or move much. A spandex hood covered her head and a ballgag was in her mouth over the hood.

“I had some free time on my hands.” He explained when he saw Linda and Diana look at Wendy.

Jim got in, started the car and drove away.
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Well done again! I like the interactions between the characters. Very good! Hope to read more soon :)
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Escaping control

Not much was said during the next half hour while they drove towards Rockglen, although the gags in the mouths of the three women in the car might have had something to do with this. Jim checked in the rear-view mirror a couple of times if everybody was doing well. Diana had a good idea where he was heading when Jim turned towards Rockglen, but for Linda everything was new. She enjoyed the view and relaxed as much as possible. At some point, Diana saw a couple of deer on her side of the car and she tried to get Linda’s attention.

“Hmmmmppppffff, Hmmmmppppffff.”

Linda looked at Diana but did not understand her and Diana had to point with her head towards the animals. Jim courteously slowed down, so Linda could have a good look. When the animals noticed the car, they ran in the opposite direction, soon disappearing in between the trees. Jim stepped on the gas again and after a while, they reached the main road in the area. Linda felt a bit exposed, sitting in the car bound and gagged. She forgot the fact that the car had darkened windows and that people could only see what was inside if they came up close to the car. Jim drove into Rockglen and parked the car at the back of Wendy's house. Since her house was on the outskirts of town with the edge of the forest behind it, nobody could see the car when he parked there. Jim had used Wendy's house on numerous occasions for photo shoots.

“Okay, we have arrived. Please behave while I take Wendy in.”

Jim got out of the car, opened the door to Wendy's house and then opened up the back of the car. He started unloading some of the equipment, carrying it into the house. When he came back, he grabbed Wendy and carried her into her own house, although Wendy did not have any idea where they were as the spandex hood prevented her to see. In the meantime, in the car, Linda tried to unbuckle the safety belt from Diana with her foot, after kicking of her shoes. By pushing herself all the way towards the door, she could just reach it. It took her four tries and many giggles, but finally her attempts were successful, and the belt came loose. Diana had kicked off her shoes too and was now trying to open Linda's safety belt. It seemed to be jammed or at least Diana could not get it to open. Frustrated she looked and grunted at Linda. After one more unsuccessful try, Linda nodded to Diana to get out of the car.

"Hide." She told Diana.

The gag in her mouth did not make the word as clearly to understand as she had wished, but Diana understood and nodded, then opened the car door with her feet. Quickly she got out, almost falling out, and with small steps she ran towards the bushes and the trees, some 10 meters away. She disappeared into the bushes without anybody seeing her. Linda had to wait almost fifteen minutes before Jim came out of the house. When he saw the opened door, he had to smile.

"I should have known that I can’t leave the two of you alone for a minute."

Linda grinned. He walked up to Linda's side of the car and opened her door. After releasing the safety belt, he lifted Linda up and carried her into the house. He brought her to the bedroom on the top floor were Wendy was sitting in straight back chair, still dressed in her swimsuit.

“I changed her bondage, as you can tell.” Jim informed her.

He had tied her ankles separately with rope to the front legs of the chair. More rope was visible on her elbows and wrists, which were touching behind her back. Her head still covered with the spandex hood and the ballgag, keeping her blind and mute.

“Let me get you out of that single glove.” He said to Linda.

Jim started on the single glove by removing the belts that went around her shoulders. Then the belt around her elbows followed and the laces of the glove itself were undone. Linda wondered why Jim left the belt around her hands in place, but when he started to tie her elbows again with rope, she understood. He was making sure that she would stay tied for the remainder of the day, just as he had promised. She sighed.

“I’ll try to keep my promises.” He said with a smile when he heard her sigh.

After tying her elbows together, he undid the lock and released the belt around her wrists and removed the rest of the single-glove. Just as with her elbows, rope went around her wrists, keeping them together. Then the removed the cuffs from around her ankles and Jim quickly tied her ankles together with some more rope. He helped Linda to hop with her feet bound together towards Wendy and when she was in front of the chair, Jim helped Linda down on her knees. He positioned her in such a way that she was between Wendy's legs. Linda's sides touched Wendy's legs and Jim made use of this fact by tying Linda’s upper body to Wendy’s legs. Now that Linda was closer to Wendy, she could see a rope running from Wendy's wrists to the chair, preventing Wendy to lift her arms over the chair back.

"I'm going to remove your gag now, but I don't want to hear anything from you." Jim whispered in Linda's ear.

Linda kept quiet while Jim removed the ballgag from her mouth. She moved her jaws to get the stiffness out, but Jim already picked up a new gag for her. It was a gag consisting of a leather belt with a huge sponge fixed to the middle. She wondered if that would fit in her mouth, but Jim started packing the sponge in her mouth, filling her mouth almost to the limit. Linda instantly hated the gag and she started to make all kinds of sounds. Jim did not pay any attention, as usual, and buckled the strap behind Linda's neck, forcing the leather belt between her teeth. This forced the sponge deeper in her mouth and kept her mouth open. Then he moved to Wendy and removed the ballgag and spandex hood. She looked a little surprised to find herself in her own house, but she had gotten used to these kinds of surprises with Jim and Diana. Quietly he checked her bondage to see if she was okay and then gagged her with the same type of gag as Linda had in her mouth.

"Now if you ladies excuse me, I've got to find a runaway."

With those words, he left the room, closing the door behind them. Linda looked at Wendy and tried to say something, but the sponge-gag made it almost impossible to make any sound. Wendy raised her shoulders, gave Linda a wink and relaxed in her bondage. They could see outside through the big double glazing doors that lead to the balcony of the bedroom and if people would stop and had a good look inside, they might have seen the two women, but nobody did stop and had a look. They did see some cars drive by but nobody paid them any attention. Linda tried to utter her frustration before settling in her bondage.


She tried to make the gag more comfortable in her mouth, but the thing was just too big and she could not move it. The sponge absorbed her saliva, so at least she was not drooling, but it did not make it any more comfortable. She tested her bonds, but any movement she made, transferred to Wendy, due to the ropes holding her upper body to Wendy’s knees. So after a couple of minutes she did the same as Wendy and tried to relax.

“Hmmmmppppffff” Wendy said, but Linda did not understand it and they just left it and waited silently for Jim to return with Diana.

In the meantime, outside, Diana was hiding in the bushes some 20 meters away from the house when she saw Jim come out of the back door and walk towards the trees. She knew that if he captured her, she probably had to pay for her escape, but it made the game even more fun. She saw Jim walking away from her, while he was searching for her and she decided to head for the house. As quickly as possible, which was not very fast with the leg-cuffs on her feet, she walked to the house. She made it without Jim seeing her and when she came to the door, she was lucky, because Jim had left the door open. She closed the door behind her and looked for the knob that locked the door for the night. With her nose, she managed to push in the security lock. Now the door could not open from the outside.

Since she did not know where Diana and Wendy were, she started a search through the house. Opening doors with her chin, she searched the ground floor, before going up to the next one. In the master bedroom she found the others, who were looking very surprised to see her. Everybody tried to say something, but the gags made it impossible to understand and all three women had to giggle. Diana kneeled behind the chair where Wendy was sitting and brought her head close to Wendy's hands. After a couple tries, Wendy succeeded in undoing the strap from Diana's gag.

"Ah, that's better." She said.

She worked her stiff jaws.

"Let's see if I can get you out."

Diana started to work on the knots on Wendy's bonds, but could not get any good access to them with her teeth, so she decided to try Linda. With her hands locked in the single-glove it was slow going using her teeth. Downstairs they could hear Jim fumbling at the door. Since he only had a key for the back door with him, there was no way he could get into the house. He walked around the house to look for an opening, but none was present and then he decided to drive to the bar in town to get a drink. The girls would not be going anywhere. When Diana heard the car start, she had to smile.

“Sounds like he’s going somewhere, I think we won this round.”

The others smiled but did not reply because the gags were still filling their mouths. Diana was having more luck in the meantime with Linda's bonds. She managed to undo the knot to the rope that held Linda's elbows together and started on the one on Linda's wrists. Luckily, Jim had not tied them too tight and used simple knots, so she managed to undo it after a couple of tries. It took a lot of giggling and around half an hour to get both ropes undone. Linda managed to get the ropes of her arms and untied the rope that held her to Wendy. Soon after she was completely free. With great relief, she undid the strap from her gag and pulled the enormous sponge out of her mouth.

"I hate this gag." She proclaimed while throwing it on the bed.

Linda came towards Diana and inspected her bonds.

"There isn't much I can do for you, since I don't have the keys to the lock and the cuffs."

"No problem, Linda, I am able to wear this stuff for hours on end anyway. See if you can untie Wendy."

"Actually, I've got to get even with her for what she did to us this morning." Linda said with a wicked looking grin on her face. "I think I leave her for the time being."

Wendy was shaking her head and moaning loudly in her gag, but Linda just walked up to her and looked her in the eyes.

"Don't worry; I'll have my fun with you."

Wendy could see the broad smile on Linda's face and had to grin.

“I think she is getting the hang of this game.” Diana remarked.

When Jim came back half-hour later, he found Linda and Diana sitting in the living room watching a movie on the television set. They had unlocked the door, so he could get in. Diana still bound by the single-glove; the gag however was lying on the table, along with the other materials Jim had used to restrain Linda earlier that day. Linda was completely free; Wendy however was in a bit more helpless position. Linda had left her in the kitchen, still tied at elbows and wrists by the ropes Jim had tied her with when he had left her in the chair. However, she was now in a strapado position, because a rope running from her wrists to a hook in the ceiling kept her hands pointing upward. She could only stand bent over; the rope tied in such a way that she could not kneel or sit down. Ropes kept her ankles tied together and the sponge gag was still in place. It was clear to Jim that Wendy had a difficult time. He could see she was getting tired and he decided to release her from this trying position. She looked at him gratefully when he undid the rope from the hook and allowed her to sit down on the floor. Gently he removed the gag and then the ropes. He watched Wendy as she relaxed her tired muscles. In the living room, the video had ended, and Linda and Diana came to see what was happening.

"That was mean! I only gagged you this morning." Wendy said to Linda.

"I'm sorry, Wendy, I got carried away a bit. No harm done, I hope?"

"No silly, of course not, I've been there before; it is just a very tiring position to be in. I’ll get my revenge sometime in the future, though.” She said. “Now, what do we want to do for dinner? Shall I order something?"

While Jim undid the bonds that kept Diana restrained, Wendy ordered some pizzas and salads.

“Anybody wants a drink?” She said after putting the telephone down and opening the drink cabinet.

She filled some glasses, handed them to the others while they sat down in the living room. After only fifteen minutes, the pizza delivery arrived, and they ate.
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Fun with the weather

After the last piece of pizza was finished Jim cleaned up the pizza boxes. After collecting all the bondage materials and putting them in the car, he came into the house again. Diana looked at the clock. It was past seven in the evening and it was still warm.

“How about us driving out to the lake and go for a swim?” She said.

“Great idea, Diana, it’s been a while since I've been there. What do you think, Linda? Fancy a swim?”

Linda agreed it was a good idea and after they cleaned up the house, they got back into the car. The lake they were heading for was only 10 minutes away and it was one of several small lakes around the town. They headed for one of the smaller ones which was a bit harder to reach, but that was also the reason most people went to the other lakes. The holiday season had not started yet, so it was still very quiet at the lakes. They were the only visitors at this time of the day; they had the lake for themselves. Trees surrounded the lake at all sides, except for a small sandy beach where Jim parked the car. After taking their sneakers off, the women ran towards the water, acting like little children and all of them were soaking wet within minutes. Jim sat down on the little beach and watched them swim. He had taken the camera out of the car and was taking pictures of the women, while they splashed around. After a while, they came to the beach and lay down on the sand. The sun was slowly setting, and some rain clouds had appeared, but it was still nice and warm. After talking for a while, Diana suggested that they did a photo session on the beach, since the setting sun colored the trees very nicely and it would probably create great pictures.

“Sounds like a good idea.” Jim agreed.

He proposed to tie them all spread-eagled on the beach. Nobody had any rejections, so Jim got up and walked to the car. He got a hammer from the toolkit out of the car, some rope, a knife and a roll of duct tape and returned to the beach. Wendy had looked for some straight branches that they could use as fixation points, while Linda and Diana cleared an area on the beach where they could lay down. After breaking the branches into 12 relatively straight pieces, Jim told Diana to lie on the floor and spread her hands above her head. He then started to drive the pieces of the branch into the ground. Then he told her to spread her legs and again measured the place where the branches needed to be in the sand. Doing the same for Linda and Wendy, there were now 12 poles sticking out of the sand. Jim checked them to see if he could pull them loose, but they stuck to the ground. After cutting the rope in 12 short pieces, he placed one at every pole.

“Well, ladies. Two of you can lie down.”

Linda and Wendy lay down between the poles and Jim and Diana started on the ropes. While Jim tied Wendy, Diana took care of Linda. Within minutes, Linda and Wendy were lying spread-eagled between their four poles. Now it was Diana’s turn and a couple of minutes later she was just as helpless as Wendy and Linda. Jim took some pictures, while the women just kept talking to each other. Jim put down the camera when the memory card was full and picked up the roll of duct tape. With the gray tape, he gagged the three women with several strips across their mouths.

“Silence at last” He said, while he changed the memory card in his camera.

He looked at the three beauties on the beach.

“I'll be over to that side of the lake, because I want some pictures over the water, to get the color reflection of the trees on film.”

He pointed toward the other side.

“Don’t go away now.”

Which resulted in a grunt from the women on the beach. Then he walked along the water to the other side of the lake, which was only 100 meters away. In the meantime, the three women had begun to test their bonds, but to no avail, as they had expected. The sand was warm, and Linda enjoyed the position. She looked at the others and if she lifted her head, she could see Jim walking to the other side of the lake. Diana tried to say something and they all laughed, as they could not make out what she said. Linda rested her head in the sand and looked at the sticks and the ropes around her wrists. She could see the knots but was unable to reach them. With all her power, she pulled on the ropes, but nothing happened. Trying to escape her bondage, she found, was part of the process of being helpless. Almost every time in the last few days, when they tied her up, had she tried to escape. Only after she had confirmed that there was no escape had she relaxed in her bondage. She looked at her fellow victims and noticed that no one was able to make any headway in escaping their bonds. Lifting her head, Diana saw that Jim had reached the other side of the lake.

From Jim’s point of view, the picture looked great. The sun now really turned the colors deep red and this reflected on the trees and in the water, making the white beach stand out nicely. He was just in time, because while he was taking his photos, the clouds became more prominent and it started to drizzle. Jim hurried back to the car to move his equipment out of the rain. It took him several minutes to get back to the car and by that time it had stopped drizzling and started raining hard. He was soaking wet when he reached the car. Quickly he gathered all his equipment and placed it in the back of the car. He could see three faces looking at him from the beach, waiting for release, but he just waved at them and got into the car. Leaving the women tied on the beach in the pouring rain.

“See you later.” He shouted and closed the car door.

It rained for over an hour, varying from real heavy rain to some light rain, but it was not very pleasant while being stretched out on the beach. The women had no escape from the rain. Linda closed her eyes and just waited for the rain to stop. Diana and Wendy did the same she noticed when she peeked at them. Eventually the rain did stop. Jim came out of the car with his camera and took some pictures of the wet bound and gagged females.

“How are we doing, want to be released yet?”

All three of them nodded and started talking in their gags. The tape had been wet from the rain and only stuck to some areas of skin on their faces, so they could all talk normally. Jim walked back to the car to store his camera and then came towards them to free them. He started with Diana and then he released Linda, while Diana released Wendy. After they removed all the pieces of rope, Jim started on the stakes, pulling them out of the sand, but this turned out to be harder than he expected. The rain had hardened the sand and Jim needed the shovel from the car to dig them out. It took him 15 minutes to get all pieces of wood out of the sand. After disposing of them in the woods, Jim walked back to the car. The three women had put their sneakers back on again and were waiting on the beach for Jim. He did not suspect a thing when he came towards them, until they suddenly jumped him. Before he had a chance, the women pushed him towards the water and wrestled him down, soaking him. Everybody started laughing. After they finished laughing, they all got out of the water and walked towards the car.

“Revenge is sweet.” Wendy said with a smile on her face.

Linda agreed, and they had to laugh again.

“Want me to bring you home, Wendy?”

“No, I can come up to the cabin; I’ll take the Jimmy tomorrow to go home. This way you don’t have to drive back to town again.”

“Okay, you know you’re always welcome.”

Jim started the engine and drove back to the cabin. It was dark when they arrived and after changing into some dry clothes, they sat around the fireplace for a while, drinking wine, listening to music and generally having a good time, before going to bed.
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Great Stuff!! :D
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Back to the big city

The next morning, Monday, was a busy one. Since they had to go back to town, Jim had parked the van in front of the house, so he could load up the stuff he needed to take home to the office. Wendy and Linda had an early morning swim, while Diana finished a bit of work that needed doing. It was 10 o’clock when Jim told the others he was ready to go. Diana and Linda got into the van, while Jim did a last check of the house and outbuildings. Wendy also prepared to drive home; she had parked the Jimmy behind the van. After Jim locked up, they both got in their cars. Without being in a hurry, Jim drove down the path towards the main road, followed by the Jimmy. This time Diana was traveling the normal way, no restraints and gags, so they sat in the back seats of the van and talked, while enjoying the beautiful area the cabin was in. When they reached the main road, Wendy waved to them and turned right, while Jim turned the van to the left. Diana and Linda waved back as they drove away.

“I must say, I've enjoyed myself very much. Thank you for taking me along.”

“You’re welcome; it was a pleasure having you.”

“What are you going to do now?” Linda asked.

“Back to business again.” Diana answered.

“We've got to arrange the portfolios of the pictures we shot the last couple of days, there is still some work left from last week and there are probably some new requests in, so we have to process them too. We also need to prepare our trip to Europe next month. What about you?”

“Well, I’m off till Wednesday, so I think I just go clean the house. I think…”

That moment Diana’s mobile phone rang. She answered it, talked for some time and then broke the connection off.

“Jim, CJ is ill, we need a replacement for the shoot tonight. Think Barbara could do it?”

“If she is in, I thought she was out this week.”


“Can I help?” Linda asked.

“Well, I think you could, Linda, but this is different from what you have done so far. This is for a video, which means that conditions are not like those in a photo shoot. It can be more strenuous than a studio session and it is normally hard work.”

“I don’t mind hard work. What kind of video is it?”

“I'll explain in a minute, if you like to help us, we have to set-up a contract when we get to the office. How about we start you off on 100 dollars an hour as a salary?”

“That is not bad. For that kind of money, I’ll take any bondage they can dish out.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet. It can be pretty rough out there, although we do our best to protect our models as good as we possibly can.” Jim stated as a warning.

“The job we have is a shoot for a bondage video. We have worked with them before and they take good care of the models, so that is no problem. This time the shoot will be in an abandoned plant. There will be three models, two from us and one from another model agency. It starts at six tonight and, according to the plans, will end at eleven. I haven't heard what the shoot is about, but that will be made clear when you get there.”

“Okay, that sounds fine with me, I’ll do it.”

“Great, I like that very much. Once we get to the office, we will set up the contract and other papers. Oh, you don’t get paid for what we did this weekend.” Diana said grinning.

“I didn't expect to be paid for this much fun.” Linda replied with played annoyance.

“Just as we said to Wendy and all our other models, you are always welcome to come to the house. You’re not the first model who we had up there and you’re certainly not the last.” Jim said, just before he drove on to the highway for the last bit towards the city.

The closer they came to the city the darker it became and soon Jim had to turn on the windscreen wipers because of the rain. When they got to the office, the rain was pouring down.

“I hope it gets better for the shoot tonight.” Jim said, while pressing the remote control for the garage door.

“I hope so too.” Linda replied, while looking at the sky.

They all got out and unloaded the materials they had brought back from the cabin. While Jim and Linda brought up the material with the elevator, Diana had gone into the studio and checked for messages, started up the computers and the coffee machine. Linda carried the last box into the studio and smelled the fresh coffee.

“Oh, that smells good!”

Diana smiled and poured a cup of coffee for Linda.

“Here you go. I have printed a contract for you. Just make sure you read it before signing it!”

Sitting down in the coffee corner, Linda read her contract and then signed it, before handing it back to Diana who was sitting behind one of the large computer screens. Linda noticed a woman dressed in an old-fashioned gown in the pictures, tied to an old chair with lots of rope. The gag was a piece of cloth between her teeth and the scene really had a feeling of the medieval times. One by one, Diana loaded the pictures into the development editor of Photoshop Lightroom and made some adjustments.

“What are you doing?” Linda asked.

“I need to get these pictures touched up before I can send them to the magazine editor that ordered them. We had a problem with the camera when we took them and they all turned out too dark. They want them today.”

“Why don’t I help out? I did a course in Photoshop Lightroom during my last year in high school. I can still do it, even though this is a newer version of the software.”

“Okay, sit down here, then I can continue preparing for our European trip.”

“Where in Europe are you going to?”

Diana explained that they had contracted for shooting pictures for a leather catalog on the web and the setting would be an old medieval castle in Europe.

“Jim has been long time friends with the owner of the web shop and he thought that this was a great way of being different than the other adult stores on the web. I am really looking forward to going there. It has been a while since I was in Europe.”

“Sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I could see Europe someday.” Linda sighed.

“We should be leaving the US at the end of this month. It will be hard work, as most shoots are, but we tend to take time out to see things and have fun. It is not every day you get to go there. And the best part of it is that we’re flying with a private jet!”

“Great, we common people fly economy class and you fly private jets… I did something wrong somewhere.”

They both laughed and then Diana showed Linda the files that needed adjusting. Jim had gone into the darkroom to create some enlargements they needed for some posters for an upcoming show. When he came out of the darkroom, it was 4 o’clock.

“About time you get ready Linda, the shoot starts in 2 hours.”

The work in Photoshop Lightroom had kept Linda so busy, that she forgot about the time. She had adjusted almost all the photos and stretched out after working intensely on the computer.

“Better get going.” Jim reminded her again.

“Good idea.”

She finished the picture she was working on and saved it. She picked up her car keys and said her goodbyes to Jim and Diana.

“We’re here most of the time, so if you want to drop by, feel free.” Diana said.

While the two women walked to the elevator, Diana handed Linda a piece of paper with some phone numbers and the info for the shoot later that day.

“Good luck.”

“I’ll be in touch.” Linda replied.

Than the elevator doors closed, leaving Diana standing in the hallway. Linda got out at the ground floor and was slightly disappointed to find that Robert was not on duty. She greeted the female receptionist and then left the building. Her car was still were she left it and she got in and drove off towards her first assignment as a bondage model.
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Nice "cliffhanger" - of some sorts :) Well, I can't wait to see Linda in her first Shooting:) Please go in! :)
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Hanging around

The rain had been pouring down all afternoon and it just kept on coming down. Not that Linda really cared; she had other things on her mind. She looked up at the movie director who was kneeling beside her.

"Okay, here’s what I like you to do. Vanessa will drag you and Liz to the place where the overhead crane is situated. You will be first and then Liz. Since she knows the secret Vanessa wants, she will use you to get at the information Liz has. Once both of you are at the location, we will stop and prepare for the next scene. Make sure you fight during the filming, but do not hurt yourself or Vanessa. Got it?”

The white ballgag in her mouth prevented Linda from answering, so all she could do was nod her head.

“Great, let’s get going then, before the rain stops.”

John Gardner, the director, looked around to see if everybody was ready. He and the crew of six were doing these kinds of movies on a regular basis, so they were used to working together as a team. The only thing that changed was the cast.

“Everybody ready to shoot some more footage for this movie we’re doing? Okay, action!”

The story was a simple one, Liz knew a secret, Vanessa wanted it and Linda was the friend of Liz and as such used as leverage on Liz to get the information from her. Linda looked at Liz who was lying next to her. Liz Valowski was another model from Jim’s agency. She was 24 years old, from Russia and had those distinct East European features. Not a great beauty but not unattractive either. Her dark brown straight hair reached almost to her lower back and her light brown eyes seemed to smile constantly. Now they were both lying on the dirty floor of an old abandoned factory. As they had to look like co-workers, they were dressed similar, wearing gray flannel pants, white blouses, black nylons and black pumps. After shooting for two hours, both women looked like a mess, which was intentional, but the weather had made it a bit easier to create that distressed look.

“If you don’t give me the information you want, your friend here is going to get seriously hurt!” Vanessa told Liz, while pointing a gun at Linda.

Vanessa Jordan was playing the villain. Long platinum blond hair, large breasts and a bit dim, she was a typical blond bimbo. Linda wondered why she had gotten the part of the villain, as she clearly had not the brains for it. They already had to redo several scenes because Vanessa forgot her lines, causing Linda and Liz to stay tied far longer than what would have been required. However, the director had to use her as her husband provided the money for the movie.

“Okay, it was your choice.” Vanessa said while gagging Liz again with a similar ballgag as Linda had in her mouth.

With her hands tied palm to palm behind her back, with ropes cinching the ropes around her wrists, Linda did not have to act much. When the director found out that she could actually touch her elbows behind her back, he insisted on having them tied like that.

“People who buy these movies like that.” He had said.

The ropes dug deep into her arms and breasts as Vanessa had pulled tightly on the ropes tied around her upper body, squashing Linda’s breasts. She tied them up as the movie was running, so it was not as neat as Jim did it in the studio and this caused some uncomfortable pressure points for the victims, which caused Linda’s arms to lose circulation. She had lost one shoe during the kidnap scene and her nylons, blouse and pants were greasy and torn in several places. They were also wet and covered with sand. Linda’s hair was a complete mess, but it was all part of the movie. Liz could not get her elbows together behind her back and the ropes were less tight, which gave her a slight advantage over Linda. Ropes around their ankles and knees kept them from walking away.

“Let’s get you ready for some fun.” Vanessa said, while dragging Linda over the ground to a nearby crane.

Linda fought a bit, as instructed, but tied as she was, there was not much she could do. Vanessa dropped Linda next to the hook from the crane that ran over the full length of the factory.

“Cut! Okay, that was great. Can we get the lights set up correctly, please?” The director shouted.

Earlier that evening they had started with a kidnapping scene at a supermarket. Linda had, at gunpoint tied Liz, which she had to redo, because she did not tie her tight enough according to the director. Liz assured her she could take it and the second time Linda did a better job. After placing Liz in the trunk of a car, Vanessa instructed her to gag both Liz and herself with the ballgags and then tie her own legs. Vanessa tied Linda tighter than Linda had tied Liz, but since Linda already had a ballgag in her mouth, her complaints went unanswered. It all looked like it was part of her performance. With some effort, Vanessa forced Linda into the same trunk of the car. Linda almost fell trying to get into the trunk and they had to redo that scene, but finally they were lying in the trunk of the old car.

“Don’t go anywhere.” Vanessa said, before closing the trunk.

The director had asked beforehand for their permission to transport them bound and gagged in the trunk of the car from the kidnap scene to the abandoned factory building as this would add realism and save precious time. Only after closing the trunk, Linda realized that she did not even know how long the trip would take. It was raining when they started the kidnap scene and both models had been wet and dirty before they got in the trunk of the car. She hoped that the ride would not be too long. It turned out it was just over 30 minutes from closing the trunk to opening it at the factory. It was a weird experience driving around while lying bound and gagged in a trunk with another person. The trunk was not very big, and they were lying close together, but unable to move much due to their bonds. With every turn, they were moving around slightly and even though the car was not driving fast, it caused some discomfort. When they arrived at the factory, the crew filmed the opening of the trunk and the helpless women in it. The next scene showed how Vanessa moved them from the trunk to the floor, still tied and gagged.

“Come on people, we've got our models to think about, so move it.”

Linda looked at the people running around to get everything ready and she had to smile around the gag. At least Liz was ungagged several times when Vanessa wanted an answer to her questions, but Linda’s gag was in her mouth the whole time since the start of the kidnap scene. The crew made sure the connection between the ropes around Linda’s feet and the hook of the crane were safe. John came towards Linda and asked her if she was okay. Linda just nodded and watched the proceedings for the next scene.

“Okay, Linda, you said it wouldn't be a problem to be hanging upside-down, so that will be the next scene. Remember, we will be watching you constantly, so if anything is wrong, use the signal.”

Again, Linda nodded that she understood him. Then John left her and walked over to Vanessa, to give her instructions for the next scene. The old overhead crane, which was part of the plant, was still operational. All they had to do was to supply a generator for the power. Since they already needed one for the lights, this was not a problem. The crew had checked it out before the filming started and there also had been a safety inspection by an independent company and both had agreed that it was safe to use for the movie.

“Is everybody ready for the next scene?” John called out. “Okay, let’s roll.”

Vanessa pressed a button on a control panel, which was set to the wall and slowly Linda felt herself pulled up. First, her feet came off the ground and after a moment, her hips followed. When she was almost hanging vertically, she had to take care not to slide across the floor with her head. Then she was completely of the ground. She slowly swung from left to right, while she got higher of the ground. Since the roof of the building was partly gone, Linda was hanging in the rain. Vanessa stopped the crane after Linda was on the same level with her face as Vanessa was. She walked towards her and grabbed Linda’s hair.

“Now let’s get your friend and see if she wants to talk.”

Vanessa gave Linda a light push, making her swing in all directions and then walked to Liz and made her hop towards Linda.

“Are you going to tell me what I want to know or do I need to drop your friend on the ground?” Vanessa said to Liz, holding her by the arm.

Liz shook her head and Vanessa reacted angrily. She pushed Liz down on the floor and then walked over to the controls of the crane. Lightning lit the scene and the thunder came quickly afterwards. John motioned to Vanessa to continue, since the flash and thunder fitted perfectly in the movie. Vanessa pushed the button of the crane again and Linda got closer to the roof. The crane stopped when Linda was 5 meters of the floor.

“Now will you tell me? Otherwise I release this handle and she will fall towards the ground!”

Liz looked at Linda who was making pleading sounds, then at Vanessa and slowly nodded. In real life, the handle Vanessa talked about did not exist and if it had existed, John would never use it, because it was too dangerous. Vanessa walked over to Liz and undid the ballgag.

“Now talk…”

Lightning lit the place again. A loud thunder sounded immediately following the flash and everything went dark. Everybody started talking at once, Vanessa screamed.

“What happened?” John’s voice was loud and clear, shutting up all the others.

Somebody from the crew answered.

“The lighting struck the generator truck at the other side of the building. We lost all power.”

Somebody found a flashlight and turned it on.

“Okay, can we fix it?” John wanted to know.

“Not likely, it is probably fused. We need a spare to generate electricity again.”

“We don’t have a spare, so that means the shoot is over. Okay, release Liz and get Linda down.”

“We can’t get her down without electricity. We might have to call the fire department.”

“If that needs to be done, do it. We need to get her down here as quick as possible.”

Linda was just hanging around, feet up in the air, swinging from side to side. Scared by the lightning strike, she had panicked and fought her bonds with all her strength, but it was no use. Hearing the voices from below she started to calm down. She knew that they would do everything they could to get her down and she could do nothing about it, so she tried to relax. Water was dripping along her body, her cloths had been wet already, but now they were soaked. It also got a bit colder and the thin blouse did not provide much protection against the dropping temperature. From her location she could hear everything that was going on down below. She could see how they brought a car in to get some more light, how the equipment was stored in the boxes and how Liz was untied.


John shouted to her that the fire brigade was on their way, but it could take some time, since they had more calls for help. Liz had called Jim, to inform him about what happened, and he said he would be over soon.

“Just hang in there. No pun intended.” Liz said to her.

Now and then lightning lit everything up and the thunder rolled across the sky, but it never stopped raining. Linda kept wiggling her fingers and toes, just from preventing them from getting completely numb. She could hardly feel them but kept moving them. Drool ran from her mouth to the ground, although you could hardly notice it due to the rain. Helplessly she spun in the wind and she was glad when she saw the red lights of a fire truck in the distance. Five minutes later the truck arrived at the plant and John informed the firefighters of the situation. They looked a bit surprised at Linda, it was probably the first time they had to rescue a damsel in distress like this, but then got to work. The fire truck drove inside the factory and they used the ladder on the truck to release Linda from her position. The film crew took over and released Linda from her bonds and gag. Jim had also arrived in the meantime and had a cup of coffee for Linda in his hand.

“Hi Jim, thanks for the coffee.” She said after Jim handed her the cup.

“You’re welcome. How are you?”

“Stiff, wet and numb, but nothing that will last I think.”

“Can I take you home, Linda?” Jim asked.

“That would be nice, because Liz picked me up on the way over here and then she doesn't have to make a d-tour. My clothes are still in the camper. Let me change and I’ll be ready.”

John came to see how she was doing and then had a little chat with Jim while Linda went away to change.

“How is she?”

“Fine, don’t worry. It is not your fault. How did it go?”

“Great, she is a very nice person to work with, good looking, willing to do just that bit extra and a great sport. I will pay her extra because of this thing with the crane and you can send her anytime she is available. We need to finish this movie some other time anyway.”

“Okay, I will tell her. We’ll arrange everything through the normal channels.”

At that moment, Linda returned. She said her good-byes to the crew, Vanessa and Liz and then went with Jim to the car. On the way home, Jim told her what John had said and when he dropped her off, she agreed to come to the office the next day for her pay.

“I’ll be there at eleven. See you than. Say hello to Diana.”

“I will, see you tomorrow. Bye.”

Linda went up to her apartment, found that she actually had warm water and ran a bath, before somebody else in the rundown complex would use it. Afterwards she made herself a meal and went to bed. She was asleep within seconds.
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Linda is definitivly a tough Cookie. Hanging upside down for time? Nicely written! I like the style!
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Wrapped up in images

When Linda entered the building where Jim's office was located at 11:00 hours she was glad to see that Robert was on duty and that it was quiet, because that gave her a change to talk to him. While they were talking, the elevators opened up on the other side of the hallway and Diana came walking out.

“Hello Linda. I see the two of you have met.”

“Morning, Miss.” Robert answered.

Diana smiled and looked at Linda.

“I’m trying to get him to call me Diana, but he keeps saying Miss to me. Maybe you will have more luck.”

All three of them laughed.

“I've got to go to interview a new client who wants to make use of our models, so I might see you later. Just go up, Jim is busy, but he is expecting you.”

“Thanks, Diana, I will do that. See you later.”

“Bye, Miss.”, Robert said smiling.

Linda waved to Diana and turned back to Robert.

“I'll see you Wednesday then at my place around eight, okay?”

“Yes, I’ll be there.”

Linda waved him goodbye and went to the elevators. She looked in the mirror and adjusted the belt in her jeans. Today she was wearing slightly faded black jeans, a sleeveless red T-shirt and white sandals. Her hair was done up in a ponytail and the little make up she was wearing enhanced her beauty. The elevator doors opened and Linda got out. After ringing the bell, it took a few moments before Jim opened the door.

“Hi Linda, come on in, I’m almost finished.”

He walked back into the studio and Linda followed him. The lights were on in the studio. In front of the photographic background was a young woman, dressed in her underwear, sitting in a wooden chair. Linda noticed the woman could not see her, because she was wearing a leather discipline helmet, the type with a removable blindfold and gag, but both were in place, keeping the model from seeing and speaking. Her hands had been crossed and tied together behind the back of the chair. The bondage was only minimal and when Linda asked Jim about it, he told her that they were doing a session for a catalog of leather products and the focus was on the helmet.

“I just tied her for good measure.”

He finished taking the last pictures and then turned the lights off.

“Would you get the helmet off, Linda?” Jim asked, handing her a set of keys for the locks on the helmet.

“Okay, no problem.”

While Jim cleared up the equipment, Linda walked over to the model and started on the helmet. This helmet had a gag and blindfold attached, so Linda had to see what she should release first. She started with the wide belt around the models neck. The third key was the correct one and she could get the lock off. After unbuckling the wide belt, another lock became visible, locking another wide belt. This wide belt ran from the top of the helmet to the back of the neck, covering the locks on the straps for the gag and blindfold. Linda folded the strap forward, thus gaining access to the lock on the gag. The lock on the belt around the models neck had been a large one, these were all smaller locks, but you still needed a key to open them. When Linda pulled the gag out of the models mouth, she noticed it was a panel gag. It was a lot like the one she had worn during the weekend.

“Thank you.” The model said softly.

The lock on the blindfold followed and Linda could see some beautiful green eyes staring at her through the openings in the leather. While Linda released the last lock, which kept the zipper of the helmet locked, the model introduced herself as Dawn Meyers. She had been a model for Jim’s agency for two years now. She paused a moment when Linda pulled the helmet of her head, then she shook her head and long blond hair fell past her shoulders.

“Can I untie her, Jim?”

“Yeah, go right ahead, we’re done.”

It tool Linda only seconds to loosen the bondage that kept Dawn tied, as it was, as Jim had stated, only minimal. When they walked to the coffee machine, Dawn continued telling about how she came to work for Jim.

“I used to work as a bondage model long before I met Jim, but always arranging everything myself and during one session I met Diana and she convinced me it was better and safer to model through their agency than do it myself. In addition, I can say I never regretted it. I did have some less pleasant encounters during the time I worked for myself, but never after I worked for Jim and Diana.”

Dawn picked up her flower print summer dress from a chair, and put it on. She looked in the mirror and did her hair, before she asked Jim if he needed her any longer.

“No, I've got what I need, so if you want to go, I’ll see you next Friday.”

“I'll be looking forward to it. I’ll be in touch beforehand, to make sure I know where to go.”

While Dawn left, Jim had gone and picked up the paycheck for the work Linda had done the day before.

“Here’s your money. I hope you had no ill effects from your experience.”

“Not as far as I know. I was a little stiff this morning, but I went to the gym and that helped a lot. Good thing I work out a lot.”

“If you want you can do some more work on the pictures we took last weekend. I noticed some of them had some dust on them and we need to clear it up before we can put them on the web site. That reminds me I need to clean the camera.”

“I haven't even seen the web site yet, I don’t have an Internet connection at home. My apartment is really just a rabbit hole. I really should look for something new.”

Jim opened up a browser on one of the PC’s and entered the address for the website. After entering the required credentials for gaining access to the members only section, he gestured to Linda to sit down and browse the site.

“Have a look and let me know what you think.”

He left Linda to explore the site, while he went and cleaned the camera. The website gave Linda a glimpse of what goes on in the bondage world. She did not expect it to be such a big business; there must be thousands of pictures on the site and several hours of video. When Jim came back from cleaning the camera, she asked him about it.

“We have around 4000 members at the moment and there are around 30000 pictures on the site and several hundred videos. This is big business. It takes a lot of money to maintain it, bandwidth is just one of the bigger costs, but it makes money, so we keep doing it. If only the law was a bit more lenient, we have to keep so many records, it is becoming a nightmare.”

Jim poured a cup of coffee for himself and Linda.

“Want to do some more Lightroom work?” He asked her.

“Yep, I enjoy doing it. Which pictures need updating?”

Jim showed her the folders with the pictures. They were the pictures he shot of Wendy, Diana and herself at the beach, tied spread-eagled in the rain.

“I think they need a bit of color adjustment and some cropping.” Linda said when she examined the pictures.

“Well spotted. I think the color should be warmer. If you need some help with Lightroom, you will find the manuals on the shelf above the computer.”

“I'll manage I think.” Linda said, while opening the first picture in the editor.

While Linda was working on the pictures, Jim sorted out some other issues and before they knew it, Diana walked in.

“Hello you lot. Being busy?”

“Hello Diana.” Linda replied, looking up from her computer screen.

“I can see you have been busy.” Diana looked at the pictures Linda edited. “They look great. You are quite good with Lightroom.”

“I was completely wrapped up in it.” Linda smiled.

They both laughed.

“I've sorted the first part of the trip to Europe.” Jim said. “The rest we will finalize next week. Now we need to sort out the models, as we have too many now. We only need two or three, but almost everybody wants to go.”

“Not everybody can get the time off from their day jobs, so that makes it easier.”

Linda continued working on the images, while Jim and Diana discussed the trip. It was six o’clock when she finished the last image.

“I’m done. Is there anything else that needs doing today?”

Jim nodded, while shutting down the computer he was working on.

“Yes, you can join us for dinner. I am hungry. What about you Diana?”

“That sounds like a good idea.” She said.

The all agreed and went for a good meal at a local restaurant. It was late when they dropped Linda off at her car and she drove home.
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New things to try

She woke up with the smell of bacon lingering in her apartment. For some reason she could not open her eyes, everything stayed black. Moving her hands towards her eyes also did not work for some reason, as they did not want to move. She strained, but her arms stayed were they were. Then she remembered. She remembered coming home to her new apartment after a fabulous dinner with Robert, she remembered the time they spend on the living room floor, the bathroom floor, the kitchen floor and she remembered finally ending up in bed together. They had been going out for a week now and they really got on well. So many things had changed since she quit her job at FedEx last week and became a full-time bondage model. Robert had helped her find a new apartment, much nicer than the one she had before and in a much better part of town. He had also helped her move. After the first date, they started seeing each other as much as possible. Every time Robert was off duty, he came to see her. Now they had spent the night at her new apartment and during their lovemaking, he tied her up. Robert had left her like that when they got too tired for further sex and they both fell asleep.

“Hhhmmmmppppffff” She tried to get Roberts attention, although she was not sure where he was.

There was no response. She tried to move, but her bondage made it hard. With her arms behind her back, left wrist to right elbow and vice versa, moving about was difficult. Tape ran all the way from her left upper arm, along her left elbow to the right elbow and right upper arm. Legs folded into a frog tie, tape running around her ankles and calves, keeping them locked in that position made walking impossible. It had been a great position for lovemaking, but now she would not mind if she could stretch her legs. She also would not mind getting her own panties out of her mouth, but the tape sealed over her lips prevented that. He used more tape to blindfold her, even though she pleaded with Robert not to use tape for the blindfold, but he pretended not to understand her because of the gag or he just ignored her, because he had stuck the tape over her eyes anyway, blocking out all light.

“Hhhmmmmppppffff” Linda tried to get Roberts attention again, with the same result as the previous time.

She had to admit that having sex while tied and gagged was a completely new experience, which she had very much enjoyed. During their first date Robert admitted to her that he was a member of the web site that Jim was running. Linda already knew that he had helped them on occasion with their computers. They had talked for hours that night. It turned out he had some very creative ideas on ways of tying her up, so Linda decided to see if Jim could use him for more than just their computers. It turned out a very good conversation with Jim and Robert’s ideas sounded great. He also brought a technical level of computer knowledge to the team that exceeded that of Jim, which Jim really appreciated, as it saved on costs of hiring a technician every time something needed done to the computer systems. He did not quit his job, as Linda did, but just helped every now and then. He did tie Linda up while playing the bad guy during a photo shoot she did at the studio, so it was only naturally it evolved into doing bondage play during their dates.

“Wake up sunshine!” Roberts’s voice broke her chain of thought.

He cut the tape that kept her legs folded and she was able to stretch her legs again. It made her aware that she needed to go to the toilet, which she tried to communicate to Robert through her gag.

“I presume you want to make use of the bathroom.” He told her.

Linda nodded her head. Robert helped her out of bed, leaving the gag and blindfold in place, which got a halfhearted angry grunt from Linda as a response.

“Behave, or I will tie your legs up again and leave you on the bed a while longer. You are in no position to argue young lady.” He replied, with mock anger.

She accepted her fate and after guiding her to the bathroom, he helped her to sit at the table in her kitchen. She could feel the sun on her skin and suddenly remembered she had no curtains in the kitchen yet and that she was naked, except for the tape holding her prisoner. Robert seems to ignore that fact, sat her down on a chair, and then peeled away the tape that covered her mouth. She was glad when he took out the stuffing and had to cough because of her dry mouth.

“Here’s a drink but take it easy.”

Gently a glass touched her lips and she drank a few sips. It turned out to be orange juice.

“Thank you, I needed that.” She said when he put the glass away.

“I hope you like bacon and eggs, I made some.”

He fed her the meal. It tasted wonderful. It was funny sitting there; having breakfast while tied up and she wondered how she looked. Robert must have thought the same thing, because he told her he had taken some pictures of her. He would show them later. For now, all she had to do was enjoy the food.

It was a big breakfast and it took some time to finish. He was a good cook. She enjoyed having breakfast this way, but then the phone rang. Robert picked it up.

“It’s Diana; she has a question for you.”

He held the phone to her ear, so she could talk to Diana.

“Good morning. I just wanted to know if you could come to Europe with us next week. Dawn was coming along, but she had to cancel, she does not have a passport, so I thought that you would like to come along, as you mentioned you wanted to see Europe.”

“I love to. I have nothing planned.”

“Great, we’ll be leaving on Monday next week, so get your stuff ready. I presume you have a passport?”

“Yep, it is valid for another three years, so no problem.”

“Good. Moreover, I wanted to know if you could do a film session on Sunday the day before we leave. John Gardner requested you specifically.”

“As long as I don’t end up hanging upside down in the rain, I’m okay.” She grinned.

“Good, I’ll forward you the information by e-mail. Have a great time.”

“Thanks. I’ll see you soon.”

Robert replaced the handset and looked at Linda sitting in the chair.

“Okay, one more bite and you are done, young lady.” He said.

Linda opened her mouth expectantly, but instead of food, a wad filled her mouth. Before she could react, several strips of tape sealed her mouth, preventing her from pushing the wad out. She reacted with mock anger, but that quickly turned into passion when she felt Roberts’s lips all over her body. Gently he guided her into the bedroom for some more lovemaking.

“Here we go again…” Linda thought, while smiling behind her gag.
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It was getting dark when Linda returned from the shoot with John Gardner. She was tired, still had rope marks all over her body from the bondages she had been in and wanted a nice hot bath to soak in. However, that would have to wait, as she first had to drive home. The road was familiar to her, as the shoot had taken place in a small town close to where Diana and Jim had their mountain house. Traffic on the road was minimal and she made good progress, when suddenly two police cars pulled up behind her Beetle. Their lights were flashing and since she was the only car on the road at that point, she knew it had to be for here. She pulled over at a widening of the road and waited. One car stopped behind her, the other stopped in front of her. An officer got out of each car and took up position behind the hood, with their guns pointing at Linda.

“Put your hands where I can see them.” A female voice warned her from behind the car in front of her.

Linda put her hands on the steering wheel, clearly visible for the officers. She had already opened the window when she pulled over and was wondering what was going on.

“Get out of the car and lie down on the floor, face down, now!”

Slowly she got out of the car, making sure not to make any sudden moves and keeping her hands were the officer could see them.

“What is goin…” She tried to say but was interrupted.

“No talking, just do what we say. Get on the floor, belly down. Spread your arms.”

Linda lay down next to her car on the pavement, as the officer instructed. The female officer approached her and when she got to Linda, she placed a knee on Linda’s lower back, keeping her down and holstering her weapon.

“Left hand behind your back.”

Orders followed in quick succession and after also putting her right hand behind her the officer handcuffed her hands behind her back.

“What…” Linda tried again.

“Be quiet or we will make sure you stay quiet.” The female officer answered.

“But I did nothing wrong.” Linda protested.

“I warned you. Do not speak, unless we ask you something. We don’t take kindly to escaped prisoners.”

Suddenly it made somewhat sense to Linda. The last scene of the day they shot was when Linda was wearing an orange county prison coverall specifically made for her, with her name stenciled on the front and the local county jail name on the back. John had told her that she could keep it as a souvenir. All that Linda wanted was go home as soon as she could, because tomorrow she would be flying to Europe with Diana and Jim, so she had not changed into something else. People must have seen her when she filled up at the gas station and they must have called the police.

“But I’m not…” She tried desperately.

“Get the tape, I will shut her up.” The female officer said.

Her colleague walked over to the car, got a role of tape out of the back, which he brought to the woman, who was still leaning on Linda’s back. She took the tape, told Linda to keep her mouth shut and wound the tape several times around her head, covering the lower part of Linda’s face, ignoring completely that Linda’s hair was in the way.

“I told you to be quiet. Now you will.”

She helped Linda up and brought her to her patrol car. Linda was stunned. She made some small sounds through her gag and looked bewildered around.

“Look down. Stop looking at us.” The female officer told her.

The male officer opened the trunk of his car again and took out some chains and cuffs. Linda tried to look at him, but the female officer warned not to look up and only look down.

“Stand still, while we change your restraints. I won’t warn again.”

With tears in her eyes, Linda did just that. The female wrapped a chain around her waist and locked it tight in place with a padlock. Around each ankle of Linda, she closed a cuff, which had a small chain between them. A chain from the middle of the ankle restraints ran to the chain around her waist and attached to it was a set of handcuffs.

“I warn you. Stand still.” The woman said in a stern voice.

Linda was too shocked to do anything. After undoing the cuffs on her wrists, the female officer forced Linda’s hands to the front and cuffed them again with the new cuffs. She picked up a metal box that fitted between the cuffs, covering the key holes and preventing the prisoner from reaching the other cuff. A padlock locked the plate in place.

“Hhhmmmmppppffff” Linda whimpered softly.

They treated her like a dangerous criminal, but she had no chance anymore of explaining that to the officers that it was a mistake. The last item Linda saw in the hands of the female officer was an orange cloth bag, which she placed over Linda’s head, effectively blindfolding her.

“What is happening to me?” Linda though, while she was placed in the back seat of the patrol car.

She could hear the two officers speak outside the car. The male voice sounded slightly familiar, but she could not hear it well enough due to the bag over her head and the closed car doors. She heard a car door opening.

“Okay, see you at the station.” The female voice said and then she heard the car door closing.

Linda felt the car shift in gear and take off. The drive was short, maybe just 10 minutes. After turning off the engine, Linda heard doors open and hands grabbed her. She tried to call out from behind her tape gag, but whoever was guiding her ignored her. The cuffs on her feet made walking slightly more difficult and the blindfold did not help either, so Linda did not make much progress.

“Stop here.” The person guiding her told her in a low voice. The female police officer was guiding her.

Hands lifted her up and carried her up some stairs through a small opening. Linda wondered what was happening. Somebody forced her to sit in a chair and buckled some straps around her. Only when the engine started up, she recognized the sound as that of a helicopter. It made the mystery only bigger, because she did not know why anybody would want her transported by helicopter. What was even more mysterious was the fact that it all seemed very well organized. She knew it was no use trying to scream through her gag over the noise of the engine, so she decided to just wait and see what would happen.

“Ready?” Somebody asked.

She did not hear a reply, but the helicopter took off. The bumpy ride took what seemed a long time, but in reality, was only 20 minutes. With a slight bump, the helicopter landed somewhere. The noise died down when they turned off the engine. Linda waited patiently for things to happen, as there was nothing else for her to do. Her seatbelt was unbuckled, and she felt four hands lifting her out of the helicopter. Wherever she was, it sounded like an airport, as she could hear the engine of a plane. The sound grew louder when hands grabbed her and guided her towards the noise. She heard somebody speak, but due to the noise of the plane, it was impossible to understand.

“Hhhmmmmppppffff” She screamed again as she tried to shake free of the hands holding her, but they held her tightly and everybody around her seem to ignore her pleas.

Hands helped her up a small stair into what she figured was a plane. It was almost identical to the trip in the helicopter. She sat in a chair, her seatbelt fastened and minutes later, the plane took off. Linda started to be frightened of what was happening to her and when she felt hands fumbling at the cord that kept the orange bag over her head, she started to scream loudly into her gag. It took several moments for her teary eyes to adjust to the well-lit cabin after they pulled the hood off, but then she looked at the familiar faces of Jim, Diana and Robert.

“Hello, welcome aboard.”
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Well, that was nice! Especially the end of the last part! What a surprise for Linda! I like the surprises!
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Castles and dungeons

Linda was still impressed by the stunt they had pulled on her. Even now, during the car trip from Exeter airport in the United Kingdom to their destination near Watford, she was not sure if she should be angry with them or not. Robert had explained everything to her, the fake arrest with an old friend he used to work with, him transporting Linda all the way, which explained why she thought she recognized the voice, the helicopter flight to the airport and their departure with the private jet, owned by a good friend of Jim. They had left her cuffed a little while longer until they were sure she would not scratch their eyes out, which was probably what she would have done if they had released her straight away.

“I will get you back for this, you know.” She had warned them, while smiling.

She had changed in-flight from the orange prison suit into jeans and a t-shirt. All her own, as Diana had packed a suitcase with cloth for her. For most of the flight, she slept in the comfortable seats. Only when they approached Exeter Airport she woke up. Customs at the airport had been swift and pleasant and now they were driving along the M5 motorway. Jim had rented a nice mini bus, which seated 12, so they could travel all together. He was driving the bus himself, which impressed Linda, as they drove on the left side of the road in England.

“What’s our destination?” Linda asked.

“Castle Watford, which is a castle build around 1510. The Lord of Hedgefield, a friend of mine, who allows us to use it for our photo shoots, owns it. Part of it is open to the public during the week, as you can imagine it is costing a fortune to maintain it, so they give tours to tourists. One of the reasons we are using it is the fact that it has one of the best-preserved dungeons in England. During some days of the season, the castle is in use for re-enactments of famous stories, like Robin Hood, and various movie companies use it for shooting medieval movies. There is an event coming up next week.”

“And don’t forget, they have high speed internet!” Robert added.

Everybody had to laugh. The trip to the castle was around 2 hours and it gave everybody a change to enjoy the English late afternoon scenery. Linda had been to the UK before, when she was a child, as her parents had family members in the Netherlands and England, but that was all a long time ago and she could not remember much of it anymore.

“Are we staying at the castle?”

“Yes. Steve, the Lord of Hedgefield, has invited us to stay in the castle. He said it would make our work easier, as we do not have to travel, and he likes the company. He is an avid collector of medieval equipment and antiques. Steve and I have been friends since we were both in University and we have done a shoot at the Castle before, several years back. When Subtle Leather approached us for doing their new catalog, I proposed to shoot it here and they thought it was a wonderful idea. There is nothing like the real thing when you can use it, even though it is harder on the technical aspects of the shoot. Somehow you can always tell the surroundings are not real when you look at pictures.”

They turned off the motorway and followed the signs to the castle, along small English roads. It was a lot different from driving in North America, but Linda rather enjoyed it. It was not long before she saw a castle in the distance.

“Is that it?” She said, while she pointed towards the castle.

“Yep, it is.” Jim confirmed that the castle was their destination.

It was huge. It stood on top of a hill, overlooking the surrounding areas. When they came closer, Linda could see that part of the walls were missing, probably a result from a war in the history of the castle. However even with the missing part of the wall it was an impressive castle.

“We should be there in 15 minutes.” Jim told them.

Spot on Jim stopped in front of the entrance to the castle. A guard came up to the car and greeted them.

“The lord is expecting you, Ladies, Sirs. Please go through and you can park your car on the reserved parking, on the left, just behind the oak tree in the courtyard.”

Jim thanked him and entered the inner courtyard of the castle. It was even more impressive being on the castle grounds, than it had been from the outside. Linda looked around and took in all the beauty the heavy stone castle. She had never visited a castle like this before and she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

“We’re here!” Diana said with a smile.

A man came out of a door next to the parking. He was tall, almost 2 meters and looked nothing like Linda had expected. Linda guessed he was about 45 and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with long blond hair flowing down to his shoulders he looked more like an escaped hippie than a castle lord does.

“Jim!” The man greeted Jim with enthusiasm. “It has been too long!”

“I agree Steve, I agree.” Jim answered while they hugged and patted each other on the back.

“Good to see you again, Diana.” As Steve turned towards her and gave her a big hug and kiss.

“We should have done this much earlier, Steve, but you know how things go.” Diana said. “Let me introduce Linda and Robert to you.”

They all shook hands and then Steve asked them in. They followed him into the castle, which was not as Linda had expected. Instead of medieval surroundings, the space they entered had modern decorations and layouts. No cold damp rooms, but spacious well-designed living areas with modern furniture and everything you would expect from a modern house.

“Not what you expected?” Steve asked when he saw Linda looking around surprised.

“No, not really what I expected.” She answered.

“I rebuild this area several years ago. It used to be a storage area, now I use is as guest rooms for special guests. Most of the castle is however still in its original style. I will give you a tour shortly if you like.”

“Great.” Linda answered with enthusiasm.

Steve showed them their rooms, which were all located around a large living area with open kitchen and all amenities you could think of. Large TV screen, audio center, leather couches, computer desks; even a snooker table was present. A butler came in and brought refreshments.

“This is Harold. He will be here most of the time. If you need anything, just tell him, he will take care of it.” Steve introduced the butler to the group.

After having drinks, Steve asked them if they wanted a quick tour, he would give them the full tour another day, as supper would be ready in about an hour. Everybody agreed, and Steve led the way back to the courtyard.

“Watch your head”, he told them, when he entered a small side door of the castle.

This was more what Linda expected a castle to be, walls made from heavy stones, small doors, dimly lit areas and circular stairs. They went down some stairs and Steve told them about the history of the castle, while guiding them deeper and deeper into the castle. They entered an area that was clearly the dungeons of the castle.

“This area is as original as it can be. It is part of the tour of the castle and it is used to show people dungeons used to be as everybody always has the wrong ideas about them.”

The area was damp and smelly and dimly lit, although Steve told them, the smell and humidity came from hidden equipment and not the straw and human excrements that used to cause it in the olden days.

“Nowadays with all hygiene rules we have to obey, it would be impossible to maintain a dungeon.” Steve explained. “You can hardly let your prisoners out every 4 hours for a toilet break, now can you?”

They laughed. Diana suddenly stopped and held her breath when she investigated one of the cells. Heavy iron bars separated the cell from the walking area. Inside the cell was a young woman, dressed in nothing more than a potato sack made from rough material.

“The cells are original; the restraints are replicas.” Steve explained. “The locks on the old steel were known to get stuck and that is not something we can have happening.”

The blond woman stood in the middle of the cell spread-eagled. Her arms locked in heavy bands of steel, which had chains running up to the top of the cell, forcing her arms out and up. The same types of heavy steel bands were around her ankles, with chains running to rings in the floor, forcing her legs apart. Her long blond hair was a mess, and she looked exhausted, as she was hanging in her restraints, chin on her chest as being asleep. At first, Diana had thought it was a mannequin doll, but when the woman moaned, she knew she was looking at a real living person.

“Who is that?” She asked Steve while the others took in the view.

“Let me introduce you to Sharon. She is one of the local models Jim hired for the photo shoot. She agreed to be part of our display for the tours we had this afternoon. I told her you were coming, so we thought it would be a nice to see how you would react to seeing her, a trick we often play to our tour guests. Sharon lives locally and comes in regularly to help out during displays on special days and the tours, which is greatly appreciated, but also well paid.” He chuckled.

“Hello, welcome to beautiful England.” Sharon said, while raising her head and getting up from the slumped position she had been in. “Can you unlock me now, Steve?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” He said. “You behaved this afternoon?”

“I only bit two visitors.” She replied.

Steve grinned, unlocked the cell door and went in to release her.

“She’s been in here for the last four hours.” He explained. “She played victim for the afternoon tours and then had to wait for us to show up on this special tour.”

“He once left me in here after the tours were over and I spend the night in one of these cells.” She remarked, with mock anger in her voice.

“That was because you did not behave.” Steve answered laughingly.

They both laughed while Steve undid the heavy chains. Sharon came out of the cell and greeted them. She pulled the sack she was wearing over her head and threw it back in the cell, revealing a well-shaped and toned body, dressed in a skintight skin colored one-piece bathing suit. She did some quick exercises to get rid of the stiffness in her muscles.

“You get a little stiff from standing there for so long.” She explained.

Steve handed her a brush and she started to brush her hair. Sharon stood slightly taller than Linda and Diana and had the features of a classic beauty, with bright blue eyes and a bright smile. Her long blond hair flowed over her shoulders, while she straightened out.

“I always lose track of time when I’m in here.” Sharon explained. “But I thought it would be about 4 hours, as the tours were over a while back. Not that I was going anywhere fast, these chains will hold you and even if I could escape from them, the cell door lock would be another nice challenge.”

“Lucky we were not delayed than.” Robert said, while shaking hands with Sharon.

“You were lucky Sharon. I was going to do the tour after dinner, but Harold told me the food was not ready yet. Otherwise you would have been here a little longer.”

“One of these days I’ll lock you up in here.” She replied.

They all laughed.

“Come on, supper is almost ready, let’s give Sharon and you guys some time to freshen up.”

They all nodded and followed Steve upstairs.
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